School bus conversion / Walk through

  • Published on Jan 5, 2018
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    Yesterdays video :
    My name is Adam Sandoval and I travel the country with 2 goals, 1. Give back to our community and veterans. 2. Inspire people to live/enjoy the motorcycle culture. This channel is a window into my life and all these efforts.
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  • Richard Wiechmann
    Richard Wiechmann Day ago +1

    Hello from germany wow nice travelbus

  • Keith Mundy
    Keith Mundy 5 days ago +1


    • Keith Mundy
      Keith Mundy 5 days ago

      Adam Sandoval Thanks.
      I'm now an Empty Nester.. lol.. yup.. they've grown and flown on.
      My Wife.. SHE Want's To Do This.
      GR8 411 you shared as I'm 6'5"..
      so Yeah this might grow to be cumbersome to me. Roll On!
      🇺🇸WWG1WGA🦅. .
      SO.. LOL.. GUESS WHAT .. 😏
      I have Given You The Authority To TREAD ON SERPENT'S AND SCORPIONS! DIG THAT & AMEN.
      💌 😎 LIKE ME!
      ALABAMA🎸🎶🎙️"ROLL ON!"

    • Adam Sandoval
      Adam Sandoval  5 days ago

      Not sure of any you should steer clear from. For me, alot had to do with ceiling height since I'm 6'2''

  • Carlos Lunna
    Carlos Lunna 9 days ago

    in gas you spend more than hotels . but your buss is awsome !!!!

  • Scott Bennett
    Scott Bennett 9 days ago

    What is the model number for that Reese Hitch? I went to U-Haul and they don't have any idea because they can't put the school bus in the computer so they can't figure out which hitch will work.

  • Blago Meni
    Blago Meni 11 days ago

    Budget design, engineering and feel. Not nice.

  • John Robinson
    John Robinson 14 days ago +1

    I'm thinking about building a bus myself but I was curious about how hard it was to get licensed as a motorhome in Wisconsin

    • John Robinson
      John Robinson 13 days ago

      @Adam Sandoval any advice on making it easier?

    • Adam Sandoval
      Adam Sandoval  13 days ago +1

      It definitely takes some work but is so worth it

  • clark clarke
    clark clarke 19 days ago +1

    Nice set up ...

  • J. M.
    J. M. 25 days ago +1

    May 22nd 2019 so you're going to show us the bus that you convert it so how much money did you put in fixing the engine transmission rear end fuel tanks did the engine need a timing chain did it need to be rebuilt water pump oil pump will you show some of those things too

  • John Mcgrane
    John Mcgrane 29 days ago

    Buddy has one insulated from beneath, outside the bus,

  • Yung Architec
    Yung Architec 29 days ago


  • Angel
    Angel Month ago +2

    You are sexy as hell 👄

  • Scp Nine-Tailed-Fox
    Scp Nine-Tailed-Fox Month ago +1

    That's a bluebird ford


    nice video well done a+ keep up the good work well done a+ @UClEoSEXUDWUrkEN5mVCc6Lw

  • Danny Farenheit
    Danny Farenheit Month ago

    Pimp my ride

  • jacob piña
    jacob piña Month ago +2

    ADD a manual spot light on the driver side

  • TADionysus
    TADionysus Month ago +1

    i was thinking you could put in the front part of that trailer a biodeisel thing and make your fuel as you go that way you can save money on gas since fuel averages 3 to 350 a gallon in some places biodiesel burns cleaner has a little more power and it smells better also you can make it for less the 80 cent a gallon

    • TADionysus
      TADionysus Month ago

      @Adam Sandoval nice setup by the way and also sweet bike what kind of harley is it

    • Adam Sandoval
      Adam Sandoval  Month ago

      All good points

  • ah mecorp
    ah mecorp Month ago +1

    scooter rocks

  • mobile gamer
    mobile gamer Month ago +2

    You should line x your bus

  • Mier Beuker
    Mier Beuker Month ago +1

    Yea, put some insulation on that roof, and take your shoes off when you go inside. Then you will still fit. Otherwise, just put the insulation on the outside on the roof. It will save you a lot of heating or cooling, whatever the outside temperature might be. You're welcome.

  • Will _
    Will _ 2 months ago +1

    I’m from a small town just north of Beaumont. Hope you had a great trip!

    • Adam Sandoval
      Adam Sandoval  2 months ago

      That's a nice day ride from where the Kriver is, come on up and see us

  • Studio Nomad
    Studio Nomad 2 months ago +2

    Yes well, its "IGOR" now.

  • millie mill
    millie mill 2 months ago +1

    Real cutie!!!!

  • Royce Lane
    Royce Lane 2 months ago +2

    Awesome video, awesome truck I love the idea of rolling on the paint makes it so much easier for touch-ups and keeps it all nice and strong great job man!

  • BabyBlack Goth
    BabyBlack Goth 2 months ago +1


  • Tony Rey
    Tony Rey 2 months ago +3

    Nice job!
    What's the gas mileage?

  • Dustin S
    Dustin S 2 months ago +1

    Do you have to have a class b license to operate that ?

  • Christy J
    Christy J 2 months ago +1


  • Bill Hamilton
    Bill Hamilton 2 months ago +1

    You should equip your bus with independent heat and install a composting toilet. You have the room for it . get off yer arse and git-er-dun.

    • Adam Sandoval
      Adam Sandoval  2 months ago

      Igor has gone on to new adventures with my veteran buddy Gary

  • Stephen Lubey
    Stephen Lubey 2 months ago +2

    Careful with sticking magnets on your head

  • AlphaX Gaming
    AlphaX Gaming 2 months ago +1

    I’m my bus in storage I’m a Colorado Country to start with but anyway my firearms and whiskey are in one storage and one of the other ones I keep weed

  • will alexander
    will alexander 2 months ago +1

    is the bus eor? or egor?

  • David Jaeger
    David Jaeger 2 months ago +2

    Can I give you a couple suggestion...Install a single burner pot belly wood stove. There is dead wood all over the place. On a cold night a wood stove warms the bus. You can make hot coffee or cup or so of hot coco. And they warm the Quinta motels have awesome curtins in the rooms. All inside lights on..dark outside and you see 0 light...your bus look ok. And your right. It's not a motorhome. Motorhomes are crap. Leak. There very flimsey...schoolies are American build for steel. Your bus will still be around when the motorhomes are trashed....install air bags under the rear axel. It will improve the ride and grandma won't fly up on the celling when you hit a bumb

  • B ride Up
    B ride Up 2 months ago +2

    Gonna put any design on the sides? Like even the trailer?

  • Anthony Ardissone
    Anthony Ardissone 2 months ago +1

    Awesome job man!!

  • Pablo Cruise
    Pablo Cruise 2 months ago +2

    Our cabin is off the grid... we call the 36 batteries “the farm”..

  • Bionicl
    Bionicl 2 months ago +1

    I love watching these. But I always come back to this because yours is the best. When I watch this I think. This guy wanted to move his whole house. You took everything. In my personal opinion this is the greatest vehicle conversion.

  • skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo
    skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo 2 months ago +3

    It’s illegal to have some types of headlights, if it’s “brighter than sunlight, than it may blind other drivers, which is DANGEROUS

  • Janice Ulaayu Angnatuk
    Janice Ulaayu Angnatuk 2 months ago +2

    Propane tanks for dabbing?

  • Jerry Hunt
    Jerry Hunt 2 months ago +1

    Got the same headlights in my semi, they do throw a lot of light. Paired up with fog lights that are l.e.d. high beams, I can see just fine up here in the ass end of nowhere.

  • Jesus Cisneros
    Jesus Cisneros 2 months ago +2

    Nice bus brother enjoy freedom

  • chaos theory
    chaos theory 2 months ago

    plz what's the model of the bus !!

  • Christopher Allen
    Christopher Allen 3 months ago +2

    Well, congrats on the Harley logo on the bus... now it'll leak oil and rarely start...🤗

  • Ian Mangham
    Ian Mangham 3 months ago +1

    Scooter is a dude

  • Braden Howard
    Braden Howard 3 months ago +1

    Sweet build I'd put an awning on side of it

    EJAC FILMS 3 months ago +2

    Nice bro, that was inspiring

  • David Ralte
    David Ralte 3 months ago +1

    Adam, i wish the RV company (American Coach, etc.) would sponsor you for those kind of travelling and your cause.. But, in the mean time, that Igor is badass and kinna fits you... Keep up the good work..

  • Jonathan Strange
    Jonathan Strange 3 months ago

    Ease up on Scooter bro., looks like you are working him too hard.

    • Adam Sandoval
      Adam Sandoval  3 months ago

      Scooter happiness and health is always my #1 priority. He's never forced to do anything he doesn't want to

  • Catalyst - D B
    Catalyst - D B 3 months ago +1

    Personal Inspiriation take notes:
    2:39 LED Light Upgrade. Must do.
    2:56 Air Horn upgrade external.... Nice. Must do.
    3:20 Drive Battery is seperate to Battery Bank.... Interesting.... Why? I must have 1 Kilowatt solar and 1-2 kilowatt storage or more with inverter and MPPT Charge controller.
    3:30 Isolater upgrade allows alternators to charge bank without draining drive battery if battery bank is spent.... Nice.
    4:45 425 65R 22.5 Rear Tall Tire Upgrade is suspension modifer and is gear changer that allows higher speeds like 80s
    5:20 Cut in Rack Install with pin. Allows sliding out of device like a drawer... Nice.
    5:37 Shore Power Inlet install Upgrade. Allows 110 Volts or 220. Must do. Nice.
    5:55 Hauling a roughly 16 foot Enclosed V nosed trailer.... Must do something similar. Nice. ^_^
    6:00 Hitch with a trailer brake system... Genius! Is it legal for school buses to have hitches? I want to haul an SUV on an open trailer behind my Bus. I wonder if that's possible.... I mean if this genius guy can haul a enclosed trailer and RVs can haul boats... Why not right?
    6:14 Motorhome Class... Must be worth the effort to have it in that class... Must research why.
    6:20 I Must have Hot Water heater of some type and Must have 200 gallons of White water.
    6:40 Trailer contents. I must have my BioDiesel processor and my two motorcycles fit. Might need 18 or 20 feet of hauler.
    7:25 No Grey or blackwater. That's cool. I'm thinking composting toilet maybe?
    7:50 Extra fuel storage upgrade.... Genius. I should install that upgrade on 3 sides of the hauler as well as 4 more on the outside right side of the school bus.... Genius!
    Side-note: I'll finish my Analysis later.

    • mrmotofy
      mrmotofy 2 months ago

      The Start batteries are different type then the house batteries. So they can't be connected together except like he is describing with a battery isolator for charging

  • Ozark Hills R/T
    Ozark Hills R/T 3 months ago +5

    Nice bus! Always wanted to build a bus. Would a car trailer with a 4200 pound car work behind it?

  • David H
    David H 3 months ago +2

    *Quack Quack!*
    Rubber Duck

  • Okie Rider
    Okie Rider 3 months ago +1

    Skoolies are an awesome alternative to expensive RVs. I would to build one myself one day. Adam, you should watch Cycle Cruza's RU-clip channel. He lives out of his camper van and tows his bike inside it.

  • Tyler Williams
    Tyler Williams 3 months ago +1

    Dude just stumbled onto your channel love what you're doing love the bike love the bus, bad ass man keep it up

  • Cristobal De La Torre De Reza

    I’ve been watching too much of these videos

  • dylan vasey
    dylan vasey 3 months ago


  • Bdbxbxb bxbxbx
    Bdbxbxb bxbxbx 3 months ago +1

    Goddamn style

  • Vivian Sanchez
    Vivian Sanchez 3 months ago

    Love the Bus ,heavy duty😎

  • Sadhu Sheshidhar Reddy
    Sadhu Sheshidhar Reddy 3 months ago +1

    Nice one broooo....

  • Linda Cianchetti
    Linda Cianchetti 3 months ago +1

    Very nice.
    How many ppl know that LED bulbs are deadly WEAPONS? They are.

  • Jonathan B
    Jonathan B 3 months ago +1

    Kick ass bus !

  • Paul Suprono
    Paul Suprono 3 months ago +1

    Amazing . . . YOU, are a great work in progress !

  • LXIX Turner
    LXIX Turner 4 months ago +1

    Lol Ford

  • john cuervo
    john cuervo 4 months ago +2

    So I learned from this video that when I get a bus, the first thing I need to do is cut the roof off and make it taller so i can frame the floor and ceiling for insulation

  • iWin Rar
    iWin Rar 4 months ago +2

    You put this through our Wisconsin winter yet?

  • Leah Baker
    Leah Baker 4 months ago +5

    I just got my 1st bus this week. It’s 11 windows like yours but mine is a 1998 international with the 7.3. I really like what you’ve done. I absolutely have to get those headlights! I’m definitely planning to re-gear it as well as change the tires (10R22.5 currently on it). So much of what you’ve done is what I’m planning too

  • Kendia Perkins
    Kendia Perkins 4 months ago +1

    Thanks for sharing. Best wishes.

  • Harry Nutsac
    Harry Nutsac 4 months ago

    Hate to break the news to You, but Veterans were/are contractors of the comes the news flash...the U.S. is not America. The U.S. is foreign British owned Governmental Services Corporation that Took over America in 1878..Thank President Lincoln. America went bankruptcy, the US was put in place via International Bankruptcy laws, to perform the Salvage of America and its wealth.
    In case You have failed to see, most Americans are being booted out of their homes and all property taken from them.....Its Cause nobody own anything, yall just think you do.

    • Harry Nutsac
      Harry Nutsac 3 months ago

      @Catalyst - D B I propose the exact thing you just said. Get off grid and far from any town's. I am doing the same. I would make it priority to learn the Law...on ones own, Because Law School is a farce and ONLY teaches Legal ...aka Color of Law. I suggest to everyone, just go pick up 1 law book and start reading. American Jurisprudence is a perfect Book for a new student. Statutes, codes, mandates and regulations ...ARE NOT LAW. Its is Public Policy that ONLY applies to US Citizens and Govt Employees. If there is no injured party, there is no crime, that is fact...but the Legal Society does not wish for anyone to discover this fact....because they have tricked everyone into believing Public Policy is law and it is enforceable...Its it not. Its Illegal and Unlawful for force Policy on someone. Sorry for the rant...i could go all day on this shit.

    • Catalyst - D B
      Catalyst - D B 3 months ago +1

      As a 23 year old man, I can say I am only lightly familair with the topic. I am aware that owning the Mineral rights as well as the property rights to a plot of land doesn't mean that If I stop paying my property taxes or such, they won't take my land away from me... Because they will... If I stop paying. So that's the extent to which I'm familiar with the topic you've mentioned. Currently I'm striving for financial independence as I pursue to eventually live off grid.... What kind of solutions do you propose?

  • mikeyb byekim
    mikeyb byekim 4 months ago +2

    how do you keep it warm consistently without a lot of insulation??

  • Amanster
    Amanster 4 months ago

    Awesome video and awesome fundraising you do. If you are retired Military Thank you for your service sir and I thank all military personnel for their service as well. My wife and I are getting ready to do this and possibly live in it with our two kids. We do plan on getting some property out in Joshua Tree, CA area's and have a home base to venture from. Keep up the great work dude.

  • Mechanics Hub
    Mechanics Hub 4 months ago +2

    Nice work! I love the flat black and great choice on the LED headlights. School buses are made for underside storage and you nailed it. I've been working on school buses for 24 years and heating these tin cans is a challenge but leaving the metal exposed and original windows for natural light is awesome. This is a very practical conversion with crafty ideas thanks for sharing!

  • moo cow
    moo cow 4 months ago +1

    nice! the guy definitely isn't starving with that packed fridge, LOL ! but that's good to see.

  • H D
    H D 4 months ago

    It's very nice. Thank you.

  • Janardhan R
    Janardhan R 4 months ago

    "Magnets" ; ]

  • Saskia Grace
    Saskia Grace 4 months ago

    Awesome conversion - amazing you managed this on the road! Looking forward to following more of your travels. I used to ride before becoming ill so I'm enjoying voyeuristically now!
    New subscriber from Australia 💕

  • Adam Lewis
    Adam Lewis 4 months ago

    I was going to subscribe to your channel when the video was over. But when you said if you love merica I couldn't wait. 😎🤘

  • robert mulcahy
    robert mulcahy 4 months ago

    Like it ps I subscribed

  • myanabull
    myanabull 4 months ago

    I need some of them shades bro!

  • Michelle Tomaino
    Michelle Tomaino 5 months ago +1

    That’s a cool bus

  • jmadd1013
    jmadd1013 5 months ago


  • Apophis
    Apophis 5 months ago


  • Paradise 1219
    Paradise 1219 5 months ago

    Wow!! This bus is do cool ! Def want but only if he comes with it!! Haha! Cant wait to see the finished product Wishing you and the family safe travels.

  • Robert Symonds
    Robert Symonds 5 months ago

    I could live that way so easy.!!!

  • Anita Lanier
    Anita Lanier 5 months ago

    COOL !

  • Akhil Dev
    Akhil Dev 5 months ago

    Hi Adam is that the same India's Exide??

  • Joe Powell
    Joe Powell 5 months ago +1

    Did you say diesel or gas engine?

  • Mr. Big
    Mr. Big 5 months ago +1

    Should really consider trading scooter in on a bulldog.

  • The Scottish Sprayer
    The Scottish Sprayer 5 months ago +2

    Great work man, it's ok for some people having money and time to build everything perfectly, real life ain't like that and you have done an amazing job on the road.

  • jnbspotter
    jnbspotter 5 months ago +2

    My inspiration

  • R Fuhrer
    R Fuhrer 5 months ago +1

    have someone spray foam the bottom of the bus where ever no high heat is gonna be.

  • Kerry Pope
    Kerry Pope 5 months ago +1


  • Cool Dude In a Loose Mood
    Cool Dude In a Loose Mood 5 months ago +1

    Can i have the bus? I want to live on the road and ride my bike similar to what you did but with my back problems i can't afford to buy one at this time. I'm seeing my doctor this friday and I'm hoping they send me for surgery because I'm in a lot of pain right now and miss riding my bike, at this point i miss just walking without pain. Sure hope to come visit you guys at the K River this year.

  • Shadow Hawk
    Shadow Hawk 5 months ago +2

    Hi. I like the things you stand for and believe in helping the same communities you do. (I also help with battered women shelters) Next time your in the Houston area you should give me a shout out. I am a retired locksmith and I am a fabricator as well. (and a Gunsmith). But I can help you out with fabricating a nice lock system for your door if it is still needed I have plenty of scrap materials and can make you a nice and secure system for you as a donation for your cause. Private message me some time when your coming through.

  • jayer 1981
    jayer 1981 5 months ago +2

    Love how it looks so far. I'm sure as you go you will figure out ways to improve it. But I like what you have. I could live in that thing. Great job!!

  • Rolando Perez
    Rolando Perez 5 months ago

    Can you put a link for the magnetic glasses?

  • Dale Peyton
    Dale Peyton 5 months ago

    How Long is your Bus and with the trailer do you have any trouble with the cops??

    • Adam Sandoval
      Adam Sandoval  5 months ago +1

      never any issues, 36ft bus 16ft trailer

  • vempriex
    vempriex 5 months ago

    Wisconsin. Just moved out there a year ago. Good vid and some creative and progressive ideas that I would like to try out.

  • Travis Bartlett
    Travis Bartlett 5 months ago

    I want a school bus turn into a rv

  • skidfrog
    skidfrog 5 months ago

    anyone update me on what those under-bus cargo boxes are called when you shop ?....I browsed harbour freight but could not see .

  • William Swanson
    William Swanson 5 months ago

    I have a 95 International 3800 and you have gave me some great ideas on mine thank you very much

  • OG Jabroni
    OG Jabroni 5 months ago

    Wait wait wait wait. Big show? As in Paul white big show?

  • Haruki Formosa
    Haruki Formosa 5 months ago

    Great build for a great cause! Suggest you get those jumpers out of battery compartment, they can potentially jump around when you are driving then short your batteries and cause a fire.