Flying the Antonov AN-24 with Motor Sich Airlines - Kiev to Lviv Trip Report

  • Published on Oct 13, 2018
  • Here's my trip report from the wonderful Motor Sich Airlines, onboard an Antonov An-24!
    I took a trip to Ukraine to fly on the last remaining Antonov An-24s from Kiev to Lviv, with Motor Sich Airlines. Motor Sich operate a fleet of old Soviet aircraft across Ukraine.
    Airline: Motor Sich
    Flight: M9263
    Aircraft: Antonov AN-24 UR-47297
    From: Kiev (IEV)
    To: Lvov (LWO)
    Departure: 09:58
    Arrival: 11:25
    Flight Time: 1:27
    Seat: 10D

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  • Mohd 73
    Mohd 73 Month ago

    I like how you show all the details on this plane, great job.
    Thank you.

  • aa bb
    aa bb 2 months ago

    antonov should make a supersonic airliner with variable wings

  • Jed George
    Jed George 4 months ago

    Thanks to your video I found out that there are still airlines that flies these kind of planes. Spooky. The sound of the engines is very nice though, haha. I like the song choice and how you overlayed it at some point with the engines' sound. Safe, happy flying!

  • Евгений Лернер

    Вот это да! Салон отгламурили👍

  • rescyou
    rescyou 6 months ago

    Sounds too close to "Motor Sick" for my comfort

  • jonniefc
    jonniefc 7 months ago +1

    3:16 did anybody else notice the big dent in the metal work?

  • Joe Pilkington
    Joe Pilkington 9 months ago

    It’s “inedible”, not “unedible”, and it’s “distinctly Soviet”, not “distinctively Soviet”.

  • 105 Wonky
    105 Wonky 9 months ago

    This video needs more comments

  • RK831
    RK831 11 months ago

    I flew MotorSich from there to Odessa and back. Surprisingly reliable, a cheaper ticket than UIA out of Borispol (about 25-30% less), and flies directly into the right bank so you pay less in fare driving to the right bank from the new Zhulyani terminal. At the start of the video showing Noel at the airport, you see to the right the larger international Terminal A, but the video shows him using Terminal D, which you can initially see to the left, and you will get a closer look. Zhulyani's Terminal D is a bare-bones operation with I think four check-in desks and only a cafe in the waiting area and three (not two) gates. Terminal D arrivals come into a small neighboring room right (actually it's Baggage Claim) next to the departures waiting area (at 0:55, you can see Gate G1, the arrivals room is behind that wall to the left), with a tiny baggage claim carousel and a bathroom, all about the size of a small studio apartment. When you exit the baggage claim/bathroom, you exit the door and proceed left, and you suddenly emerge from outside the front-left corner of the Terminal D building. Freeze the video at 0:40. If you look at the left edge of the building (you see a small yellow sign on the wall), that is where you emerge from! There is no arrivals hall, it is like you are leaving your home and going outside a side door to the front of the house!
    For those of you considering MotorSich, you can easily buy tickets online on their website, and if you compare it to flying out of Borispol it is much cheaper and far more convenient if you are staying on the right bank in Kiev. The luggage restrictions are 20 kg total, both hand bag and check-in, and your carry-on luggage cannot exceed 5 kg. When you get into the An-24, it makes sense why: there are no overhead compartments to store carry-on luggage; you either put your carry-on on your lap or set it below the seat in front of you.
    Overall it is a great experience and a far better option than flying out of Borispol. MotorSich from Zhulyaniy will fly to Odessa, Lviv and Zaporozhia. I highly recommend it.

    • Noel Philips
      Noel Philips  11 months ago +1

      I agree - Motor Sich are a wonderful little airline and it's so much easier flying from Zhuliany than Borispyl. Very cheap and reliable - check out their on time stats on FR24 vs UIA, very rare to see a cancelled or delayed flight. Thank you for your great description of flying with Motor Sich - hopefully they carry on operating these wonderful old airliners for years to come!

  • nsw72
    nsw72 Year ago +1

    Mate, you're a braver man than I am getting on that flying trashcan! 👍
    Нет, спасибо, приятель 😂
    P.S. Did you keep the inflight mag?

    • Noel Philips
      Noel Philips  Year ago

      Can't get enough of them! Going back again in January for more :D

  • sushi777300
    sushi777300 Year ago +4

    This is so high on my to do list 😍😍😍

    • Noel Philips
      Noel Philips  Year ago

      You should do it! I will be back again next month to fly on some more!

  • Bret Hammett
    Bret Hammett Year ago

    Lviv great.

  • Bret Hammett
    Bret Hammett Year ago

    Good for trip to fly in Livi! ThNk you.

  • Женя Харченко

    Haha I was lucky to get a wonderful tasty muffin instead of sandwich on this exact aircraft))

  • xavier lacorne
    xavier lacorne Year ago

    nice report !:)

  • Tom Whelan
    Tom Whelan Year ago

    When does it snow in Kiev, by the way?

  • Blue Sky
    Blue Sky Year ago

    But how can you found a flight like thath xD

  • quadpumped34
    quadpumped34 Year ago

    what did you do in Ukraine? Business trip or holidays?

    • s125ish
      s125ish 5 months ago

      quadpumped34 to fly aircraft

  • Kenneth Mata
    Kenneth Mata Year ago


  • Kenneth Mata
    Kenneth Mata Year ago

    Hazte un vuelo de MAD TO BUENOS AIRES O

  • Dark Savage
    Dark Savage Year ago +2

    First time I've been in this channel in a while. I miss watching this channel so much.

  • ddriverr
    ddriverr Year ago

    Great video...brings back childhood memories...wish we could see that landing gear in action..😀

  • Knife Motion
    Knife Motion Year ago

    how do u manage to record atc through out

  • Bluhbluhblih your mum

    Was expecting you to fly Singapore to New York:(((

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith Year ago +1

    I can’t wait for another long haul fight can u do one from Dallas to Sydney Australia or do Las Vegas to Hawaii on Hawaiian airlines I’m so glad your RU-clip channel up again

  • fejic
    fejic Year ago +1

    I'm too terrified to ever fly on a Russian made plane

  • Juan Amaya
    Juan Amaya Year ago

    This is a shorter version than the original ,am I right?

  • Tomy
    Tomy Year ago

    I think I would be very uncomfortable if I would fly with such an old Russian aircraft somewhere in the Ukraine 🤔😂

    • Smi Kol
      Smi Kol Year ago +1

      if you dont know stupid kid,antonov is ukrainian plane

  • egpx
    egpx Year ago +8

    Marvellous. Your previous video of this trip inspired me to do it a few weeks ago. I was in UR-MSI which still has the old style cabin trim. Thought the sandwich was ok, certainly better than the nothing I got on all the other airlines I flew to get there and back. On the return flight to Kiev we got a rather tasty jam tart! £60 return for the best part of three hours flying in a classic Soviet airliner. Loved it!

  • runway heading
    runway heading Year ago

    Isn’t this a repeat video?

  • Paul marks
    Paul marks Year ago

    Straight away dodgy steps 1 at a rather walk to my destination with glass in me feet than go with them

  • Jan Bauke Spoelstra
    Jan Bauke Spoelstra Year ago +1

    Already snow there ?

  • Airbus A380
    Airbus A380 Year ago +5

    Will you fly a domestic Kyiv Boryspil - Kharkiv Ukraine Interntational Airlines flight? Interesting to see your opinion on it :)

  • Blackdragon6
    Blackdragon6 Year ago +1

    I thought Russia was occupying this country 😲

    • egpx
      egpx Year ago +4

      Russia is occupying Crimea and there is currently a war going on in eastern Ukraine. The rest of the country is perfectly safe to visit.

  • nina nano
    nina nano Year ago

    Wellcom to come back 😍😍😍🌸🌸

  • Newcastle Flyer
    Newcastle Flyer Year ago

    Great Video and I’m pleased to see that you’re back in RU-clip!

  • terry987654
    terry987654 Year ago

    good to see you back

  • Rajesh R
    Rajesh R Year ago +2

    How reliable are these planes for commercial flights ? The weight limitation of step, external engine start these things make me uncomfortable.

    • Daniel Hornett
      Daniel Hornett 11 months ago +2

      To be honest, Soviet airliners are not know to be the most reliable. But that's what makes them so special. They are very rare, and unique.

    • Женя Харченко
      Женя Харченко Year ago +1

      This plane flying since 1971, I call it a reliability :)

  • Tom Whelan
    Tom Whelan Year ago +2

    I didn't know that it snowed so early in Kiev. Talk about your chicken being frozen!

    • Noel Philips
      Noel Philips  Year ago +2

      Haha yes this was filmed a few months ago in February, just hadn't uploaded it yet :D

    • Toby
      Toby Year ago

      It‘s probably an old video, it‘s still warm in Kiev!


    2nd and Hi good video!

  • All elite Gaming
    All elite Gaming Year ago

    I’m early FINALLY

  • BowserBuster
    BowserBuster Year ago