Level1 News December 21 2018: I Knew You Were Trouble When You Stalked In

  • Published on Dec 21, 2018
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    1:53 - Hitting 'Check for Updates' in Windows 10 Opts You into Beta Releases
    2:57 - Amazon’s strategy to foil porch pirates with facial recognition hints at a ‘dangerous future,’ critics say
    4:30 - ESET discovers 21 new Linux malware families
    5:41 - Android Trojan steals money from PayPal accounts even with 2FA on
    6:24 - Iranian phishers bypass 2fa protections offered by Yahoo Mail and Gmail
    7:28 - Ships infected with ransomware, USB malware, worms
    9:26 - We Broke Into A Bunch Of Android Phones With A 3D-Printed Head
    11:42 - Shamoon malware destroys data at Italian oil and gas company
    12:57 - Dozens of Bomb Threats Reported Across America in Apparent Bitcoin Ransom Scam
    14:15 - WordPress plugs bug that led to Google indexing some user passwords
    15:27 - Pornhub’s owner has more user data than Netflix or Hulu, here’s why
    17:21 - Tumblr returns to App Store after porn ban
    18:49 - Google will shut down Google+ four months early after second data leak
    19:48 - More people get their news from social media than newspapers
    22:20 - Facebook Filed A Patent To Predict Your Location
    23:39 - A Facebook Bug May Have Exposed The Unposted Photos Of Millions Of Users
    24:32 - Facebook could face billion dollar fine for data breaches
    25:45 - World of Reel: Minnesota Professor: God Didn't Have Virgin Mary's Consent to Impregnate Her
    26:41 - Soulja Boy strikes again; famous rapper resells Chinese Fuze console
    28:35 - Walmart employee quits over intercom: 'Nobody should work here, ever'
    30:11 - PewDiePie vs. T-Series and Rewind 2018: the battle for RU-clip, explained
    31:25 - $100,000 Up For Grabs For Someone Who Can Live Without A Smartphone For 365 Days
    32:53 - Claps and cheers: Apple stores' carefully managed drama
    35:57 - Samsung Embarrassingly Partners With Fake Supreme
    37:07 - Russian State TV Shows Off 'Robot' That's Actually a Man in a Robot Suit
    37:57 - Were Taylor Swift fans tracked at her gig?
    39:04 - [JDK-8215217] OpenJDK source has too many swear words
    40:50 - Parrot has been placing orders on its owner's Amazon account by talking to Alexa
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Comments • 184

  • Nocturnal 007
    Nocturnal 007 4 months ago

    I worked at Walmart once. Would *never* recommend it.

  • xxx xxx
    xxx xxx 4 months ago

    the $100,000 no smartphone contest is bs because you have to be an addict just to enter it.. meaning me who doesn't even bother with phones can't even attempt to partcipate. gotta love how all the good/cool contests never apply to me.

  • Alpha 60
    Alpha 60 4 months ago

    Russian TV actor walks like it shit itself.

  • murtadha96
    murtadha96 4 months ago

    I want that wallpaper :((

  • Wolfman Jack
    Wolfman Jack 4 months ago

    Yep. I love ancient aliens.

  • Mickel Ntek
    Mickel Ntek 4 months ago

    100k for not using a smartphone for a year I'm in. i have been doing that for 32 years. unless i would have to star using one after then i'm out.

  • Frosty.
    Frosty. 5 months ago

    forcing a healthy bird to live in a cage is cruel. But the people who clip their wings too.. thats horror-movie level of cruelty
    it's like cutting off someones legs and sticking them in a chair 0.o

  • Frosty.
    Frosty. 5 months ago +1

    that Minnesota prof deserves a medal lol

    DAVID GREGORY KERR 5 months ago

    One more reason to ditch your Android phones and switch to iPhones.

  • fr0ek
    fr0ek 5 months ago

    girl; Techdledum; Techdledee

  • Ricardo
    Ricardo 5 months ago

    Intel deca core hedt cpu is one exotic bird... high maintenance cost...

  • Price
    Price 5 months ago


  • Faf Dus
    Faf Dus 5 months ago +1

    I am alive.

  • Brofights
    Brofights 5 months ago

    Is L1 news now back all in one video instead of the multiple ones? Haven't been around for the news here for a while.

  • Melvin Klein
    Melvin Klein 5 months ago

    I have a blue-fronted amazon (translation by google. 'Amazona aestiva' is the latin name). And you are right: he is loud, he is expensive, he needs a lot of attention. Short: High maintenance.
    I'm not really sure if there is such a big difference in intelligence between him and an african grey.
    He knows his name, he knows my name, he can give me basic orders (not really sure if he is my pet or I'm his...). And the quality of his sound reproduction is astonishing! He had me check the door multiple times because his reproduction of the door bell was that accurate! Fortunately he stopped making the door bell sound^^
    Also: Wasn't the bird on the roof a macaw?

  • Java Beanz
    Java Beanz 5 months ago

    Well, I just subscribed, doing my part to get you into "2019 Rewind" ;o)

  • v1m30
    v1m30 5 months ago

    8:00 who would have seen that one coming, oh wait Hackers 1995 movie LOL

  • Marcus B.S.
    Marcus B.S. 5 months ago

    #engagementchallenge I have a blue and gold macaw. They are expensive and loud is a relative term.

  • Nova Prosperidade
    Nova Prosperidade 5 months ago

    do apple have thermal sensors?

  • nike12000
    nike12000 5 months ago

    Not sure your def of exotic bird but I have a green cheek conure

  • Brutaltronics
    Brutaltronics 5 months ago

    i'm pretty sure most of the dislikes on youtube rewind are non pewdiepie related.

  • ElgarL
    ElgarL 5 months ago

    I can live without ANY phone for 365 days!

  • Steven Anderson
    Steven Anderson 5 months ago

    Merry Christmas you all God Bless.

  • nike12000
    nike12000 5 months ago

    Apple deff used 3D heads to creating faceid they talked about it on stage at the keynote!

  • Peter Jansen
    Peter Jansen 5 months ago +1

    What do you want to do about MS abusing its costumers as testers without permission? How about running Linux and only using Windows wihtout a license for games and Adobe crap?

  • TheZoogkiller
    TheZoogkiller 5 months ago

    The lords of apple. That was almost a music reference from Wendel. Purely accidental to be sure.

  • TheBibliofilus
    TheBibliofilus 5 months ago

    I expect the next live show to feature lots of warmed mulled wine with gingerbread cookies!

  • Hans Maulwurf
    Hans Maulwurf 5 months ago

    what would you recomend instead of Wordpress???

  • wooo weee
    wooo weee 5 months ago

    ah parrots, the kind of pet where when you die it breaks their mind.

  • Wiseguy724
    Wiseguy724 5 months ago +3

    14:04 , some kid I went to HS with did that, twice, as well as pulling a fire alarm, got caught all 3 times. He's now at the age where he can vote and have children, way scarier then anything steven king can muster.

  • chewchewboy
    chewchewboy 5 months ago

    Why did samsung try to partner with supreme, instead of carhartt? Nice shirt Ryan

  • jmontgo87
    jmontgo87 5 months ago

    I used to sing I knew you were trouble when you "SPAWNED" in lol. I was playing Arma 2 and DayZ Mod at the time. GOOOOOOD TIMES : )

  • SoCalSlaughter
    SoCalSlaughter 5 months ago

    Just watched the 2018 Rewind. Wow. 100% trash. I fear for the future of humanity.

  • NeoVoodooTech
    NeoVoodooTech 5 months ago +1

    Wait a second, container ships an maritime transport being ransomed by worm viruses and Trojans? Hackers is real! I knew it was a documentary film.

  • peter gildersleve
    peter gildersleve 5 months ago

    on the insider programme, no major issues with the skip ahead tier

  • Mike Bennett
    Mike Bennett 5 months ago

    Merry Christmas...

  • Christopher Kooistra
    Christopher Kooistra 5 months ago

    Did Wendell just talk about us plebes as normies?

  • Kyle Newlove
    Kyle Newlove 5 months ago

    I have a green cheek conure! ru-clip.com/video/6kgwzzMxY38/video.html still very intelligent, he is potty trained and talks too.

  • Brian the Red
    Brian the Red 5 months ago

    Cmon.. if youre gona drop 40k References Wendell, you better better have a Battle Report to post on L1 :)

  • Jesse Crockett
    Jesse Crockett 5 months ago

    so you guys are web developers who do this on the side? awesome.

  • Topside08
    Topside08 5 months ago

    40:00 so just to clarify the bug was "too many swear words" and it was marked as resolved how many where removed to return the number to an acceptable level... did they remove all of them... if they did I'd like to point out that they did it wrong... the bug clearly says "too many" and not "there are swear words"

  • Yaze 76
    Yaze 76 5 months ago

    6:08 normies ree

  • Yaze 76
    Yaze 76 5 months ago

    that turtleneck makes wendell look like steve jobs

  • Brandon Burton
    Brandon Burton 5 months ago

    Wendel hungover..? Whut

  • Shiny_Gliscor
    Shiny_Gliscor 5 months ago +2

    Are you going to talk about the death of Hentai Haven?

  • Luis Alonzo
    Luis Alonzo 5 months ago +1

    That Wordpress segment triggered Wendell's PTSD

  • Charles Balliet
    Charles Balliet 5 months ago

    11:30 the first step to the god emperor of mankind lol

  • Bhudipta Tarafder
    Bhudipta Tarafder 5 months ago

    Russian Flag

  • Martin darlington
    Martin darlington 5 months ago

    Hilarious! just great, Merry christmas to you all, hope you have a great time.

  • Alexander Rex Evensen
    Alexander Rex Evensen 5 months ago

    No mention of Patreon being dipshits though.

  • Addictive_LiquoriCe
    Addictive_LiquoriCe 5 months ago

    Ouff I could retire being handed $100,000. But no internet during workdays?
    I'll swing an anvil in my face just forgetting my phone in the car...
    So 365 days? Noup! Can't be done.

  • Shane
    Shane 5 months ago

    Sams club was the only job Ive ever been fired from... similar thing, belittling managers and managers that couldnt answer basic questions I had. Then getting told to move faster while trying to move a pallet of ice. I told the manager to go screw her hat.

  • Jason Siebert
    Jason Siebert 5 months ago +2

    +1 for 40k reference.

  • Schmoo
    Schmoo 5 months ago

    The background on the screens has the same color palette as the Russian flag...

  • DerBauer
    DerBauer 5 months ago

    i love how Krista says Bye! Yes i stay entertained till the very end. :)

  • Alexander Rex Evensen
    Alexander Rex Evensen 5 months ago

    Christmas is Monday, Christmas dinner, open gifts, relax, Tuesday is relaxing.

  • Mork the Chicken
    Mork the Chicken 5 months ago

    RU-clip engagement comment

  • philondez
    philondez 5 months ago

    4:10 That's happened in my neighborhood. The people who did it weren't the brightest lol, I guess it was a couple. There had been a bad storm so they were going around handing out roof repair pamphlets with their personal phone number, and leaving them tucked into the front door if no one answered. A friend's daughter was home but didn't answer the door since she didn't know the man, he didn't realize she was home. She saw him take their package and, as you might can guess, they were in court in no time. Unfortunately they couldn't prove that they took the package (his defense was that he'd carried a box of pamphlets to the door with him and that's what she saw him carrying back) but one of them got caught lying under oath and had to pay a $700 fine.

  • texasdee slinglead
    texasdee slinglead 5 months ago

    As a service plumber , I can tell when I'm about to lose another customer . They all watch Ponderosa within six months to a year before the grim reaper turns their t.v. off for good. It's happened too , two , to , 2 many times to, two , too, my customers . I just can't imagine going over the Rainbow bridge watching Ponderosa or The View.

  • ekurisona
    ekurisona 5 months ago

    44:41 ru-clip.com/video/V1M6EYA14eU/video.html

  • 1Post Daily
    1Post Daily 5 months ago

    I have UPS fuckup all the time and place my packages at other people's APT. I remembered when you had an option of who you wanted to mail the packages with all vendors and my chose in the past was always FedEx or USPS. I have to argue with UPS's customer service and go grab my packages from that neighbors home and I guess they list me as a pirate of my own items. UPS sucks.....it seems as if all of them....except USPS..have problems these days getting items to a door. Even when you state something needs a signature they don't even bring the package to your door nor do they knock....they place one of those stupid " I am going to steal your items" notes on your door and all is done just so they can steal your items and say they sent them back. Guess losing their jobs is worth my cheap packages that can't be resold. Even with large expensive items they will not wait for signature. I would rather have USPS, FedEx, or DHL ship my items over UPS. Amazon is bad about using shit shipping company that is always UPS seems there are no more options as to which company you want shipping your items because the shipping companies required extra process to secure packages and so forth from Amazon but the only one that did not was UPS....so we get shit UPS.

  • 3NTR0PY
    3NTR0PY 5 months ago

    Supreme market to fuccbois. They made the moneygun, 'nuff said

  • David Minor
    David Minor 5 months ago

    (Pretend shock!) Did sweet Krista just say Dick pix? lol

  • lukemsilver
    lukemsilver 5 months ago

    Next episode featuring alcohol 😁

  • Luca Digioia
    Luca Digioia 5 months ago

    Apple should just make its own language, I suggest them calling it APPLESPEAK. First thing I would do is change BUG to FEATURE.

  • Orion Rodriguez
    Orion Rodriguez 5 months ago

    28:40 I actually do watch these first thing every morning they're posted :D you guys get priority, I can.brush my teeth and do other stuff while I listen

  • Joseph J
    Joseph J 5 months ago +16

    I love how Ryan says nearly everything I want to say which I don't because I don't want to tolerate anyone who is offended. I think at least 50% of the current appeal for me here is this lack of sympathy and the other 50% is the puns. 😂

    • Frosty.
      Frosty. 5 months ago

      ryan really is the best

    • Lunixed
      Lunixed 5 months ago +3

      Yes, introverts with superiority complexes that practice social exclusion is their key demographic. See! Not too hard to say what you think and I truly won't care what your reaction nor your reply will be 😉

  • SxIdierman
    SxIdierman 5 months ago

    Incoming uncensored Level1 News! Wooooooooo!

  • Frank Sandow
    Frank Sandow 5 months ago

    You should not think Russian TV did that unintentionally, they literally lie every day and there is information that they order pieces with predetermined scripts and air that as news.
    TLDR: never trust Russian state TV.

    • lucas rem
      lucas rem 5 months ago

      never trust state TV. MASSMEDIA!

  • CamberwellCarrot
    CamberwellCarrot 5 months ago

    Assasins and suspicious spouses will surely subscribe to the Facebook future locations service.

  • Karthig1987
    Karthig1987 5 months ago

    Krista sure does have lofty dreams

  • sirius4k
    sirius4k 5 months ago

    How can Ryan drop fusion bombs every day? There shouldn't be anything to bomb long time ago.

  • Péter Menyhárt
    Péter Menyhárt 5 months ago

    Facebook will have a really easy job to find out my future location: I'll be in my room like always.

  • MunkeyChips
    MunkeyChips 5 months ago

    You should make sure to subscribe to PewDiePie, anyways. We can't let T Series be #1!

  • Bickety Bam
    Bickety Bam 5 months ago

    It's stated the African Grey can live between 40-60 years. So it is probably got to a nice old age and just wants to fuck with every body. My old neighbour here in Australia had a Sulphur-crested cockatoo that she had when she was a child all the way up till she was 70+ and it was a loud and noisy bird (that had lost all it's feathers over time and they had a special jumper made for it - a collection of different jumpers too), but it was also a character and would imitate noises like fire alarms etc in the middle of the night i think just to fuck with people. You get to that age, as a bird, you can do whatever the fuck you want.
    I also had a mate that lived on the Sunshine Coast that had one as well at his place and it would imitate the cars beeping when they reversed (even if they didn't make sounds after that) and would abuse anyone that came to the house... it was an honor to get abused by it.

  • Dimitry Ttt
    Dimitry Ttt 5 months ago


  • Pvk Jhilk
    Pvk Jhilk 5 months ago

    oh & free 2 day shipping on backcountry.com above $50

  • Pvk Jhilk
    Pvk Jhilk 5 months ago

    was that ectoplasm on swift's face?

  • White
    White 5 months ago

    Just ordered my stuff yesterday came today, got a year free of prime for being a student 🤙🏻

    • tomtalk24
      tomtalk24 5 months ago

      Nothing is free! You've got a year of Amazon building you an online profile you dont know about for being "a student". Students are sooooo stupid and easy to con these days, love it!

  • Vercusgames
    Vercusgames 5 months ago

    Some kind of lock and drop box built into all houses. I'm amazed we still have such an open mail box system. Locks don't stop thieves. But they sure as hell reduce them.

  • Ed ash
    Ed ash 5 months ago

    I have a Psych student that isnt getting this idea... that the net is a GREAT way to analyze persons..

    • Ed ash
      Ed ash 5 months ago

      +Joseph J
      Im not talking about Money making, they already know how to do that..
      Many people are getting smarter, the Old hats learned lessons long ago about programs and such.
      This is like an open Forum. Where people drop defenses and just comment. They dont care who see's it..Trolls abound.. Making a few programs at a reasonable price, that will phone home with the selections a person made over time...can give allot of info, Games that give choices and ramifications..NOT just a game. you could delve into Politics and just about anything, to see What people think, and later WHY.. what created this person to think in such a away...More human programming...

    • Joseph J
      Joseph J 5 months ago

      Ed ash it is a great way to analyze internet users. That is unfortunately where it stops. Not every human who uses the internet is going to be your ideal lab rat for you to generate an inflated income by selling them books, drugs and therapy. Most users are self aware.

  • AxeMastersINC
    AxeMastersINC 5 months ago

    So there is no communication at sea, in the sea. How can that be if we covered around the globe with satellites? And why does my GPS always every damn day the first thing it says is locating a signal? The only place you would not get a signal would be in a tunnel or a BinLaden cave or under the sea.

  • Butter Bee
    Butter Bee 5 months ago +5

    39:14 that's not JavaScript, it's Java. Two very different programming languages with similar name.

  • ardas
    ardas 5 months ago


  • Awang Ilyas Awang Mahsen

    Well, looks like I'll need to pickup physical 2FA USB keys then.

  • Sir SavesALot
    Sir SavesALot 5 months ago

    Uhm, Will Smith IS a RU-clipr. He makes great videos here.

    • Addictive_LiquoriCe
      Addictive_LiquoriCe 5 months ago

      He's Hollywood no matter what. That triumphs everything for ever in his case.

  • Emil Nicolaie Perhinschi

    google is already computing location based on previous location, direction and speed; if the data connection stops it will extrapolate your location based on previous data, then correct when your data connection goes back on
    only hope the extrapolated data can't be used in court as actual location

  • William fforbes-Rutt
    William fforbes-Rutt 5 months ago


  • Outkast Army
    Outkast Army 5 months ago

    the most probable reason more people get the news from social media is because its so insecure even a normy can hack it! and we all know by now facebook knows everything about everyone!

  • skaltura
    skaltura 5 months ago

    Please don't be so politically correct. It's not racist to say that Irish like their alcohol.

    • tomtalk24
      tomtalk24 5 months ago

      Maybe because the Irish arent a race, they're a nation?

  • Vi XiphiqiX
    Vi XiphiqiX 5 months ago

    Mon = nln

  • Nihil obstat FPV
    Nihil obstat FPV 5 months ago

    Muh One Tab?

  • Vincent Green
    Vincent Green 5 months ago +3

    Can I edit the level1 videos

  • MrGarkin
    MrGarkin 5 months ago

    Apple is a sect, not surprised.

  • Jesus McBeth
    Jesus McBeth 5 months ago

    The parrot one was the best in this one sure and maybe ever

  • h0len
    h0len 5 months ago

    The latest windows update which was automatically installed, made my laptop unusable... If I do more than 4 tasks at a time it freezes for 10 mins.
    4 active tasks like python, unity, RU-clip and what ever. While using 12% of cpu 😐

  • MrGarkin
    MrGarkin 5 months ago

    y, quality newspappers, like spiegel, rofl

  • Nigel Sharp
    Nigel Sharp 5 months ago +8

    What would the Irish do with a billion dollars? Lol, Man we’re 200 billion in debt.

    • thechickensandwich
      thechickensandwich 5 months ago

      I mean, national debt is usually a good thing assuming the money is handled properly. The idea is that national debt is intended to earn more in investment than the cost of debt. It has the added advantage of being large and very long term lending. In fact, if your country offers savings bonds or "victory" bond equivalents then that contributes to national debt. Buying a bond puts your nation in debt to you for the term of the bond. You contribute to your own national debt. Which again; isn't really a bad thing.

    • Java Beanz
      Java Beanz 5 months ago

      Would make for one heck of a St Patty's day celebration ;o)

    • Abraham Kornfeld
      Abraham Kornfeld 5 months ago

      +texasdee slinglead
      googol and googolplex of debt

    • texasdee slinglead
      texasdee slinglead 5 months ago

      Wow , you guys are in great shape . We folk here in America make up new numbers for the size of our debt.

    • yumri4
      yumri4 5 months ago

      so 1 billion will pull you out of debt

  • Josh Bragalone
    Josh Bragalone 5 months ago


    • tomtalk24
      tomtalk24 5 months ago

      She always yawns! Guess its the whole day of recording that gets to her.

  • Yhigma
    Yhigma 5 months ago

    I don't like how Ryan has been trying to take a lot of the spot light lately. I want to hear what the other 2 have to say. He seems to try to fulfill the loud American stereotype

    • lucas rem
      lucas rem 5 months ago

      The US is all about loud stereotypes, subcultures of loud stereotypes is the minority, that's how we build it!
      America is way bigger!

    • tomtalk24
      tomtalk24 5 months ago

      The news is his show really, he can do as he pleases.