How to Shoot a Football! | Training Tips

  • Published on Mar 17, 2018
  • How to Shoot a Soccer Ball or Football! Practice shooting with power or curve.
    Egzod & Anna Yvette - My City [NCS Release]
    Kisma - Fingertips [NCS Release]
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  • Mandeep Singh
    Mandeep Singh 3 months ago

    l love foot ball

  • Vasavi Reddy
    Vasavi Reddy 3 months ago

    Knuckle ball

  • Jesus69
    Jesus69 6 months ago

    If you only have one football shoot to a wall you will get more shoots in a less amout of time

    • AllAttack
      AllAttack  6 months ago

      That is correct. That is one important reason why we have AllAttack videos on shooting and other training against a wall.

  • Yashvendra Singh Yadav
    Yashvendra Singh Yadav 7 months ago

    Love from india but please male a full tutorial

  • Nirmala Karnahke
    Nirmala Karnahke 7 months ago

    Because i am playing football these why

  • Nirmala Karnahke
    Nirmala Karnahke 7 months ago

    i like the vidio so. Much

  • Boby Dito
    Boby Dito 9 months ago

    Mantap.....bagus sekali Vidio ya 👍👍👍

    FC FOOTBALL 9 months ago

    I comment before watching the vedio. Because i know his vedio will helpfull

    FC FOOTBALL 9 months ago


  • Binoy Kg
    Binoy Kg 9 months ago

    Easy skills for beginners?

  • Legendary Ehh
    Legendary Ehh 9 months ago +1

    This is hard like when I swing it goes up

  • Android Gamer with Pavitra kalola

    Learn Ronaldo skills

    SIDROCKSASH 10 months ago

    This video is reallly helpful.thanks bro

  • ethical hacking
    ethical hacking 11 months ago

    How to do rainbow

  • Darpan Thing
    Darpan Thing 11 months ago

    Plz Make the video... How to play winger...

  • Muhammad Shoaib
    Muhammad Shoaib 11 months ago

    I guess allattack owner is a football fan

  • Zineddine ZIANE
    Zineddine ZIANE Year ago

    hey bro good job but help to practice body fient

  • Rafaqat Ali
    Rafaqat Ali Year ago

    please make a tutorial on rabona shoot


    The training tips are okay.It's just that you did not specify where to hit the ball.Anyways nice video and please try and do a knuckleball tutorial. Thanks.

  • EmaN
    EmaN Year ago

    I have a question, Do you shoot your videos at 60FPS?

  • yash Gounder
    yash Gounder Year ago

    Please make a knuckleball tutorial video

  • A.S.R hearts
    A.S.R hearts Year ago

    all attack can you give tips to speed up legs

  • Dilip Singh
    Dilip Singh Year ago

    How to do rabona kick

  • Ryan Taylor
    Ryan Taylor Year ago

    Great videos guys! Good content! You should create a series focused on kids training. Simplified drills to help out the 10u field. There’s just not enough on RU-clip. I think you would be diving into a good market! Especially with your video quality!

  • Kumar Kishor
    Kumar Kishor Year ago

    Plz make viedo of powerful shooting plz bro

  • satvik arora
    satvik arora Year ago

    Please add a video on chest control

  • Farooq Achakzai
    Farooq Achakzai Year ago

    how to practice alone in park without wall

  • snehal das
    snehal das Year ago

    How to snatch a ball

  • Aiza Khan
    Aiza Khan Year ago

    Knuckle ball please

  • snehal das
    snehal das Year ago

    Can you give tips on goal keeper pls

  • Sani Kodi
    Sani Kodi Year ago

    Make videos about defending

  • Mr. feelpotato
    Mr. feelpotato Year ago

    Shout out please

  • Mr. feelpotato
    Mr. feelpotato Year ago

    More videos plz

    THE GAMESTER Year ago +1

    Please make on how to shoot knuckle ball

  • Hoang Quoc Hoa
    Hoang Quoc Hoa Year ago

    what is your favourite skill in soccer

  • savitri kumari
    savitri kumari Year ago

    How to shoot when defenders are blocking the shoot

  • Raghuvanshi YTC
    Raghuvanshi YTC Year ago

    please make a video on HOW TO SHOOT A KNUCKLEBALL ? PLEASE

  • Manisha Pokharel
    Manisha Pokharel Year ago

    please make a video no how to do a knuckleball

  • R.A.O 11
    R.A.O 11 Year ago

    I want to see 5 easy skills to use in match make a video

  • Goutam Seal
    Goutam Seal Year ago

    great bro

  • gaurang Lavania
    gaurang Lavania Year ago

    can u make video on goalkeepers skills

  • Christian Thomassen

    Another nice edit!
    Say - which software do you use to do your edits? (like spinning arrows and stuff)

  • Max Rouge
    Max Rouge Year ago

    now do a video on top 5 ways to nutmeg your opponents😍😍😍

  • А р ш а н
    А р ш а н Year ago

    Oh this time with beard wow !

  • Ayesha Shakeel
    Ayesha Shakeel Year ago

    neck stall please

  • Ajoy Saikia
    Ajoy Saikia Year ago

    Plz make a video about how to shoot a soccer ball high and far

  • ayush dhyani
    ayush dhyani Year ago

    Can u change me any cheap stud

  • chillboy gaming#pubg

    I love to say that "you are watching all attack"!!

  • Dominic Tayong
    Dominic Tayong Year ago

    I suggest: how to kick a knuckle ball

  • uday kumar
    uday kumar Year ago

    Knual ball day pllz da

  • Bebe Maibam
    Bebe Maibam Year ago

    please made a video on how to recive a ball

    CINEMA SCAPES Year ago

    How to shoot left side curve with right foot pls make a video of that

  • Bradley Garzon
    Bradley Garzon Year ago

    You’ve blow up dude!! KEEP IT UP!! I was here at 400 subs now

  • Siddharth Sharma
    Siddharth Sharma Year ago

    My favorite tutorial bro keep it up

  • Joel Moya
    Joel Moya Year ago

    Quality over quantity

    SPIDY GAMING Year ago

    Plzzzzzzz friend

    SPIDY GAMING Year ago

    All attack guy plz tell me how to do around the world

  • Mamerto Valdez
    Mamerto Valdez Year ago

    *cough* you mean soccer

  • Football Lovers
    Football Lovers Year ago

    Show pro football players traning

  • Mohammed Saud
    Mohammed Saud Year ago

    Pls do a video on knuckle ball

  • Sweet Home
    Sweet Home Year ago

    brother to take penalty plz make video on this

  • Tùng Thí
    Tùng Thí Year ago

    Cố gắng lên

  • Karan Shetty
    Karan Shetty Year ago

    keep doing this video try your best show your talent 👍☺️

  • Karan Shetty
    Karan Shetty Year ago

    can u come and teach me plzz

  • Aaron Felipe
    Aaron Felipe Year ago +1

    HIS Video Starts with Saying "YOU R WATCHING ALLATTACK"

  • Miniesta - The Official Channel Of Miniesta

    Looks like your brother is training hard..

  • Miniesta - The Official Channel Of Miniesta

    Oh my gosh! You're alive?

  • Mohd Imran
    Mohd Imran Year ago

    Song title?

  • Namit Bhatia
    Namit Bhatia Year ago +1

    Crossing on the run

  • akhilkhanfranklin georgelopez

    Wow bro you rock man!!
    Is there any giveaway from you??
    Could plz upload a video about 'how to take a perfect free kick'.

  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh Year ago

    common bro try to release video more often, why so late

    T SWAMINATHAN Year ago

    Could you say me how to build my body? I play well but I am too small.

  • Minhaz Abdul Hai
    Minhaz Abdul Hai Year ago

    Awesome video🤘
    Where to look when a defender closes u down in 1v1;
    Should it be the ball or
    the defenders feet

    FIFA JR Year ago

    all attack plz give the tutorial of neymar touch and around the world

  • mohammed fazil
    mohammed fazil Year ago

    can u explain position of defender

  • Hiram Pastor
    Hiram Pastor Year ago


  • Carlos Rodriguez
    Carlos Rodriguez Year ago

    How to score a free kick

  • Noah M
    Noah M Year ago

    Love this channel!

  • Brandao
    Brandao Year ago

    Wow what a great Video! Me as a 6 foot 6 Striker I need to learn to shoot the ball more Powerful and what great advices you guys always have ❤️

  • Jagrit Kumar
    Jagrit Kumar Year ago

    you guys upload videos year later

  • Zaid Saeed
    Zaid Saeed Year ago

    Sir ! can you please make some more videos about curve shooting please .I am practising but not able to curl the ball properly.

  • Girls of Instagram

    Good video! Keep making high-quality content and you can expect to increase quickly! Subscribe to our channel and also we should subscribe back!

  • Spencer Nelson
    Spencer Nelson Year ago

    Ross is lookin fine

    DARK PHEONIX Year ago +1

    pls make a video show all the tricks you know (you and your brother arse sooooo good ☺☺)

  • Sohail Anwar
    Sohail Anwar Year ago

    Roulette skill videos plz plz

  • Deep Dhillon
    Deep Dhillon Year ago +1

    Hey your videos are amazing and can you do a video on how to do Roberto Carlos freekick PLZ I'm begging you plz

    • Christus Dsouza
      Christus Dsouza Year ago +1

      Deep Dhillon yes there's no special shoot than the Carlos ones, those curves are so sexy 😍

  • The LORD
    The LORD Year ago

    Background music??

  • Saptashya Kumar Dey

    plz make a vid on Knuckle ball

  • Nicholas Ntiri
    Nicholas Ntiri Year ago

    Perfect example, thanks

  • Guersom Falcon
    Guersom Falcon Year ago

    i still don't understand why you recommend touching the ball to the side :/

    • Christus Dsouza
      Christus Dsouza Year ago

      really? i mean its very good for creating space to bang a good shot..... wait okay i understand you, every player has a different style, maybe you like a tight game like messi :D

    • Guersom Falcon
      Guersom Falcon Year ago +2

      Christus Dsouza everyone doing that doesn't mean it's right

    • Christus Dsouza
      Christus Dsouza Year ago

      In a match you don't get enough time to stand and shoot except for set pieces 😂😂😂😂
      Better to have a habit 9f shooting balls on the move, the touch to side helps create space for a perfect shot, don't watch football -_-

    • Hector Najera
      Hector Najera Year ago +1

      Guersom Falcon To get a better angle to the shot if it's not available

  • Muhammed Salik Bilal

    Pls do a video on how to do nut megs

  • Dido for games
    Dido for games Year ago

    Keep it up man 💚🔥
    I really like your videos....

  • Nehan Shetty
    Nehan Shetty Year ago

    are u making other positions video

  • Bhaveen M
    Bhaveen M Year ago +2

    We're u dead all this time????

  • Feikki Snipux
    Feikki Snipux Year ago

    You r best football utuber

  • احمد الناري

    give me more about shoring

  • The Real Legends 07
    The Real Legends 07 Year ago +1

    Knuckle ball tutorial

  • AllAttack
    AllAttack  Year ago +25

    These tips will help you during shooting training. Thanks for 300,000 subscribers everyone!

    • puxinhao pu
      puxinhao pu 9 months ago

      l like

    • Manisha Pokharel
      Manisha Pokharel Year ago

      You deserve 1M subscribers all attack

    • Pang Winson
      Pang Winson Year ago

      Can i get some ideas from you about the match against germany vs spain,during 54 minutes,what correct decision should ALBA act????

      SPIDY GAMING Year ago

      All attack guy plz tell me plzzzzzzz how to do around the world I am your biggest fan plzzzzzzz tell me plz make a video

    • أغاني/music
      أغاني/music Year ago

      AllAttack How How i be speeder???

  • Sher Shah
    Sher Shah Year ago

    very good

  • احمد الناري

    your amazing