OUR BIGGEST CHALLENGE YET - Canadian Border Crossing in an RV

  • Published on Oct 14, 2018
  • Our Biggest Travel Challenge Yet - Canadian Border Crossing in an RV
    Having conquered every kind of break down an RV could throw at us, it was time for a new challenge- what happens when you’re denied entry at the Canadian border crossing in an RV?
    In our previous trip, we visited over 25 countries in a year. RVing into Canada in July 2018 would be our first (and only) time we’ve been denied.
    While this set our travel plans back two weeks, I was able to pull paperwork to prove that I fit the criteria to be allowed entry into Canada.
    Please understand that we are real people and won't be sharing more detailed information than this but do encourage anyone crossing the Canadian border in an RV to be more prepared than we were!
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Comments • 753

  • TIM and FIN
    TIM and FIN  7 months ago +63

    To answer some burning questions:
    1.) We DID have our passports. You can see them in the video!
    2.) I (TIM) am not an international jewel thief.
    3.) Border guards had some incorrect records on me (Tim). I basically had to clear my good name by gathering a few documents.
    4.) After pulling some records to set the story straight- I was able to enter CA right away.
    I think this covers everything!

    • Dave
      Dave 2 months ago

      +pieter zeeuwen That's correct you musn't be leaving or loaning anything in Canada or planning any employment. One Alaska bound trip I heard about the owner said he was going to lend his trailer to his brother in Calgary for 2 weeks so was charged GST on the trailer value for importing. Strictly speaking the Canadian Border agents are only required to ask 3 questions from a repertoire. When in salary negotiations they work to that rule. I was a Union steward with PIPSC so know this. A little factoid: CBSA only has 13900 employees. Compare that to CBP having 64500 but there also is DHS and USBP adding many more salaries.

    • Dave
      Dave 2 months ago

      +Greg H Glacier NP closes the Going-to-the-Sun Road in September. We drove it one year in the 1980s on the way south to Oregon. On our way back in September we had to come up the Columbia Valley then go north in Idaho. Both are beautiful drives.

    • Huy Dang
      Huy Dang 2 months ago


    • Randa
      Randa 3 months ago

      TIM and FIN as a Canadian this video makes me feel sad for you both. 😥

    • Mitsy Baby
      Mitsy Baby 3 months ago +1

      Exactly, it's a bad border to cross.....what a ridiculous excuse to give someone (never heard that one before).

  • John Hughes
    John Hughes 10 minutes ago


  • Sam
    Sam 4 days ago

    I get it, what a bummer of a situation and experience. We've all had a day like this where you're just exhausted and life gives you another big punch in the gut.
    Thx for being an open book and sharing your experience so that your audience can be prepared/informed.

  • jj 767
    jj 767 6 days ago

    too bad your not a terrorists Trudeau would have rolled the red carpet for you no checks for them

  • Lệ Lê
    Lệ Lê 8 days ago

    Mắt đẹp to

  • Lệ Lê
    Lệ Lê 8 days ago


  • larry reno
    larry reno 8 days ago

    I'll send a case of Vernors and Faygo!! Reminders of home.

  • Happy & Geeky Housewitch

    Great Falls is closer than Helena! It's one of the biggest if not THE biggest city in Montana, are you kidding me, it's on a map. Any map!

    • Happy & Geeky Housewitch
      Happy & Geeky Housewitch 15 days ago

      Also Great Falls has an international airport. She could have flown out of there. The drive down to Helena was unnecessary.

  • julesoftheNW
    julesoftheNW 16 days ago

    We tuned in to your video because you looked like our kids:-) Honesty is the best policy, always. Your viewers are a little more savvy than you expected. Glacier is our fav place, in the whole world. So far we have nothing in common with you all. *I guess this just about covers everything* is your salutation? I guess it'll be ours too! ;-)

  • Kenneth Weast
    Kenneth Weast 16 days ago +1

    Not sure why anyone would want to go to Canada, Been there for business but never for pleasure and never will.

  • Lawrence
    Lawrence 19 days ago

    Hey, who cares why they were turned down. Your all a bunch of haters just itching to find some dirt.

  • Lawrence
    Lawrence 19 days ago

    Don't cry shop girl, don't cry, its going to be OK. Crossing the boarder can be a bitch!

  • Sharon Taylor
    Sharon Taylor 20 days ago

    Unsubscribed. Canadian and proud of it.

  • drprogensteinphp
    drprogensteinphp 25 days ago

    So to be perfectly clear, the real reason you didn't get into Canada is because you didn't have your passports? You state this at 6:21 within the video.

    • drprogensteinphp
      drprogensteinphp 25 days ago

      +TIM and FIN
      "Not sure why you'd think we'd try to enter Canada without a passport."
      Lol, the reason I thought you tried to enter Canada without passports is because you said "we don't have our passports". Context clues. Strange that the court case from your college days had never been an issue all the other times you had come to Canada for visits, employment, etc.

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  25 days ago

      So to be perfectly clear, we did have our passports. We didn't have them up front in the RV but had to grab them from the back. Not sure why you'd think we'd try to enter Canada without a passport. We've traveled back and forth to Canada several times in the past few years.
      You can clearly see them being handed over in the video. We didn't get in because their computer system had some wrong information on the outcome of a court case from way back in college. We got into Canada just over two weeks later. If I had been guilty of anything, I would have never got into Canada. But then again, I wasn't. So once I proved my overwhelming innocence with a crap load of paperwork I had to gather- we got in-using our passports.
      You can tell we got into Canada because of all the videos that come after this. You can also tell we know that we need passports based on the fact we've visited 30+ countries. Context clues.

  • Monkey Pig
    Monkey Pig 27 days ago

    Did your fur baby get in and out of Canada and USA with any issue. I'm going to Canada with a valid passport on leave for 2 months. I'm planning to go with my two dogs. They have all vaccinations up-to-date. Thanks.

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  27 days ago +1

      They didn’t even ask at the border but you need to have your vaccination records from the vet. Again, we were never asked but we did have the docs ready to go.

  • The Traveling Nana
    The Traveling Nana Month ago

    I love yall's channel. I've been bung watching ever since I found yall. One question. You sell on Amazon. I live your product. But how did you find a manufacturer's for you products. I want to full time but I need an I come. I have somenoriducts in mind for the older traveler but I need a source. I know your product isnt the same as mi e but the process could be helpful

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  Month ago

      The amazing seller podcast has a five part “roadmap” series that is very good over view of the process. Just google “five part roadmap amazing seller”. For sourcing , we use alibaba.com to contact new suppliers.

  • bmcclure0561dad
    bmcclure0561dad Month ago

    The US, Mexican and Canadian political elites are making it as difficult as possible to cross the North American border. This is to force us to accept a NAU "North American Union" Geo-political reality, the supposed reason is that a unified North American Union would dissolve the borders! This is just Hog Wash and more of the forcing on all of us "You and Me" a One World Government! Now, with that statement I have just made the Homeland Security Watch list and will be banned for eternity from border crossings, international flights, jobs requiring security clearances "Defense, Telecomm, Walmart....etc" and all other creator given human rights! But, this is the price you pay for fighting for freedom and liberty for all!

  • Wildflower wind
    Wildflower wind Month ago

    I would think borders are more secure now than they have been in the last 5 years. I don't know why this was such a hardship. If you have to be somewhere at a certain time, don't cut your timeline so short. Why put yourself in that situation. And always have a backup plan B and a plan C. That is just responsible.

  • Nomadic.Captures
    Nomadic.Captures Month ago

    Canadian boarder crossing sucks on any given day, the most unpleasant people you will ever meet. Understanding they are not there to be friends, considering they are the first impression you get of Canadians. They are arseholes.

  • animal lover
    animal lover Month ago


  • Steve Norris
    Steve Norris Month ago

    Screw Canada they are some serious Ass Holes. I was turn back also a few years ago because a fellow truck driver gave me some bar codes that had been use before. Well I didn't know that but they pulled my truck in for inspection and literally took everything off the trailer and inside the truck just because of the bar code. Didn't matter I had shipping papers and proper ID. And they were rude jerks. I don't like them and would never try to go back.

  • Jan Hoyle
    Jan Hoyle Month ago

    Or Americans coming home. I showed my passport instead of drivers license, bad idea. That was in the 70’s and I was a teenager. I’ve never heard of trafficking from England by plane. They liked me.

  • Rick Baier
    Rick Baier Month ago

    Years ago flew into Winnipeg canada in January. BTW you have never experienced a real winter until you go to Winnipeg in JANUARY. I was going to visit my daughter in school I got the 3rd degree a barrage of questions. They are very strict I also am a European white male just FYI.

  • madamageorge
    madamageorge Month ago

    You guys are THE WORST.

  • Tereigh Keating-Hart

    You just don't look enough like Terrorists! Canada takes in hundreds of thousands of ILLEGAL immigrants & refugees && puts them up in hotels in Toronto etc.( including food, medical &EVERYTHING ALL-INCLUSVE!!) All you have to do is Not enter at a legal border crossing & POUF! you're IN! Just wear designer clothes, bring luxury suitcases & our RCMP will even carry your luggage. Sorry guys..next time check the terrorists hand guidebook....

  • Uncle Animal & Ammo -Tech Pitbull Life!?

    Listen , you guys are fine , our Canadian laws are so messed up , we take isis fighters , average person who kills someone is 7 years , we pay for people who harmed or killed people overs seas .... but honest people like yourselves get denied for some bullshit politacal nonsence ..... Canada welcomes you ... just not our laws .... 🇨🇦⁉️

    ZERO FUX GIVEN Month ago

    Canada. Fk emmmm

  • Justin Pardes
    Justin Pardes Month ago


  • Cool
    Cool Month ago

    the first 10 seconds is why women shouldnt be in certain jobs.

  • Freedom First
    Freedom First Month ago

    Biggest assholes in the world are the Blaine Washington guards, as a citizen I have been treated worse than a offender of any kind coming back into the us

  • Daniel Jackson
    Daniel Jackson Month ago

    The truth hurts. nice people but CANADA was right

  • Stephanie Sturgeon
    Stephanie Sturgeon 2 months ago

    Those mountains were beautiful after u left the park that morning. 🏔️

  • Michelle Staley
    Michelle Staley 2 months ago +1

    Originally from Texas, I have traveled and lived in Singapore, Europe, and Mexico City so passports and duty forms are nothing new to me. I flew to Canada on business about 3 years ago. I arrived at the airport, I have to get a wheelchair because of back problems, & there was a CP waiting at the end of the tunnel motioning me over to him. The gal pushing the wheelchair with me in it follows right along, get in an elevator and I am taken into a large room lined with jail cells and 3 CP at desks. Two other chairs held two young men who looked to be students. The three of us look at each other and I asked the one nearest me "what are you in for?" I thought it was funny. Mind you I had been up since 4 am, with one cup of coffee and a bottle of water, I was getting a tad cranky. The three of us sit passports in hand for 30 minutes when I finally stood up and said: "can we please move whatever this is along, I need food." One of the young men looked at me all freaked out and told me not to talk to them until called to the desk. A couple of minutes later the fella at desk #1 called me over and asked why I was trying to enter Canada, I told him and he stamped my passport which went to desk #2. My butt had barely hit the seat when desk 2 called me over to state my business, I told him the same thing as I did desk 1. Stamp, hand passport to desk 3 and I just went over to desk #3, he looked a bit perplexed that I did not go take my seat. He asked the same as desk 1 & 2, I gave the same response. Passport stamped and this guy welcomed me to Canada. Leaving Canada was almost the same hassle. It is what it is and if you don't play the game you don't get in. Canada, I was in Calgary but rented a car and headed N for a day, is beautiful and once my 17 ft camper is road ready I will eventually get back up there. I have been strip searched, bit by a drug dog, pulled in to small rooms with my small child and questioned in a language I did not understand. When you are traveling you have to be flexible and have a plan B & C.

  • Lracnolip
    Lracnolip 2 months ago

    Im sorry this happened. I am Canadian and was very freaked out about crossing the boarder back into Canada in our rv. Sounds like the worst boarder crossing to have this happen too.

  • Karma Matters
    Karma Matters 2 months ago +6

    It kills me how American liberals think borders should be open. I have traveled abroad EXTENSIVELY and ALL of the countries I visited had rigorous requirements (obviously including a passport) for entry into their country as well as a limit on how long you can stay.

  • Safety One
    Safety One 2 months ago

    Ya, well, your skin is the wrong color for starters! Thousands of Muslims just take a cab to our border, hop out, hand their luugage to the police, and they take them to a new processing center, built soley for the intake of illegals! Millions it cost us, and these people are invading us in huge numbers! They've been putting them in hotels for the last couple years! They absolutely destroy the rooms, and the rest of the hotel. There have been reports of these "people", butchering goats in the bathrooms if you can imagine! Look online sometime to see what a mess they are making! I don't care what anyone says, many of them just don't belong in the west, never going to assimilate, they don't want to, and it's just a huge nightmare, that will be huge debt for taxpayers to pay for generations! Sorry you had to go through that! Soon, the real Canadians won't be found in the cities they migrate to, for a long list of reasons. Sad part is, most of them aren't from a war torn area like they want us to believe, they're simply coming because our PM invited them, without asking Canadians, and promised them FREE EVERYTHING!! Glad that idiot is gone soon!

  • Joe Llorente
    Joe Llorente 2 months ago

    NEVER drop a Canadian Flag on the floor

  • Tim Johnston
    Tim Johnston 2 months ago

    when in hell is the world going to start talking about world population??? We really have to at some point...long past

  • Chuck Crawley
    Chuck Crawley 2 months ago

    You have a Criminal record. That you have failed to talk about.

  • Mohammed Skip
    Mohammed Skip 2 months ago +1

    Why yr crying.... U can drive yr whole live in the USA... And it's beautiful...

  • nicolas rossi
    nicolas rossi 2 months ago +9

    a person (Amy Gruber) below commented, "what a challenging ordeal". Having your house burn to the ground is a 'challenging ordeal', back packing and being robbed at knife point in a foreign country and having all your papers and possessions stolen is a 'challenging ordeal", narrowly escaping a shark attack while surfing is a 'challenging ordeal' Getting refused entry at the Canadian/ U.S.A. border and temporarily having no cell service is NOT a challenging ordeal! A little real life perspective when labeling inconvenient circumstances please! The same person would probably label, a hang nail, or getting the wrong order at a fast food place a 'disaster'. The sad thing is people really think this way. Overly dramatic, and the slightest inconvenience throws them into a tailspin. I think a person needs to have something genuinely difficult and challenging to happen in their lives in order to have some measure to go by. Otherwise the slightest problem is a calamity of ridiculous proportion.

    • StrykerForge
      StrykerForge Month ago

      Your righteous indignation is inspiring.

  • Daniel Fassbender
    Daniel Fassbender 2 months ago

    Meanwhile. At the American Border. Walk right on in.

    • Jill-of- All-Trades
      Jill-of- All-Trades Month ago

      Daniel Fassbender How many times have you crossed an international border? And how many times have you crossed a US one using the passport of a different country? Pfft

  • lainnygirl
    lainnygirl 2 months ago

    You guys are such a sweet couple and actually made me cry when you started to wave those flags and play that music.....very dramatic....and very happy you got in. Sorry that you guys had to do so much unnecessary work....but you proved to them that you're good to enter. Hope it was a great trip. I'll keep watching to see how it goes")

  • Tony Stites
    Tony Stites 2 months ago +1

    never say your there for any kind of business.

  • madstoppie
    madstoppie 2 months ago

    racist Canadians and their damn walls and borders and laws and rights...how dare they? who do they think they are?
    I guess Canada isn't so great after all.....the kingdom of liberalism with a homo prime minister, the kingdom of FREE EVERYTHING!!!! I love it...I'm not enjoying you couldn't get in, I'm enjoying stupid liberal ideology blowing up in all of their stupid faces.

  • Christopher Mayer
    Christopher Mayer 2 months ago +5

    LOL. Not easy going to Canada! Maybe put a burka on and claim asylum?

    • Karin S
      Karin S 2 months ago

      What a completely asinine remark.

  • Brenda Plotz
    Brenda Plotz 2 months ago

    Drama++ You do not need to discredit Canadians for this!! There is some underlying reason why..I wasn’t born yesterday!!

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  2 months ago

      No one discredited Canada. We're literally in Banff a few weeks later.

  • Hambone571
    Hambone571 2 months ago

    Your going into their country...unlike the USA, Canada cares who comes into their country. Follow the rules and you’ll probably get in. Gripping and whining will only get you things in the weakened USA.

  • Anne Bell
    Anne Bell 2 months ago

    So sorry for all that hassle...but I guess it is comforting to know that they are actually paying attention now...for years Canada was a safe haven for terrorists...not anymore...but it's a shame that you got held up...glad it all got sorted and hopefully that will fix it for any future visits...Eh!

  • Russ H
    Russ H 2 months ago

    Sweet Grass not Sweetwater, used to work there (the U.S. side) and yeah it IS in the middle of nowhere. Glad you made it into Canada.. Safe travels guys!

  • Raymond Abney
    Raymond Abney 2 months ago

    July 1 is Canada day

  • Raymond Abney
    Raymond Abney 2 months ago +5

    hey we don't talk funny in Canada thanks

  • Jaimie M.K.
    Jaimie M.K. 2 months ago

    What is it like crossing borders with your dog? Any resistance or issues so far?

  • The KaBooms
    The KaBooms 2 months ago

    We had to go to Vancouver Canada in February we flew in no RV but we had to be careful because we are in the adult industry and that is a big No-No in Canada so we had to lie and tell them where we were going for vacation. TSA border patrol in Canada they are very serious they do not have a sense of humor

  • Rob Watt
    Rob Watt 2 months ago

    Stop being a cry baby! Why won’t they let you in? What did you do wrong?

  • judy hobday
    judy hobday 2 months ago

    what the heck happened? wow.

  • judy hobday
    judy hobday 2 months ago +1

    We went into Glacier about three years ago. It was horrible. bumper to taillight, and when we finally got to the rest area it was absolute hell getting parking and into the restrooms. My mother was in a wheelchair and we did have a parking thing for handicap but not nearly enough spots, and certainly not near the bathrooms. The views were ok, but having to watch all the traffic was not nearly as enjoyable. Just had to say, hope you had a better trip. Oh my, what a horrible experience. So sorry.

  • Dave
    Dave 2 months ago

    Very different getting into Canada that Mexico. This past winter I have walked into Mexico unchallenged in 8 occasions for dental work. You messed up at some point. I am a documented citizen of 3 countries.

  • Trina Peddicord
    Trina Peddicord 2 months ago

    In 2009 my husband and I were held at the Washington/Canada border. We were stationed in Washington and wanted to see Canada before we moved. The border guard asked what we were going to do in Canada. My husband said we just came to eat..... at McDonald’s or somewhere. They held us for hours while they did a background check on us and searched our car. We had our passports, drivers license, military ids and neither of us have ever been in trouble. They did eventually let us into Canada, but wow it was an experience

  • barry blauvelt
    barry blauvelt 2 months ago

    I cross into Canada and back every year, 6 mo. stay. I am always polite and answer the officer with sir or mam. Along with my passport, I include a short itinerary with my home address, phone #, today's date of entry, where I am going, with address and phone#, with the date I will be leaving. The officer always says thank you, I wish everyone would do this. Quickly we go through the standard questions, I look at them with eye contact and Thank them for their service. Yes, I have had to go in and do some paper work. Not every time, but I always remain respectful. Coming back I skip the Itinerary , hand them the Passport answer the questions, sometimes, yes ,I'm asked to go inside. One other thing I do is to roll down the side windows so they can see in my car. On the US border they always say "Welcome home". Remember, in this life you always get what you pay for.

  • Huy Dang
    Huy Dang 2 months ago

    I love your chanel too, Thanks very much

  • Robert Neville
    Robert Neville 2 months ago

    WTF, I live in Detroit and go to Canada often

  • Alperen Ata
    Alperen Ata 2 months ago

    You got finaly in Canada whit help from good border offecier, but at end video the Canada flag in your hand you trow it like its trash ! Is this your respect to other country flag’s ! I hope next time you visit Canada they kick you back to from where you come! And i’m not from Canada and not from usa , but myn parents learned me to respect all flag’s from all country’s. And if you are a rassist I guess you are. I’m from Belgium and you don’t go like myn english grammer I don’t care. I love Canada and his civilians thats way I put the facts in your sick mind!
    Next time stay in your own country if you not respect other country’s flag! 🤬

  • John Adams
    John Adams 2 months ago

    You do come off as ignorant and entitled Americans. Try doing a little research, some proper planning and things will work out more times than not.

  • Scott Long
    Scott Long 2 months ago +2

    And people complain about coming into America... it's easy by comparison. I don't see people protesting about Canada easing it's immigration policies. Glad you got in.

  • badger305
    badger305 2 months ago

    Quote in the intro, "Please understand that we are real people and won't be sharing more detailed information than this." That says it all.

  • james stephenson
    james stephenson 2 months ago

    Odd you hear the wife say they don’t have their passports 🤔 wonder why you can’t get into another country

    • Amanda B
      Amanda B Month ago

      Omg apparently people dont check the comment the boarder patrol took tue passports so they would come in talk to them. 50 people all sou ded like idoits saying this or "you must have a record" or "i bet dui"... Sounds dumb when you comment & dont pay attention....

    MICHELLE NIERRAS 2 months ago

    Well, next time before going to the different states or country make sure you have proper documentation with you also passport either going for business trip or vacation you must carry with you all the time that is hard lesson to learn. Canada is very strict on tourist who ever you are. Just saying make sure u have ID or password or tourist visa to enter with motor home check the requirements to enter for each states you going in. Just saying

  • graham w
    graham w 2 months ago

    people also have lots of problems at the US border. Its works both ways.

  • eli imperio
    eli imperio 2 months ago

    What the hell? I don’t see the whole picture. Can yo give us the short version?

  • Jenny Falconer
    Jenny Falconer 3 months ago

    So glad that you got into Canada. My husband and I are from New Zealand and did a trip a few years ago and went to the Glaciers Banff Jasper, Lake Louise and Whistler and it was Beautiful and would definitely go back, Have just subscribed and look forward in watching the rest of your Journey.

  • Katrina Do
    Katrina Do 3 months ago

    I think it's the worse broader crossing in the world you have all you documents but your be treated like criminal. I will not go back to Canada again.

  • 3506Dodge
    3506Dodge 3 months ago +5

    If you only knew how many Canadians are blocked from the U.S.

    • Kenneth Weast
      Kenneth Weast 7 hours ago

      Thank God their blocked,we have enough liberals as it is.

  • 3506Dodge
    3506Dodge 3 months ago

    Honey, it's a boring wasteland. You aren't missing much. Got to Yellowstone and enjoy America's beauty.

  • Lucie Pellerin
    Lucie Pellerin 3 months ago

    Welcome to Canada . So glad you made it

  • Lucie Pellerin
    Lucie Pellerin 3 months ago

    As a Canadian my deepest apologies.

  • Yael Ellsworth
    Yael Ellsworth 3 months ago

    I love the way you put it: there's a world where we get into Canada, then there's a chance we don't get in for 3 months. You word it perfectly according to the teachings I've been learning from Abraham Hicks (Law of Attraction). Anyway, by the time you see this, you've already figured this out, I'm sure. Thank you for sharing your journey with us so we can learn from your experiences.

  • Huckleberry B
    Huckleberry B 3 months ago

    So what ... good have fun ... I'm in the keys in the ocean drinking a beer .... enjoy and stay there

  • Huckleberry B
    Huckleberry B 3 months ago

    Crying and he is laughing while you are crying lol 😊

  • sifilmaker
    sifilmaker 3 months ago

    Been to canada driving in many times, never ever had a problem, I did have a problem once with a US Border patrol agent that questioned why we drove into canada for 2 days. They stopped us, verified all our paperwork, confirmed our IDs, passports, Nexus Cards, (yes well prepared) searched our car. We dont smoke, drink, have never had even a parking ticket, So after they wasted 2hrs of our time, we were welcomed back into the US with no further ado. When they said they were gonna search the car, I said, help yourself.. but please make it by tomorrow cause we have to be back at work on Monday.. lolol Questions are easy- What's was the purpose of your trip? Pleasure or Business are the only 2 options.. How long were you there? =time since you entered, Do you have any firearms? NO. Do you have any alcohol or drugs? NO, May I search your car? Absolutely.. Anything else you'd like to say to me? Yes, you think you'll be done by tomorrow, cause I have work on Monday.. These guys are not your friends, answer questions in short yes or no fashion, do not volunteer any information or elaborate on anything, only speak when asked. be courteous and respectful. I've generally found that the canadian officials are very professional and courteous, the American officials...well let's just say that they leave alittle to be desired.. lmfao

  • Bill Whitis
    Bill Whitis 3 months ago

    Must be nice.

  • Jeff Hambleton
    Jeff Hambleton 3 months ago

    Couldn't you just go as a tourist?

  • James Birney
    James Birney 3 months ago

    So its easier to cross the mexican border illegally than cross the canadian border. You should have asked for asylum.

  • Sarah Ockey
    Sarah Ockey 3 months ago +1

    It sounds like they were turned down because 1)they didn’t have proper documentation to prove they wouldn’t be working in Canada, 2)they are in an rv which means they could easily immigrate without proper records of their plans, 3)when you are rving, you make your plans of where you’re going and when they don’t work it is extremely stressful trying to find other plans. They also said they called before to try and get information. He said in no way is it Canada’s fault. It doesn’t sound like they are being rude about any of it or trying to blame Canada. Just chill. You guys are doing great!

  • GiGi 61
    GiGi 61 3 months ago +1

    50 bucks for a Nexus card guarantees entry better than a passport. Know before you go.

  • Doug Stern
    Doug Stern 3 months ago

    Being denied entry is so humiliating. I got turned back at the USA border for no reason. There's got to be a reason you say. No. They gave no reason. His exact words were "You have nothing to do in the United States of America". I protested to every USA dept I could think of. The answer was simple. If they want to deny you entry for any reason at all, they can, and they will. I have been down South since with no more incidents. I have some theories. I have no tattoos, piercings etc. and I do have close cropped hair. However I was wearing a leather jacket and blue jeans. Ah ha! A drug dealer ! I don't smoke or drink and have never taken drugs in my life. Being polite to them did not help one bit either. They went back to my car again, and searched it top to bottom. I think I was denied entry because they could not find anything in the "drug dealers" car. Must be frustrating and embarrassing after searching a car two time for nothing. Don't like it? Suck it up, is their attitude. I drove all the way back home very depressed. They do it because they can.

  • Brittany Nesbitt
    Brittany Nesbitt 3 months ago

    I hate how negative these comments are. I’m so sorry this mess happened for y’all. Glad you made it safe.

  • PoorMan94
    PoorMan94 3 months ago

    Its because your white, if you were some ethnic minority or a peron of color they would've said come right in. No questions asked.

  • Compass North
    Compass North 3 months ago

    Don't know if you would have been able to fly from Calgary Canada into another country (USA ) without a Passport anyway. I live 4 hrs from USA Border....I can't cross without my Passport. Since 911......things are different now. I think there is alot more going on here that is not said......sounds like Criminal Record or something.

  • Samtari Lord
    Samtari Lord 3 months ago

    In canada you not shotting by police for nothing.

  • thinkin outloud
    thinkin outloud 3 months ago

    You left the border and said there was no where else to go. Yellow Stone park is so similar to Glacier, why not just go there?

  • Edward Stoneberger
    Edward Stoneberger 3 months ago

    You guys are great!

    CANADIAN BOONDOCKER 3 months ago +2

    Blame your boyfreind....canada rocks...trump for 2020😊

  • Barbara Groff
    Barbara Groff 3 months ago

    Rules and regulations are put in place for a reason. I have had the same experience when traveling to the USA. You must have your paperwork in order. You must be able to answer your questions. That is the nature of the beast.

  • Michael T
    Michael T 3 months ago

    A lot of jealous people American bashing here....ironic since RU-clip is an American company and they probably typed their American hate on an Apple Computer or Windows Computer, both American companies. Not to mention typing their American hate while drinking Starbucks, wearing Levi Jeans and eating McDonald's. Yep, everyone hates America, that's why millions a year try to get in illegally.

  • Anuj Chauhan
    Anuj Chauhan 3 months ago

    Why crying if you cannot get in. Just return get your passports and come back

  • lark6spur
    lark6spur 3 months ago

    You shouldn't be complaining. You're doing what you want where others are slaving away and no time/money for travel! Count your blessings!

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  3 months ago

      Thanks for commenting and checking out our videos! Glad you enjoyed!

  • 3d
    3d 3 months ago +2

    What did Tim do in his past that has him stuck.

  • Gemma Dutton
    Gemma Dutton 3 months ago

    The judgement in these comments is insane, too many keyboard warriors waiting for any excuse to attack. Totally get the upset, not an ITS SO UNFAIR kinda thing, but when you've planned your whole trip to be in Canada by that point, totally understandable there'd be some emotion after a stressful encounter with border security. It's like "millennials" aren't allowed emotions any more without being called a snowflake. Why you'd comment (or keep watching) if you don't have anything good to say is beyond me. Doesn't seem like you guys take the negative comments to heart, at least. Thanks so much for not just showing all the amazing parts of the trip, it's a shame this happened but I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with some crappy travel stories!

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  3 months ago

      So nice to hear Gemma, thank you 😊

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  3 months ago

      So nice to hear Gemma, thank you 😊

  • Mitsy Baby
    Mitsy Baby 3 months ago +1

    The real issue here is crossing the border into Alberta, they are real nasty there......am Canadian and will NEVER travel thru there again. These guys should have crossed into Vancouver - quite different scenario there.
    Hubby and I a middle aged couple with no criminal records made the mistake of travelling from BC thru Lethbridge AB (onto Manitoba) in our VW, which we now understand to cops means you are drug people. They stopped us at the gas station just over border giving 2 different versions of reports that we were supposedly driving recklessly. There were several plain clothes officers waiting to nab us at the station, hand cuffed hubby and put him in the back of the cruiser (without reading him his rights), took him down to the local station and locked him up while they did checks, found nothing in the vehicle, no criminal record, and after several hours let us go with a reckless driving ticket. Went to restaurant for a coffee in shock over the whole thing, and asked them what the ??? was going on in their town. They told us yes there is a huge crack down on drug trafficking coming from BC and the over the U.S. border there. No apologies, nothing. I wrote the Premier mailing them their ticket and telling them what to do with it, and never coming back to their province. THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE TRUE STORY OF WHAT WAS DONE TO INNOCENT PEOPLE FOR BEING IN THE WRONG PLACE AT THE WRONG TIME IN A 'SUPPOSEDLY' DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY.
    Have crossed over U.S. borders many many times never with any problems and always treated great and lots of road trips in the U.S. with nothing but pleasant experiences. Always found U.S. Border staff much nicer than Canadian side.