GOD LEVEL Chinese Food With MY FAMILY!!! INSANE Chinese Food Tour With 7 FOOD RANGER FAMILY!

  • Published on Dec 24, 2018
  • Check out ExpressVPN.com/thefoodranger for 3 months free w/ 1 year pack and 49% OFF! GOD LEVEL Chinese Food With The FOOD RANGER Family! Today we're going FULL ON for a DEEP Chinese Street Food and Chinese food tour of Guangzhou and Shunde in Southern China! You're going to love this Chinese Food Tour video, cause I'm bringing YOU with us and The Food Ranger Family for a HUGE Cantonese Food ADVENTURE!
    My parents flew in to Guangzhou, China to come eat the best Cantonese Chinese food and to meet Ting's family. So we decided to take them for only the BEST Chinese Food in Guangdong! We're going full on, eating the BEST Dim Sum, Home cooked Chinese Food, and Roast Goose!
    To start our food and travel adventure, and in true Food Ranger style, we're going first for the BEST dim sum in Guangzhou! We brought my entire family to the White Swan restaurant, and ordered some true Cantonese food dim sum classics. We ordered shrimp and truffle shaomai dumplings, huge PLUMP hagao shrimp dumplings, black bean sauce chicken feet, and more. It was honestly the best dim sum I've ever eaten! A little expensive for this Chinese food, but so WORTH IT!
    After that, we went to Guangzhou's largest seafood market to search for some delicious Chinese seafood to buy and bring back home to cook some delicious Chinese recipes with. There were massive lobsters and alaskan king crabs and more! We decided to purchase some hairy mitten crabs and steam them! Ting's mom cooked up a delicious cantonese lunch, using her home style Chinese recipes. Very delicious!
    And to finish the day, we went Foodrangin' and went on a GOOSE JOURNEY to eat the BEST cantonese roast goose in the world! Master Chef Liu, owner and head chef at Datouhua restaurant in Shunde, China, has perfected and mastered the craft of making roast goose! He served us the juiciest and most plump roast goose ever and accompanied it with some BBQ pork and goose liver! It was insanely juicy and delicious!
    The goose journey was worth coming to China alone for, and my parents loved it! It was the best day of Foodrangin' ever!
    The detailed addresses for these Chinese street food and Chinese cuisine locations are listed below:
    1) Best Dim Sum in Guangzhou:
    White Swan Restaurant (2nd floor) inside the White Swan hotel.
    Chinese name: 广州白天鹅宾馆, Chinese Restaurant Address: 沙面南路一号
    2) Best Cantonese Roast Goose and BBQ Pork in the whole world:
    Datouhua Roast Goose in Shunde, China, where all the best Cantonese chefs are from!
    BBQ Pork And Roast Goose Chinese Restaurant Name: 黄连大头华烧鹅
    Address: 勒流黄连萧地大马路72号
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    In the next video, we're going for even more street food around the world!
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    The Food Ranger  5 months ago +407

    What an AMAZING day with my family + Ting's family! Make sure to watch until the end because the DELICIOUS ROAST GOOSE and BBQ PORK is out of this world! SOOOO DELICIOUS! Thanks so much for watching! And if you want to support the show, check out our Tai Hao Le Merch or Chili OIl 4 Life Merch: www.bonfire.com/store/the-food-ranger/ Thanks so much for being a part of the Foodrangin' community!!

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