New KVMs -- Back And Better Than Ever! (2 New Models - USBc and HDMI)

  • Published on Apr 7, 2019
  • Links:
    Single Monitor, 4 input:
    Dual Monitor, 4 input:
    Preorder USBc 1 monitor, 2 input:
    Preorder HDMI 2.0 4k/60hz
    It was so much fun working on the software for these. :D Also, extremely terrible. But awesome! It's exciting to have good KVMs in the world!

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Comments • 87

  • GoblinPhreak
    GoblinPhreak Month ago

    I hate this about AMD reddit. I have constantly told people to buy proper cables that are VESA certified to get HDR and they just wont listen. "but display port 1.2 has enough bandwidth" NO. STOP IT. The only HDR VESA cables are 1.4 or newer (obviously we don't have newer yet). So if you want proper HDR, you need a 1.4 cable.
    CLUB3D has the best cables. I use a DP 1.4 VESA certified cable from CLUB3D. IT WORKS.
    The one asshat I talked to, complained that his AMD wont do HDR with his 1.2 cable but Nvidia will. And that's because Nvidia isn't doing proper HDR. I have proven this utilizing my Radeon VII vs EVGA 1080ti FTW3. The Nvidia had serious banding issues with whites/greys/blacks and some banding in colors. While Radeon VII had NO BANDING. Of course Nvidia fanboys will claim "its your monitor" even though when using the AMD card there was NO BANDING, which means my HDR600 monitor can properly display the colors, its up to the gpu to send the proper data, and Nvidia cards WONT, and since they aren't throwing out as much data, it doesn't need as much bandwidth through the cable. The only thing I can think of, is either Nvidia NERFS their own HDR unless you utilize g-sync (which their own marketing states "g-sync ultimate is hdr1000 certified") or their own technology for color compression actually ruins image quality thus lack of colors.

  • FunsterProductions
    FunsterProductions Month ago

    dam already seem unable to buy the DP ones :(

  • Ava Tron
    Ava Tron Month ago

    are you crazy : those prices .. :((

  • Jani Valtonen
    Jani Valtonen Month ago

    I'm not missing the old mechanical ones where the picture quality was always crap and you had to leave the toggle in a specific position after a while to have it work. These days life is easier with just adding monitors and using synergy.

  • Daniel Lopez
    Daniel Lopez Month ago

    Yaas NEW DOCKS!!!

  • Brandon Burton
    Brandon Burton Month ago

    I thought that second laptop was a MacBook for second.... I was about to...

  • bulcub
    bulcub Month ago +3

    you are competitively priced and much less than everyone else's for me if you had one that does 3 monitors with 3-4 pc's or laptops that would be the ultimate sweet spot for my other work desk. I'll be waiting for the dual monitor DP to come back in stock. I hope you make a mint because this is a niche market.

  • Yethal
    Yethal Month ago +1

    Hey Wendell, are you going to release more videos about QubesOS?

  • Maxwell Meierhenry
    Maxwell Meierhenry Month ago +2

    I love how calmly Wendell explains that all the cable manufacturers you buy from are trying to trick you into buying inferior products that will not work with Level1Techs KVM's. He could have easily screamed, “Your Soylent Green brand genaric cables are not made of copper and rubber!!! It's ground up human flesh!!! 😱 Humans flesh makes a much worse conductor and isolator then copper and rubber!!! 🤬 Spam one star to show them you demand proper cables from Soylent Green generic cable company!!!" Like this comment if you hate Soylent Green cable company's use of inferior human flesh materials.

  • Siim Kuusik
    Siim Kuusik Month ago +1

    THE REAL question is: Where did the $2000 MacBook Pro came from?

    • lucas rem
      lucas rem Month ago +1

      Siim Kuusik
      Creative guy, not needing the nerdy soldering.....

  • Marc Jackson
    Marc Jackson Month ago

    SnapGear OpenGear blah blah

  • heretolevitateme
    heretolevitateme Month ago +2

    I was watching a clip that had an Emilia Clarke interview, but decided to click on this video instead because Wendall's beard is that good.

  • Kojy
    Kojy Month ago +1

    what about on USB-c for a mac and then a regular DP for a Desktop PC ?
    I'd have to buy 2 kvms to daisy chain them, because the USBc has only 2 USBc outputs :((( maybe the next iteration you'll do a one USBc and one DP input to DP output.

    • Kojy
      Kojy Month ago

      +Level1Techs ahhh that's a shame... maybe in a few years when a 1080ti becomes irrelevant :P

    • Level1Techs
      Level1Techs  Month ago +1

      Not a problem for USBc rtx graphics cards

  • Alex Disibio
    Alex Disibio Month ago +2

    60 fps video, finally!

    • lucas rem
      lucas rem Month ago

      Alex Disibio
      Noobs need 60 FPS now?

    • Frosty.
      Frosty. Month ago

      he mentioned recording at 60fps a while ago. i was so triggered that the videos were 30 lol

  • Steve Fox
    Steve Fox Month ago +1

    Wow diagnosing that cable issue would be a nightmare. You always test them one at a time. There goes 3 hours of your life!

    • lucas rem
      lucas rem Month ago

      Steve Fox
      Testing them? why that, just a box, manage them inside the cloud!

  • Jared Woodruff
    Jared Woodruff Month ago

    Not bad, been looking for a replacement for my Dell 1082DS due to its Java reliance.
    Any plans to add network support in a future model?
    if so PLEASE make it HTML5 & with built in RADIUS Authentication Support for 2 factor logins wouldn't be such a bad thing.
    it pains me that i need a isolated VM running Java 6 just to connect to old KVMs...

  • Royaleah
    Royaleah Month ago +1

    Does a kvm add any latency to either the video or keyboard/mouse?

    • lucas rem
      lucas rem Month ago

      They are managed all together, you never need that! Just a dead box running remote procedures!

    • Level1Techs
      Level1Techs  Month ago +4

      No repeater means no extra dp latency. The USB latency is about 1-3 ms, or less than 1ms for usb3 ports which are unprocessed.

  • Frozenfar
    Frozenfar Month ago +1

    Wow, fantastic job with these KVMs, the prices are little steep for me but if i wanted to buy something like this ( maybe in the future ) this will be on top of my list, and please do more of these Hardware type projects, all i want in hardware is a good support and there is no doubt in your knowledge and ethics. on the side note is it hard to add a repeater to the device, that could be hugely beneficial in terms of cable use and device use cases. all and all keep up the good work, maybe one day we get hardware with looking-glass for Linux gaming.

  • Alcaatraz01
    Alcaatraz01 Month ago

    Specifically Wendell,
    What is your opinion of the Dell XPS 15 keyboard? It's their new maglev design. I tried it at best buy and I wasn't a fan and I've heard the XPS 13 uses their traditional keyboard which is rock solid. What's your experience been?
    Also do you know if the nvidia graphics version of the 15 uses the same maglev keyboard? Best Buy hasn't had a show floor model to find out.

    • Level1Techs
      Level1Techs  Month ago

      It does take some getting used to, but it's not bad. It's not as good as the old school Lenovo keyboards by any stretch though.

  • Giovanni P.
    Giovanni P. Month ago

    We use a KVM at work with a couple of 'potato PCs linked to 'equipment' does the job - I was 'theory crafting' a home server - is it possible to have a home server via a KVM plugged into '3' monitors and your gaming machine also plugged in? Also can you have a PC linked to 2 KVMs - so you can access your server from 2 different PC locations e.g. the gaming PC in the lounge and the work PC in the office? Are KVMs compatible for multiple operating systems e.g. Unix/linux server and Windows 'local' PCs?
    The reasons why I'm considering a server is that I don't want to rely on cloud based storage (already have seen the limitations of data access with limited bandwidth/multiple users/outages due to maintenance etc). Also a server could be used to store all my media, control the home security system and cook up a nice casserole when it isn't busy.

    • BourbonWarrior
      BourbonWarrior Month ago +1

      Just get a server board with IPMI. It gives you kvm ability plus things like attaching an iso as an optical drive remotely for OS installs. And its all works over standard Ethernet

  • Pyromancer
    Pyromancer Month ago

    Looks pretty awesome but Looking Glass and a km switch has done what I need.

  • mdd1963
    mdd1963 Month ago

    what's with the new gay intro music??

  • MutkiMakesStuff
    MutkiMakesStuff Month ago

    When are you restocking the grey polos reeeeee

  • Nick
    Nick Month ago

    Only 4 meat hairs?!?

  • IsoMacintosh
    IsoMacintosh Month ago +7

    I wonder how quickly these will sell out again, that double DP one would be sweet but would require some saving up.

  • Mike Sloan
    Mike Sloan Month ago

    ok, so kvm switches are typically used so 1 person can operate multiple computers, but, can it be used to create multiple operator seats using 1 computer?

    • Andrew Crews
      Andrew Crews Month ago +1

      Because you can accomplish option A by just plugging in 2 mice and 2 keyboards, and 2 monitors. Option B is more difficult, what you want there is called a "Thin client" and is only useful in special circumstances. If you wanna talk about it there are people that can help on the Level1 forums. My username there is @Mandrewoid if you need help finding out what to ask or say.

    • Andrew Crews
      Andrew Crews Month ago

      +Mike Sloan Like they're gonna fight over the mouse cursor, or you want a different session?

    • Mike Sloan
      Mike Sloan Month ago

      +Andrew Crews yes, at the same time

    • Andrew Crews
      Andrew Crews Month ago

      At the same time? Or....

  • TheEviling
    TheEviling Month ago

    Why is there a MacBook on Wendels desk? I thought Krista was the only normie.
    Is there going to be a international distributor in EU?

    • Chris Bautista
      Chris Bautista Month ago +4

      Wendell doesn’t discriminate. He’ll use whatever OS platform to get the job done. Life’s to short to bicker about such trivial stuff.
      “Just use whatever platform that works best for you” are a few words of wisdom from Wendell.
      Krista is great example of a graphics artist who bought an iPad Pro because it helps her creativity process to get the job done.
      As a hardware developer for the KVM. Wendell needs to test it across a wide variety of devices. Mac users uses KVM too. There are users who’ll have 3 computers on a desk running Windows, Linux and MacOS simultaneously. Those are the types of people who buys KVM.

    • Palindromemordnilap
      Palindromemordnilap Month ago +5

      Still need to keep up on macOS knowledge for when you're (*dry heave*) responsible for supporting them.

  • G. Oog Le
    G. Oog Le Month ago


  • Andrew Joy
    Andrew Joy Month ago +1

    I am waiting for the next version with HDbaseT :D

    • lucas rem
      lucas rem Month ago

      Andrew Joy
      What you run on them now, how you manage them?
      Base T, went mad, ultra nerdy and freaky guy?

  • Jorno
    Jorno Month ago +2

    Don't turn it on, take it apaaaaart!

    • Leeroy
      Leeroy Month ago

      yeah, just send it to eevblog

  • Lai Lip
    Lai Lip Month ago


  • Donne
    Donne Month ago

    are the kvm's always active? like if i switch kb/m to another pc, will it notify window's that it disconnected?

    • Matei Beratco
      Matei Beratco Month ago

      +Elmiond I am actually returning an Aten DP KVM because of this. My previous 1080p60 HDMI KVM (also Aten) did not have this problem. But I need at least 1080p120 now (and future-proofing to 1440p120). As I recall, many HDMI (and VGA) KVMs advertised EDID learning. I did not see this on DPs.

    • Donne
      Donne Month ago

      +Elmiond darn. i guess i'd be looking for hardware that can redirect my inputs rather then changing over the connection. thanks for the confirmation!

    • Elmiond
      Elmiond Month ago

      Yes, USB and DP/HDMI disconnect from the computer when you switch away (probably audio too, I don't use that though..)

  • Mummel92
    Mummel92 Month ago

    Is there an Option like this with 10 or 40GbE?

    • Mummel92
      Mummel92 Month ago

      +Ailuropoda melanoleuca Nineoneone But those cables do cost a fucking lot. Especially at something like 50 metres.
      Thanks for the tip though.

    • Ailuropoda melanoleuca Nineoneone
      Ailuropoda melanoleuca Nineoneone Month ago

      +Mummel92 Corning already sells usbc fiber optic cables that can do this also includes or vdi stuff is fast you just have to turn e it right

    • Mummel92
      Mummel92 Month ago

      +Ailuropoda melanoleuca Nineoneone Yes. What I meant is a KVM Extender with dual Display Port or similar.
      VNC/Citrix are way to slow to use comfortably imo.

    • Ailuropoda melanoleuca Nineoneone
      Ailuropoda melanoleuca Nineoneone Month ago

      +Mummel92 Dude thats not what a kvm is or the point of it Mes well just use vnc or vdi . you want a remote desktop not a kvm

    • Mummel92
      Mummel92 Month ago

      +Ailuropoda melanoleuca Nineoneone So you could use it over long distances instead of being limited by USB or Thunderbolt.

  • Russ
    Russ Month ago +1

    Version/revision 3 should come with a retimer chip :)

  • Calidrius
    Calidrius Month ago +1

    How well does it transfer audio?

    • lucas rem
      lucas rem Month ago

      What do they do, audio?
      encoding, what processes????

  • Samuel Schwager
    Samuel Schwager Month ago +2

    Are there any firmware updates for the old KVM?

    • Samuel Schwager
      Samuel Schwager Month ago

      +lucas rem I don't know if it's even possible to update the KVM, that's why I'm asking ;)

    • lucas rem
      lucas rem Month ago

      Samuel Schwager
      Pushed, how you manage them?

  • Brian Esser
    Brian Esser Month ago +1

    Input Director ftw..

  • Serial Thrilla
    Serial Thrilla Month ago

    I tried to listen to this with Jeremy from Financial Education blaring in the background on my tablet behind me, but it was impossible, so I chose you :D Please, share your wisdom with me. Thank you.

  • kakarroto007
    kakarroto007 Month ago +17

    For a guy who claims to only listen to "Weird Al" Yankovic, your videos have the classiest music in them. For realz.

  • Jason Williams
    Jason Williams Month ago +5

    my dad patented the kvm switch, back at Cybex

  • Michael Clarke
    Michael Clarke Month ago +53

    Hmm, USB 3.0 and not USB 3.2 Gen 1×1? I don't know... /s

    • lucas rem
      lucas rem Month ago

      Michael Clarke
      Why you still cry USB?
      What do u run now, Thunderbolt is still supported!
      On AMD??? wait for the new chip sets, takes them some year to sell it too!

    • Prime Technophilia
      Prime Technophilia Month ago

      +klblaz yeah they renamed them or something..

    • klblaz
      klblaz Month ago +4

      @Prime Technophillia, He is talking about stupid USB naming (i.e. USB 3.2 Gen 1[x1] is the same as USB 3.0)

    • Prime Technophilia
      Prime Technophilia Month ago

      Probably need a signal repeater to maintain USB3.2 speeds. (20Gbps, 2500MB/s)

  • Paul Spencer
    Paul Spencer Month ago

    Very excited! Really looking forward to trying the new models out.

    • lucas rem
      lucas rem Month ago

      Paul Spencer
      What you run on them, how you manage them?

  • Nick P
    Nick P Month ago +57

    drinking game... every time he says "good quality cables" DRINK!

    • advsoft
      advsoft Month ago

      Not many people/brands dare to say that

  • Palindromemordnilap
    Palindromemordnilap Month ago +15

    I know why they're the price they are - limited to-order runs of a high-quality bespoke product for a small niche - but god damn these are too rich for my blood.
    I suppose it doesn't look bad next to rackmount shelves though, or rails...

    • toy machine
      toy machine Month ago

      Just got a 4k monitor and none of my switches/KVMs work with it, have to go direct to the graphics card. Can't fit this into the budget right now, hopefully a future shipment is announced at a more opportune time for me.

    • Marc Jackson
      Marc Jackson Month ago

      Freezing your genitals off getting dehydrated, been there, know better.

    • Jetpil0t
      Jetpil0t Month ago

      I feel like it would now be more of an engineering achievement to bring us the 4x Single Display unit for $250, the current price is just not approachable even for someone buying a lot of high end gear. It is simply too expensive.

    • OtherTheDave
      OtherTheDave Month ago +2

      Palindromemordnilap Yeah, I didn’t realize KVM boxes could cost so much until I started looking at rack units at my last job.

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith Month ago +4

    If only I had the money and the use case... but these things make me drool.