Where to See Christmas Lights in London | Christmas in London | Love and London

  • Published on Nov 30, 2017
  • Get to know where the best Christmas lights and Christmas decorations are during London's winter season. If you want to experience something free and festive while visiting London, all of these top Christmas light spots will do it for ya.
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  • Lewis Fullerton
    Lewis Fullerton 17 days ago


  • Mukul Bhatnagar
    Mukul Bhatnagar 2 months ago

    Hello Jess. When do they start illuminating for Christmas?

  • Julie Randall
    Julie Randall 11 months ago

    Thankyou Jess. Luckily I live just one hour away!

  • puma trol
    puma trol 11 months ago


  • Creative Diaries
    Creative Diaries Year ago

    Great video! I love London at Christmas 😍 So iconic

  • Eliane Fadel
    Eliane Fadel Year ago +3

    London city 🎄🎁☺️ pretty good 2018 🎄

  • Captain Steven Markovich

    Excellent making our second trip to London at Xmas. Very helpful. Subscribed

    • Captain Steven Markovich
      Captain Steven Markovich Year ago

      Balcony on Thames is spectacular

    • Captain Steven Markovich
      Captain Steven Markovich Year ago

      Love and London look forward to it. We are staying at the Marriott County Hall

    • Love and London
      Love and London  Year ago

      Oh how exciting. More Christmas content coming on the channel soon, plus lots will be on instagram.com/loveandlondon

  • Nikki Madison
    Nikki Madison Year ago

    I'm sooo excited to be in London during the christmas time!! Do you know when they usually turn the lights on?? I arrive end of November & will be there for about 10 days :)

    • Nikki Madison
      Nikki Madison Year ago

      Love and London Yay!! Hopefully i won’t be too jet lagged to stay up when they do turn on haha

    • Love and London
      Love and London  Year ago +1

      Starting end of November!

  • Nayara Salbego
    Nayara Salbego 2 years ago

    Hi! Thank you for your amazing tips about London.
    Do you happen to have recorded a video on New Year's Eve in London? I was wondering where the best spots to see fireworks would be for this year 2017/2018.

    • Love and London
      Love and London  2 years ago

      You're welcome! I didn't get around to doing anything about NYE this year but there's loads on the internet if you hop on Google you'll find some stuff :)

  • London City Randomizer

    Nice video :)

  • MysticLadyFae
    MysticLadyFae 2 years ago

    omg, I want to visit London for Christmas!! When do they start turning on the holiday lights in London? Mid or late November?

  • Jenifer Lemus
    Jenifer Lemus 2 years ago +1

    I'm going to be in london starting the 4th of january. Will any of these lights still be up?

  • KS Ooi
    KS Ooi 2 years ago

    Jess, do you have any idea when are all these xmas lights will be removed? Im visiting london in 29th Dec and i hope i wont miss those lights

  • CoolCat Carolena
    CoolCat Carolena 2 years ago

    I found you through Amy. Love love love this channel. I have family in London (I live in Florida) I'll tell them about you and your great channel! Cheers!

  • André Lousada, Conductor

    This is awesome!!!! :) I need yo get to London again!

  • Anna Barreto
    Anna Barreto 2 years ago

    And it goes until...?

    • Love and London
      Love and London  2 years ago

      Dates vary for all of them... usually past New Years.

  • Carol Miller
    Carol Miller 2 years ago

    Thanks Jess, next trip will be around the holidays!

  • eleftheria Chania
    eleftheria Chania 2 years ago

    Christmas in London is magical!!!!!!
    I was there 4 years ago and I had the most amazing time!!!!
    I loved the lights,the Christmas decorations...but the best of all was the evening prayer with carols at St Paul's Cathedral!!!

  • Marie Duncan
    Marie Duncan 2 years ago

    We leave in 2 weeks for our trip. This makes me so excited to see!!! I bought your guide. Usually how long does it take to be added to the FB group?

    • Love and London
      Love and London  2 years ago

      Hi Marie, so glad you're excited! We'll be in full Christmas swing here once you arrive. Thanks for getting The Local Guide to London! I've just approved your Facebook membership. Feel free to introduce yourself :) And shoot me an email if you didn't get the alert that you've been added to the map.

  • Joel & Lia
    Joel & Lia 2 years ago +4

    Loved this! You're such a good presenter!

  • Emilia Lavoie
    Emilia Lavoie 2 years ago

    Heading to london today! So excited xx

  • AmandaMUA
    AmandaMUA 2 years ago

    Went to most of these places last week and loved it! what a great video! Covent garden was my favorite!!

    • Love and London
      Love and London  2 years ago

      Thank you! Glad to hear you got to see all the lights :)

  • teknekon
    teknekon 2 years ago +2

    Fantastic Jess! Very informative and fun. Amazing production values! So natural, professional and smooth! Hard work pays off, right? Thanks! Keep it up! Love and cheers! 👍💗😘🎄🇬🇧

    • Love and London
      Love and London  2 years ago

      Aw thanks very much. Worked hard on this one and the next ones coming up!

  • Sean Robert Ramuno
    Sean Robert Ramuno 2 years ago +9

    I just discovered your channel and I find it amazing! I live in Atlanta and think London is the best city on this planet! Thanks for all your tips and I will certainly use all the great info when I come over this Spring!

    • Julie Randall
      Julie Randall 11 months ago

      You must visit and stay!

    • Love and London
      Love and London  2 years ago +2

      Hi Sean, welcome to the community! And thanks so much for your nice comment.

  • Eddie cordero
    Eddie cordero 2 years ago

    Looking to go next November mid-month. Will all the lights be on by then? Thanks so much for Your Awesome Videos!!

    • Love and London
      Love and London  2 years ago

      Hey Edgardo, this year they were pretty much all switched on by 20th November. Thanks for watching!

    • Craig Tilley
      Craig Tilley 2 years ago +1

      Some might, it's traditionally the end of November that these switch-on's take place.

  • Nisha Davdra
    Nisha Davdra 2 years ago

    Loved the peacock lights this year! Your vlogs are awesome! Are you going to the party next week Jess?

    • Nisha Davdra
      Nisha Davdra 2 years ago

      I'm good. I didn't even think that. Never mind, next year for sure....hope we catch up with each other soon!

    • Love and London
      Love and London  2 years ago

      Thanks Nisha! :) Nope I don't meet the requirements lol. Hope you're well!

  • Naila Rose
    Naila Rose 2 years ago +1

    so beautiful lights thank you for sharing jess!