I Tried STOP MOTION Animation

  • Published on Jun 16, 2018
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Comments • 342

  • shortycrust
    shortycrust 10 months ago

    8:28 flexing the copics oh yeaaaa

  • funnygirlmeli
    funnygirlmeli Year ago

    Isn't stopmotion animation the easiest way to animate? I mean it's even possible for beginners and only with Movie Maker
    Still I enjoyed your first stopmotion animations :)

  • ً ً
    ً ً Year ago

    that cat one is SO cute

  • Nat Alie
    Nat Alie Year ago

    Do i sense a sponsorship???? >:)L

  • Alyson Dalrymple
    Alyson Dalrymple Year ago

    YOU SHOULD KEEP GOING!!!!! I think it looks amazing. I got the app, but I don't have any tripods, so my phone is all propped up on random items.

  • Officially Mona
    Officially Mona Year ago

    What is the name of the app ?

  • BIG Michael Kish
    BIG Michael Kish Year ago

    If you divorce your husband, give me a shout. You seem very fun and beautiful plus Florida needs some sunshine like you

  • Speedy No
    Speedy No Year ago

    Hello is this Mario?
    NO! This is Patrick!

  • 『 M i l k i i 月 m o o n 』


  • Luke Tolle
    Luke Tolle Year ago

    Very creative animating on the fridge!

  • Mats Hiob
    Mats Hiob Year ago

    Awesome!! Please make another one! :D

  • morgan wills
    morgan wills Year ago +1

    what’s the app even called?

  • Brazzy. Jayy
    Brazzy. Jayy Year ago +1

    I did this in art class me and my partner did a leprechaun going over a rainbow it’s actually pretty fun

  • Space_lia
    Space_lia Year ago +1

    This is really cool. :D

  • Abby Flores
    Abby Flores Year ago

    Did anyone else yawn after the cat animation

  • ColumbusCupKid
    ColumbusCupKid Year ago

    Oh my god... I just noticed. I have a tripod, a VERY VERY similar phone-tripod adaptor thing, and Stop Motion Studio.

  • Don't bother me
    Don't bother me Year ago +1

    What was the app called?

  • WowItsShrimp 45
    WowItsShrimp 45 Year ago

    I only had so many balls...


  • Lucinda Boo
    Lucinda Boo Year ago

    More please! :D

  • Maggie Lebeau
    Maggie Lebeau Year ago

    Those animations were so cute! Great job. Love you!

  • artzy pugz
    artzy pugz Year ago

    The copic one was my favourite

  • Dope Pig
    Dope Pig Year ago

    Loved this

  • BFF L
    BFF L Year ago


  • michelle 444
    michelle 444 Year ago +1

    I have this app and always use things like toys:)

  • AmV PeAcHeS
    AmV PeAcHeS Year ago

    Please do more its so fun watching you do this pls and thank you

  • Rive Goudess
    Rive Goudess Year ago

    Can u draw fluttershy's older brother as a hot guy please please please please please

  • Lilibutter
    Lilibutter Year ago

    This is amazing! The cat... :o

  • TheLittleMinion
    TheLittleMinion Year ago

    OH MY GOD, YOU'VE USED MAYA?!?!?! PLEASE HELP. I GO TO A SCHOOL FOR COMPUTER ANIMATION AND WE USE IT. Could you post a tutorial? I hate that program so much.

  • Starie Drawz
    Starie Drawz Year ago

    At school once we had stop motion animation, naturally I made a duck getting eaten by a wave

  • Favs Doodles
    Favs Doodles Year ago

    I just got that app and did my first animation... OMG THE HEADPHONE TRICK that would’ve saved me so much time, thank you for the tip!

  • Akshada Singh
    Akshada Singh Year ago

    Love the kitty one CuTe

  • 69 I love Kermit 666

    6:49 *mood*

  • Big fan of yours
    Big fan of yours Year ago

    In the beginning I think you said amination instead of animation lol

  • Annie Krukis
    Annie Krukis Year ago

    They are all so cool!

  • Kat F
    Kat F Year ago

    I thought all of your animations were great!! Girl I don't know what you're talking about but I loved the copics animation!! I liked them all though too! I thought mario turning into patrick was great. I've been meaning to check out skill share, so this is a good opportunity for me to try it!! Thank for the link share!!

  • Luck of the Charmander

    Ooh fancy also surprisingly I have the same headphones as you (yay)

  • Maria Morales
    Maria Morales Year ago

    plzzzz do more there amazing.

  • Blue Phoenix Productions

    Cool😆 I hope you make more stop motions in the future.

  • riley johnson
    riley johnson Year ago

    Can you make more live

  • Klavier Gavin
    Klavier Gavin Year ago


  • Heather Cash Art
    Heather Cash Art Year ago

    This was so fun!

  • LaShan Wright
    LaShan Wright Year ago

    Loved this video. learning more and more in this art community.....love and light Baylee...such the artist

  • Anastasia M. Blaisdell

    this was amazing!

  • pastelcapricorn
    pastelcapricorn Year ago

    I haven’t watched any of baylee’s videos for a few months now and when I saw her face it made me so happy yayayayayay aw I missed watching

  • sj Animates
    sj Animates Year ago

    Stick bot studio is the best app for this it includes a free green screen and blue screen

  • Stephanie pictures

    Thats awesome im trying to make my channel about this kinda thing mine arent long yet but still working

  • Tom Sutherland
    Tom Sutherland Year ago

    Love this video!! I love stop motion, and I used this app too.. I want to see more youtubers try this :D

  • I Don't Know Studios

    i love stop motion. i think their so much fun to make

  • Just A Fan
    Just A Fan Year ago

    omg ahhhhhhhhhhh i love stopmotion

  • Cara Ford
    Cara Ford Year ago

    this reminds me of dimitri martin in the rocker "move a tiny bit... move a tiny bit..."

  • Jennifer Ducharme

    I love it, need more!

  • Diane Stolzer
    Diane Stolzer Year ago +2

    Hey Baylee I've been coloring coloring pages on your website and I was wondering if maybe you could put some new ones on there

  • Noga Zuroff
    Noga Zuroff Year ago

    Do another one

  • Ana Orellana
    Ana Orellana Year ago

    Try the stickbots and they also have a App!!

  • LuckyAJ
    LuckyAJ Year ago

    Are you going to vid con?

  • Illustrate Tor
    Illustrate Tor Year ago

    You did an amazing job! Thank you

  • Xtreme Team
    Xtreme Team Year ago

    YUS I love it do mas

  • Juanita
    Juanita Year ago

    I think this was awesome!

  • MildActsOfMayhem
    MildActsOfMayhem Year ago

    Tip: take two pictures of everything that you took as one, typically that makes it look smoother

  • Haru midnight
    Haru midnight Year ago

    Hi, I was wondering if you can make a video on how to get a table at comic-con