Android 18 And Android 17 Saves Goku - Dragon Ball Super (English Sub)

  • Published on Nov 26, 2017
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  • Bloxis
    Bloxis 3 months ago +9

    2:11 excuse me freiza isn't cleopatra

  • Major Short
    Major Short 4 months ago +2

    Pause the video at 1:56


  • ronki23
    ronki23 5 months ago

    Casserole must be between Super Saiyan 2 and 3: 18 must be around the level of a Super Saiyan 2 while 17 is Super Saiyan 3 (in the manga Goku went SSJ3 to fight him- the idea Goku needs Blue is laughable).

  • Israeli Queen
    Israeli Queen 5 months ago +3

    Android 18 says she takes care of Krillian and Marron but the flashbacks she has is of them doing all the work. lol!

  • Barberino
    Barberino 5 months ago +5

    These two, 17 in particular, where MVPs of this tourny.

  • simyeosa
    simyeosa 6 months ago +25

    my Beloved Twins ❤️❤️❤️ 17 & 18 so cute fighting together..

  • DB Legends _ Son
    DB Legends _ Son 7 months ago +73

    to think that those two were born to kill goku and there they are now, protecting him

    • Bianca-ssi *Suga infires me
      Bianca-ssi *Suga infires me 21 hour ago

      @Shiki Granbell yeah..that dr. Gero is some smartass shit...Android 18 can even gave a birth..😂

    • Shiki Granbell
      Shiki Granbell 21 hour ago +1

      @Bianca-ssi *Suga infires me That's why I said they have their own mind

    • Bianca-ssi *Suga infires me
      Bianca-ssi *Suga infires me 22 hours ago

      @Shiki Granbell Dr. Gero is too smart for his own good..he got killed by his own creation..xD

    • Shiki Granbell
      Shiki Granbell 2 months ago +5

      They are part human and have their own mind.

  • Parko Boy
    Parko Boy 7 months ago

    How the fuck did 18 hurt her ankle.? Please tell me the episode!!!!

  • Vits Lhasam03
    Vits Lhasam03 8 months ago +1

    Bitchful personality\
    Loving personality-->Universe 2
    Selfish personality/

  • mehboob khan
    mehboob khan 8 months ago +5

    How can an Android as in 18 bleed?

    • Shiki Granbell
      Shiki Granbell 2 months ago

      She is part human and part Android

    • GiveMe_MyCrown Rn
      GiveMe_MyCrown Rn 2 months ago


    • Megrez Alberich
      Megrez Alberich 8 months ago +31

      Jeez, why do people keep asking the same stupid question, when it's been said time and time again over the last 25 years that 17 and 18 are *modified* human beings, enhanced almost entirely with *bio-organic components* and hardly any machinery in their bodies...
      Every single official Japanese source since the early 90s has confirmed this fact: Gero replaced most of the original organic matter with bio-organic components, that is genetically modified human cells that he cultivated in his lab. In other words, that's basically the same technology he would use later on to create Cell. According to DB Super ep.83 and DBS manga vol.6, the twins have been entirely restructured at the cellular level to become "super humans".
      It's also a fact that the amount of machinery in their bodies was kept to a minimum. They're only equipped with a small perpetual energy reactor (probably smaller than a fist) that provides them with inexhaustible energy and stamina. And there's the emergency shutdown mechanism which, according to Bulma, constists of very few tiny cybernetic implants. And that's it. All the rest is 100% organic.
      Of course, there was also the self-destruct device placed in their bodies, but it was removed by Shen Long, as per Kuririn's request.
      There's a reason why they are not called アンドロイド (ANDOROIDO> android) in Japanese, but 人造人間 ( _jinzôningen_ > artificial human). This umbrella term includes all types of organic or mechanical humanoid beings that were artificially created or modified by man: androids, cyborgs, bioroids...

  • swaggityswag8156
    swaggityswag8156 10 months ago +70

    To think that they wanted to kill Goku before and how unbelievably evil their future counterparts were, seeing them working together is awesome!

  • mikaela madrigal
    mikaela madrigal 10 months ago +47

    Why has teletubbies immigrated in dragon ball world?

  • avalon 269
    avalon 269 11 months ago +15

    its weird to see android 17 so friendly even though in dragon ball gt he tries to kill goku

    • Shiki Granbell
      Shiki Granbell 2 months ago +1

      Lol GT has no character development they basically make 17 a full robot and that makes zero sense. In the Buu saga we saw Android 17 forcing two hunters to raise their arm and help Goku so it won't make sense for him to kill Goku.

    • Kira S.
      Kira S. 8 months ago +2

      @DarkWhirlwind88 irrelevant idiot

    • DarkWhirlwind88
      DarkWhirlwind88 8 months ago

      @Kira S. Irrelavent. No more needs to be said.

    • Kira S.
      Kira S. 9 months ago +6

      Dragon ball gt is non canon idiot

  • Grand Zeno
    Grand Zeno 11 months ago +3

    Wait.. Wait I now realized heles has the hohohoho to

  • KoldZR
    KoldZR Year ago +31

    1:55 thanos is in this since when

    • Sahib
      Sahib 9 days ago

      Well after Endgame he got depressed, gave up, and started doing drugs to cope. Then later he gathered the stones again and traveled to the DB omniverse.

  • Anna Frankeur
    Anna Frankeur Year ago +3

    Stoooooooooop !!!! 😂😂😂😂

  • Dre Ray
    Dre Ray Year ago +15

    They cant have too much love if there willing to attack a downed weakened opponent..

  • andrew flores
    andrew flores Year ago

    0:12 Bitch you ain't Belmod

  • muhammad ariffin
    muhammad ariffin Year ago +2

    where frieza go.if he there enemy will run away

  • Azakie Cruz
    Azakie Cruz Year ago +2


  • Hotcheetojuice
    Hotcheetojuice Year ago +22

    That Rozie chick from universe 2 shouts out “vagina” a lot.