"Lou" Clip - Pixar Short Film

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    When a toy stealing bully ruins recess for a playground full of kids, only one thing stands in his way: the “Lost and Found” box.
    "Lou" directed by Dave Mullins and produced by Dana Murray.



    Copyright: (C) Disney•Pixar

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  • Suzuki Leon
    Suzuki Leon 3 months ago

    It's a Lot funny

  • UglyDolls Buddies
    UglyDolls Buddies 5 months ago

    Lou? Like Lou from UglyDolls?!

  • Scolocus69
    Scolocus69 6 months ago +1

    The main kid looks like spot from The Good Dinosaur

  • スティーブSteve
    スティーブSteve 7 months ago

    It’s a clip

  • el pollo
    el pollo 11 months ago


  • Cha cha potato
    Cha cha potato Year ago


  • Bobby Chill
    Bobby Chill Year ago

    In 2014 I watched this for free

  • Navah Weiss
    Navah Weiss Year ago

    The fact that Lou looks so proud and happy just by seeing the kids enjoying their found items is so sweet.

  • Stainedge
    Stainedge Year ago


  • TheRealDubber2020

    0:29, Okay...is just me or is that Spot but in North America as a human now in The Good Dinosaur? They look alike.

  • tiffany
    tiffany Year ago

    i wached this at school and I creme😞😞😝😝😛

    • tiffany
      tiffany Year ago

      instead of creme I was going to say creid

  • Anjelique Smyser
    Anjelique Smyser Year ago

    This is my favourite Short from any movie

  • Harry Roberts
    Harry Roberts Year ago

    This is impossible

  • Elibn Ramirez
    Elibn Ramirez Year ago

    It's was on June 16 2017

  • Kazzir
    Kazzir Year ago

    It's named Lou like me :)

  • Andre Olivier
    Andre Olivier Year ago


  • Khadijah Endah
    Khadijah Endah Year ago


  • yeetonaut
    yeetonaut Year ago +1

    0:06 Surprised that ain't no Nintendo DS, given how there was a SNES in Toy Story 2

  • Prin Bacau
    Prin Bacau 2 years ago

    Nu te cred

  • Mark Anthony Marez
    Mark Anthony Marez 2 years ago

    Welp, give this director a feature.

  • ahceda09
    ahceda09 2 years ago

    i miss being a kid

  • jeremias Dominguez
    jeremias Dominguez 2 years ago

    Grasias pixar

  • alex c
    alex c 2 years ago

    WOW! How much has this kid stole?

  • Jayden_Jade
    Jayden_Jade 2 years ago

    i dont get it...

  • super gaming 97
    super gaming 97 2 years ago

    Nintendo 3ds xl is coming soon in 2018

  • Austin Dickerson
    Austin Dickerson 2 years ago

    This Pixar short was shown with the theatrical release of Cars 3.

  • Thomas Müller
    Thomas Müller 2 years ago


  • Bold and Brash
    Bold and Brash 2 years ago +3

    I just found out that the missing words spell out "Lou"

  • Oofysfor Dayz
    Oofysfor Dayz 2 years ago

    Could you please make the full one

  • DeathBorn
    DeathBorn 2 years ago

    Så this brrfore Cars 3

    OBPTY 2 years ago

    This was way better than Cars 3 lol

  • Unavailable
    Unavailable 2 years ago

    this and "day and night" are my favorite shorts

  • Lortfa Agaesha
    Lortfa Agaesha 2 years ago

    I really love this!!! It has so deep story. With just few minutes it made me cry..😂😂

  • super gaming 97
    super gaming 97 2 years ago

    3ds is upcoming in 2018

  • super gaming 97
    super gaming 97 2 years ago

    Ds in Pixar short film

  • Brian Bradshaw
    Brian Bradshaw 2 years ago

    Oh Pixar what happen to your awesome Short films back in the day

  • Mandurs
    Mandurs 2 years ago

    This touched me more than the movie following did

  • Alpha Seeker
    Alpha Seeker 2 years ago

    he looks like the kid from the good dinosaur

  • Valentin Palombo
    Valentin Palombo 2 years ago

    I just saw Cars 3 today, and this short made me cry waterfalls.

    KITT vs KARR KR 2 years ago

    I love this animation

  • Amy Grosch
    Amy Grosch 2 years ago

    That all?

  • bugman_850
    bugman_850 2 years ago

    That's a nice DS you got there

  • Tamazon Car. McQ.
    Tamazon Car. McQ. 2 years ago

    That's a neat one like piper

  • BorezU
    BorezU 2 years ago +27

    Saddest Pixar death: Lou

    KEYLLOGGS 2 years ago +4

    At 0:11 we see zigzag in the chest !!! We see its spring

  • jeff , s
    jeff , s 2 years ago +1

    toy story 4?

  • Alexa Gabriel Villegas Hernandez

    tengo un rumor sobre la película de up que el viejito de la peli desde el principio ya estaba muerto😒

  • 2Bridgeyboo
    2Bridgeyboo 2 years ago +40

    Fun fact: The main kid character in this short film can be found in Finding Dory.

  • HeptaSeptagon
    HeptaSeptagon 2 years ago +6

    0:35 it's confirmed. he's santa's grandson

    REJISTAR 2 years ago

    i thought he was spot

  • ...
    ... 2 years ago

    Did anyone else see this when they saw Cars 3 in theatres?

  • Grant Kelly
    Grant Kelly 2 years ago

    I legitimately thought this was the trailer to toy story 4 while I was in the theater watching cars 3 but than I realized RU-clip, twitter, Facebook, and basically any form of social media would blow up.

  • The TGTHD
    The TGTHD 2 years ago

    Who's Lou?

  • pretzellstixx
    pretzellstixx 2 years ago

    I loved this when I went to watch Cars 3!

  • tyo y.
    tyo y. 2 years ago


  • william hickey
    william hickey 2 years ago


  • keesin
    keesin 2 years ago

    better than the actual cars 3.

  • Elizabeth Perrin
    Elizabeth Perrin 2 years ago

    It's the Pixar animation before cats three
    This made me cry tho :P

  • BlairBuster Energy
    BlairBuster Energy 2 years ago

    Anyone else notice that on the lost and found box the letters that were missing were L O and U which spells Lou

  • Sunky The Pokémon
    Sunky The Pokémon 2 years ago

    I do not know if anyone noticed but lost and found does not have the letter L, O and U 0:08

  • Olivia Day
    Olivia Day 2 years ago

    What....what are the black dots on the baseballs?? ?

  • 79 Louise
    79 Louise 2 years ago

    Looks like an interesting concept. ^^

  • prankman 1'0000
    prankman 1'0000 2 years ago

    when o saw cars3 lastnight the full thing was on there

  • Grizzly Head
    Grizzly Head 2 years ago +1

    When I saw this short in theater my only thought the entire time was "man was that a 3DS that's gonna age fast"

  • noah toymagedon
    noah toymagedon 2 years ago

    why does this look like toy story or maybe it is toy story but its part 3 but it did say that it is a short film

    • J
      J 2 years ago +1

      Tony Pagnan It's not related to Toy Story at all

  • DroneMaster 24
    DroneMaster 24 2 years ago

    It was a nice short

  • Mario Hiccup Witwicky
    Mario Hiccup Witwicky 2 years ago

    Lou looks like a muppet.

  • The Dimensioneer
    The Dimensioneer 2 years ago

    This short is trippy.

  • Luis
    Luis 2 years ago

    Pixar shorts added the Pixar theory confirmed.

  • WesleyTRV // Wesley Vianen

    First reveal of Lou! HYPE!!!

  • Yoshi Boi
    Yoshi Boi 2 years ago

    Can you do the whole thing

  • AMReed8
    AMReed8 2 years ago

    What if toys had feelings?

  • Xxx_niños5control 12345_xxX

    ya quiero ver grabado el cortometraje en el cine yyyyyaaaaaayyyyy

  • The Yellow Entity
    The Yellow Entity 2 years ago

    looks a lot like luxo jr.

  • Clark Talbot
    Clark Talbot 2 years ago

    That kid would make a great politician

  • Julián Jauregui
    Julián Jauregui 2 years ago

    One of your beast ShortFilms Pixar, Lou still alive in my heart :,(

  • Lilia Jimenez
    Lilia Jimenez 2 years ago

    Pixar take this away make a lou playlist and put it there o and chage the date to augost 30

  • Lilia Jimenez
    Lilia Jimenez 2 years ago

    Take this clip away its not were it belongs