Let's ALL Build Dominoes! 🌎😊 (ft. DominoERDMANN & ND Domino)

  • Published on Feb 9, 2019
  • There aren't a lot of female domino builders out there... in fact, I only know of 4 who actively post domino videos. FOUR! (Out of hundreds of other channels!) This video is acting as a word of encouragement from the 3 of us domino girls to those who may be thinking about trying domino art - not just to girls, but to ANYONE who may want to start building. Whether you are male or female, a kid or an adult, we can all have fun building dominoes!
    ND Domino, DominoERDMANN, and I were lucky enough to meet each other, so we decided to build this project to spread our message and hopefully inspire others to try this fun, emerging art form. We love dominoes, and we think you might like it too. Go give it a try :)
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  • Stekowy 574
    Stekowy 574 6 months ago

    Polaaaaaaaaaaaaaand ma być

  • Amit Manik
    Amit Manik 9 months ago

    I have 240 dominos

  • Anna
    Anna 9 months ago

    Imagine cleaning that up...

  • Owlcitylove2001 Booboo500

    I loved it!!!...😎❤️👍🏼💯👏🏻👌🏼🍀😍😮😘🥰😱

  • Rennae Jones
    Rennae Jones 9 months ago

    I love to build Domino structures but I don't have very many dominoes so it's super duper hard because I have to make short ones I only have like less than a bucket not even close to have like one corner of a bucket of Domino's that's how much maybe you know a little less it's just really hard to build with them they're not like all colorful like red or red and orange and pink and blue and all those colors I just really want colorful dominoes not just the dominoes with the dots on them

  • Raíssa Luko
    Raíssa Luko 9 months ago

    Amo seus vídeos!!!!
    Beijão Alemanha!!!🇩🇪🇩🇪

    DOMINELLA 9 months ago

    Very nice video!

  • Tanath Siriphimonwanith
    Tanath Siriphimonwanith 10 months ago


  • Константин Повираев

    Вабще не чего не понятно??

  • Хулиганка Кира

    And Russia. But I really liked it

  • Joanna Yang
    Joanna Yang 10 months ago

    Can u make the Chinese flag

  • Didi Miss Take
    Didi Miss Take 10 months ago

    Wow, I cant make even a little domono splash

  • Samuel Tejaa
    Samuel Tejaa 10 months ago


  • Velislav Garkov
    Velislav Garkov 10 months ago

    Can you do a Pewdiepie vs T series video? If someone sees this, please copy this message and spread it !!!!

  • Amit Nandu
    Amit Nandu 11 months ago

    Hey it was really fun to watch, I was wondering if u could make a #indian flag....????

  • Däwn øf Däylïght
    Däwn øf Däylïght 11 months ago

    😐 they told me about this in school so i wanted to check this channel out and 3 words.
    I suck at this stuff FACT i tried once and i didnt know what i was doing but i enjoyed this video!!

  • ToonKusatsu HTF Puffy AmiYumi

    Puffy AmiYumiEmi

  • niju
    niju 11 months ago

    Could i ask how long it took the build this Art? And i dont want to know how fast your hearts must be beating during every try 😅

    • DominoERDMANN
      DominoERDMANN 10 months ago

      I think it took 5-6 hours to build this project ;-)

  • Mindo
    Mindo 11 months ago

    It's really good

  • Dj_Woomy 2005
    Dj_Woomy 2005 11 months ago

    Yeah Bois Germany

  • De Kombi Por ai
    De Kombi Por ai 11 months ago

    Amazing!!!! Say Hello to Brazil!!!!

  • Bacon With a side of Sagittarius

    I need REVERSE vids

  • Philippine Eevee
    Philippine Eevee 11 months ago

    I thought DominoERDMANN was a male for some reason ._.

  • miracle smith
    miracle smith 11 months ago

    This is awesome great work it looked so fun

  • I hate this channel
    I hate this channel 11 months ago

    Do one from the 1 sub special guy

  • Panda Life
    Panda Life 11 months ago

    My school had to read a article about you in science class I’m glad I finally found your RU-clip channel your article was amazing!

  • Wassup Boi
    Wassup Boi 11 months ago

    No matter where you come from we all have the same heart.

  • abdullah mustafa
    abdullah mustafa 11 months ago


  • ͔
    ͔ 11 months ago

    This is so awesome. A lot of people use the word art loosely so it tends to lose it's valuable meaning but this is definitely up there with the coolest form of art I've seen yet. Thanks for bringing your creativity to RU-clip.

  • TheUKNutter
    TheUKNutter 11 months ago +1

    You’re like the perfect girlfriend tbh 😂

  • Cheung Andy The White Pumpkin

    I Join You!

  • Cheung Andy The White Pumpkin

    I'm So Happy! Hevesh5!

  • Cheung Andy The White Pumpkin


  • Lauren F
    Lauren F 11 months ago

    I know this is random, but you were in the Science World magazine my class was reading at school. :)

  • Oreo2
    Oreo2 11 months ago

    0:55 My heart sank

  • Dave Berry
    Dave Berry 11 months ago

    Well done, ladies, and thanks for sharing!

  • Velislav Garkov
    Velislav Garkov 11 months ago

    Can you do a Pewdiepie vs T series

  • N1kHouT85
    N1kHouT85 11 months ago

    I love you lili more than anything else in RU-clip!you re amazing and so smart!keep going!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍

  • R1ptide
    R1ptide 11 months ago

    First sub special (kappapride)

  • D T
    D T 11 months ago

    I love your chanell

  • Professor Press
    Professor Press 11 months ago

    Where's Poland?

  • gurmit singh
    gurmit singh 11 months ago


  • Kid That does nothin
    Kid That does nothin 11 months ago

    I read this stuff in a science magazine in school which lead me here

  • Rashmi Nema
    Rashmi Nema 11 months ago

    Please make this for india

  • xboy64
    xboy64 11 months ago

    Got my H5 shirt today. Happy. Happy. Joy. Joy.



  • Kate Ravenclaw
    Kate Ravenclaw 11 months ago

    C'est trop beau !

  • zrRyan2
    zrRyan2 11 months ago

    Here's a useless comment to help with the RU-clip algorithm.... Because I can only click like once, and, you rock !

  • Ta Tube
    Ta Tube 11 months ago

    Awesome video 😀

  • Robbin Bonanno
    Robbin Bonanno 11 months ago

    This was awesome. Been watching your videos for a few months now. Loved building when I was younger then life got in the way. Its wonderful to see more women building beautifully, elaborate patterns like the ones in this video. Hope you never stop as it is just a joy to watch someone work at something that makes them so happy.

  • [WUT] Fox
    [WUT] Fox 11 months ago

    btw did you know you are on a magazine?

    JEBEDIAH KERMAN 11 months ago +1

    I feel childish to watch this. But I am still a child all the time.
    1:26 * Insert "Preußens Gloria" Here *

  • Angie MontoyaCuri
    Angie MontoyaCuri 11 months ago

    Idk who you guys do it, but you make it awesome everytime. :)

  • Thunder The Electrical Bolt

    Thats for bulding lebanons flag :) *you forgot the tree*

  • Nurick Blood
    Nurick Blood 11 months ago

    its so fun yay

  • Willem van de Beek
    Willem van de Beek 11 months ago

    \o/ I did the 1000th like :D it was very satisfying

  • Dominoes king xx
    Dominoes king xx 11 months ago

    You three are Amazing i have subscribed all your channels

  • sherbertcottage
    sherbertcottage 11 months ago

    Well done, ladies!

  • Jimi Diaz
    Jimi Diaz 11 months ago

    I'm having a domino contest entry and who ever wins gets a signed domino

  • Matheus Bispar
    Matheus Bispar 11 months ago

    I'am from Brazil