Best Gaming Mouse under Rs.1500 Budget {HINDI) Logitech G102 Prodigy Gaming Mouse Unboxing & Review

  • Published on Jan 3, 2019
  • Lets unbox & review the Logitech G102 Prodigy gaming mouse today. This is the best budget gaming mouse under Rs.1500 in India.
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Comments • 381

    NITEROX X- 3 days ago

    kiya bola beast sensor! hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Glory Infinity
    Glory Infinity Month ago

    wrong information. This mouse doesn't have Omron switches..

  • Harry pathak
    Harry pathak Month ago

    bhai yeh mouse kaisa rahega for long term usage

  • susheel kumar
    susheel kumar 4 months ago

    Bro, I'm confused between Zebronics Phobos and logitech g102.
    i need a good performance, durable mouse.
    (Usually i play rpg games like hitman and alikes )
    What could you suggest?

  • Harsh Chopra
    Harsh Chopra 5 months ago

    Is it still best now in June please tell me. My budget is 1500!

  • ShahenShah Got Games
    ShahenShah Got Games 6 months ago +1

    Bro.. Logitech g102 vs Redgear x12 pro rgb mouse?
    Which one has better grip for bigger hands and which has better accuracy?

  • Egg Yolk
    Egg Yolk 6 months ago

    Double-clicking piece of shit.

  • Animesh Singh
    Animesh Singh 7 months ago

    Sabko btadun sabse tatti mouse hei ye, g402 lelo thoda budget badhake. Size chota hei iss mouse ka aur gaming mouse ke naam pe kalank hei

  • mitrasbxz
    mitrasbxz 9 months ago

    Mera mouse same h aaj 4 month hua aur m aaj hammer se tod diya..each and every single key got malfunctioning like double triple click on a single has only pros that it has one of best gaming mouse sensor and and top notch dpi and polling rate & beautuful 16.8 million coloured RGB

  • Innocent rookie
    Innocent rookie 9 months ago

    Logitech wireless qc1 #giveawaytechdreams

  • Adarsh Tiwari
    Adarsh Tiwari 9 months ago


  • Avanish Mehra
    Avanish Mehra 10 months ago

    #giveawaytechdreams I use trackpad

  • Chandra Bhanu Upadhyay
    Chandra Bhanu Upadhyay 10 months ago +1

    #giveawaytechdreams hp mouse 150rs

  • Sanjog Chhabra
    Sanjog Chhabra 10 months ago

    #giveawaytechdreams need a new gaming mouse currently using hp mouse

  • Omkar's Music
    Omkar's Music 10 months ago +1

    Im using a 200rs logitech mouse jiska scroll button bilkul bhi kam nhi karta

  • Assasinated Gamer
    Assasinated Gamer 10 months ago

    #giveawaytechdreams bhaiyo suno flipkart se order karo ₹1100 ka hai...

  • Jyoti Nagdev
    Jyoti Nagdev 10 months ago

    I m using mouse pad of laptop I really need a good gaming mouse par mene mere paise Pubg or GTA 5 Mai uda diye or mouse ke Bina Mai Pubg ache se nhi khel sakta #giveawaytechdreams

  • Devesh Jaiswal
    Devesh Jaiswal 10 months ago

    #giveawaytechdreams I mean using a 7 years old Chinese mouse .... 😅😅

  • Raghav maheswari
    Raghav maheswari 10 months ago

    #tech drems Bhi bass de do bro good mouse hai iam using razer mouse

  • Music Masher
    Music Masher 10 months ago

    #techdremsgive away I'm using Dell mouse.

  • Ashish Vasava
    Ashish Vasava 10 months ago

    #giveawaytechdreames Regular Intex Mouse

  • Kumar Its Style
    Kumar Its Style 10 months ago +1

    I Am Using 230 Rupees Frontech Mouse

  • jony kujur
    jony kujur 10 months ago

    dell ms116 #giveawaytechdreams

  • Assasinated Gamer
    Assasinated Gamer 10 months ago

    #giveawaytechdreams aaj tak kabhi nahi jeeta hu sir please bahut purana fan hu....😔😔

  • CrAZy BoY
    CrAZy BoY 10 months ago

    Mere pas bhi yahi wala h

  • GAMIX7
    GAMIX7 10 months ago

    Gaming guide won the giveaway!!!

  • karan k raj
    karan k raj 10 months ago

    My mouse model is QHM 253WJ QHMPL PREMIUM SERIES WIRELESS MOUSE #giveawaytechdreams AND PLEASE MAKE video on amd upcoming Navi series

  • Love ki baat
    Love ki baat 10 months ago


  • Sa yan
    Sa yan 10 months ago

    #techdreamsgiveaway my current mouse is dell 190 rs wala

    HADES REBORN 10 months ago

    Hey bro please make a video on Night Hawk NM101 FPS Gaming Mouse please

  • sunny kumar
    sunny kumar 10 months ago

    Current mouse is hp

  • I'MSANE Gamer
    I'MSANE Gamer 10 months ago

    #giveawaytechdreams I am using my old dell mouse

  • Master Groom
    Master Groom 10 months ago +1

    Intex mouse 200rs

  • Devansh
    Devansh 10 months ago

    #giveawaytechdreams My current mouse is Logitech m235 which is not suitable for gaming :-(

  • Gaming Guide
    Gaming Guide 10 months ago +2

    #giveawaytechdreams i have pro dot mouse .it is very cheap mouse 😧😧

    • GAMIX7
      GAMIX7 10 months ago +1

      Congo bro won won

  • Sarika Pant
    Sarika Pant 10 months ago

    #giveawaytechdreams reddragon m601-3

  • AG Gaming
    AG Gaming 10 months ago +1

    I am Using iBall WinTop Desktop V3.0 #giveawaytechdreams

  • Khem Ram
    Khem Ram 10 months ago

    #giveawaytechdreams help me

  • HecTiiC MAK
    HecTiiC MAK 10 months ago

    I am using Gamdias Demeter E2 #giveawaytechdreams

  • Ayush sharma
    Ayush sharma 10 months ago

    #givewaytechdreams I use an tagrus wireless mouse 😀😀

  • Aman Tomar
    Aman Tomar 10 months ago

    #giveawaytechdreams Dell MS111

  • Multan Rockers
    Multan Rockers 10 months ago +1

    *👍😄Brother aapka Toh video bahut Jabardast hai*

  • Kaushik
    Kaushik 10 months ago

    #giveawaytechdreams i am currently using a hp mouse

  • shivansh pathak
    shivansh pathak 10 months ago

    I want this

  • Ghoul Gamer
    Ghoul Gamer 10 months ago

    #giveawaytechdreams I am using normal mouse

  • Tech World
    Tech World 10 months ago

    #giveawaytechdreams Quantum 90rs Mouse

  • MAF1A
    MAF1A 10 months ago

    #giveawaytechdreams using hp 250 vala mouse 2 saal ho Gaye par thik Tak hai right button sucks

  • Mohamed Saajid
    Mohamed Saajid 10 months ago

    I am currently using a zebronics non-gaming optical mouse.#giveawaytechdreams

  • Ritam Sadhukhan
    Ritam Sadhukhan 10 months ago

    #giveawaytechdreams please i want this mouse.... Currently i am using a zebronics keyboard and mouse combo mouse...... 😥

  • vedic B
    vedic B 10 months ago

    #giveawaytechdreams I am using flipkart gaming mouse G101

  • Dev Gaming
    Dev Gaming 10 months ago

    My current mouse- HP MODGUO #giveawaytechdreams

  • Dev Gaming
    Dev Gaming 10 months ago

    My current mouse model- HP MODGUO

  • A Gamer'S Life
    A Gamer'S Life 10 months ago

    Old lenovo mouse

  • wajiha arfia
    wajiha arfia 10 months ago

    bhai meri samajh nahi aa raha he ke GIGABYTE B450M DS3H and GIGABYTE B450 AORUS M me se kon sa mother bord lena chahiya bhai bato bhai jaldi jawab dena please

  • Ganpat Kumhar
    Ganpat Kumhar 10 months ago

    I really don't have a mouse but hope u will give me as I'm ur old subscriber 🤙#giveawaytechdreams

  • yogi tha bear
    yogi tha bear 10 months ago

    #giveawaytechdreams am using quantum qhm222.

  • Mohammed Sheliya
    Mohammed Sheliya 10 months ago

    #giveawaytechdreams I am using Logitech MK220 wireless mouse.

  • Anoynomus ,
    Anoynomus , 10 months ago

    #giveawaytechdreams I am using 200 rs mouse

    VAMPIRE 10 months ago

    #Giveawaytechdream I am using Quantum QHM222 model of mouse for gaming

    VAMPIRE 10 months ago

    Quantum QHM222