reacting to the weirdest BTS clips on the internet (uhhh) // ItsGeorginaOkay

  • Published on Oct 28, 2018
  • In this video I react to the weirdest BTS clips on the internet
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Comments • 55

  • soyothedanny
    soyothedanny 4 months ago

    I had to skip the Japanese videos in the middle. (Shhh, we dont talk about those videos ever)

  • YourWeirdThoughts
    YourWeirdThoughts 6 months ago

    You really put a lot of effort to get Koya into frame and I respect you for that lol

  • straw berri
    straw berri 6 months ago +1

    *I’m J-Hof*

  • Jennzz 1of5
    Jennzz 1of5 6 months ago +3

    The bad hair.. clothes etc.. they were rookies... they did this for a Japanese thing.. and those looks were big in Japan at the time... once they were on a Korean show.. and they showed those clips.. BTS bought shitee their pants.. it is something they truly regret.. yet.. when u are a struggling nobody at the time.. u do whatever it takes... lol. They were still baby bangtan its funny to me.. lol

  • Suga’s Sugar
    Suga’s Sugar 6 months ago +4

    My emo phase is still lowkey there-
    She just discovered kpop and pastel so she became a soft pastel emo.

  • abi
    abi 6 months ago

    where did you manage to get bt21 stuff from in the UK?

  • leu
    leu 6 months ago +1

    "his hair" why did this kill me

  • bubbletae
    bubbletae 6 months ago

    React to waste it on me

    BUNGS GAMING 6 months ago

    Wait u didnt react to *Waste it on me* i sure youll die

  • Kookie Jeon
    Kookie Jeon 6 months ago +3

    0:56 It's not an actual milk commercial lol. It's just a fun and cute clip pretending like a milk commercial for kids shot by music show, inkigayo😂 Inkigayo shoots things abt milk/ safe driving/ how to walk across the road safely etc for children. Most idols have shot this segment with Inkigayo at least once. 3:48 It's a legendary clips they filmed for JP show(?) and BTS reacted to that on weekly idols😂😂

  • Leyetelle Blue
    Leyetelle Blue 6 months ago

    Why haven't I seen some of these clips?😂

  • makeitbetter H.
    makeitbetter H. 6 months ago

    Those parts of Japanese show are really weird to me

  • Luna
    Luna 6 months ago

    V really changed so much through the years😳 Not only his face but als his body

  • •• double ••
    •• double •• 6 months ago +8

    Lmao the part where you said “boy you can’t even drive” had me dead, I forgot he doesn’t even have his license yet😂😂 talks about safety but the person driving can’t drive 💀

  • Crazzy Eb
    Crazzy Eb 6 months ago

    If I am right people in the original kako talk have a photo of geo in her emo stage 😂 (btw you look pretty no matter what)

  • D Chen
    D Chen 6 months ago +1

    you're right, the milk commercial was from DNA era

  • D Chen
    D Chen 6 months ago

    Jungkook's I love you T_T cuteee

  • Its Slushiey
    Its Slushiey 6 months ago

    U hate milk ok we’ll see who needs milk when they’re like 70 and her bones break every time she moves😑😑😑

  • Jimin-ssi
    Jimin-ssi 6 months ago +7

    Jin’s eyebrows are statement lmao

  • Jimin-ssi
    Jimin-ssi 6 months ago

    I love milk hahaha

  • Sorella
    Sorella 6 months ago

    Oh no hunny ive never been through that emo phase looool

  • a1228s
    a1228s 6 months ago

    주먹을 펴고는 볼 수가 엄땅 ~ ㅠㅠ 내가 졌다 ~

  • Awesome Queen
    Awesome Queen 6 months ago

    I don't like milk either 🤢

  • El Seniachi
    El Seniachi 6 months ago

    Last video is so cringy omg, ı did not know Jhope is such a pervert hahahkdsfhgf

  • cup of tae
    cup of tae 6 months ago

  • Haris Abid Wirawan
    Haris Abid Wirawan 6 months ago


  • Gladyator Gladys
    Gladyator Gladys 6 months ago

    The last clip got me laughing hard😭 and I didn't get to see your live stream are you gonna upload it? 😢

  • Mi 5
    Mi 5 6 months ago +7

    I really appreciate the efforts you had put into bringing koya on screen

  • متشرد في شوراع كوريا


  • متشرد في شوراع كوريا

    اي لاف يو

  • keyairauh
    keyairauh 6 months ago +2


    VKOOK LOVER 6 months ago

    i also hate milk. 😐

  • EKS511
    EKS511 6 months ago +28

    "If I say that I've fallen for you, will that bother you?"
    "Maybe one day I'll kidnap you."
    Damn! That escalated quickly!

  • dumi nihi
    dumi nihi 6 months ago

    Please react to ateez pirate King and treasure

  • MewDenise
    MewDenise 6 months ago +8

    All their looks have a special place in my heart. Never have I thought "Oh, no! I can't stand that!"

  • Kaedence Amanda
    Kaedence Amanda 6 months ago

    they have always been kings oh my god-

  • I’m_ Kera
    I’m_ Kera 6 months ago +60

    The part when Georgina said “boy you can’t even drive” had me weak

  • Bangtan Babe
    Bangtan Babe 6 months ago +37

    The milk commercial was from last yr after DNA came out

    • the y/n in every BTS ff
      the y/n in every BTS ff 6 months ago

      noooooooooooooooo don't tell me it's new nooooooooo 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kamikazekatze
    Kamikazekatze 6 months ago +4

    Oh come on,.... who hasn't had a Linkin Park Phase? xDD

  • Megan Wilson
    Megan Wilson 6 months ago +3

    Also pop off about milk girl I hate it too

  • Megan Wilson
    Megan Wilson 6 months ago +1

    I've been lowkey binging your videos and you've been uploading so much and I'm LIVING for it

  • Shruthi Muralidaran
    Shruthi Muralidaran 6 months ago

    Oh my goodness, I’ve only ever seen pictures of their hair styled up like that floating around Twitter, I didn’t even know there was a video of it 😂

  • Bangtan Babe
    Bangtan Babe 6 months ago +11

    I was so bored but then you uploaded

  • Younki Min
    Younki Min 6 months ago

    51. 😂

  • Dovely
    Dovely 6 months ago +2

    Edit: *These clips have me dying*
    Edit 2: *Your reactions are so funny! I honestly love them! I purple u and ur videos 💜💜*
    Edit 3: Joon with black hair was everything to me!!!!! It was So. FREAKING. ATTRACTIVE!...Is it alright that I’m 12 while saying this? that okay?

  • wavy bts
    wavy bts 6 months ago


  • Amina's Facue
    Amina's Facue 6 months ago


  • Park Chiminie
    Park Chiminie 6 months ago +34

    This is cringy and cute at the same time.😂💓

    • bab
      bab 6 months ago +1

      Park Chiminie yep I wanted to go ‘awwww!!’ But at the same time hide under my duvet 😂😂

  • Fluffy_Pandaax ;-;
    Fluffy_Pandaax ;-; 6 months ago +2

    Yeshhh I’m finally early. I love your videos so freaking much 💜

    • Alice Wonderland
      Alice Wonderland 6 months ago

      Ahh ily
      I hope you really are feeling better xx

  • Amina's Facue
    Amina's Facue 6 months ago

    Don't wanna brag...but bish first

  • lucy Scarlett
    lucy Scarlett 6 months ago


  • sKsKsKsK
    sKsKsKsK 6 months ago

    You look so PRETTYYY