Adam Ruins Everything - Alpha Males Do Not Exist | truTV

  • Published on Aug 4, 2017
  • Turns out alpha wolves are just...devoted parents.
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    About Adam Ruins Everything:
    In Adam Ruins Everything, host Adam Conover employs a combination of comedy, history and science to dispel widespread misconceptions about everything we take for granted. A blend of entertainment and enlightenment, Adam Ruins Everything is like that friend who knows a little bit too much about everything and is going to tell you about it... whether you like it or not.
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    Adam Ruins Everything - Alpha Males Do Not Exist | truTV
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Comments • 3 482

  • Itz Rxlm
    Itz Rxlm 17 hours ago

    "Alpha wolves are just mommies and daddies" only the alphas of the pack are allowed to breed dummy

  • Joshua Lindsay
    Joshua Lindsay 20 hours ago

    Adam's in Denial

  • P.F. A.
    P.F. A. Day ago

    Says the beta

  • Cooper stafford
    Cooper stafford 2 days ago

    Adam is a beta and he’s just salty

  • B Raw
    B Raw 2 days ago

    Adam ruined nothing. He's wrong here. Alpha in current parlance just means a high-confidence male who can handle rejection and keep moving.

    • B Raw
      B Raw 5 hours ago

      @Michael Fogel Well, I never thought about it like unsubstantiated claim and an insult. Well, consider me convinced.

    • Michael Fogel
      Michael Fogel 8 hours ago

      actually, youre talking about something completely different. try using your brain, if not cool. enjoy life mook

  • Default Game Player
    Default Game Player 2 days ago

    4:13 It made me laugh soo hard! 😭🤣😂

  • Michael King
    Michael King 2 days ago

    Sounds like beta male propaganda.

  • green witch
    green witch 2 days ago +1


  • Papa Kim
    Papa Kim 2 days ago

    This video convinced me that alpha males and beta males are a thing. Thank you Adam !

  • The Hentai Connoisseur

    They should change the name to "adam ruins your day because hes wrong about everything but he still thinks he knows what hes talking about because he has a team of stupid script writers who do 7th essay level research"

  • TheLyricsGuy
    TheLyricsGuy 3 days ago

    Is that what this pathetic excuse for a man thinks an alpha is?

  • Jeremy Rice
    Jeremy Rice 3 days ago

    Adams love life is funny

  • Placoderm C-Strain
    Placoderm C-Strain 3 days ago +1

    How to become an alpha
    1# kidnap a bunch of female
    2# force them to live with you in the forest
    3# impregnate all of them
    that’s legit what alphas do in nature

  • Coffee
    Coffee 5 days ago

    This comment section frightens me.

  • David Page
    David Page 5 days ago +2

    Women: I want a strong Male
    Beta Adam: ACTHUALLY

  • Groot Billyclub
    Groot Billyclub 5 days ago

    Uh uh uh uh uh uh Adam is the dumbest moron I’ve ever seen. Heard it from a trans friend so it’s fact.

  • Nicholus Baker
    Nicholus Baker 5 days ago

    This fat lesbian is a clear beta. Of course he is arguing against alpha males.

  • stafa stacks
    stafa stacks 6 days ago +8

    You know that all the people who disliked this video see themselves as alpha-male.

  • Frederick Kriesel
    Frederick Kriesel 7 days ago +1

    Gee a lot of hurt male egos here.

  • The Kaiser
    The Kaiser 7 days ago

    Adam the Soy-boy is trying to make himself look by saying there is no such thing as CHAD though he is only a virgin pleb and that everyone who does get laid is a CHAD.

  • Anthony Pent
    Anthony Pent 7 days ago

    You twist the truth. Your awful... would love to show you alpha males exist you beta

  • PapaSmurf Smurfy
    PapaSmurf Smurfy 7 days ago

    Does this mean Beta Uprising is off?

  • The Sprite Show
    The Sprite Show 8 days ago

    Coming from a beta male

  • xXxSuperUltraMLGscoutxXx MLG

    3:47 Here's explanation why Adam wasn't confident with jre.

    • xXxSuperUltraMLGscoutxXx MLG
      xXxSuperUltraMLGscoutxXx MLG 5 days ago

      @FUR when in reality ur just a bunch of pussies.

    • xXxSuperUltraMLGscoutxXx MLG
      xXxSuperUltraMLGscoutxXx MLG 5 days ago

      @FUR well then glad to see you being one special litle *alpha*

    • FUR
      FUR 5 days ago +1

      @xXxSuperUltraMLGscoutxXx MLG he's just a shy little loser, and he kept saying alpha male doesn't exist is because he's not alpha at all. Thats his excuse for being a shy dude

    • FUR
      FUR 5 days ago

      @xXxSuperUltraMLGscoutxXx MLG exactly what I just said idiot, it just confirms that he's a beta male. Cause an alpha male will always be confident in every situation.

    • xXxSuperUltraMLGscoutxXx MLG
      xXxSuperUltraMLGscoutxXx MLG 5 days ago

      @FUR No idiot at this moment he himself said that no one is the same in every type of situation so thats why adam wasn't confident with jre.

  • Jar Jar The Hedgehog

    Adam is an incel

    • Jar Jar The Hedgehog
      Jar Jar The Hedgehog 8 days ago

      @The Libertarian Dominatrix do everything everyone wants without anything in exchange and you'll become alpha male. Alpha males are not related to humans that much. Be nice to others and you'll be the leader. There are no leaders, there are parents. There are no alphas but (as potrayed in this video) all alphas are testosterone ridden douches and agresive idiots. Also, hey, I'm Adam, and I will destroy every Alpha male with my arguments comparing people to animals, but people aren't like animals. He contradicts himself every 5 words and just sucks of target demographic (pseudo-intelectual, insecure teens/ young adults that are too quirky to work out). Adam is an incel, he just strongly leans left.

    • The Libertarian Dominatrix
      The Libertarian Dominatrix 8 days ago

      Adam has literally none of the traits Incels have.
      Your statement in the op here is wrong

  • Kaykovus Kerteus
    Kaykovus Kerteus 8 days ago

    Oversimplification is wrong.

  • Jerry Rievel
    Jerry Rievel 8 days ago

    Adam just wishes he could be an alpha male.

  • Fo4 Re7
    Fo4 Re7 8 days ago

    What about a pack dumbass.

  • Rebecca Washum
    Rebecca Washum 9 days ago

    The episode is factually sound and everyone commenting just refuses to own there's a defined scientific meaning for Alpha/Beta and it's not the one they're using and it's been debunked.
    However, I'd like to point out a fact you got wrong noting that chimpanzees aren't our closest relative. Even in the source you've cited, it doesn't say they aren't. It says that we are equally close in relation to chimpanzees as we are to bonobos, tying at 99.6% matched per mapping those genomes. I've linked both your source and an additional, slightly more recent source.

    • Richard Wise
      Richard Wise 8 days ago +1

      Hey! I would like to congratulate you for this comment! It's new but I hope it gets upvoted cause you took the words right out of my mouth. I use to think that the Greek alphabet was a sound way to categorize male dominance hierarchies, but facts show otherwise and so I adjusted my beliefe with the evidence. What's also important is that you're a female, and I think that when girls say that they don't look at men in these terms, it helps the case. Truth is, 99% of the people who speak of dominance hierarchies are men; I have heard virtually no females talk about the man they want with primal language. I'm not convinced for 100% that alphas and betas don't exist, but i'm pretty much on the side that it's a social construct right now

  • RED S7VN
    RED S7VN 9 days ago +1

    Once again Adam only tells half-truths.
    When we speak of human alpha males today, it may be that we refer to the trait of social dominance: Studies have demonstrated that socially dominant men hold sway with many women, and can invoke feelings of inferiority among men. Thanks to current research, these men may also be more readily identifiable. Height. Being tall has a range of social benefits: Taller men demonstrate less sensitivity to cues of dominance in other men (e.g., masculinity), and show less jealousy toward socially and physically dominant rivals than shorter men do. Tall men are also perceived as more dominant than shorter men. Similarly, dominant men also “play larger,” as they are estimated to be taller than less-dominant men. Taken together, these results offer some explanation for the well-known association between height and social status. Tall men more often enjoy leadershiproles, have higher starting salaries, and have greater overall income. And intelligence may not correct for this disparity: One study reported that full professors were .47 inches taller than associate professors, who were .26 inches taller than assistant professors, who were in turn 1.24 inches taller than the average nonacademic.
    Height is also highly valued in the human mating market: Studies show that women favor tall men not just in controlled laboratory-based experiments, but in real-world contexts such as online dating advertisements and speed-dating events. Such men also garner more responses to online dating profiles; are more likely to get a date; and are more likely to be married..

  • White Noise
    White Noise 12 days ago

    Progressive men are weak and effeminate. They also have low testosterone.

  • Runewolf 77
    Runewolf 77 12 days ago

    At least you guys still got macho man right?

  • Mike W
    Mike W 13 days ago

    I banged a guys girl back in college. Which would make me more alpha then him.

    • David Andrews
      David Andrews Day ago

      Mike W So sex makes you powerful? Anyone can do that. How about actually sustaining that relationship, which is either about to or already has ended.

    • Mike W
      Mike W Day ago

      David Andrews dude you’re crazy and you sound salty. Muscle up bro

    • David Andrews
      David Andrews 11 days ago

      Mike W Yeah, so what you’re saying is, is that you wanna be like Charles Manson, having to continuously dehumanize, pawn off lovers to men, humiliate them, get them to feel worthless, and tell them they’re opinions don’t matter, so that you can keep being an Alpha? Alright...

  • Mitleid Gamer
    Mitleid Gamer 13 days ago

    Alphas and Betas don't exist.

  • Aron Does Stuff
    Aron Does Stuff 13 days ago

    All these commenters didn't even watch the video. Adam literally makes fun of himself calling himself a beta at the end.

  • Jason Swanson
    Jason Swanson 14 days ago

    adam talking about masculinity. this is like the blind leading blind.

  • JanPan
    JanPan 14 days ago

    Wtf how much hate this definetly true video got

  • the emerald tiger
    the emerald tiger 15 days ago +3

    Also what about lions? That there is a clear leader.

    • David Andrews
      David Andrews 10 days ago

      the emerald tiger Sources?

    • the emerald tiger
      the emerald tiger 10 days ago

      @David Andrews really? David I'm going to stop you right there you are 100% wrong.

    • David Andrews
      David Andrews 11 days ago

      the emerald tiger No, there are multiple males, and they don’t even eat first. Females feed the young, then eat, and then allow the males to. Males are sorta like the kid in class who’s a bully and isn’t invited until the very last moment.

  • the emerald tiger
    the emerald tiger 15 days ago

    Alphas dont tell everyone that they are alphas and they dont do things for attention, they are just given it when they talk.

  • WinSDFina
    WinSDFina 15 days ago

    No such thing as alpha and beta, well try to go to a club or bar see who gets the mates and who goes home wanking

    • David Andrews
      David Andrews 11 days ago

      WinSDFina But how do you keep that up? Ask Charles Manson. You dehumanize them. Humiliate them, get them to feel worthless. Tell them their doing it wrong and then showing them how you do it, so they don’t question you’re later actions. You beat them some days, and then treat them nicely others. You allow them to question you’re morals, but at the same time lead them to think about you more, and get them to like you more. You alienate them from friends and family, telling them they don’t matter, so that they can’t tell you to stay away. It’s that easy.
      Also I’ve gotten plenty of girls and other people by being nice, caring, charming, helpful, and the like. It’s much more easier.

  • The One and Only
    The One and Only 15 days ago

    Go to San Quentin prison wearing those hipster glasses, boof haircut and show them this cartoon. You'll find out in 5 seconds that alpha males exist.

  • Max Chambers
    Max Chambers 16 days ago

    Isn’t the Alfa wolf just the male parent?

  • Klint Beastwood
    Klint Beastwood 17 days ago

    I’m going to be sick. F this fat tranny.

  • Veke Savia
    Veke Savia 17 days ago

    Your genetics are inferior and always will be, It's ok to be a weakling as well. It doesn't give you the right to try bring down those born better than you. There is no physical equality for sexual attraction, you're a 3 please just accept it and stop being ridiculous.

    • David Andrews
      David Andrews 11 days ago

      Hahaha. So being “strong” is manipulating women to feel worthless, telling them their opinions and beliefs don’t matter, and getting them to alienate from their loved ones so they can be with you? Charles Manson, David Koresh, Marshal Applewhite, and other Alphas shared one thing in common in terms of leadership: Manipulation. They kept their women with them by abusing, harassing, threatening, and dehumanizing them. That was how they were successful, and it works.

  • Afro formed
    Afro formed 17 days ago +1

    "ERRRR, UMMM, MMMM, ERRRR, AHHHH, UHHHH..... I'm not an expert... But... UMMMM, strong pack leaders doesn't exist.... ERRRRR,

    I need a script! & editor!!! UMM?, I'm not an expert"

  • Rafael Angel
    Rafael Angel 17 days ago

    Adam is the definition of a beta male

    • David Andrews
      David Andrews 10 days ago

      Rafael Angel I phrased it wrong. What I meant is that you disagreeing with him makes him weaker, and you correct.

    • Rafael Angel
      Rafael Angel 11 days ago

      David Andrews where did I say that?

    • David Andrews
      David Andrews 11 days ago +1

      Rafael Angel So disagreeing with someone makes you an alpha? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Ben O'Keefe
    Ben O'Keefe 18 days ago

    I’m not a pretend scientist, so I don’t know whether alpha males exist; I do know that Adam is living proof that betas do.

  • Khai
    Khai 19 days ago

    Alpha male is furries

  • Vlad Bakai
    Vlad Bakai 19 days ago

    Adam is a beta

  • Mr.Kawaii The Third
    Mr.Kawaii The Third 20 days ago +2

    beta adam lmao

  • RadicalEdward37
    RadicalEdward37 21 day ago +3

    50% of the comments grilling adam over joe rogan interview
    Other 50% of the comments ignoring evidence in the video and just calling adam wrong cause he's a "beta" and "alphas" are obviously always right because they can yell the loudest.

  • Magnus Fullauto
    Magnus Fullauto 21 day ago


  • Chris Belaen
    Chris Belaen 22 days ago

    Eh, I disagree. Adam's a beta and is trying to build up his own beta-ism

    • David Andrews
      David Andrews 11 days ago

      Chris Belaen And what’s wrong with that? Being a “beta” or “alpha” has both its ups and downs. Alpha’s according to Psychology Today, have an faster time meeting and striking conversations and relationships, but struggle with long term. Beta’s they say, can have trouble with immediate success with people around them, but would last far longer in a relationship.
      However they acknowlegde that both “Beta” and “Alpha” are far too generalizing to be considered accurate, as you can have someone who is cocky, strong, physically handsome, but have next to no social skills. On the other hand you may have someone who fits Beta traits, that can easily pick up friends and partners on a whim, such as Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, and Jeffrey Dahmer.

  • Matt Riccio
    Matt Riccio 22 days ago

    Ur a beta

  • JeaIous
    JeaIous 23 days ago

    Only beta males think this way

    • JeaIous
      JeaIous 11 days ago

      David Andrews
      And your grammar makes *your* comment ironic

    • JeaIous
      JeaIous 11 days ago

      David Andrews
      And your comment is unoriginal

    • David Andrews
      David Andrews 11 days ago

      JeaIous you’re username is quite ironic.

  • LordAwesome Tony
    LordAwesome Tony 23 days ago

    This is the ultimate beta video lmao

  • Joseph B
    Joseph B 23 days ago +1

    why do i feel like alfas are acting and are attention seekers

    • David Andrews
      David Andrews 11 days ago

      Most seem to have a lot of insecurities, and thus label themselves as Alpha’s as a way to cope. It’s pretty obvious since they lash out to protect their identity, though this isn’t limited to those who identify as alpha.

    • BjörkTheBest
      BjörkTheBest 17 days ago

      They're insecure

  • Chaos Burrito
    Chaos Burrito 24 days ago +1

    Difference between Alpha male humans and regular dudes- regular dudes get laid and women think Alphas are douchebags.

  • Leroy Jenkins
    Leroy Jenkins 24 days ago +4

    All the guys on here who thought they were “alpha males” getting mad at this video 🤣

  • Matúś Cibilka
    Matúś Cibilka 24 days ago +2

    I am a Gamma male.

  • Kevin Basto
    Kevin Basto 24 days ago

    not because this guy is a omega male means everyone is just like this guy

  • Darth Tater
    Darth Tater 24 days ago

    Adam is a beta male,

  • J Stevenson
    J Stevenson 25 days ago +1

    Bonobos aren’t 100% matriarchal. They are more equal than anything. Also, females also resolve conflicts with sex and grooming. Bi-sexuality is openly practiced by both genders, and reproduction is often trained and demonstrated....bonobos are horny little monsters.
    Another thing to point out is size proportions between males and female when it comes to apes. Gorillas, chimpanzees, and humans all lean to men being stronger, faster, and larger on average. In bonobos they are more evenly sized, therefore are more equal.
    No two apes are exactly alike and have the exact same mating habits.

  • Jason Young
    Jason Young 26 days ago

    This is such a dumb video. When it comes to being an alpha male it just means your assertive and not afraid of apporaching women. That will always make you more attractive to women. 99% of men were like this until men got efemanized in the last 50 years.

    • David Andrews
      David Andrews 11 days ago

      Jason Young But what about long term? if you don’t put effort, only want them for their looks, and lack in relationship building, well, you start to loose that momentum. On the other hand, being assertive can also lead to yourself become very controlling, which can end many relationships you have. confidence helps a ton, not going to argue with that, but it’s not an “exclusive” trait. There are millions of those out there who are alpha’s but absolutely suck at confidence or social skills. Not to say that those people are hopeless, or this kind of stuff is exclusive to alpha’s, no, of course not. “Alpha,” “Beta,” and “Omega” are very much blanket statements that re far too broad to be considered accurate. It’s the same with disorders as well. You can have 90% percent of what classifies as Antisocial Personality Disorder, but yet lack empathy. The same goes for someone who identifies as “Beta.” You have people who are softer, but are more charming, athletic and receive more rewarding accomplishments then people who classify as “Alpha.” It’s basic psychology.

  • Crisp 16
    Crisp 16 26 days ago

    Sounds like a beta

  • Always Succeeding
    Always Succeeding 26 days ago

    You could be the alpha in your household, a beta at work, and omega to your parents. It all depends on the situation.
    Also if you have to say it then you’re not it.

  • im19ice3
    im19ice3 27 days ago

    this comment section is hilarious X''D

  • Doc Rivers
    Doc Rivers 27 days ago

    Jesus christ! I havent seen so many virgins in a chat room since mother mary invited me to her book club!

  • Doc Rivers
    Doc Rivers 27 days ago

    New rule: any other man who calls another guy a beta, is an incel or a virgin

  • Doc Rivers
    Doc Rivers 27 days ago

    Tbh this alpha male theory is hella trash
    I see nerdy guys get with girls out of their leauge, and they are by no means alphas
    Human beings survived by families , tight-nit groups of blood relatives that only had a leader that was a dad. Who had the most wisdom in the family. We arent wolfs or gorillas

  • Cmajor
    Cmajor 27 days ago +2

    This just in, Adam is a beta confirmed

  • Wolfhat God
    Wolfhat God 27 days ago

    Even though he's far left he isn't wrong about the non existent hierarchy of wolves in the wild I will give him credit for that

    • Wolfhat God
      Wolfhat God 27 days ago

      With that being said other animal species do have an alpha Male hierarchy, hell even wolves do it in captivity majority of the time. to say it's all out non existant because one species of animals does not perform it is foolish and ignorant to say the least.

  • Cookielover559 HTFFTW CGGFTL

    ZOMG!!!111!!!111! adanz a beatuh souiboui cuack!!111!!!1!!1

  • jaycek daclis
    jaycek daclis 28 days ago

    do have a twin brother?

  • Tom G
    Tom G 28 days ago

    Adam's a beta.

  • Bill Tipton
    Bill Tipton 29 days ago

    Hm, you can try to debate whether or not alphas exist but you yourself definitely prove betas exist.

  • Brandon Watt
    Brandon Watt 29 days ago

    So according to this there aren't Alpha males but there are Beta males.......

  • Luke Richards
    Luke Richards 29 days ago

    I disagree

  • Unknown Calid
    Unknown Calid 29 days ago +1

    He's just stating Alpha males aren't real because he's never been one so, he's jealous he isn't good looking, strong, dominant, respected, and even confident.(Doesn't get any girl he wants). Lol.

  • willie417
    willie417 Month ago

    in modern times, what good is an Alpha, like is he really needed? on the other hand I can see the use for an warrior caste type

  • Samaritan
    Samaritan Month ago

    And here we see an omega male desperately claiming that his alpha and beta betters don't exist.

  • Antgotguap
    Antgotguap Month ago +3

    This is just getting sad now. Being the best Dungeons and dragons player still makes you a beta 😂 and it doesn’t matter what environment a real man is in.

  • Westopher
    Westopher Month ago

    I'm so glad that I'm secure enough in who I am that I don't have to chase this mythical "alpha male" mirage, and I feel nothing but pity for all these guys who aren't.

  • Rypäleleipä
    Rypäleleipä Month ago

    Adam trying to act like an alfa is even more beta than the original

    • Rypäleleipä
      Rypäleleipä Month ago

      @Westopher I didn't claim to be more alfa than him tho.

    • Westopher
      Westopher Month ago

      You think that all you dorks aspiring to be "alpha males" look any less ridiculous?

  • Gingerbread King
    Gingerbread King Month ago

    But Callum Adams is such a big strong alpha male.

  • 3456coolkid
    3456coolkid Month ago

    The big mistake in his argument was Adam portraying an Alpha Male lmao

  • TheJrade
    TheJrade Month ago

    LOL, Betas trying to figure out why women don't like them is always entertaining. Pretending that the qualities women are attracted to don't exist at all because the name we gave them isn't zoologically accurate is even more pitiful than most.

  • Aurelius
    Aurelius Month ago

    I didn't know what a beta was until i saw Adam

  • Radio 4Men
    Radio 4Men Month ago +2

    *This is the idiot that said uhmmm uhmmm uhmmm rrrr aaaa in Joe Rogan’s interview. Without scrip he’s fked!*

  • Jason Stagg
    Jason Stagg Month ago

    Hmmmm. A cuck trying to tell a girl he wants that alpha behavior dosent exsist.
    There is a social hierarchy in every group of 2 or more people. Yes people vary in their comfort/confidence level depending on the activity, hence the D&D scene in this video. If you notice there is alpha behavior in that scene it is from the gut telling the other guy he cant use a sword he dosent have, notice how the pack just falls in behind his behavior. Adam is a dumbass who dosent understand alpha behavior.

  • Gustav Holst
    Gustav Holst Month ago

    And whenever Chimps and Bonobos have conflict, the Chimps eat the faces and genitals of the Bonobos.

  • Dixie Hamilton
    Dixie Hamilton Month ago

    4:06 did it ever occur to you that alpha males posses these traits too? No of course not adam boy doesn't do his research

  • Dixie Hamilton
    Dixie Hamilton Month ago

    2:22 i thought alphas didnt exist?????

  • Omega4relayfan
    Omega4relayfan Month ago

    But...but...I'm alpha bro

  • NettechZelkova
    NettechZelkova Month ago

    Why does Adam sound a look like a beta? And if his girlfriend asked to be screwed by a few different guys in front of him, he'd say yes.

  • Sklik
    Sklik Month ago +1

    Shutup Adam

  • Manas
    Manas Month ago

    Where logic fails, the only thing that works is another thing that ends with gic.
    Fortunately I have that in spades.
    Since I'm not leaving, I should probably be caring about this place and inserting more sense into it.
    You want an Alpha, I'll show you Alpha.

  • Justin Caldwell
    Justin Caldwell Month ago +2

    Adam: What do you think an alpha is like?
    Girl: Someone like Vin Diesel
    Adam: An alpha would not be an alpha in a Dungeons & Dragons environment
    Fact: Vin Diesel plays Dungeons & Dragons and has a tattoo of the name of his first character...

  • Stanis Konschin
    Stanis Konschin Month ago +1

    I came to see the ratio of likes and dislikes. My expectation was exactly, a bunch of butthurted wannabe "Alpha".

  • Adam Selvig
    Adam Selvig Month ago

    Alpha is the top male in the animal pack