850km Motorbike Trip Across 3 States in India 🇮🇳

  • Published on Apr 20, 2016
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    I motorbiked 850km across 3 states in India with a guy I only met on Facebook during my Balkan motorbike trip! What a cool experience!
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  • Flores Cost
    Flores Cost 4 months ago

    Bro,do you use your own bike for the trips or rent one.I would like to meet up with your guys for a trip on July 2020.ill be in Thailand on January for mirror your ride.am turning 60 have to get it in before I go to sleep. Keep riding and stay safe.

  • TravelWith SOURAB
    TravelWith SOURAB 9 months ago

    You have awesome videos . Today I found out your channel and I am watching one after another your videos. I will be visiting Lithuania in June2019. Cheers👍👍

  • Sheeny Elopre
    Sheeny Elopre Year ago

    Can you come here in the philippines?

  • arshpreet sall
    arshpreet sall Year ago

    thets soo very cool dude... hope to get a chance for biking with you someday.. #InMyDreamList

  • Jack Blegen
    Jack Blegen Year ago

    I'd love to see an extended video of your trip in india!

  • tony s
    tony s Year ago

    would love to see your europe 15 countries motorbike trip

  • N9 Nadaf
    N9 Nadaf Year ago

    How is your'RE performance.......Any breakdowns

  • Positive Mentality

    Visit the North East of India

  • Bishal Das
    Bishal Das Year ago

    What is the music ur using and from where do u get those can u plz tell me it would be very helpful

  • Vijay Singh
    Vijay Singh Year ago

    You come to India, you drive like India.

  • DEVIL艾Matrix
    DEVIL艾Matrix Year ago

    You should come to here "Assam", northeastern part of India and fell in love with the beauty of the nature at its best

  • Abhishek Deshmukh

    Excellent music score

    JK TECH WORLD Year ago


  • shahul hameed
    shahul hameed Year ago

    Ooty is very beautiful place in tamilnadu.

  • Keerthana Karthikeyan

    I'm watching this video in 2018 and I'm like "Don't tell me he was in Tamil Nadu"

  • Nav Singh
    Nav Singh Year ago


  • Armux LTU
    Armux LTU Year ago

    das is The3dvinas filmotojas

  • Ghanshyam Kadam
    Ghanshyam Kadam Year ago

    Love from pune 🇮🇳

  • Akul A
    Akul A Year ago

    Did you visit Mysore?

  • Akul A
    Akul A Year ago

    Awesome video...I live in the state you visited ....

  • Slmn Prince
    Slmn Prince Year ago

    Do you travelled north of pakistan??

  • Hum Don
    Hum Don Year ago

    Love your videos and your enthusiasm. Hope you’ll visit Maldives soon. If you do, would love to meet up and show you around.

  • Glen Padua
    Glen Padua Year ago

    Haha that's awesome. Right next to my hometown Coimbatore!

  • Abhinav Sah
    Abhinav Sah Year ago

    Love from India dude . visit again.

  • Bipradeep Deb
    Bipradeep Deb 2 years ago +2

    Jacob just go on trip from Manali to Leh on Bullet.....
    The road, the scenery, the blood rush will keep you awake at nights

  • Anindya
    Anindya 2 years ago +1

    Please make more detailed videos... This was awesome.... Greetings from India

  • Vaishnavi Kashyap
    Vaishnavi Kashyap 2 years ago +3

    I live in India but this is the first time I myself realised that roads aren't that bad here as we complain 😂

  • Akshay Patel
    Akshay Patel 2 years ago

    You are awesome man....come back to us we love you.

  • Himalyan monk
    Himalyan monk 2 years ago

    Try Himachal kullu Manali Leh next time

  • Bala Krishnan
    Bala Krishnan 2 years ago

    Happy to see u in my hometown ooty😉

  • ameya deshmukh
    ameya deshmukh 2 years ago

    I also want to be a traveler like you when I grow up

  • Arun Ragnar
    Arun Ragnar 2 years ago +2

    0:44 my hometown 😍😍😍

    SRINIDHI T 2 years ago

    visit goa in india. Road from goa to belgaum is really awesome with some water falls and fog

  • Parv Haria
    Parv Haria 2 years ago

    Come to Mumbai next time, man. Your videos are amazing!

  • Anirban
    Anirban 2 years ago

    India is Paradise unexplored for bikers

  • Augustine J Samuel
    Augustine J Samuel 2 years ago

    Was this the South of India

    • Filmy Effects
      Filmy Effects 2 years ago

      Augustine J Samuel .Yes! It's south India!!

  • Lalita Niyaa
    Lalita Niyaa 2 years ago

    It's nice that you were around my hometown(Mysore Karnataka, South India)... Hope you had a great time... You are exploring different regions of the world which inspired me as well...
    keep going... Tc 😊

  • Lal Thanhawla
    Lal Thanhawla 2 years ago

    what is your income?? really really want to know

    • Virat Chhikara
      Virat Chhikara 2 years ago

      Jacob Laukaitis
      That's what you do not your income!

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  2 years ago

      +Lal Thanhawla the answer is in my 'about' section on my profile.

  • kapil sharma
    kapil sharma 2 years ago

    ladkhe is best in inida --it has highest altitude road of world --mountain bike ride --i have just done 1 year ago

  • Matias Rios
    Matias Rios 2 years ago +1


  • ankur singh
    ankur singh 2 years ago

    what do you think about India jacob ?

    • ankur singh
      ankur singh 2 years ago

      Jacob Laukaitis yes we too are waiting for your travelling videos in India :)

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  2 years ago +3

      I think India has tons of awesome places to explore and I can't wait to come back to do some more traveling there!

  • Ishaan Giri
    Ishaan Giri 2 years ago +32

    Nice to see a white guy riding a Bullet in the streets of Bangalore & Ooty

    • Nothing Personal kid
      Nothing Personal kid Year ago

      Jacob Laukaitis damnn . Are you gonna come back to bangalore or anywhere in india anytime soon ?

    • Ishaan Giri
      Ishaan Giri 2 years ago +3

      Go on a road trip to Ladakh, if you really want to enjoy riding Bullet

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  2 years ago +8

      +Subhash Giri haha! :) I'm gonna go back to India to do a lot more riding with my Royal Enfield.

  • My Tech Information
    My Tech Information 2 years ago

    did you taste biryani in india

  • Js Arun
    Js Arun 2 years ago

    my state Karnataka, awesome

  • hnaii Solo
    hnaii Solo 2 years ago +4

    darn you😂😂 I'm here enjoy watching ur videos and it is already very late I have a few hours to sleep and test tomorrow 😛😛 but it is all worth it from North Korea to India and to everywhere 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Vaibhav Gupta
    Vaibhav Gupta 2 years ago

    Hey man , Hope u had a good time here :)
    Love your work
    Lots of love and best of wishes from Kolkata, India.

  • Asuma Sarutobi
    Asuma Sarutobi 2 years ago

    I'm planning/hoping to one day do a motorcycle tour of India (among several other countries), let's just say India may have just been bumped to the top of that list ;)

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  2 years ago

      Awesome to hear! I'll be doing some motorbike trips there as well :)

  • TheMotorman
    TheMotorman 2 years ago

    Ride with me in North East India

    • TheMotorman
      TheMotorman 2 years ago

      @Jacob Laukaitis Your most welcome..

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  2 years ago

      That'd be fun, but I don't know when I'm coming there. Though I surely will sometime in the future.

  • Alberto mori
    Alberto mori 2 years ago +1

    i'm gelous XD XD, I would love to do this trip

  • INDIAN ERA jai hind
    INDIAN ERA jai hind 2 years ago

    it have set a new trend in INDIA .so I asked your opinion

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  2 years ago

      +INDIAN ERA jai hind well Royal Enfields are definitely awesome bikes. When I come back to India, I'll def rent one of them.

  • INDIAN ERA jai hind
    INDIAN ERA jai hind 2 years ago

    hey dude.how was that bike for riding.

  • Independent Media
    Independent Media 2 years ago

    Didn't you visit HImalayas ?

  • Aniket Parte
    Aniket Parte 2 years ago

    which 3 states you have covered in India.?

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  2 years ago

      +Aniket Parte I forgot these 3 states but I was going from Bangalore to Ooty and back via another direction.

  • Yoshar
    Yoshar 2 years ago

    hey come to pak we will do together cause soon i'm going to start motor bike journey throughout whole pakistan....

    • Yoshar
      Yoshar 2 years ago

      +Jacob Laukaitis wlcm

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  2 years ago

      Yeah, I'll definitely come to Pakistan sooner or later. Heard good things about it!

  • Ridwan Yusoff
    Ridwan Yusoff 3 years ago

    nice bro!! how much do you rent the royal enfield and for how many days?

    • Ridwan Yusoff
      Ridwan Yusoff 2 years ago

      Jacob Laukaitis if you intend to do a roadtrip in southeast asia, i would like to join you someday!!

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  3 years ago +1

      +ridwan yusoff thanks! I think it was 20 euros a day for 3 days.

  • Amandeep Singh
    Amandeep Singh 3 years ago +4

    Nice.. Love from INDIA

  • Aurora Tepesh
    Aurora Tepesh 3 years ago

    hey, am from Bangalore, and Ooty is actually border town between 2 states Karnataka and Tamil nadu.

    • Tirumalesh naidu
      Tirumalesh naidu 2 years ago

      Jacob Laukaitis those 3 states are Karnataka,Kerala and tamilnadu(with the help of bike no plates KA,TN,KL and from the advertisements on street walls)

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  3 years ago

      Thanks for the info!

  • Pratik Ghosh
    Pratik Ghosh 3 years ago

    which states ?

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  3 years ago

      +Pratik Ghosh i forgot the names but there were 3 from Bangalore to Ooty and back.

  • Mrinmoy Karmakar
    Mrinmoy Karmakar 3 years ago +1

    awesome man. loved the way you compressed a whole 850 km trip to a 2:33 mins video. :thumbs up: 👍

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  3 years ago +1

      +Mrinmoy Karmakar thanks a lot! Can't wait to do more motorbike trips in India. Especially the north!

  • Rakesh Das
    Rakesh Das 3 years ago

    man look for the northeastern part of India next time, the seven sister states. roads will be pretty rough, but you will have a time of your life.

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  3 years ago +1

      +Rakesh Das yeah I'm sure! I'll be coming back to India to do the highest road in the world on a bike. I'm sure it'll be pretty epic.