10 Disney Villains Reimagined As TEENAGERS

  • Published on Jul 9, 2017
  • Amazing pictures of disney villains reimagined as teens.
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    Disney villains might be funny, but most of them are also much older than anyone else in the movie. We’ve explored the depths of the Internet and found 10 Disney villains reimagined as teenagers. You’ll get a chance to see what Cruella de Vil, Ursula, Captain Hook, Maleficent, Yzma, and five other Disney villains would look like as teenagers!
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Comments • 3 827

  • Eire Darney
    Eire Darney Day ago

    Umm did they use an old vid of Brooklyn and Bailey for the drag queen movie thing that kids shouldn’t watch?

  • Jan Morten Hofstad
    Jan Morten Hofstad Day ago +1

    Captain Hook when he was Younger he actually looks like Justin Bieber😂🤣

  • Kirstin Trehan
    Kirstin Trehan Day ago

    As If👖👔👗👙👘🧥🥼👚👚🥿👠👡👢👞👟🥾🧦🧤🧣⛑🎓👒🧢🎩👑💍👝👛👜🕶👓🧳🎒💼🥽🌂👿🥺🥳

  • Jannick Davis
    Jannick Davis 2 days ago

    So niece malafacent is replay pretty

  • Sammy Schmidt
    Sammy Schmidt 2 days ago +1

    "Eez- ma" not "Iz-ma." Had to.

  • kaya wilkie
    kaya wilkie 3 days ago

    my fav. Disney villain is maleficent

  • The facts of today
    The facts of today 4 days ago +1

    malficient will still have her wings because she lost her wings at adult hood and the horns was uncover at her teenage years!!!

  • cadh20000
    cadh20000 4 days ago

    The young reimaginings of Yzma and Cruella are gorgeous.

  • JS M
    JS M 4 days ago +2

    They show a teen Hook in the Pirate Fairy in the Tinkerbell series

  • Jaida Battes
    Jaida Battes 4 days ago

    Maleficent has brunette hair and no horns as a teen so im TRIGGERED

  • crimson jack
    crimson jack 4 days ago


  • Louise Canavan
    Louise Canavan 4 days ago +2

    Mlefasent the movie shows us what she looks like

  • Little_bitch_sippin_on_tea

    6:51 daaaaaaammmmm that's good

  • Courtney Williams
    Courtney Williams 6 days ago +4

    Um two things wouldn’t hook have his hand since he is only a teenager and also Ursula’s did not make sense unless you had watched the vid on Ursula’s back story #nohate

  • Ellie Kitty
    Ellie Kitty 6 days ago

    OMG 😉

  • Felisea Douglas
    Felisea Douglas 6 days ago

    So being fat makes u bad

  • NoTicE mE sEnPaI
    NoTicE mE sEnPaI 6 days ago

    But Jafar must be the hot Jafar

  • Indigo Johnson
    Indigo Johnson 7 days ago

    Young captain hook looks so cute

  • Abigail Bradley
    Abigail Bradley 7 days ago


  • Daniel Régis
    Daniel Régis 7 days ago +2

    Did you have to *explain* the drawings?

  • Rileigh Muntz
    Rileigh Muntz 8 days ago

    That was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amanda Custin
    Amanda Custin 8 days ago

    U lied hock lost his hand from the crok

  • Angelina Tan
    Angelina Tan 8 days ago

    I love melifecent tenagers she so pretty and lady tremay i don't know spell the name

  • Unicorn vibes only
    Unicorn vibes only 8 days ago

    wow! cool

  • LalyWolf 8 Wolfie
    LalyWolf 8 Wolfie 8 days ago

    they are nice but i think Jafar looked like his son Jay Who appeares in the film Desendants

  • invisible emmie
    invisible emmie 10 days ago

    Who's isma

  • Caramel Nicola
    Caramel Nicola 10 days ago +2

    Well, if you googled up how old Yzma is....

    *You would scream and run away.*

  • anime_baka •_-
    anime_baka •_- 10 days ago

    He look like luke from jessie also rip

  • Chandni Dutt
    Chandni Dutt 10 days ago +1

    my favourite reimaginations (sorry about mistakes) are probably
    1.queen of hearts
    3.cruella deville

    they missed out evil queen and gaston like if you wanna see them as teens

  • aasia khan
    aasia khan 10 days ago

    Not tremaine

  • aasia khan
    aasia khan 10 days ago

    Not tremaine and not maleficent

  • aasia khan
    aasia khan 10 days ago

    Not Jafar

  • aasia khan
    aasia khan 10 days ago

    Not jafar

  • aasia khan
    aasia khan 10 days ago +1

    It’s a girl

  • aasia khan
    aasia khan 10 days ago +1

    Not like Ursula or doctor Facsily

  • aasia khan
    aasia khan 10 days ago +1

    They were very creative

  • Brianna Bell
    Brianna Bell 11 days ago

    Maleficent has snake scales for her horns

  • Lila Harlow
    Lila Harlow 11 days ago

    Yzma is said “Eesma” not “issma”...

  • Sreeja Patnayakuni
    Sreeja Patnayakuni 11 days ago

    I love it

  • Shawn Reeves
    Shawn Reeves 12 days ago

    Actually if you read The Looking Glass Wars books you’ll realize that the Queen Of Hearts IS The Red Queen. Anyone who says otherwise is being foolish.

  • Lily Joy
    Lily Joy 12 days ago

    Captain Hook wouldn't be a pirate or have a hook.

  • Ariana Fresquez
    Ariana Fresquez 12 days ago

    we're painting the roses red
    painting the roses red
    we dare not stop
    or waste a drop
    so let the paint be spread
    painting the roses redddd
    we're painting the roses red!

  • Hannahhh
    Hannahhh 12 days ago

    I don't think teenage Cruella would have the same exact dyed hair as the older her. She probably would have had her original hair color.

  • polly santos
    polly santos 12 days ago

    I think the reason why all of the Disney villains are felons is because besides yzma the rest of the villains part evil because they either got hypnotized or for Cruella Deville someone pulled a prank on her and gave her a box of what she thought was cute little kittens but it turned out to be angry puppies and they better and that's why she's so against puppies #messed up childhood

  • Victoria Chaney
    Victoria Chaney 12 days ago

    I also love this channel

  • Victoria Chaney
    Victoria Chaney 12 days ago

    I love deviant art

  • Danish Nasim
    Danish Nasim 13 days ago

    thats not just any snake!!!IT'S A COBRA!!!

  • Elcia Productions
    Elcia Productions 13 days ago

    Just saying in the movie malifisent it shows her as a kid

  • Unicorn Arnisa
    Unicorn Arnisa 13 days ago

    3:39 queen of hearts!!! ALICE IN WONDERLAND

  • Willey Jones
    Willey Jones 15 days ago

    No. Snow. Wight. Is. The. First. Disney. Character

  • Patti Linn
    Patti Linn 15 days ago

    In the Melefecent movie (which I own and have watched twice), Melefecent is not the villain the king (aka her ex) is the villain

  • Welcome to Adrianna's show 123

    Omg they are so creative

  • Hee Hee
    Hee Hee 16 days ago

    11:31 Lady Tramain has won the award for the one of the worst Disney step mother
    *Me* Lady Tramain is the only Disney step mother

  • Jessica Williams
    Jessica Williams 17 days ago

    If you watch the movie Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy, you actually do meet a young Captain Hook voiced by Tom Hiddleston.

  • Just Not Today
    Just Not Today 17 days ago

    Disney's movie The Pirate Fairy showed a younger Captain Hook (maybe not a teenager, but VERY close to it).

  • Lily bug
    Lily bug 17 days ago +1


  • Deena Arnett
    Deena Arnett 18 days ago

    My name is Eleanor

  • Enya Ew
    Enya Ew 18 days ago

    Malificent is not a VILLAIN she did not look like that because she was a fairy and had no phones because phones did not exist

  • Yadira Cruz
    Yadira Cruz 19 days ago


  • Abigail Griest
    Abigail Griest 19 days ago

    She's good

  • Abigail Griest
    Abigail Griest 19 days ago

    That maleffacent is no no no

  • BTS is my Love Scenario Of My Pasta

    Sooo in this video, the doctor got a sex change, the sea witch got a species change, and melificent got a race change.. Funny what age does huh

  • Jasmina Ivancevic
    Jasmina Ivancevic 19 days ago


  • Fatima Nur
    Fatima Nur 19 days ago

    Only Jafar, Maleficent Lady Tremaine look still evil while they are younger.

  • Aubriel Bronson
    Aubriel Bronson 20 days ago +3

    Pls like if your interested I'm so happy how pretty they are like if you agre 😀😀😀😽👇👍 💟👏👏👏

  • Mango Gacha
    Mango Gacha 20 days ago

    Lol so much of the teenagers are “kinder” but remember... teenagers are stereotyped to be rebellious and pushy.. and Disney is full of stereotypes... so I have a feeling that some of these villains shouldn’t be “kind”

  • Liezl Lubos
    Liezl Lubos 20 days ago

    the new one

  • Cipher #wolfpack
    Cipher #wolfpack 20 days ago

    It’s a girlllll

  • Nyah Hamilton
    Nyah Hamilton 21 day ago

    I actually know what captain hook look like before he turned old it is seen in tinker bell the pirate fairy

  • Kateri Sanders
    Kateri Sanders 21 day ago


  • Kateri Sanders
    Kateri Sanders 21 day ago

    He lost his hand as an adult which means he wouldnt have a hook yet 😐

  • Blue Wolf_YT
    Blue Wolf_YT 21 day ago


  • Willie Holmes
    Willie Holmes 21 day ago

    1. How does Ursula go from having a fish tail to having tentacles?

    2. How does Dr. Facilier go from being a teenaged girl to being a man?

    3. How does Maleficent go from being a black teenager to a white woman (with an iPhone yet)?

  • Møöņ Çh¡łđ
    Møöņ Çh¡łđ 21 day ago

    Dr. faciliet was a girl when he was teen?? (Idk how to spell his name)

  • Angeless soul 55
    Angeless soul 55 22 days ago

    Cruela’s name is literally Cruel Devil

  • ᄒ-ᄒTaeSHOOK
    ᄒ-ᄒTaeSHOOK 22 days ago +1

    8:08 ....He had boobs as a teen? wow

  • Clara D'Haese
    Clara D'Haese 22 days ago

    Captain hook shouldn't have his hook yet because he looses his arm when he is an adult

  • Laura Swieton
    Laura Swieton 22 days ago

    In the milivisent movie it showes a younger version of her

  • David Baker
    David Baker 22 days ago +42

    I like the teens
    I like=how good the drawings are

  • Frances Garcia
    Frances Garcia 22 days ago

    👵 Crullea D vil: dog's, craziness,being a meanie,not very helpful. Doesn't help me. Just,what is wrong with them?!
    👨 News reporter🎙: have you ever saved yourself from that? Anyway, you're a unpleasant, and Impolite dog hater as in,'raw'...
    👩 Crulea De vil: thank you,you tell hopping relic.
    👨 News reporter 🎙: the point I'm trying to make is,you'll be cruel later on,one day! I mean..What is wrong with you?!?!
    👩 Cruella Devil: ten year's until I've died. But,Darling,please! When I returned, I wasn't good anymore! Being a dog hater,Ugh! Look! It's not another visit! Because he's the only one I CAN visit! They're filled with dog's, and stinking poodles!
    👩 Second News reporter: gees Lois! She is NOT feeling good,today. Excuse me,Mr!
    👷: yes?
    👩 Second News reporter: are you a Doctor?
    👷: yes!
    👩 Second News reporter: Cruella Devil has gone Savage this weekend...
    🐕 Dolmation 1: what? C's gone Savage?
    🐕 D 2: C's gone Savage?! Today?
    🐕 D 3: savage?!
    D 1 put on his earphones. 🎧
    🐕 D 7: Earphones?! What's happening?!
    🐕 D 4: we're in a crisis here!
    🐕 D 1: well,they said Cruella's gone Savage!
    🐕 D 10: really? They've gone Savage!?
    🐕 D 6: hey,guy's! Cruella's gone Savage!
    🐕 D 1: Savage!
    🐕 D 2: savage?!
    🐕 D 3: Savage?!
    🐕 D 4: She's gone Savage?!
    🐕 D 5 and 6: savage?!
    🐕 D 7: Savage?!
    🐕 D 8: Savage?!
    🐕 D 9:Savage?!
    🐕 D 10: SA...
    👩 Mom: ENOUGH!! Now what's going on here?
    🐕 D 28: well,20 said Cruella Devil has gone Savage!
    🔔 Doorbell: ring!!!!!!
    🐕 D 47: I'm not kidding! It's true!
    👩 Mom: true?! I just wanted the DOORBELL!!
    🐕 28: *gasp!* the doorbell!
    🐕 D 78: the pizza rolls! 🍕
    👱: here's your pizza rolls! (high voice)
    🐕 D 8: what happened?
    👱: she's here!!
    The end.

  • Trash clan Gentry
    Trash clan Gentry 22 days ago

    Hey I love your Disney princesses as teenagers or you need to make some eggs kids

  • Markell Barnes
    Markell Barnes 23 days ago

    Docter facilair has a shadow helper just like how Peter pan has one that's weird

  • Kenny Insley
    Kenny Insley 23 days ago

    Why do a couple look the same?

  • Kelsey
    Kelsey 23 days ago +7

    The dude from princess and the frog in the teenage form was actually a girl remake not teenage

    • Blue Wolf_YT
      Blue Wolf_YT 21 day ago

      They said feminine which means female

  • Magnus Bjornsson
    Magnus Bjornsson 23 days ago

    Teen captain hook looks like justin bieber

  • Karleigh McIncrow
    Karleigh McIncrow 23 days ago

    Doctor Facicier looks like a girl

  • Its M&M
    Its M&M 24 days ago

    Captain cook did not loose his hand to Peter pan he lost his hand by the crocodile ...he bit his hand off that's why he is terrified of the crocodile

    • Ellyn MacGregor
      Ellyn MacGregor 23 days ago

      Close, but no cigar. The crocodile did not bite off Hook's hand--Peter cut off the captain's hand and THREW it to the crocodile.

  • Angela Briar
    Angela Briar 24 days ago

    Why does Doctor Facicier look like Thomas Jefferson from Hamilton

  • Eman Ibrahim
    Eman Ibrahim 25 days ago

    Captain hook lost his hand when peter pan threw him to a crocodile so how did the younger Captain hook loose his hand ?

  • Chloe_ Macs
    Chloe_ Macs 25 days ago +1

    In a tinker bell movie it shows teenage Captain Hook

  • Brook'Lin Thurman
    Brook'Lin Thurman 25 days ago +2

    was it just me or did the girl doing the voice over sound sick lol

    • Ellyn MacGregor
      Ellyn MacGregor 23 days ago

      It wasn't just you--I kept thinking, "How about you take a break and blow your stuffed-up nose...5 or 6 times!"

  • Arriana Rahim
    Arriana Rahim 25 days ago

    I actually made a picture of Ursula as a human but with no face

  • Sarah R
    Sarah R 25 days ago +1

    Is it just me who is wondering why rapunzil never gets younger when she sings?

  • PoiChit William
    PoiChit William 26 days ago

    I am a lost boy frome neverland usually hanging out with Peter pan and when were bored
    We play woods always on the run from Captain Hook run run lost boy they say to me away from all of reality
    Never land is home to Lost boys like me and Lost boys like me are free he sprinkle me and pixie dust and
    Told me to believe Believe in him and believe me together we will fly in the cloud of green to your beautiful
    Destiny we sored above the town that didn't love me I realized that I finally had a family once my feet hit
    The sand I finally reached never land Peter pan tinker Bell Wendy darling even Captain Hook you are my
    favorite story forgot the words

  • Linda Dawson
    Linda Dawson 26 days ago +2

    The teenager captain hook would have had both hands

  • Lovely SirMajesty Daniel
    Lovely SirMajesty Daniel 26 days ago +1

    Omg I hate the way she say Yzma name 😭😭😭

    • erin mefford
      erin mefford 24 days ago

      Lovely SirMajesty Daniel same it’s annoying

  • Brandon Craig
    Brandon Craig 28 days ago

    The new I prefer the new younger version 😘

  • Claire Doucette
    Claire Doucette 28 days ago

    A a a a hi yes

  • vuyiswa maseti
    vuyiswa maseti 28 days ago +1

    Not too be rude but parts of this video are inaccurate 😂

  • Edna Carolina Tovar- Gonzalez

    Captain hook already had a younger version of himself in Tinker Bell the pirate fairy!!!!!!!!! 😠

    • erin mefford
      erin mefford 24 days ago

      Edna Carolina Tovar- Gonzalez exactly this narrator needs to do her research