Eintracht Frankfurt 0-3 Arsenal | The Full Time Show LIVE CALL IN Ft Claude,Ty & Lumos

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
  • Eintracht Frankfurt v Arsenal | Live Watch Along
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Comments • 72

  • AFTV
    AFTV  Month ago +3

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  • eddyvideostar
    eddyvideostar 29 days ago

    At 22:22 minutes: Are these the times that we stoop to when a young piece of a boy with his curly braids, disrespecting the older British man, by stoking his head?
    It is not necessary to do what the silly comment or post tells you. Have respect.

  • persifedron
    persifedron Month ago +1

    More than three hours of comedy, now you're spoiling us.

  • Football United TV
    Football United TV Month ago

    Best LIVE vlog you guys have ever done!!!! shout out Lumos, TY and Claude.... :)

  • ThePunkrocker44
    ThePunkrocker44 Month ago +2

    Can I please ask for ty not to return for watch alongs as he doesn’t seem interested in engaging with any audience members and when they ask he complains that they are interrupting him watching the game

    • ThePunkrocker44
      ThePunkrocker44 Month ago

      franklingoodwin I understand that and seem them but he shouldn’t have just ignored genuine questions and been so confrontational about those questions and also the fact that lumos and Claude were also trying to get him involved and interacting with them as well as the stream

    • franklingoodwin
      franklingoodwin Month ago +1

      Probably because most of them are insulting him and trying to wind him up. Lumos and Claude were winding him up. It was funny but it sometimes verges on bullying

  • SBDU
    SBDU Month ago

    They answered my super chat hopefully indeed

  • Charles Okoronkwo
    Charles Okoronkwo Month ago +1

    We are allowing a lot of spaces in the middle. Same story with Watford and more than 20 chances created against us in the last 2 games.
    This is not sustainable.

  • Michael Farojoye
    Michael Farojoye Month ago +1

    Bukayo Saka show!😉👍😎✌

  • arnn vernoch
    arnn vernoch Month ago +18

    I'll be honest this was the most funny and entertaining live watchalong, Ty getting salty all the time and Lumos was having fun pushing Ty's buttons. This was 10/10 entertainment, super hilarious, more entertaining than the game. Please bring Claude and Ty in all europa leage watch alongs it's pure entertainment.

  • Trust the_process
    Trust the_process Month ago +8

    2:34:22 What is TY doing?

  • chadwickmoffitt
    chadwickmoffitt Month ago +7

    best live watching stream ever!! I want what was in claude's coffee cup.. lol

  • The Tact1cal 2h0w
    The Tact1cal 2h0w Month ago +2

    Don robbie needs to invest into some quality wifi the stream was slow and laggy at times

  • Sumnah Lennon
    Sumnah Lennon Month ago

    TY's a cry baby, he needs to learn how to take a fucking joke man.

  • Anthony Taylor
    Anthony Taylor Month ago +5

    Ty would argue the hind legs off a donkey 😊

  • Red Reaper
    Red Reaper Month ago +2

    It’s kofi 😂

  • king of Kush
    king of Kush Month ago +2

    Ty lost the plot

  • Andy Gee
    Andy Gee Month ago

    Lumus deserves a fucking medal to sit with TY for sooo long man 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😤🤯

  • Andy Gee
    Andy Gee Month ago +7

    TY is such a blud clot kofi 😂🤣😂

  • Andy Gee
    Andy Gee Month ago +6

    TY is such a waste of space man, serious, the guy is just like 🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • Ozils Shoe Lace
    Ozils Shoe Lace Month ago +5

    Claude’s falling out his top 🤮😂🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Michael Davis
      Michael Davis 21 day ago

      @Ozils Shoe Lace marching powder?

    • Ozils Shoe Lace
      Ozils Shoe Lace Month ago

      @Lord Claude GoonerTV behave lad. I'll see you round my mates Jays again for another session yh 😂🤐💧

    • Lord Claude GoonerTV
      Lord Claude GoonerTV Month ago

      Enough of your jokes about me mate or else I'll have your teeth falling out of your top lip

  • omar yahya
    omar yahya Month ago +1

    Great performance. We struggled in the first half but turned it around in style in the second. I thought Saka was absolutely magnificent. This young man is something special and was by far and away our MOTM. I thought Martinez was brilliant. Mustafi was rock solid. What a brilliant performance it was from him. Willock was brilliant, Xhaka and Torreira were good as well. I thought Auba was decent. However I have to admit ESR wad poor. He really struggled. Overall great result and hopefully we pick up another 3 points against Aston Villa on Sunday. COYG!!!!!

  • TheOnlyTB _
    TheOnlyTB _ Month ago +1

    The future is brightt⭐️⭐️🙏🏾

  • JafPlays
    JafPlays Month ago +2

    Where’s interviews

  • Zachary Bawa
    Zachary Bawa Month ago +2

    Lovely to see Claude happy

  • DS Intel
    DS Intel Month ago +10

    2:15:26 MUM I MADE IT

  • TheSharkLord
    TheSharkLord Month ago +50

    01:03:20 Willock goal, 1-0
    02:07:28 Saka goal, 2-0
    02:09:37 Aubameyang goal, 3-0

  • Zywwe
    Zywwe Month ago +19

    Hey guys. I was that 11 year old kid called Zain. Loved being on there and hope to again

    • Zywwe
      Zywwe Month ago +2

      Farhan Athar Oh ok. Thanks for letting me know

    • Farhan Athar
      Farhan Athar Month ago

      @Zywwe ok boy.
      Zein myassi is very active on football fan channels and send a lot of superchats.

    • Zywwe
      Zywwe Month ago

      Farhan Athar No. Who is that?

    • Farhan Athar
      Farhan Athar Month ago

      @Zywwe are you zein meyassi?

    • Zywwe
      Zywwe Month ago

      AFTV No I’m not. Thanks a lot guys for letting me on and I’ll try to come on next time as well.

  • The Great I Am
    The Great I Am Month ago +20

    Frankfurt had 24 attempts at our goal. Our keeper was arguably man of the match. He was brilliant today. Better sides given so many chances will get 4 or 5 the way we are defending, the amount of space we are giving our opponents, the gap between our defence and our midfield.
    I enjoyed the win but not the overall performance.

  • 2hislopa
    2hislopa Month ago +14


    • SBDU
      SBDU Month ago

      2hislopa rip

    • 2hislopa
      2hislopa Month ago +2

      @SBDU no i tried to phone in but couldn't get through 😂

    • SBDU
      SBDU Month ago


    • Sumnah Lennon
      Sumnah Lennon Month ago

      He got so lucky they didn't hear that. 🤣🤣🤣

  • agus kurniawan jom
    agus kurniawan jom Month ago +2

    Two young people are able to conquer k.trapp. e.frankfurt good club at least they almost got rid of Chelsea last season

  • chimpu chimp
    chimpu chimp Month ago +5


  • Ben
    Ben Month ago +63

    Claude showing off his six pack

  • GunnerGameReviewer22
    GunnerGameReviewer22 Month ago +3

    Youngsters were great today! Fantastic performance from Saka. Emery needs to play Torreira as a DM ffs.