Red Dead Online New Update February 26th Breakdown And Thoughts

  • Published on Feb 12, 2019
  • Me reacting to the new Red Dead Online Update news and my thoughts on it and what the game needs.
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  • TheProfessional
    TheProfessional  3 months ago +42

    What do you guys think of the new update? I personally believe the bounty system can break the game if they don't balance it correctly. The game needs some kind of property something new to spend money on new activities. I know players who already own everything and they are grinding money just for ammo.

    • Game Fink
      Game Fink 3 months ago

      TheProfessional too little too late.

    • Half Rocket5048
      Half Rocket5048 3 months ago

      I dont like how there nerfing the varmint rilfe just because of its accuracy it still takes skill to use its only overpower with slow and steady a passive perk that allows you to take multiple head shots while dead eye is active which is what griefers use

    • Drunk Arthur
      Drunk Arthur 3 months ago

      +Reece McAllen now Your idea is Gold

      ABYSS INFERNO 3 months ago

      They changed the gta Tuesday update to Thursday Because of Valentine’s Day

    • Reece McAllen
      Reece McAllen 3 months ago +2

      I want to own a store like a general store, gunsmith, fence etc. And you can run the store itself go out to someplace collect a wagon and bring it back to your store to resupply it’s stock, sell items to npc’s and players. And when the store is closed you can run a secret side business next to the store. Also there is an apartment on the second floor, where you can change clothes, bath, eat food, sleep and other stuff. The shop doesn’t have to be in a town or city, it could just be in the countryside or next to a train station like the fort Wallace train station.

  • rob13589
    rob13589 2 months ago

    One of my daily challenges was to kill 5 players with the Evans repeater and another one of my challenges was to kill three players with headshots. Another one was to win a showdown and another one was to win 2 free roam invites and another one was to win a race. So the new update basically forces you if you want to finish them anyway, to PVP. I enjoy the free room stranger missions with my friends and try to stay away from PvP. This has actually hurt my enjoyment of the online experience. Now I cannot look at the map to avoid players I just have to hope I'm not around them LOL good luck with that. Maybe it'll work out in the future because there was a lot of people on today that will be leaving soon again LOL I don't know Rockstar drop the ball a lot further than I thought they ever would have on this February 26th update

  • rob13589
    rob13589 2 months ago

    Bounties are worthless because if you have a high Bounty all you have to do is go to the Post Office and pay the Bounty off and you're free and clear to grief again LOL what the hell kind of sense does that make who the hell thought that up and thought that was a good idea and then implemented it into the game

  • rob13589
    rob13589 2 months ago

    I have been getting killed over and over today and 95% of people killing me or blue dots. Not red. Rockstar really screwed the pooch on this one badly because this is way worse than it used to be. It's so bad I don't even want to play because now I can't look at the map and go to the side where there's less players. Now I have to hope I'm not around players and keep my eye on my minimap constantly. This is horrible and has messed up online to the point I don't want to play anymore

  • rob13589
    rob13589 2 months ago

    It does not prevent griefing LOL it has made it worse I have been griefed more in the last 5 hours and a half in the last 2 weeks. This makes it worse you cannot see the Griefers until they are right on you instead of being able to adjust your route accordingly like you used to be able to. I have been grief by mostly blue dots today and is the red dots you are supposed to be worried about right LOL no 95% of the people shooting at me today are blue dots. You're talking about not being able to see the players while wanting to bring in your goods from hunting. Well you used to be able to see what towns were populated with players and now you cannot until you get there. Basically if they're not close enough to be on your mini-map then they're not on your map at all and that is unacceptable to me. I have spent $200 on this game buying the ultimate edition and the collector's box and it looks like I won't be spending a single penny online and I was willing to spend several hundred. As a matter of fact I went out and bought Anthem today LOL

  • Afonso Vicente
    Afonso Vicente 2 months ago +1

    When gta5 started there wasnt a lot of stuff to do and after all the dlcs there is a lot of stuff to do. It will be the same with red dead redemption

  • B DAB
    B DAB 3 months ago

    Question, so if your hunting: shooting animals, other players will be able to see you but you can’t see them ? How will this stop Griefers ? Seems like it will help them !

  • Hameed Shehab
    Hameed Shehab 3 months ago

    I really hope they fix the server issue, i cant connect to the server

  • Steve Walker
    Steve Walker 3 months ago

    Hopefully at some point the ability to generate a solo lobby (like GTA)could be introduced.

  • ESP87
    ESP87 3 months ago

    Why not keep GTA events for Tuesdays and make RDRO events on Thursdays?, because the game is almost dead and they want to drive focus away from GTAO.

  • Robert Evans
    Robert Evans 3 months ago

    What R* needs to do is fix the bigger problem.......The lost connection to the server. Don't tell me it's my internet connection cuz it's not. I lose a lot of pelts(good and perfect) from it. Or if I'm doing missions with my crew, this would happen also.

  • Deano RunningRampage25
    Deano RunningRampage25 3 months ago

    Red Dead online? Is that still around lol could have fooled me haven't played it since about the second day at come out haha so have a lot of other people

    MRCAB 3 months ago

    My friend started a new game after this update and he was given $1000(?) Still trying to figure that one out.

  • ThahDeepSeaDivuh
    ThahDeepSeaDivuh 3 months ago

    Needs free aim

  • Danny Morrissey
    Danny Morrissey 3 months ago

    Coming soon; Winged Pegasus Horse, 20000 gold bars, can use weapons while in flight and cones with exploding turd bombs...think it can't happen, just you wait for Rockstar to fuck this game up like they have GTA...

  • Aborigine to the land Aborigine

    I think the butcher should be a safe zone!

  • Sabrina Morris
    Sabrina Morris 3 months ago

    On point. Great job

  • RaggedPants Xbox Live
    RaggedPants Xbox Live 3 months ago

    I've never had a griefer accept a feud. Instead they prefer to just keep trying to kill you.

  • Robert Patterson2
    Robert Patterson2 3 months ago

    Hey Theprofessioal you know you can make your own lobby by start an online story mission up too 2 or 4 players can sell what on that mission only downfall is you got to have at least one player to do that mission the mission is called honor lower respect I like it because you can ride horses in kill lot of animals and you can sell stuff nobody bothering you there's no time limit no boundary limit only thing you can't do in that mission is fish I'll let you get your ride out but you can't go fishing

    • Robert Patterson2
      Robert Patterson2 3 months ago

      I know what I had to make lobby

    • Robert Patterson2
      Robert Patterson2 3 months ago

      I'm looking for a crew and love making money if you got a PS4 I would help you I am lvl 113 on reddead all I do is hunt 2 stranger missions and online story missions

    • Robert Patterson2
      Robert Patterson2 3 months ago

      That'll help people who need money and running RP without being bothered

  • Dadahara
    Dadahara 3 months ago

    Take2 confirmed in their conference call there’s no big(gta-like) updates planned for RDO in 2019.

  • Legacy Sparrow
    Legacy Sparrow 3 months ago

    I have a chance to buy rdr2 but im kinda scared that online wil be boring. Any opinions that might change mine?

    • ZaneDoesGaming
      ZaneDoesGaming 3 months ago

      It gets pretty boring after a couple days but im about to try the game again after about a month of me not even touching the game.

  • Cornell Warner
    Cornell Warner 3 months ago

    the updates are great and to add the updates for houses and wagons and other stuff will probably be introduced closer to the end of the BETA in May... mission will be added and new items no later than March

  • Annoying Turtle
    Annoying Turtle 3 months ago

    It’s still not enough for me to come back to Reddead

  • Gaming Kingz
    Gaming Kingz 3 months ago

    Over a year they are gonna add a missle horses

  • Hank Hill
    Hank Hill 3 months ago

    What we need is connection issues to be fixed, it's annoying when everyone else is playing the game and I'm stuck hunting because of error x.200020001, they're just going to start releasing loads of dlc before this problems even fixed

  • Yannick Naert
    Yannick Naert 3 months ago

    Does anyone know what if it means that sometimes a few ability cards in the right top of the screen are clearly visible and sometimes transparent? It seems to randomly select what cards fade and what aren’t, it has to mean something and it’s annoying me that I don’t know this.

    • beggarsoutpost
      beggarsoutpost 3 months ago

      "visible" = active all the time .... "transparent"= not active until you are in the situation that the card covers then it will be "visible".... it's not random...

  • J Mac
    J Mac 3 months ago

    Any program, which this is, that continues to have and reintroduces bugs is not worth the users effort to be loyal to. Have you noticed that every time you change weapons the ammo load out reverts back to regular ammo? Set it to express, change weapons and it goes back to regular ammo? When you parlay all the bad guy and his friends have to do is go into their camp and parlay is over. So unless they patch this, and they will not, any griefing remedies are worthless. The only users who can enjoy this game now and will continue to be will be those who make their day destroying other users efforts griefing/camping butchers/random killing other players character and wasting other players time and efforts. I could mention numerous other problems with this game but nobody is going to read this so why waste my time. Sell your copy of this turkey and buy a program from a company that cares.

  • Pablo Emilio Soto Araiza

    I want a free for all playlist and more game modes

  • Sans Griffin
    Sans Griffin 3 months ago

    The things that will make it fun
    2.More story missions
    5.Private sessions

  • Red Tango
    Red Tango 3 months ago

    Bounty is there just so you could get to the butcher without all hell breaking loose.

    xMAXPROOFX 3 months ago

    I really want them to fix the servers. It’s not just me it’s all of my friends. That needs to be the first priority.

  • addidaswguy
    addidaswguy 3 months ago

    I agree with most.. But dont agree with rewards for surviving the bounty! At all! If you reward people for surviving the bounties, then people will be incentivized to be assholes, then they will be able to kill the bounty hunters for easy xp, because they know they are coming.. So they will just run rampant killing players, and then hideout somewhere to get rewarded! If you dont want to get chased by bounty hunters, dont play with shitty players!! And they are definitely adding properties.. Someone found a listing for 5-10 properties on the red dead disk, with random names/prices.. So that is a guarantee... But then the camps will be worthless.. Also they NEED to make camps/properties worthwhile! They are so trash now.. You can cook and get mail anywhere.. And the Fast travel at the camp doesn't even give a discount!

  • Ninija159
    Ninija159 3 months ago

    Would Be Cool to be able to hunt legendary animals and make clothes from animals and more Things like this.

  • Snake Dodds
    Snake Dodds 3 months ago +1

    I hope the bounty system is able to differentiate between griefing and self defense. I'll frequently get shot at by a griefer, I'll shoot back and kill him, and then the "Murder" message label will be applied to me. I don't think we should get the progressively darker red icon, the longer range broadcasting, and the higher bounty just for defending ourselves.

  • Pepe Von Stirner
    Pepe Von Stirner 3 months ago +1

    Still cant rob trains yet....... (sigh)

  • Aaron Mcallister
    Aaron Mcallister 3 months ago

    I think it's terrible in terms of the minimal change, makes the game anti social.

  • Spinning Red Chair
    Spinning Red Chair 3 months ago

    The game is still in beta. They want to fix the game before filling it with tons of shit like property that just makes it buggier

  • Lematron
    Lematron 3 months ago +2

    They shouldn't have property's just yet. It is still in beta after all. They should work on smaller things like the gameplay overall, and how to improve on the gameplay, when that seems to be good then they could add other things like banks and stuff. You can already technically bounty hunt, rob stagecoaches ect. Stranger Missions. But the idea of adding Blackjack, Poker, Dominoes and five finger fillet would be nice. I'd say give us something good to hold us over. One of the things I mentioned is an idea a lot of people usually agree with. If they gave us something to work with then they could keep everyone happy.

  • Nytellem
    Nytellem 3 months ago

    Watch people find aw way to exploit every feature for griefers instead of this being a positive change.

  • Carlos Loff
    Carlos Loff 3 months ago +1

    Grieffing is by opportunity not as game style, many grieffers will have you as their first prey, so they wont be tagged at all before you bump into them, is everyone DAM AWARE of what is coming up ???

  • Cereal Author733
    Cereal Author733 3 months ago

    I want there to be jobs like players can be lawmen or bounty hunters or even mercenaries (people who can be hired to protect a posse without being part of it.) It would be also cool if player could be arrested and then their posses needs to break them out before hey are hung because right now when lawmen are after you it reads 'wanted dead or alive' even though they just kill you

  • Project Helisexuality
    Project Helisexuality 3 months ago +1

    I think the bounty system should've been player-based. Other players hunt the bounty down - not AI.

  • i Roberto
    i Roberto 3 months ago +1

    Along with event weeks, how about hunting seasons? For a period of time (let’s say over the weekend as an example) one animal is worth double or significantly more money. Or how about the hunting requests make a return from story mode? Then we can decorate our camps with little animal trinkets that we have unlocked.

  • Mr Noncredible
    Mr Noncredible 3 months ago +1

    I want them to add a rocket horse mkII

  • Emiliano Avalos//Pelotero__18

    I hope they add a passive mode when hunting

  • King_blackbird out of AUS
    King_blackbird out of AUS 3 months ago +1

    Look think of this as RDR2 online's beach bum update it's not the grand scale updates like we see in GTA online RDR2O is in it's maturity stage in it's product lifecycle i really don't expect huge updates in this part of it's lifecycle though the current update is a great step in the right direction. I by no means suck up to rockstar though this is considered to be a patch not an update. Yes rockstar has the resources and ability to focus on a huge update but to tell you the truth i'm just gonna be happy with what we get

  • J Todd
    J Todd 3 months ago

    I just hope they make suicide socially acceptable like they did in GTA online and price your life to 5 cents for the 19th century economy. Seriously bro, I'm only level 25 and I'm just playing until the red dead update..... im sorry your oppressor crashed .... IT's NOT WORTH IT!!!!!!! BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH NNOOOOOOOOO!!! BBRRRROOOOOOO...... oh your back ...crap

    • J Todd
      J Todd 3 months ago

      your = you're .... like lighting yourself up with the molotov you meant to throw.... grammar is a fickle mistress

  • Ye Boi
    Ye Boi 3 months ago

    I have a good feeling about this but the only reason why there is no properties I think is because it’s still the “beta” maybe they add in but I think most likely on dlc. One dlc I would like to see is a hunting dlc where you meet a trapper and he had missions you can do such as having a specific animal pelts or animal that you can sell like a daily objection and maybe he will have legendary animals that you can hunt and sell it for some really awesome clothing that you can get especially at the story mode. I would really love that and I think it would be a perfect dlc theme to the game.

  • Oof Bear
    Oof Bear 3 months ago


  • Ozzy _
    Ozzy _ 3 months ago +1

    I domt agree with getting a reward for outliving ur bounty just because it defeats the point of punishment for committing a crime. Take away even further from experiencing a realistic feel

  • Dannylion69 xxx
    Dannylion69 xxx 3 months ago

    If I shoot you in the head with a .22 irl.....
    You fucking die.
    Write that down noobs

  • Its- Showtime
    Its- Showtime 3 months ago +1

    Haven't played rdr in almost a month. Reason? There's basically 3 things 2 do. Showdown. Hunt. Gang hideouts. Its horrendously boring. Maybe it'll be better after this update but.. ugh

  • Unworthy Steam
    Unworthy Steam 3 months ago

    I would love to see more ways to make money, maybe the option to sell wild horses and stolen stagecoaches like I THINK we were supposed to be able to in the beginning or the ability to rob stores and maybe banks, some sort of business would also be nice but I dont think we will see anything like that for a while. Im just kinda getting sick of hunting and doing stranger missions and I would rather not play any of the pvp modes because the aim assist is broken

  • Unworthy Steam
    Unworthy Steam 3 months ago

    I really hope they tweak the aim assist, pvp is just not fun because of it, or at least make a free aim only lobby. Also I would love to see a private/friends only session. I think rockstar really should have focused more on stuff like this to make the game more fun instead of adding gun rush first, it was simply not necessary or asked for

  • Noice Gamer
    Noice Gamer 3 months ago

    They are gonna nerf the Varmint Rifle? LOL! Fuck you Project Helisexuality, now learn to use a repeater for once in your fucking life.

  • jthomas977
    jthomas977 3 months ago

    OMG why are we getting RD news ? That game is a dead horse. We need more GTA not a old west game. Nothing can improve that game. Being a blacksmith for a business or mine owner or saloon business. BORING !!!. LOL I hope there is another DLC on gta b4 RD gets out of beta ( 3 plus months of it ) just to hear the crying and see more tumble weeds on RD servers.

    • jthomas977
      jthomas977 3 months ago

      +TheProfessional Im a grinder not a tryhard. I use the broomstick but not for griefing but for money making. I actually was trying to keep up with you on the money but I couldnt maintain the pace you were on. Dont get me wrong IF and WHEN businesses come out in RD ill probably play it but until then the game is absolutely boring. Ive been part of BETAs in other games but it was closed beta not everyone got to play. Beta shouldnt be this long. I have no desire to go kill alligators or shoot birds for feathers and skins to trade for 10.00 . I like to run businesses like in GTA but i have discussed with my gta friends that play RD too and they r getting bored too. We have talked about what kind of businesses could be fun in the old west. Heist ? there are only so many banks and trains to rob. Businesses ? Own a saloon, silver mine or being blacksmith. Any real info would be great for the bleeding community. Everyone gets so hyped when they see Rd news only to get more useless improvements. I want to like it. I want to run some businesses in Rd but R* needs to give some real news to keep the hope up. And no I didnt play GTA online in the beginning because i was playing COD like a dummy. Also some of the comments I made were towards the RD peeps complaining about GTA news or updates on gta online. Kind of a poke just to trigger. :)

    • TheProfessional
      TheProfessional  3 months ago +4

      So let me get this straight . You enjoy flying overpowered motorcycles? You don’t think that’s bad? Plenty of people enjoy the old west . Not everyone enjoys flying overpowered motorcycles . I have to remind you gta started the exact same way with nothing but contact missions. Did you even play gta on day 1?

  • Lakeland Seaplane Tours

    Another video where a RU-clipr just reads information we all have. You're getting desperate for revenue Professional, and the drop in views just shows it!!

    • TheProfessional
      TheProfessional  3 months ago +2

      My own dribble ? I carefully explained what I thought of it and gave my opinion . I have been doing reactions for years . I do not know why you are even watching my videos if you hate my channel so much just stop watching it. You can compare to me to mrboss all you want. I can tell you how I don’t do videos like that but that’s not good enough for you . In your mind me giving my thoughts is somehow mindless dribble . You can think what you want it’s your right . However mrbossftw never replies to comments and would never reply to one like yours and you know that . I thought you would appreciate that . Instead just come on here and complain . I don’t clickbait or deceive people . My video title is what my video is my thoughts and breakdown . If you don’t like it don’t watch .

    • Lakeland Seaplane Tours
      Lakeland Seaplane Tours 3 months ago

      You just read the Newswire out loud and add your own dribble to it. How is that decent content? You're video's have got as bad MrBoss and your decline in viewers is proof of that

    • TheProfessional
      TheProfessional  3 months ago +2

      Your a fool where do I just read the newswire . Did you not even listen to my thoughts and breakdown ? Instead you just come on here and complain then when I question you , you have no idea what you are talking about .

    • Lakeland Seaplane Tours
      Lakeland Seaplane Tours 3 months ago

      I meant less views across all your videos not just RDO. You're basically reading a Newswire post. You should call yourself ProfessionalFTW and just be done with it

    • TheProfessional
      TheProfessional  3 months ago +1

      You have no idea what you are talking about . Red dead online always has less views because not as many people play it as gta . I still upload red dead because I enjoy the game . Where am I just reading information ? This is a breakdown where I give my thoughts talking about what I think of the update and how it will work. If you don’t like my content then do not watch it .

  • haydn scales
    haydn scales 3 months ago

    the bounty system could be worse then business raids

  • Gio Giovanni
    Gio Giovanni 3 months ago +2

    I hope they give us the option to create another character like in GTA Online :D

  • Ernesto87
    Ernesto87 3 months ago

    Will other players be allowed to hunt down players that have a bounty and collect on it?

  • Undes Cribed
    Undes Cribed 3 months ago

    This game is already dead! Red Dead onlime suck ass! Gave up!

    • Undes Cribed
      Undes Cribed 3 months ago

      Worst online game ive ever played! Fuck Rockstar!

  • BigPizzaPie
    BigPizzaPie 3 months ago

    I’ve given up on RDO. It’s basically a hunting simulator.

  • Tranzik
    Tranzik 3 months ago +3

    Just like you said, its empty at first but they are slowly getting it better, i just don't want flying oppresors killing my horses.

  • Gaming Hubby
    Gaming Hubby 3 months ago +3

    Needs invite only lobbies.

  • Shitheaf
    Shitheaf 3 months ago

    seriously. 3 month since the game has been out and this is all that we got?

  • Carlos Loff
    Carlos Loff 3 months ago

    MAP BLIPS OUT IS THE MOST PRO GRIEFFER MEASURE I HAVE EVER SEEN, it F... works contrary to what it is supposed, wtf ??? Now you have towns filled with invisible griefferes and you go there thinking they are empty and you bump into them when you are already too close, at firing/griefging distance - SO SO SO STUPIDDDD - It will make it all even worst - And the dark tagged grieffers is a dam STUPID JOKE - When you enter an GTA lobby with 20 players you know half of them, if not more, will grieff you if they have a chance, now tell me how many of those are pre-tagged dark-red ??? 1 to Zero, all others are not tagged but we all know will grieff us as soon as they have the opportunity, well, guess what - on each 24 players RDR lobby you will have 10 decent people, 1 to 3 tagged grieffers and 11 full invisible grieffers, wait and find out how fun it will be, JUST WAIT, DAMMMMMMM

    • Carlos Loff
      Carlos Loff 3 months ago

      +superstreet65 fortunately I will keep using the new passive mode glitch every single day I play, PERIOD

    • superstreet65
      superstreet65 3 months ago

      Agreed, ride into town with a load of peltsand no way to tell untill u get killed. sad.

  • Greetings. Have a nice day.

    Where are the damn invite only sessions. It better be in this "beta" update.

    • Robert Patterson2
      Robert Patterson2 3 months ago

      You can make your own lobby but there is one catch you can have one friend you start an online story mission you can go hunting while you're on a mission and you can sell your all your stuff without being bothered are being griefed

  • KevinLightning101
    KevinLightning101 3 months ago

    If u rack up a bounty other players should be able to kill u for it like GTAO. This encourages actual purposful pvp instead of random greifing

  • P.A. Speed
    P.A. Speed 3 months ago

    Jesus! Herbs is pronounced with a silent H! It’s pronounced ERBS!!!!

  • DaBeast Games
    DaBeast Games 3 months ago

    You can easily find Last Team Standing matches. I quick join and find a lobby instantly.

  • Boomba
    Boomba 3 months ago +3

    I completely agree with your opinion. I have a lot of money in the game, but there’s not enough to buy. I understand that it’s a beta, though, I still feel as if they should have had more catalog when online was released.

  • DaBeast Games
    DaBeast Games 3 months ago +1

    I’m liking this new update!

  • TJ Labatte
    TJ Labatte 3 months ago +1

    I like the player system.

  • Spicy Leprechaun Stuff
    Spicy Leprechaun Stuff 3 months ago

    As long as they improve pump slug damage, then I'm fine.
    Oh, and the online activities playlist should have an option where you only join team games, particularly 2 team games, because I fucking hate the free for all ones.

  • x Signo x
    x Signo x 3 months ago

    They probably just ruined pvp

  • Languidbird1427 Languidbitd1427

    Double money for hunting alligators
    Double money for fishes
    Double money for gun rush and series combat (big)
    Double money for stranger missions
    Give gold bars and money for all waiting
    That will be fair to us

  • moises
    moises 3 months ago

    Red dead online is trash all it has is griefers

    • James Marler
      James Marler 3 months ago

      +moises gtao has wayyyyyy more griefers

    • moises
      moises 3 months ago +1

      +TheProfessional yeah I get that but I mean whenever I get on this game i can't go 20 minutes without being griefed. I just got on for 30 minutes and then a whole posse hunted me down while I was getting pelts.

    • TheProfessional
      TheProfessional  3 months ago +4

      This depends on who you meet . I have met plenty of friendly players on this game . I think gta has more griefers but it’s still one of my favorite games .

  • Maya TQ
    Maya TQ 3 months ago

    There's no excuse for RDO launching with next to no content. GTAO was ok because that was first time they made this kind of online

  • huffie00
    huffie00 3 months ago

    Rdr2 Will get great as soon as it Will release on ps5 and pc coming november this year :-) gta online all over again

    • huffie00
      huffie00 3 months ago

      James Marler announced this year release next year

    • James Marler
      James Marler 3 months ago


    • James Marler
      James Marler 3 months ago

      Ps4 ain't coming until 2022 at least lol it for sure ain't coming this year

  • Daniel McCarton
    Daniel McCarton 3 months ago

    I think you need to bare in mind this is a BETA mate. You keep saying 'Red Dead Online' it's the Red Dead Online Beta. Folks will get confused and it will get peoples backs up, its still in Beta, Red Dead Online hasn't been released yet.

  • Christian Wertti
    Christian Wertti 3 months ago

    "Prevents repeated targeting"
    Who is this indie developer in their costume????

  • HobblesTheDog
    HobblesTheDog 3 months ago

    There's nothing here that's exciting at all! They are blowing it BIG time with this game. It's getting to the point where even a big update isn't going to help the game.

  • Miracle
    Miracle 3 months ago +10

    I’ll stick to GTA:O.

    • tommy_gaming-YT
      tommy_gaming-YT 3 months ago

      Gta boring is not dead my opinion to futuristic

    YOUNGHEBREW 3 months ago +2

    I think they should fix the Butcher stealing animals and pelts without paying you, but still not addressed. Feels like GTA - anything that takes away from micro transactions won’t be fixed. Even if it’s game breaking bugs, just so they can make more money. I won’t be playing anytime soon not for XP or GOLD. I’m rank 120 and have $10,500 with just the SE. So this isn’t hate... #GunSlinginGrinders

    • Gun Slingin' Grinders
      Gun Slingin' Grinders 3 months ago

      +beggarsoutpost Xbox just happened to me today when I played. I record it every time, 2x in 30 mins today alone.. sent it to R* they are now aware and claimed to be working on a fix, as they are seeing others having the same issue. It's all over, it's been happening to me and my posse since launch. As well as the horse bonding levels being reset and the horse insurance glitch. I have vids on all of it. Can't support this games multiplayer component. Only hop on to see if they've patched the game breaking bugs. Crazy to think RDR2 is out and I'm not on it everyday... Would've never thought.

    • beggarsoutpost
      beggarsoutpost 3 months ago +1

      Is this on Xbox or PS4 cause Im on Xbox and this has never happened to me or anyone I know... Also have never had a disconnect issue either ...

    • Gun Slingin' Grinders
      Gun Slingin' Grinders 3 months ago

      +Brer Fox I'm right there with you. I said by this update as well. Happened 2x today in a row, only playef for 30 mins. We'll see what happens.

    • Brer Fox
      Brer Fox 3 months ago +1

      One of the reasons I've stopped playing. If they don't fix it by the next update, I'm done with the game.

    • Gun Slingin' Grinders
      Gun Slingin' Grinders 3 months ago +1

      +SniperBravoTwoZero007 and the more you have to sell the more he takes. Coincidence, I think not.. it's sad my friend.

  • Brown
    Brown 3 months ago

    Not getting the game til Online is out of beta, wish me luck.

    • Drunk Arthur
      Drunk Arthur 3 months ago


    • Mouse
      Mouse 3 months ago

      fuck the online, get it for the story. Its amazing

  • John Doe
    John Doe 3 months ago

    Add gold mines, with hirable crews. Silver mines could be set up the same, being less start up costs, before moving up to gold. Mail carrier services maybe, pony express style.... All I can think up right at the moment.

  • Kid on a Dirtbike
    Kid on a Dirtbike 3 months ago +4

    I don’t really like red dead online + I haven’t even played red dead for like the past month because I finished it and it’s boring

    • enott93
      enott93 3 months ago

      Same. I traded my copy in yesterday

  • Robert Silva
    Robert Silva 3 months ago +2

    I hope they allow you to buy curtain kinds of carts like you can buy a stagecoach or something like that

  • Matt James
    Matt James 3 months ago +28

    GTA should have the same system with player blips, and when you are doing sell missions for your businesses you shouldn't be visible on the map

    • TJ Labatte
      TJ Labatte 3 months ago +6

      Then people would grief you not realizing you were doing cargo. I know people that kill people all the time, but would never touch cargo.

    • Gamer Fanatics
      Gamer Fanatics 3 months ago +8

      Then r* will start losing micro transaction sales if their fav players can't screw others minding themselves

  • Matthew Wilson
    Matthew Wilson 3 months ago +3

    Rockstar will probably put flying horses with cannons

  • David Stein
    David Stein 3 months ago +5

    Level 85 outlaw here, I love the proposed changes.

    • David Stein
      David Stein 3 months ago

      +tommy_gaming-YT yep. my PSN is BLUNTLUNGS420 if you want to send a friend request

    • tommy_gaming-YT
      tommy_gaming-YT 3 months ago

      +David Stein are you on PS4

    • David Stein
      David Stein 3 months ago

      +tommy_gaming-YT lol you will get there, red dead has a good future. New original content is coming so it will be easier to rank up faster when there's more new fun stuff to do in the future.

    • tommy_gaming-YT
      tommy_gaming-YT 3 months ago

      +David Stein IM only level 50 lol

    • David Stein
      David Stein 3 months ago

      +tommy_gaming-YT I actually just played the game alot, lots of wins on showdown series, lots of helping people do story missions and a ton of looting and challenge hunting. I honestly only got that far because I needed the money to upgrade my ability cards

  • Baselace35
    Baselace35 3 months ago

    They should add new weapons

  • robert stohr
    robert stohr 3 months ago +2

    The bounty should be collected by players, so non griefers can be deputized and work with the bounty hunting npc’s and hunt griefers for cash and gold.

  • Marcolis Gustavo
    Marcolis Gustavo 3 months ago

    finally more dlc

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 3 months ago

    Well first of all they stood 2 months in secret for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING . I dont see no SOLO & INvite only sessions coming. 2 - i dont see no HORSE problems and abilities FIXED. We still NOT be able to tame wild horses and STABLE them. Bond problem still NOT be FIXED . Sell tamed horses ? No way to have that option. No new missions , NO NOTHING . RDO its about absolutely NOTHING . Im done with these racists from FUCKSTAR. All they do is AVOIDING to add SOLO & invite only sessions. It will make them LESS money if we play in SOLO session . There's the place where you get up to 1000 daily.

  • the bigamers 123
    the bigamers 123 3 months ago

    so the update will happen on my birthday?

  • Harambe The Gorrila
    Harambe The Gorrila 3 months ago +21

    People who say that the game is dead annoy me.
    I try to explain that it needs updates and businesses etc. and they start saying the game is bad which is pretty ignorant in my opinion.
    What do you guys think?

    • Annoying Turtle
      Annoying Turtle 3 months ago

      It’s not like gta where we have something to grind for

    • Capt shek
      Capt shek 3 months ago +1

      This game is pretty dead

    • Capt shek
      Capt shek 3 months ago

      GTA on switch has 7k viewers rdr2 online is usually under 1k viewers at all times ,side note a majority of those views are for single player

    • Dopee Man
      Dopee Man 3 months ago

      rdr2 is dead check the looking for group post rdr2 has the less 100 while gta has over 500

    • Dark Reads Games
      Dark Reads Games 3 months ago

      I say Online is bad because it feels like they immediately set up the economy for "Micahtransatctions" but to be fair its not bad and can't be fixed so far they are taking steps in the right direction

  • Heisenberg Blue
    Heisenberg Blue 3 months ago +23

    We need the upgraded saddlebags to actually work and store more outfits.
    We need to be able to break wild horses and sell them.
    We need a couple more guns.
    We need more maps for showdowns and races.
    We need trappers to make unique clothes OR more clothes at the taylor.
    We need protection from being shot while cooking just as if you're in a store.
    We need poker somehow someway..even if it's just at your camp with posse members.

    • Jacob Reid
      Jacob Reid 3 months ago

      Some sorta hunting passive mode too

    • SlenderZombieNoah 2002
      SlenderZombieNoah 2002 3 months ago

      +Heisenberg Blue yeah, it was in rdr1 online and i really enjoyed it

    • Heisenberg Blue
      Heisenberg Blue 3 months ago +1

      +SlenderZombieNoah 2002 that's a cool idea too though now that I think about it

    • Heisenberg Blue
      Heisenberg Blue 3 months ago +1

      +SlenderZombieNoah 2002 Private invite only lobby like gtav

    • SlenderZombieNoah 2002
      SlenderZombieNoah 2002 3 months ago +2

      There should be friendly servers where you can't attack anyone and other players can't attack you. It would be great if you want to grind missions without worrying that xxxsniperk/dxxxx kills you

  • thehentaimaster
    thehentaimaster 3 months ago +20

    Rockstar should stop focusing on pvp we need rdr to be actually fun not a griefing mess

    • Danny Morrissey
      Danny Morrissey 3 months ago +1

      Did you not read the banners on the Newswire website, their whole motto is about crushing dreams and, bullying the weak. They endorse griefing because griefing leads to frustrated players and frustrated players are prone to buy Shark Cards and Gold Bar bundles. Their primary objective is profit, and Griefers=profits unfortunately. But I totally feel what you're saying, and I hope RD has a good few years of enjoyable and realistic gameplay before it becomes a shitshow like GTAO has become.

  • Giovanni Bovino
    Giovanni Bovino 3 months ago

    So Far #RockStar Lies again ...... Supposedly Double XP but NOTHING 🤔 The stranger Missions , Story Missions, ambushes and hideouts are ALL PAYING OUT the same XP played this morning with my posse of 7 and we all restarted our Consoles and Closed App Only to Discover there is absolutely No change . Professional you should try it and see that #RockStarLiesAgain 💩 So how can anyone Trust what they say in a newswire concerning #RDR2IsDead 💀 please investigate just how FAKE THIS DOUBLE XP really is . Wasted several Hrs and the Game is Still the Same ..... there is NO CHANGE ........
    #WorstRockStarGameEver 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 sad I wasted $270.00 🤬🤬🤬🤬

    • Harambe The Gorrila
      Harambe The Gorrila 3 months ago

      Giovanni Bovino let it update, I hope you will change your opinion