5 Biggest Intermittent Fasting Mistakes

  • Published on Apr 12, 2018
  • These are the top 5 biggest intermittent fasting mistakes for weight loss explained. Learn how to lose weight with a fasting diet & meal plan correctly. This video is great for men and women looking to avoid common intermittent fasting mistakes for fat loss
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    #1 Biggest Mistake: Lack of Patience 0:35
    #2 Biggest Mistake: Bingeing After Fasting Window 2:00
    #3 Biggest Mistake: Eating or Drinking Out of Fast 4:18
    #4 Biggest Mistake: Fear of Being Hungry 6:56
    #5 Biggest Mistake: Protein Shakes 8:09
    Most of you have heard about intermittent fasting and you've probably heard that fasting can help you burn fat, lose some weight, and be more productive throughout the day while still enjoying bigger more satisfying meals, but most of you probably don't know that if you set up your intermittent fasting plan incorrectly it can make you fatter rather than leaner. So today I want to go over 5 of the top intermittent fasting mistakes so you can avoid them and get the fastest results possible. And the last mistake is one you've probably never even considered so make sure you stick with me through this video. The very first mistake i want to go over has to do with people's lack of patience. So many people start fasting and all they can think about is how badly they want to lose weight or body fat and what's quickest way to do it. So what they do is they spend the whole day or part of the day not eating and then finally when they're feeding window arrives and they're finally allowed to eat they still try to severely restrict calories. One of my favorite things about fasting is that it teaches you how to listen to your body and how to eat normally without having to think about every last calorie. This is what allows fasting to be an appropriate lifestyle dieting approach for the long run. Fasting allows you to reteach your body how to stop eating when you're full. But a lot of people that think that they're going to get results faster continue to deprive themselves of food even when they're allowed to eat. Not only is this physically stressful on your body but it's also extremely mentally stressful on your willpower and your mind. In the long run this is completely unsustainable and will most likely lead you to a big bad binge. And binging can lead you into a downward spiral that causes you to regain all the body fat that you might have lost from fasting. To prevent this make sure you allow yourself to eat sensible options all the way until you're full. As long as you're having real natural single-ingredient foods you'll feel full long before you go over your total daily alloted calories. Of course there is the issue of going to far in the opposite direction and thats what leads us to Mistake number two which is definitely one of the worst mistakes you can make and that's binging as soon as your fasting window has ended. A lot of you especially if you're new to fasting might be sitting there everyday just counting down the seconds until you're finally allowed to eat. During that wait your mind is giving you all kinds of suggestions of what will help you feel full and satisfied as soon as you can eat again and unfortunately most of those suggestions are going to be the junkfood that you've been mentally obssessinh over and craving. Even if you're eating fewer meals per day if you binge and satisfy your unhealthy cravings every time that you eat you won't get much results. But don't worry there are a few simple tips that can help you avoid binging every time you eat. First of all when your brand new to fasting and your first starting off make sure you're tracking your calories and macros to be sure you're not going way over your daily allotted calories. If you don't know what calories and macros you need for fat loss you can use my calorie calculator that I have linked up below. And then after eating you can just plug in everything that you ate and make sure that you didn't go over your totals. What if you don't want to track your calories in your Macros well the second thing you can do is have a meal sitting in the fridge already prepped and ready to go. By having a meal ready you don't have to go through the grueling process of cooking after a long period of fasting because a lot of you will start eating easy to access junk food while cooking your meal. If you start eating junkfood while prepping a healthy meal by the time youre done cooking you'll already wolf down sometimes five hundred all the way up to a thousand calories. So don't tax your will power have the healthy meal ready to go. My last tip to help you with this issue is to actually indulge in your cravings but only after you've already filled up on a healthy meal. Eat your vegetables first followed by your protein source followed by fruit and your healthy carb
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    Anything else but water breaks a true fast. Anything other than water needs to be processed by the kidneys and gut. Adding creamers or having coffee is only related to the simplistic approach of insulin response. Typically Americans have to be told that they can 'cheat" on their fast with zero internal consequence for doing so. Then they wonder why it's not as effective as it should be.

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    The one thing I realized was that I was overdoing the eating window and ate a lot. But the cool thing I realized about my body was that I was getting fuller and sooner. I also thought that me eating fast food ruined the diet. But that’s actually the opposite. I’ve actually seen a change in my body and every other day for lunch I’ve eaten Taco Bell, and my girlfriends friends get her food. At first we felt bad but then we saw that it didn’t effect our diet. Especially since we mostly drank water and coffee. And our eating windows have gotten shorter. We’ve been doing it for 2 weeks and seen results. Not like “holy crap a six pack” lol but with our guts and how we actually been shrinking. But it’s cool to know that you actually HAVE to eat. Obviously not like a pig but yea

  • Ruck It
    Ruck It 6 months ago

    Thanks for all the information! I used to do IF before I joined the Army but I didn't realize it! I dropped 70lbs before getting in. Now i'm at risk of getting kicked out. Either way, I plan on sticking with a healthy IF plan. Thanks again!

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    CAGE TV 8 months ago

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    The question is significant for those of us who want to eat in the evening but workout, often weight training, in the morning. We want to have the glycogen in our muscles to power us through our workouts, and we want to eat as late as possible to maximise the benefits from intermittent fasting. However, we are worried about muscle catabolism.
    We have always been told that we must eat at the very most within 3 or 4 hours after workout. Many say that we should eat sooner than this, and that this food should include ample protein and carbohydrates, those very things that well and truly break your fast and put an end to autophagy. in this scenario it seems that we are forced to choose between the full benefits of fasting and weight training. What do we do???
    Because there are so many conflicting answers to this question, I have been trying to discover the best answer for myself, and I started with bringing my eating window as early as possible after the workout. The problem with this approach was threefold. Firstly, I had much less energy for training, because I hadn't eaten for nearly 20 hours. Secondly, eating a large amount so early in the morning incapacitated me, made me lathargic and sleepy, robbing me of energy in what ought to be the most productive part of the day. Finally, it is most inconvenient not being able to eat in the evening, socially and physically, and means you have to go to bed on an empty stomach which is quite difficult.
    In the end, last night, I went out with family and it was difficult not being able even to have milk in my tea, and I was so emptying & weak at the end of the night that I felt I really needed to eat something to have energy for the gym tomorrow, so I gave in and I ate, and this made me feel like a failure, really terrible, because I had been doing so well.
    My next strategy will be to eat at night and train in the morning. I certainly had a lot more energy this morning to power me through my workout, but my day has been blighted by anxiety over not eating until late at night, and the dilemma as to whether to have some HMB and/or BCAAs hence break my fast oresents itself. I did say I did to do so, knowing it would put an end to any possibility of autophagy, in order to protect my muscles from catabolism. I would like to have the confidence that I could skip the BCAAs and HMB but I have never heard from a bodybuilder who hasn't said that you need to eat after weight training, so I don't have the confidence to give this a try. I'm losing fat like there's no tomorrow, but I don't want to be emaciated and therefore I don't want to lose muscle; do you have any views on this problem?
    It may be that I go back to eating in the morning comma or maybe I will end up eating in the morning and in the evening, or maybe I will discover that is ok just to eat in the evening. It's not easy experimenting on yourself with this kind of thing because you really pay for mistakes and until you know the answer, you can never be fully confident about what you're doing so there's anxiety and doubt. As such, any sane advice would be much appreciated right now. Thank you.

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