This Man Was Obsessed By His 1950s Suburban Upbringing

  • Published on Mar 23, 2019
  • I interviewed James Gilbert in 1989. He grew up in the 1950s and became a passionate observer, analyst and writer focused on that era. He is a Fulbright professor of history at the University of Maryland. He has written 11 books. I found his perspective uniquely fascinating because he grew up as a middle-class white kid in suburbia and continues to analyze his experience and the generation that came from 1950s suburban America. #suburbia #1950s #middleclass
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    BLUE WATER PINES 4 days ago

    This man looks exactly like my physician.His demeanor,speaking,and all around intellect...uncanny really.tyou Sir hoffman.Another excellent interview.

  • dynodish
    dynodish 5 days ago

    I was 'ruined' at 17. Never had a chance.

  • Baigandine L
    Baigandine L 10 days ago

    He sounds like rather a pessimist about marriage. Sure, you don't want to be forced, but "your life is over"?

  • Marty Duncan
    Marty Duncan 12 days ago

    I don’t think he’s “obsessed”. Why use a word with that pejorative connotation? He appears to be (at least on the subject of the teenagers’ perspective of the 1950s) articulate, incisive, passionate, informative and empathetic. I’ll take HIS word for it.

    • Bobo Ayame
      Bobo Ayame 9 days ago

      All the titles on this channel are just clickbait

  • Ian Thornton
    Ian Thornton 14 days ago

    I don't think I have stressed enough how vital these all are. Thank you again!

  • Peggy Stearns
    Peggy Stearns 17 days ago

    We lived in a world of propaganda. One part the government covering up what they were doing. The other part marketing campaigns. Almost everything was focused on getting this huge new generation to consume products. There are so many videos about living in the 50's and 60's and all that's covered is what we consumed. What TV shows did we watch? What movies? What brands of clothing did we wear? What brand of cigarettes did you smoke. What was "cool". I was female so I was expected to get married and raise children.. The men were supposed to get a job working at a "good" company. For the most part, we were not trained in dealing with the world as it really is. Big surprise.

  • Robert Long
    Robert Long 25 days ago

    “Do what you will” Crowley.. A fuckin mad world I say indeed

  • grenin1010
    grenin1010 25 days ago

    Why would anyone thumbs down this video?

  • fonkymaster
    fonkymaster 26 days ago


  • Consistently Random
    Consistently Random 29 days ago

    I wonder how we will look at today's society in 30 years.

  • Consistently Random
    Consistently Random 29 days ago +2

    I grew up in the 80s and 90s in a small town in Western Canada and I remember things being restrictive. For example, you couldn't hang out with kids who were younger than you were, like in a lower grade. You were only supposed to hang out with kids in the same grade. You were judged by what shoes you had on. If you didn't have Nike Airs then you were singled out. You had to wear Bugle Boys. If you listened to Country Music you were a made fun of. All kinds of things.

    • Christopher Michaud
      Christopher Michaud 26 days ago

      yep, I grew up in rural Maine 70s, grade school in 80s and I can attest to what you are saying no Nikes or Levis you are out! lol, if you were poorer, your out!!! I turned 18 in 1991 and got out on my own by 93. We moved South in 90 and it was better yet different. But as far as I can tell by 90,91,92 the old rules went out the door and the openness of the 90s arrived. I remember the 80s as conformity, and the 90s as do what you want without much reprocussions.

  • Consistently Random
    Consistently Random 29 days ago

    Be nice if you could do a follow up interview with some of these people, especially the guy who thought his retirement would be spent in Florida in a trailer with a metal detector.

    • David Hoffman
      David Hoffman  29 days ago

      I would love to follow up. Unfortunately, it is costly, and I'm not in the position these days to raise the financing to remake these old documentaries. But it would be fascinating to see what happened to the people I filmed back then.
      David Hoffman-filmmaker

  • rieja thorn
    rieja thorn 29 days ago

    Straight white male thinks the 1950s is hard....

  • Jaron Kiger
    Jaron Kiger 29 days ago

    These are amazing!! Thanks for Sharing @DavidHoffman

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 29 days ago +2

    Those "meaningless rituals," like "going steady" when you were a teenager, helped people learn to build, work on, stay in, and respect relationships with the opposite sex, all of which is horribly out of vogue since the (mythical) advent of so-called "hookup culture." By the way, all of those "going steady" relationships that we were in were voluntary, unlike most of the nonsense that the Baby Boomers have used government to push onto the rest of us as a presumed corrective to what was going on in the 50s.
    And by the way, how few women have you actually seen in your life if you think that automobiles were "designed to look like women?"

  • MattMonk
    MattMonk Month ago

    Television causing children to stop reading? Hogwash!

  • txvoltaire
    txvoltaire Month ago

    I once met a guy who told me this story of growing up in the 50s: He and some neighborhood boys (age about 10 or 11 at the time) got into a guy's car (cars weren't locked back then.) They found some condoms and thought they were balloons. They blew up the "balloons" and caused quite a stir in the neighborhood. Apparently, the car owner didn't use condoms (with his wife), and became the first divorced people the boys had ever known.

  • Kelly I.
    Kelly I. Month ago +1

    Different ethnic groups and cultures have different perspectives based on their experiences. His commentary does not reflect the experiences of people of color in the 50's. College was not widely discuss. It was all about trying to work 2 and 3 jobs to make ends meet. Suburbs? People of color were excluded from buying homes in the suburbs. That is a fact for those who will say it's not true. Watch documentaries about housing discrimination. I do like this video but the speaker should have stated, "My reflections are of my experiences and people of color had a different experience of the 1950's."

    • Kelly I.
      Kelly I. 25 days ago

      +777jones Thank you for your response. My comment wasn't intended give the impression that I think I'm worthless. I never have felt worthless in my life.

    • 777jones
      777jones 25 days ago

      This man was interviewed 30 years ago. Times change. They will change for you too, but it doesn’t make you worthless.

    • Kelly I.
      Kelly I. 27 days ago

      +Fox "Get over yourself". Nice person you are, aren't you? Can't just reply without hostility? Okay....typical.

    • Fox
      Fox 27 days ago

      No Kelly, he doesn't have to mention "people of color" get over yourself.

  • Brian Max
    Brian Max Month ago +5

    If you wore yellow on Thursday, it meant you were gay? That's insane.

  • Connie Lipp
    Connie Lipp Month ago

    I so appreciate your work! You stir up memories, conversation and get the mind swirling! ha ha : )

  • jason cr.
    jason cr. Month ago

    Wow huh? Know what we call the slob whose high school years were the highlight of his life?
    A maladjusted goofball, to his face at your peril. He loves to gossip.

  • Blue Clouds
    Blue Clouds Month ago

    Without shame man is a lowlife.

  • Steve Butler
    Steve Butler Month ago +1

    And, leading this "feared" life of getting married, having kids, going to work, sounds very loving, caring, connected, and possibly capable of a satisfying life. Boring or secure? Rigid or Disciplined? Rebels or lost?
    Total Freedom is Chaos. My goodness, how I wish I could go back and choose that boring path. The road to a good life versus excitement and "luving". Hes right, we are being shaped by sales pitches, messages to live now and spend. The Turtle vs the Rabbit.
    Choose Turtle. Sliw and steady us not boring. Its calm. The Rabbit us so chaotic.

    • SS
      SS Month ago

      But isn't it rabbit-like to, as soon as your balls have dropped and you've got some chest hair, quickly grab a broad and marry her, pop out some kids, and slave away at work to feed those responsibilities for the rest of your life? You don't think that's even slightly rabbit-like?
      How is chilling the f*** out for a good decade or so after highschool to get your brain fully developed and add some life experiences under your belt, and then doing the whole wife and kids thing more rabbit-like than the scenario above? If anything, it's the more turtle-like imo.
      Maybe I'm not understanding your reasoning bro. Please elaborate. Cheers.

  • Abdulaziz Abdullah
    Abdulaziz Abdullah Month ago

    This guy doesn't even look fifty here, and to think, he's now eighty years old.

  • lancelot1953
    lancelot1953 Month ago +1

    Hi David, these interviews and the collection of views regarding our American Heritage. I truly appreciate that you took the time and effort to share your experience with the YT community. I do hope that you eventually release your priceless collection to one of our universities for preservation and posterity - This is our history, presented by the people that lived it. Thank you again, and Happy Easter (any videos on the Passover/Easter celebration in our past). Ciao, L

  • Doctor Skull
    Doctor Skull Month ago

    Life sucks and then you die.

  • megafox2x2
    megafox2x2 Month ago

    the way he is talking it sounds like nothing has changed

  • Katherine Kelly
    Katherine Kelly Month ago

    Our relationship to fear decides how we live and what we become. This never changes. Only what we fear changes.

  • Tim Hofstetter
    Tim Hofstetter Month ago

    I thought the yellow-on-Thursday thing was local to the school I attended in Idaho!

  • Fonzo Hernandez
    Fonzo Hernandez Month ago

    Dude looks like the pee on friend from american graffiti, and his experience seems to fit that character.

  • Cleftlan Nights
    Cleftlan Nights Month ago +2

    Wow that headline doesn't really fit the video. Didn't seem obsessed at all just be grew up there any new stuff about it he's obviously being it interviewed probably 30 Years Ago by the quality of the film or even longer.

    • SS
      SS Month ago

      Lol welcome to 2019. It's click baits galore out here bro.

  • christopher lockery
    christopher lockery Month ago +2

    This is why the 1960s happened....

  • Michael Timely
    Michael Timely Month ago +1

    That guy is a rarity coming from the 50s. His generation proved to be the worst generation alive today. Not all of them but a generation doesn't get judged by those who had little effect on outcome. His generation was the angry male voter that happily sold out the future again and again all the way to a Trump. Since the 1960s they have shouted louder and complained more than anyone else while making bad decisions one after another. Worst of all, they have whined about their precious 50s the entire time. Never looking forward, always behind. The 50s sucked.

  • eric willson
    eric willson Month ago +3

    Socially engineered robots designed to please the elite ruling class.

  • Leo Alexander
    Leo Alexander Month ago +3

    Aside for the more societal concerns, like homophobia and communism, this guy sounds like he might be mixing up adolescence with the 50s, a time when he happened to be an adolescent. His description sounds like today, except that culture isn't confined to high school, but is in everyone's pocket constantly, so someone can compare their lives or status to others instantly. He happened to age out of that culture into adulthood, but he'd probably recognize a lot in today's youth culture, aside from the particular, arbitrary trends.

  • drmodestoesq
    drmodestoesq Month ago +1

    ....What clubs you belonged to. Like the Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes.

  • Community Guidelines
    Community Guidelines Month ago +3

    The complaints boomers have about the 50s make no sense. So u thought it was sad that society was functional and provided a path to career and family? Well, it sure is great now that the institution of the family is just about totally broken, we've been sold down the river economically, and we're headed for a demographic crisis thanks to your naive acceptance of diversity. Yeah, its so fuckin sad that people expected you to function and be pro-social.

  • Kittys cat
    Kittys cat Month ago +2

    Ever one know what they had to do but no one wanted to do it. Now i know why everthing sucks

  • Wesley Tillman
    Wesley Tillman Month ago +4

    There were no overwhelmingly stifling clothing standards at my school then, but you were supposed to show up with neat clothing; a shirt and clean pants, and blue jeans were OK; well, for boys. There were a lot of rules, but having become a leftist in college and actually enthusiastic about joining the Weathermen, at least in my imagination, I have learned by life experience that many of these restrictions pale in comparison to what you will get from the left. If you want to see stifling rules just let the left take control of a society. I now am a conservative and would love to get in a time machine and go back there. The left will plunge us into a state like the one currently playing itself out in Venezuela if not stopped. I hated Joe McCarthy until I finally dug up the information about this man and found that, while he sometimes threw out numbers without solid verification, he was dead on about communist infiltration of our government. And contrary to most people's conception, he didn't have a damn thing to do with the Hollywood reds called on the carpet by HUAC, (SENATOR McCarthy!) - this House committee was absolutely on target concerning what these people were doing in tinsel town. You see this idea of deconstructing American society by manipulating youth angst involving confomity really was ceased upon and driven hard by old school commies inside Hollywood and the general media.

  • andreasantoni
    andreasantoni Month ago

    This is what Lenny Bruce and George Carlin was talking about in standup comedy, just like now.

  • Dean Switzer
    Dean Switzer Month ago

    Obsession or Incite?

    • Kevin Smithwick
      Kevin Smithwick 10 days ago

      I should also add, he wrote 11 books on the subject.

    • Kevin Smithwick
      Kevin Smithwick 10 days ago

      The man in the interview dedicated his career to studying 1950s youth culture. Hence why the term "obsession" was used passively.

  • James Donnelly
    James Donnelly Month ago

    boo hoo

  • kaila62kaila
    kaila62kaila Month ago

    And now we have absolutely no rules, standards, morality. And life is so much better!

  • Eddington Millagillo

    Lol this guy. Bet u everyone else was broke while he's chilling

  • john nedeau
    john nedeau Month ago +1

    this guy seems like he "knows" a lot. .. lmao or he remembers what he was told. not what was actually happening

    • Andy P
      Andy P Month ago +3

      It states above that in the 1950s he became a passionate observer, analyst and writer focused on that era. He is a Fulbright professor of history at the University of Maryland. He has written 11 books. So yes, he 'knows' a lot.

  • Bob Charlie
    Bob Charlie Month ago

    Very interesting.

  • Miss Kimberly
    Miss Kimberly Month ago +1

    I graduated in 1998. D.A.R.E. didn't help us. My friends are dying at a rate I didn't ever think would happen at my age. Opiate addiction is killing my generation: Gen X, and elder Millennials.

    • Janet Hockey
      Janet Hockey Month ago

      Miss Kimberly Increased awareness about drugs

  • Eric Juul
    Eric Juul Month ago

    Now the shoe is on the other foot with parents "transitioning" their children, water full of estrogen, food full of soy, "diversity" destroying our social cohesion. Now, our leaders promote LSD/DMT trips, legal pot, meaningless hookup sex, and other degeneracy. Multiculturalism became the very evil it sought to liberate us from.

  • Meno Passini
    Meno Passini Month ago +4

    This guy sounds neurotic to begin with. If anyone viewed life like this guy, suicides would be 80%. Oh I forgot, that was only on Tuesdays if it was raining and you wearing Orange. Remember the rules.

  • Sullivan Nix
    Sullivan Nix Month ago

    I hate the thumbnail. Those straws are pointless. Drink straight from the bottle! It’s more fun

    • G Wills
      G Wills Month ago

      You must be a 90's kid? Drinking with straws sugars and dyes off of your gums and teeth, its much healthier to drink with a straw.

  • Amparo Howell
    Amparo Howell Month ago +23

    And now society is broken, no standards, no morality

    • Harris P
      Harris P Month ago

      I miss high school. Life was simple. I liked my subwoofer my bmx bike and my girlfriend. Racism didn't exist and I wasn't cursed with the ability to think out my actions.

  • allyPOUM
    allyPOUM Month ago +10

    Whether consciously or not, this is some badass dialectical materialism my comrades.

    • Major General
      Major General Month ago +3

      I was thinking the exact same thing. Superb material analysis of the social conditions of the 50s. The suburbs were/are an interesting ecosystem

  • Buddha Black
    Buddha Black Month ago

    Get over it mate.

    • Christopher Michaud
      Christopher Michaud 26 days ago

      or for Christ's sake, give the guy a break....I was born in 73 and from what I can tell I would have hated the 50s, but from what I can tell it seems as if the 40s were better at least culturally.

  • Samara V Hamilton
    Samara V Hamilton Month ago +9

    Government and society of the 1950s: Commies are bad. Now everybody do what we tell you, all in the same way.

    • Lexi B
      Lexi B Month ago +2

      You’re describing the modern Left 😂😂😂

  • Bronk Tug
    Bronk Tug Month ago

    Not much has changed

  • Mike Lomino
    Mike Lomino Month ago

    how my school is to a certain extent its so ass

  • Scott Albers
    Scott Albers Month ago

    I was born in 1958, and recognize a little of what he says. The idea of rigid conformity is something I recognize... but not at this level. Belonging to a particular group was very important.

  • Frankie Cal
    Frankie Cal Month ago +2

    Back when Modesty was cool and the world government didn't destroy america.

  • E Walker
    E Walker Month ago +28

    Where is the obsession. What he is saying can be said about many generations.

    • E Walker
      E Walker 25 days ago

      +CHIEF He's not talking about going steady. He is talking about expectations. That is with any generation.

    • CHIEF
      CHIEF 25 days ago

      I don't think "Going steady" was popular in the 1990s among teenagers, and the 80s speaks for itself.

  • Vaidotas Ratkus
    Vaidotas Ratkus Month ago

    Shit, only I enjoy marriage?

  • Crazywaffle5150
    Crazywaffle5150 Month ago

    That sucks.....I give 0 flying fucks about what people think about me. lol. People in the 50s would hate me.

  • Rafa Eliza
    Rafa Eliza Month ago

    The U.N. being a "Communist plot" was probably John Birch Society propaganda from that era.

    • SS
      SS Month ago

      I doubt it... It's a fact the central bank was privatized in 1913, and Kennedy was killed in the 60s because he was printing dollars backed directly by the American government.
      And the U.N. was created around that time... Yeah, I doubt it had anything to do with restabilizing the powers so countries could continue racking up debt to central bankers and running things as per usual... Learn your history, brother.

  • Prisoner Zero
    Prisoner Zero Month ago +1

    I was born in 1952. This guy is demented.

    • Klaa2
      Klaa2 Month ago +5

      I've read a lot of your comments here, you seem to have some issues yourself, monkeyboy.

  • K D
    K D Month ago +5

    Jesus Christ, boomers are the worst. The original spoiled generation. “You got married and your life was over”. They didn’t know what they had.

    • Brian Wurch
      Brian Wurch 29 days ago

      Arranged marriages monogamy for the sake of the children might be the way to go. Imagine that. All cats are grey in the dark, takes a lot of cats to realize that, and your innocence and specialness. True every one brings out different aspects, but most people are good, pair able.

    • Lynda Anthony
      Lynda Anthony Month ago +2

      K D for many that was true though. You don’t really know who you are or what you want at 17 or 18. You would have married “the nice girl / boy” that your parents approved of (that’s the way your parents can continue to control you) but eventually as you grew up ; you’d be seeking or dreaming about the person who was your soulmate; not the one who simply by geography you ended up marrying.

  • WasatchIntercept
    WasatchIntercept Month ago +46

    Peer pressure, an unwritten code of conduct, clothing do's and don'ts...sounds like everybody's youth, regardless of what decade they grew up in.

    • Fox
      Fox 27 days ago +2

      The code of conduct is very loose today and mostly revolves around somehow emulating wealthy rappers / popstars

  • Michael Reynolds
    Michael Reynolds Month ago +31

    We're in a social dry spell right now and no one is talking to each other or letting loose or changing things or living.

    • Alexander Jenkins
      Alexander Jenkins 12 days ago

      I'm ready to unleash the 4 horsemen! Bring the Western Civil war!

    • Wu Cash
      Wu Cash 17 days ago

      man im going to crazy ass warehouse raves we going back to 90s here

    • Victor von Doom
      Victor von Doom Month ago

      Michael Reynolds So True man

    • jid
      jid Month ago +2

      Michael Reynolds i think you’re in a dry spell. i had no hope for the future until i found friends and actually started doing shit.

  • Marc Love
    Marc Love Month ago +4

    I was born in 1951, so my life experience includes much of what is described in this video. Most of it rings true, but I believe it would have been more or less so depending on the part of the country where you lived and whether you were raised in a big city, small town or rural setting.

  • Lilo Leist
    Lilo Leist Month ago

    Beautifully illustrated in the film "The Graduate"

  • juan twotree
    juan twotree Month ago

    Wonder what the next big change will be.

  • Thystaff Thywill
    Thystaff Thywill Month ago +1

    I don't blame him with everything that's going on now. Our society went to crap starting with 2nd wave feminism of the 70s and removing God from society. Just think. In 50 years time of removing God and Biblical morality from society our society has degenerated to heavy drug use, promiscuity, no one is getting married anymore, and the list goes on.

    • Thystaff Thywill
      Thystaff Thywill 26 days ago

      +Christopher Michaud There will always be immoral behavior. However, most of society adhered to Biblical morality with the laws reflecting it in 1950. The only single mother you saw were widowed, and that was rare. There had to be proof of abuse or adultery to allow a divorce. The police weren't violating people's rights over citation offenses like they're doing today. It was completely different then. What you see today is an atheist ideal society, a society that doesn't adhere to God or biblical morality. Yet atheists are the major complainers on the internet about negative behaviors from women and society that's adhering to what they want. Go figure.

    • Christopher Michaud
      Christopher Michaud 26 days ago

      my question is were the 1950s are 'biblically moral' or were they putting on the conformity show to cover up their own misdeeds.

  • Chris S
    Chris S Month ago +1

    That guy was a quiet geek back in his day They should have interviewed someone “like” Fonzie.

  • Mishael Calhoun
    Mishael Calhoun Month ago +1

    If your a kid from the 1950's thanks a lot you did a great job destroying your countries culture. I've never met a person my own age with decent morals, I haven't met a girl that hasn't had a trian run through her over 14, I have met few people that think for them selves. These people have no culture or direction, and have no idea in large what they are or should be doing. I wish you would have thought about it more before opening Pandora's box... or at least not have that s*** eating grin after doing it. I'll work hard to fix your mess but at least get out of my way.

  • Marc Anthony Amoroso
    Marc Anthony Amoroso Month ago +46

    close your eyes. a young Jeff Goldblum tells you about the 50s.

  • don't care
    don't care Month ago

    it takes a village to raise a child....
    my feelings, impulsive decisions, uniqueness, excess of everything, spoiled, am special, my happiness (whatever that means)........

    GUAMANIANable Month ago +8

    I feel sorry for this guy. The fifties were great. I was there. We had a lot of fun.

  • Ncyim
    Ncyim Month ago

    Better to teach the students about the dangers of the UN and communism than to hide it only to have them find it in college and be fooled. Too late, God help us.

    • SS
      SS Month ago

      +MexBaker I don't think most people understand communism... I don't think you do either, no offense. Communism isn't some hollywood tyrranical shit.
      Communism is asking for the government's position to do every little thing in your life, so your cute 5 year old can no longer set up a lemonade stand on your front road without a license.. Communism is forcing certain health standards (vaccines, flue shots, etc.) on a population. Communism is taxing the living you know what out of working people so the pot-heads and whorish single-moms can live free. Communism is being tossed in prison and fired from work just for having a vagina ACCUSE you of rape. Communism is having a private central bank that prints dollars and loans them to your government at interest, thus keeping it perpetually in debt.
      We are getting there... Give us another 100 years, and we are the Soviet United States of America. :)

    • MexBaker
      MexBaker Month ago +1

      +Ncyim By calling you ridiculous? Then stop proving yourself so lmao. Marxism in fucking elementary school lmfao? I guess all those songs about sharing they sing to the kids? Maybe the water in the school water fountains are also turning them gay.

    • Ncyim
      Ncyim Month ago

      +MexBaker Marxism is alive and well in elementary classrooms and on college campuses world wide. Name calling and insulting is an uneducated & ineffective way to state your argument.

    • MexBaker
      MexBaker Month ago

      +Ncyim You're ridiculous. Getting your information from Daily Stormer or hanging around people online that think uni is just an adult daycare huh? Communism is dead not even communist countries really do it anymore like China or Vietnam. The most left-winged professors aren't even communists, it's like calling every conservative a racist or a nazi.

    • Ncyim
      Ncyim Month ago

      +MexBaker Of course I'm talking about colleges & universities in general. Not your specific school. Can't you see that? Why detract from the conversation in off the rail directions?

  • Marc Love
    Marc Love Month ago +11

    This is a very thought provoking conversation, but a bit too much for 5:00 AM. I’m going back to bed.

  • Red0660
    Red0660 Month ago +4

    Boomers are old fashioned. The newer generation is tierd of rampant sex, the death of dating and the break down of marriage and family.

  • Bart Anderson
    Bart Anderson Month ago +13

    I was born in 1950, grew up in suburbs. My experiences match what James Gilbert describes in the interview. I was lucky to find other outsiders, so wasn't so subject to the rules he describes. And it was delicious to be a rebel then, to find "Catcher in the Rye" or "Steppenwolf". Each era has its own flavor, its own advantages and disadvantages. It's good to be get outside one's own era and see what life was like elsewhen.

  • David Brooksbank
    David Brooksbank Month ago

    I don't really like the turn overthinking but for me this guy is overthinking. I grew up in the 1960's and have no regrets. He talks about restrictions but I was part of a sub group, suede heads which was an off shoot to the mods. Maybe it was different in Britain but as for sex, we weren't wild but it happened. I don't ever remember having to conform.

    • G Wills
      G Wills Month ago +1

      He's describing the 50's in the US and you're contrasting it with your UK experience in the 60s...apples and oranges dude.

  • Speedy Noriega
    Speedy Noriega Month ago

    All I got to say is "Black hole sun... won't you come... and wash away the rain"

  • James Foster
    James Foster Month ago +1

    Hegemony through homogeneity

  • Malgremor
    Malgremor Month ago +1

    The youth commercial market actually started in the 1920's, when Madison Ave. created an entirely new marketing demographic in the "teenager"...a term that they invented. This was the beginning of a series of youth subcultures which have been evolving since then. It's all about selling them stuff, regardless of the negative impact on society.

  • prussian7
    prussian7 Month ago +12

    I can't help but to think of the movie Pleasantville

  • Karmarie
    Karmarie Month ago +2

    8:08 His nose becomes a Squidward

    • Jason Bouphasavanh
      Jason Bouphasavanh Month ago

      +Karmarie oh kool you're my sister's and brothers age. Thanks for that :) I wish you and everyone the very best of their future endeavors and life in every aspect!

    • Karmarie
      Karmarie Month ago

      +Jason Bouphasavanh I'm 31, I will be 32 very soon; born in 1987!

    • Jason Bouphasavanh
      Jason Bouphasavanh Month ago

      +Karmarie your welcome! how old are you? Dont get it the wrong way i always ask people this, and compare to my age of 24/25 born 1995 to see cos if we're the same age then we had seen, watch and been through almost the same things, school family tv etc.. and it's just interesting, thanks.

    • Karmarie
      Karmarie Month ago

      +Jason Bouphasavanh Thank you :)

    • Jason Bouphasavanh
      Jason Bouphasavanh Month ago +1

      Haha I like you for that comment!

  • Ben878
    Ben878 Month ago +28

    This makes me wonder if a society is best with well thought out guidance, but not repression exactly. Too much repression (IE 1950s) seems unnecessarily rough on ourselves, but too much personal freedom seems too unstable and removes social cohesion

    • Lynda Anthony
      Lynda Anthony Month ago

      Angel Rosas of course all Japanese aren’t pedos. I meant that Asian culture and other ancient cultures have a long history of filial piety. They honor and obey their parents right or wrong; they go along with the community or crowd so as not to stand out or be different.
      In a truly free society there is room for discourse and opposing views: there’s tolerance for other people’s right to live as they wish. I mentioned pedos as an example so that although I have no issues with Gay people , I have no mercy with pedophiles. We, some of us accept a persons right to direct his own life but not at the expense of innocent people or children in particular.
      Japanese culture strikes me as one that praises self control and living for a common good - the honor and respect of your family or community is more important than you expressing your true opinions or living out your life with authenticity or reaching for your own personal dreams and goals because they satisfy you alone

    • the dacters
      the dacters Month ago

      +Angel Rosas The society is pretty rough. People have few friends. Japan is like what America was in the 70's

    • Angel Rosas
      Angel Rosas Month ago

      +Ben878 Yeah that is true. Maybe we can take some of the good though and improve on the model as a whole.

    • Angel Rosas
      Angel Rosas Month ago

      +Lynda Anthony How is it repressive in Japan? What do you mean by pedos? The japanese aren't pedos.

    • Lynda Anthony
      Lynda Anthony Month ago +1

      Angel Rosas it’s extremely repressive in Japan. Americans are free people - we shouldn’t be afraid to be in a free society but of course have some morals. I have no issues with Gays but pedophiles are bad - both men and women (like those teachers that sleep with students or weird Dads who go after their daughters). That’s plain out wrong. What 2 consenting healthy adults choose for themselves - that’s their business

  • armando perez
    armando perez Month ago +68

    90's was the best decade of my life

    • Marty Duncan
      Marty Duncan 12 days ago

      Do you have a real life perspective of life in ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s etc? If not, then how could you possibly know? Your statement sound like a classic response from a millennial.

    • ΛIDΛN
      ΛIDΛN 22 days ago +1

      2080 was the best year of my life.

    • burden on society
      burden on society 26 days ago

      +Abdulaziz Abdullah lol the spice girls first song they released was played on the radio in my first job at least ten times a day, after a few weeks it drained the life out of me, I'd rather have listened to nothing . There was great music throughout the 80's and 90's just not really mainstream enough though

    • Christopher Michaud
      Christopher Michaud 26 days ago

      +SM Music Plus92 here

    • Christopher Michaud
      Christopher Michaud 26 days ago +1

      I agree the 90s was the best decade ever. It was as perfect as you can get.

  • Dante Ardenz
    Dante Ardenz Month ago

    The US was a Petty Bouguise society , imposed on a Lumpen Proliteriate . No national culture . The US Hive mind / Puritan hypocrisy.

  • Jay See
    Jay See Month ago +8

    Edward Bernays was responsible for creating the “lifestyles” brought to you after WWII. The BBC documentary, Century of the Self.

  • ransom182
    ransom182 Month ago +6

    Wow, seriously? You couldn't wear a certain color on a certain day? Good grief.

    • pops 69
      pops 69 Month ago

      Wow, I forgot about this till now, but if I recall correctly, in my school if a girl wore red on Friday she was easy.
      Ha, ha, crazy the way we thought back then 😁

    • ransom182
      ransom182 Month ago

      No way! That's intense!+Bart Anderson

    • Bart Anderson
      Bart Anderson Month ago

      In our school, it was wearing green on Thursday, I think. It meant something sexual, but I forget what!

  • beautyinthenight1986

    All these people this man was about, they were right...

  • enigma mist
    enigma mist Month ago +3

    Atleast they smashed lol

  • Rand Huff
    Rand Huff Month ago +1

    It was a time of unprecedented growth in the economy and level of prosperity and the spirit of personal liberation that such progress produces, combined with living life models that were still based on Christianity in small communities directives. Peoples outlooks on life and convictions did not stay in pace with the rising prosperity. A confusing clash.

  • Infinite Sky
    Infinite Sky 2 months ago

    Fascinating, insightful as always

  • Jack Jacobs
    Jack Jacobs 2 months ago +1

    This guy is neurotic.

  • Richard Moroney
    Richard Moroney 2 months ago

    I was born in 1975. I’d be glad to have grown up in the 50s.

    • Richard Moroney
      Richard Moroney Month ago +1

      Gravlingforte, yes I even watched the video. And yes, he made it sound pretty bad.

    • Gravlingforte
      Gravlingforte Month ago

      Richard Moroney did you even watch the video? He makes it sound pretty bad

  • Brittney Lamar
    Brittney Lamar 2 months ago +1

    Everyone conforms to something I guess. Back then and today. At least today you can choose what you want to conform to since there are so many options.

  • Jeffrey Kalb
    Jeffrey Kalb 2 months ago +9

    In a sense he was right. The people of the 1950's were already morally corrupt. The 60's were the natural result of a festering interior rebellion. When the baby-boomers rebelled, their parents sighed a sense of relief, as they could discretely do all the immoral things they wanted to do, but were afraid to be seen doing. - Sincerely, Generation X, which had to suffer all the consequences of your diabolical self-indulgence.

    • Jason Bouphasavanh
      Jason Bouphasavanh Month ago

      Yeah true that! I'm 24/25 and when i rebelled and mum dad found out I smoke weed and stuff i can tell they had a sigh of relief but a disappointment at the same time but more so relief cos they did want to relive the things they couldnt and wanted to do cos of their very conservative strict parents with little freedom if any

    • jaklumen
      jaklumen Month ago +2

      Gen Xer here. For me, personally, it was a STRONG tradition of matriarchial narcissism, and thus, it's been a LOT more personal.

  • Matthew Sifuentes
    Matthew Sifuentes 2 months ago +17

    Things haven’t changed very much.

  • Kelly Hudson
    Kelly Hudson 2 months ago +34

    Lot of wedding photos from the fifties with the bride holding a bouquet of flowers in front of her belly.

    • Snakes Occult
      Snakes Occult Month ago

      +Victor Vaida shut up fed

    • Susan B
      Susan B Month ago


    • Zoey
      Zoey Month ago

      True. I was the flower for my oldest cousin. Lol