Going back to my roots in Hawaii during the last stop of the Aquaman tour.

  • Published on Jan 3, 2019
  • Hawaii is our last stop on the Aquaman press tour and it's so much more than what we've showed you thus far. It was an incredible experience to share this movie with everyone in Hawaii. Happy New Year!! More to come!
    "The Trail" - Leilani Wolfgram
    "Live Wire" - Leilani Wolfgram
    "The Feeling" - Landon Mcnamera
    Directed|Shot|Edited by Etienne Aurelius
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  • Splendid combination
    Splendid combination 18 hours ago

  • Maria Nyce
    Maria Nyce Day ago

    An amazing man, huge heart & full of love!!! God bless you Jason Mamoa!!!

  • Jims Tv
    Jims Tv 2 days ago

    Amazing people amazing culture love you Hawaii love samoa

  • Melanie Dowell
    Melanie Dowell 3 days ago

    That was pretty intense he is such a big man but with a big heart quite the Family Guy at that hope we get to see you in more movies along the way God bless and love all of you

  • Co Chin
    Co Chin 3 days ago

    Ua Mau Kea O Ka Aina Ika Pono O Hawaii

  • Akym Rinkovsky
    Akym Rinkovsky 3 days ago

    That was very cool it's nice to have a place called home with family there.

  • Hazel Chiyungi
    Hazel Chiyungi 3 days ago


  • Existentialnausea
    Existentialnausea 3 days ago

    He was definitely destined to be a star!

  • Badmaa Erdenedalai
    Badmaa Erdenedalai 3 days ago

    You are so cool in the movie but cooler in real life.

  • elzbieta chilinska
    elzbieta chilinska 4 days ago +2

    Thank You for being your self not an aktor, very emotional even for me.I used to live on Oahu....Aloha!

  • Dragon
    Dragon 4 days ago +2

    Aloha from Wahiawa born but living on mainland, Idaho. I miss home! 湘孕

    SAMERAH SAAD 4 days ago

    歹歹歹歹歹歹歹歹歹歹love him, love his family. More power to him in Jesus Name, Amen

  • Anne Rafael
    Anne Rafael 5 days ago

    Your such a cool guy Jason . Thanks for sharing

  • Kartikey Detha
    Kartikey Detha 6 days ago +1

    How a man can have a tremendous amount of enery all the time ? Heads of to you...

  • Kartikey Detha
    Kartikey Detha 6 days ago +1

    True man, great heart

  • Betty Lilly
    Betty Lilly 6 days ago

    Beautiful soul ..Jason you do have .... :)

  • Miss. Maverick
    Miss. Maverick 7 days ago +1

    That sharing of First Nations ceremony towards the end was beautiful綾湘

  • Amanda de Oliveira
    Amanda de Oliveira 7 days ago

    So beautiful see him getting emotional.

  • Mel Mel
    Mel Mel 7 days ago

    Not everyone has a beautiful shell also called a body plus a soul to match

  • Amanda Kreider
    Amanda Kreider 8 days ago

    I like how kind and humble he is i knew nothing about him i just seen stuff about aqua man and it lead me to his youtube page he is a really cool guy

  • Ayda Joels
    Ayda Joels 8 days ago

    Beautiful soul

  • Commander Starstrider

    I can't wait for aquaman 2. I hope the keep James Wan as director.

  • Yvonne Rapata
    Yvonne Rapata 9 days ago +3

    Love & Light bruthr
    From your whanau in Aotearoa

  • 1duckDESIGNS
    1duckDESIGNS 9 days ago

    Great music choice at 4:28

  • moon star
    moon star 9 days ago

    Family an friends are the biggest blessing..the movie was a great movie kudos god bless

  • Raven 666 999
    Raven 666 999 10 days ago

    Mao Lo Brah

  • maggie _Mig2
    maggie _Mig2 10 days ago

    Amazing Momoa

  • Kalani Ayau
    Kalani Ayau 10 days ago

    Nanakuli ea!!!
    Blackrock and Sablan Beach!!!

  • Zara Ibrahim
    Zara Ibrahim 10 days ago +1


  • Melainie Stewart
    Melainie Stewart 10 days ago

    so beautiful i cried happy tears so beautiful

  • Litisha Hopkins
    Litisha Hopkins 10 days ago +1

    Dear God, what a beautiful specimen, inside and out!!

  • Carrie Hunt
    Carrie Hunt 10 days ago

    Beautiful video, thank you for sharing an giving back to your community..

  • Angie Free
    Angie Free 10 days ago

    Amazing man. Thank you for sharing your giant heart with the world.

  • FormEEh Ohyeah
    FormEEh Ohyeah 11 days ago

    So glad to see Makua Rothman with Jason. Love them both.

  • Jim
    Jim 11 days ago

    he is one of the coolest bad ass dudes ever.

  • Sara Faithie
    Sara Faithie 11 days ago

    Oh my dad. My dad. I just burst into tears.

  • Caroline Hills
    Caroline Hills 11 days ago

    what a beautiful place he has had such great people to influence him growing up he has his head on right

  • baboink8
    baboink8 11 days ago

    Such a kind , sweet gentle soul.

  • daniel Guerrero
    daniel Guerrero 12 days ago

    7:34 he knew he messed up when he mentioned how many chicks he got for shaving his head and didn't realize his wife was still standing there不不不不不不

  • daniel Guerrero
    daniel Guerrero 12 days ago

    I would have love to see you in the crow remake Jason but your humble heart for the late great Brandon Lee's last film your loyalty stands pure and strong my friend much respect and love brodi!

  • Violet Elaine Baker/Jack

    Love this guy

  • Shaz Sciascia
    Shaz Sciascia 12 days ago

    Just so Awesum to see your side of your Whanau , I as a New Zealander am so Honored to have such a Gentle Giant share our Culture with the World, And am Proud to be as one with you all as well. It brought Tears to my eyes when they blew the Shell i dont know why but it felt real Spiritual, Thank you an i so Loved your Movie. God bless you an your Whanau

  • Bonnie
    Bonnie 12 days ago +1


  • Kath Vasquez
    Kath Vasquez 12 days ago

    No better man to play aquaman than you..

  • Disney Parks Attractions Reviews

    Good bless this man and his family! Very humble person...

  • akshay sunail
    akshay sunail 12 days ago

    Hawaai is so beautiful

  • linda Symons
    linda Symons 12 days ago

    Your light shines so brightly
    Love and light to you...
    Fun , vibrant man ....
    Cheers to u, from Ireland 領劾氣

  • Strickson Lenster Fredrick

    I really like his movie..He shows how we islanders lived and roots we came from. I am Micronesians and he was Polynesians......Thanks for showing who we are and where we came from as pacific islanders.....

  • Crystal IslandGirl
    Crystal IslandGirl 13 days ago +1

    I have so much respect for you as a human and to see your connection to your roots its just amazing. thank you for sharing.

  • Carol Kamikawa
    Carol Kamikawa 13 days ago

    I'm not one to give comments, but just want to say that you are Truly a person who appreciates where you come from and have the heart to give back!!!...Am sooo with LOVE for all that you are!!!...

  • Kishona Armstrong
    Kishona Armstrong 13 days ago

    His children are stunning! They look like models

  • Erica peck
    Erica peck 13 days ago

    Well wishes and blessings to your beautiful family.

  • wytube2009
    wytube2009 13 days ago

    You are the best! I wish my father Alika was alive to know you. Best of all to you.

  • andrew zothansiama
    andrew zothansiama 13 days ago

    6:42 that girl was tall af

  • Kevin Ranson
    Kevin Ranson 13 days ago

    three words Beautiful and Real

  • Wreckz Nething
    Wreckz Nething 13 days ago +2

    Wow y did I jus cry ?!? I think u kno! Mr. (Aqua) Momoa so much passion in ur relay who can relate?? Lol luv all around for all so jelly of Lisa but can't hate luv ya too 弘
    Yes wishes who wouldn't 踢

  • Rahul Saikia
    Rahul Saikia 13 days ago +1

    I will meet you one day Jason momoa 歹 youre my mentor my inspiration my idol 歹

  • Avikali Ayee
    Avikali Ayee 14 days ago

    Wow.... You are amazing

  • C GB
    C GB 14 days ago +1

    Gee! He barely fits in that shopper!

  • msjilani307
    msjilani307 14 days ago

    Beautiful man inside and out.

  • miss D
    miss D 14 days ago +1

    Dude I always forget about baywatch till I see you surfing

  • Shiena Taum
    Shiena Taum 14 days ago +1

    Proud of you Hawaiian!!! Show the culture and stand tall!

  • The Front Porch Crafter
    The Front Porch Crafter 14 days ago +1

    What an absolutely Gorgeous Beautiful Spectacular helicopter ride. 儭儭

  • Donna Lewis
    Donna Lewis 14 days ago +1

    Those kids are crazy about him how wonderful!!!!

  • Dede Dinah
    Dede Dinah 14 days ago +3

    He's a beautiful man and a real man. Nothing fake about him. He loves his family. 歹屢

  • Theresa Heyer
    Theresa Heyer 14 days ago

    ooh the puppy!!!!!ooooh the man!ooh the FAMILY!love Jason!

  • Dee F
    Dee F 15 days ago +1

    Beautiful!!! Please visit one of the water tribes on the Washington coast one day. We share the same love of the land and sea!

  • Icare
    Icare 15 days ago +2

    What a beautiful life, family and love you are blessed with Jason and cont. to be humble to the paintings called earth.

  • Love Dixon
    Love Dixon 15 days ago +4


  • Craig Mitchell
    Craig Mitchell 15 days ago +1

    I have decided to grow my hair, move to Hawaii, become Polynesian, blow on a shell and be that cool.

    • Teri Martinez
      Teri Martinez 13 days ago +1

      Craig Mitchell ahh hahaha thats awesome! He is the coolest!

  • Mohsinhaider Ali
    Mohsinhaider Ali 15 days ago

    For me Jason is my elder brother. Live you bro from Kashmir.

  • Maria Simona Ciuca
    Maria Simona Ciuca 15 days ago

    Troppo bello ma emozionato!!!! Un uomo di una sensibilit

  • John Fernald
    John Fernald 16 days ago +1

    Awesome! I love all the love and sense of family!

  • Terri Poston
    Terri Poston 16 days ago +1

    May GOD always bless you and your family. abundantly.....

  • Sheri A
    Sheri A 16 days ago +1

    This was really beautiful, Jason! Thank you for showing us your home and for doing such a great thing for the Boys & Girls Club!

  • Jodie Tavares
    Jodie Tavares 16 days ago +10

    a beautiful man with an even more beautiful soul. Spread the message, Jason! =)

  • Ellie W
    Ellie W 16 days ago +2

    Wow, Jason vs. the chopper dude at 7:14 . Ya never really realize how awesome he is until you see him next to a dude like that, who's just mean and insecure all over the place. You're great, Jason. Aloha

  • Izabella Martinez
    Izabella Martinez 17 days ago

  • Wendy B. Wolfe
    Wendy B. Wolfe 17 days ago

    What a man!

  • Rebecca Jolly
    Rebecca Jolly 17 days ago

    Oh my lord that HAIR!

  • stephanie owens
    stephanie owens 17 days ago +2

    Anyone that gives back like you is amazing in my book. Thanks for being an awesome human and for sharing this with the world.

  • katsuko Nakano
    katsuko Nakano 18 days ago +1

    just an amazing human been. love you!!!!

  • tonia garcia
    tonia garcia 18 days ago +2

    Love this video, loved all of your works. You have a beautiful family, ALL of them.

  • Penny Fabian
    Penny Fabian 19 days ago


  • heyKerrieAnn
    heyKerrieAnn 19 days ago +2

    excellent choice of music in choosing Wolfgramm twice!!!

  • Joe Fann
    Joe Fann 19 days ago +2

    nothing but admiration for you man. Keep reaching for those stars.

  • Glass Monkey
    Glass Monkey 19 days ago +3

    I cant call him a god cause my god wont be havin that but he sure is beautiful. Gorgeous man.

  • Sheila B
    Sheila B 19 days ago

    Who is that other gorgeous creature with long black hair & beard ??

  • Sheila B
    Sheila B 19 days ago

    Don't cut your hair, unless its absolutely necessary!!

  • Sheila B
    Sheila B 19 days ago +1

    Please come to Chiller Theater Expo in New Jersey, Jason !! Promote Aquaman !!

    DIANA ALEXANDER 19 days ago


  • Debra Boyea
    Debra Boyea 19 days ago +1

    Love you Jason!! You are a wonderful man!

  • Maya Mazibuko
    Maya Mazibuko 19 days ago +9

    Dangit!!! got choked up myself there for a bit. Such a beautiful soul. Love you Jason.

  • fairday2
    fairday2 20 days ago

    The love of family and nature goes together for a strong, happy life.

  • Mary Carla
    Mary Carla 20 days ago +1

    Best doormat slogan I've seen: "If you're pizza, Amazon or Jason Momoa, I'm home!"

  • santolify
    santolify 20 days ago +4

    If Jason ran in 2020 I would vote for him!

  • Vicky Shaw
    Vicky Shaw 20 days ago

    Love that glimpse into your ohana. You've got me missing mine.

  • ibana villasenor
    ibana villasenor 20 days ago

    Beautiful inside and out
    It will be an honor to meet one day

  • Elizabeth Vandecoevering
    Elizabeth Vandecoevering 20 days ago +2

    Aquaman is the most epic movie I have seen so far.

  • Richie Paulo
    Richie Paulo 21 day ago +1

    Nanakuli- my roots!! Bless up!!!