Arriving in Korea (MY FIRST TIME)

  • Published on Jun 1, 2018
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    Starting my Korea series out with this little vlog of my arrival in Korea. It was a really emotional moment for me, since one of my biggest dreams finally became reality. Enjoy it guys! ♡
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    Cut & Edit: Farina
    Intro: Jennifer (IG: @that_mink) & Farina
    Korean & English: 박명기 Park Myoungki, 동인 Dong-In
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Comments • 313

  • Farina Jo
    Farina Jo  Year ago +109

    To be continued..! 😊
    한국 여행 영상은 계속 올라갈 예정입니다! :)

    • Aaron Z.
      Aaron Z. Month ago

      So lucky. My first time in Korea was in Seoul and I almost had a panic attack. From Detroit which is a ghost town.

    • Yoseph TV
      Yoseph TV Year ago

      재밌게 즐기세요!

      ROTHSSHVILI Year ago +1

      Bienvenue! ;D

  • savully _gull
    savully _gull Month ago

    i wanna see yOu😂

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 4 months ago

    Deine Videos sind so tolll ahh. I was super shoooooook als ich merkte das du Deutsche bist lol. :)

  • محمد معيوف
    محمد معيوف 4 months ago

    Ilove you 💘

  • Jezzie
    Jezzie 5 months ago +1

    Was hast du für das alles bezahlt?? Also eine Woche dort und dann noch der Ort wo du geschlafen hast?

  • Sabrina Hunt Stiltner
    Sabrina Hunt Stiltner 5 months ago

    My dad was in the army so we got to live in Frankfurt for 4 years it was so beautiful I didn't want to leave to go back to the US lol! Thank u for Sharing! I was born in Seoul military hospital that is gone now it was burned down 😪 It's changed so much of course last time I was there I was in kindergarten lol. You 2 are so cute! Maybe one day soon my mom and sister n I will go back n visit!!! ♥️

  • Hedy W
    Hedy W 5 months ago

    I've been to Namhae! It's beautiful! And especially the temple there in May. So, correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm beginning to see that DongIn's family may have ties to the history of Koreans settling in Germany - many of them going there as foreign nurses - and some returning back to Namhae? Is that the case? I'm enjoying your vlogs!

  • 아후
    아후 6 months ago

    come again!! you're always welcome♡

  • Camille Munich
    Camille Munich 6 months ago

    Oh Namhae ! Mein Verlobter kommt aus Jinju, als wir letzten Sommer bei seinen Eltern zu Besuch waren haben sie uns nach Namhae begleitet ! So ein schöner Ort 😍

  • mïss Tokyo
    mïss Tokyo 7 months ago

    You are So lucky 😭😭😭😭😭💔

  • 남유리
    남유리 7 months ago +1

    Have fun in Korea!!~~

  • Blcssom Bby
    Blcssom Bby 7 months ago

    I really would loke to visit korea someday as well

  • Blcssom Bby
    Blcssom Bby 7 months ago

    The airport in korea is pretty

  • ᄋᄆᄒ
    ᄋᄆᄒ 7 months ago

    한국 자막 감사해요 ! 자막 덕분에 재밌게 보고 있어요

  • suzen. Roy. Ind.
    suzen. Roy. Ind. 8 months ago

    I like ur house

  • Nika Colnarič
    Nika Colnarič 8 months ago

    Omg! I can't bealive that you and your boyfriend made me cry❤. You too made me cry becauze you too are soo cute together..

  • Sarah Jean
    Sarah Jean 8 months ago +1

    I can’t wait for the day I go! I’ve been learning the language for a while now

  • 이영호
    이영호 9 months ago

    한국이 좋죠 공기도 맑고 아름다운 강산이에요.잘 구경하고 가세요.

  • Rey Rey
    Rey Rey 9 months ago

    When the chaebol grandpa offers you an envelope to leave his grandson, don’t take the money. 😂

  • 메디사이즈검색해보세요

    한 번 뿐인 당신의 인생을 180도 바꿀수있는 인생역전 세계 최초 발명품입니다
    걷기만 해도 남성 호르몬이 분비되어 정력왕이되고 크기 굵기 강직도 조루증까지 한 방에 해결해 주는 신기한 발명품 운동기구 소개합니다
    메디사이즈 검색해 보세요 1분 동영상 보시면 원리를 이해하기 쉽습니다

  • 성난배스
    성난배스 9 months ago

    한국에 오신거 환영합니다^^

  • dï và
    dï và 10 months ago

    الله يرزقني حظك بس يا فرينه :=)

  • Ayşe Unicorn
    Ayşe Unicorn 10 months ago

    Are you living in Frankfurt?🤔😝

  • nirmani pink
    nirmani pink 10 months ago

    Awww why not take the dog 🐶

  • 五香醬肉
    五香醬肉 10 months ago

    한국놈이랑 살면 한국에 정착하는게 어떨까?

  • Roshma Moirangthem Roshma

    U r sooooooo sweet your acting just like little girl I like u ❤😍😘 I want to be just like u beautiful girl 👧

  • 픙 심티흔
    픙 심티흔 11 months ago

    ich will auch😍😍😍😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Ricky Singh
    Ricky Singh 11 months ago

    I am jealous of u
    I also want to be in Korea
    being ARMY forever

  • exol ananya loves leo
    exol ananya loves leo 11 months ago

    I was crying while watching this video😢😢😢
    I love bts

  • btsarmyforeverjk Bts
    btsarmyforeverjk Bts 11 months ago

    If I were u I will get emotional cox this world is so beautiful and nature is solo beautiful but us humans just...

  • army love
    army love 11 months ago +3

    Wow i envy you you have jungkook in your imagination and you have a wonderful hubby by your side...dont lose him im happy for you

  • Sude Peker
    Sude Peker 11 months ago +2

    Hoffe wirst berühmter als Loren gray (kein hate an sie) 💖

  • Sude Peker
    Sude Peker 11 months ago +2

    I liebe deine Videos ich liebe dein Account ich liebe alles von dir
    Mach weitere vlogs bitte
    Bist meine Inspiration ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    RAYLEN B. DELREN 11 months ago +1

    패션 너무 멋잇어요ㅛ

  • 어느덧 지천명
    어느덧 지천명 11 months ago

    남해의 독일마을에 다녀오셨군요

  • Georgiana
    Georgiana 11 months ago

    Oh my god i love your videos so muchhh💜

  • dixy net freak
    dixy net freak 11 months ago

    M sorry but I have to say this. His profile screams jungkook.😍

  • Jason Lee
    Jason Lee 11 months ago

    웰컴투 코리아! 헤버나이스데이~
    근데 저는 처음인데, 파리나님은 누구신데 사람들이 이렇게 다 알고 반기는 건가요?

  • Joy S
    Joy S 11 months ago +2

    WHAT?? Farina you were in KOREA?????? WOW AMAZING!!!!

  • Hyunil CHO
    Hyunil CHO 11 months ago


  • Antje Marx
    Antje Marx 11 months ago

    Dein Blog ist echt richtig cool. Wir (meine Tochter (12) und ich) fliegen nächstes Jahr im Juli nach Südkorea. Kann es kaum noch abwarten.

  • SeungIl You
    SeungIl You 11 months ago

    독일분이 영어를 쓰시는 군요. 암튼 잘보고, 좋아요 누르고 갑니다.

  • 설송
    설송 11 months ago

    누나 영상 에 잇는 bgm 뭐에요 ?

  • Sudoc Pac
    Sudoc Pac 11 months ago

    여기가 BTS 의 나라입니까?

  • 츄니니
    츄니니 11 months ago

    와우 동인씨 할아버지께서 남해 독일마을에 사시는것 같아요 ... 제가 본게 맞다면요 😍 남해 독일마을은 한국에서 유명해요 👍 한글을 읽으실 수 있는지 모르겠지만 팬이되어 몇자 남겨봅니다 🤗 어제 처음 알게됐는데 재미있어서 구독도 하게 되었어요 ! 멋진남자, 예쁜여자 너무 이쁜 커플입니다 ... 응원할게요 💪🏻💪🏻

  • 송인관
    송인관 11 months ago +2

    You speak English so well. And you are so beautiful. I wish your preasant journey.

  • 최기원
    최기원 Year ago

    노래가 존네요 줄거움이 가득하세요

  • 유자레몬티
    유자레몬티 Year ago


  • picssyunjun90
    picssyunjun90 Year ago

    Your b/f resembles the Korean actor named Ryu deok-hwan

  • 도울사주
    도울사주 Year ago


  • fck streetshitters

    white girls are pretty

  • Inhwan Oh
    Inhwan Oh Year ago

    what is the BGM??

  • Changmin Hyun
    Changmin Hyun Year ago

    음악이 너무 좋네요...제목을 알 수 있을까요? ^^

  • 요술공주 밍키

    와우 진짜 좋은 팬션입니다.

  • 뚝뚝이
    뚝뚝이 Year ago

    멋져요~~한국에 오신걸 격하게 환영합니다^^

  • 박상훈
    박상훈 Year ago


  • Привет С Полей Кореи

    cool video! And what kind of city is this?

  • Bi Ra
    Bi Ra Year ago +2

    좋은 추억 되세요~^^

  • Bi Ra
    Bi Ra Year ago +5

    I'm from Korea!!!
    But I studied in Philippine so I know how to speak english hope you enjoyed trevelling to Korea~~~

  • 빚과수금
    빚과수금 Year ago

    썸넬보고 카메론 디아즈 인줄 -0-;