iPhone Buying Guide - Late 2019 (which iPhone should you buy?)

  • Published on Sep 11, 2019
  • Apple sells a lot of iPhones and it honestly can get a bit confusing. In this video we go over each iPhone from the newest iPhone 11 Pro to the iPhone SE and figure out which one you should buy!
    Conclusion: 6:07
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Comments • 805

  • 91Tech
    91Tech  4 months ago +268

    So TLDR- or TLDW? Anyway, summary:
    The current best value iPhones (imo) are the iPhone 11, iPhone 8/8 Plus, and the iPhone SE.
    Do you agree with me? No? Well, that's fine I guess. Kind of hurts but whatever

    • Kristijan Certan
      Kristijan Certan 22 days ago

      This is my first time see your face!

    • dillon boyd
      dillon boyd 27 days ago

      I’m currently upgrading from the se to an 11 the se has lasted me 3 years and it’s a great phone but mine was so low on storage the system is currently taking half of my devise storage

    • リバイアライアン
      リバイアライアン Month ago

      91Tech one thing that will be the talk next year are the iphone 7+,8+, XR, XS Max, and to the iPhone 11 whether pro or Max pro..the important will be its display screen of 5” inch display to support iOS 14.

    • Andrew Nikolov
      Andrew Nikolov Month ago

      totally agree! if you have money - iphone 11, if you are a bit on a budget - iphone 8, because if you have enough money for XR better spend a bit more and get the 11 its worth more, but dont get the 7, 8 costs a bit more and offers a lot more, and if you are really on a budged then SE is the right choice instead of 5s and 6s

    • Lil Apple
      Lil Apple 2 months ago

      @Ernesto Contreras I just upgraded. No regrets

  • Vitas
    Vitas 5 days ago

    Thanks! I will buy 11.

  • BeastIsHuntingU
    BeastIsHuntingU 8 days ago

    I got 11 why am I watching dis lmao 🤣

  • peopledaddy
    peopledaddy 10 days ago

    I still use the 8 Plus. Love it.

  • Filip Omerovic
    Filip Omerovic 11 days ago


  • canucallitvlog
    canucallitvlog 12 days ago

    Should i buy the xs max or 11 ???

  • canucallitvlog
    canucallitvlog 12 days ago

    Should i buy the xs max or 11 ???

  • canucallitvlog
    canucallitvlog 12 days ago

    Should i buy the xs max or 11 ???

  • William Bence
    William Bence 13 days ago

    Won't let me like it, will only let me unlike it

  • FifiJ Xo
    FifiJ Xo 15 days ago

    8 Plus in 2020

  • SJ
    SJ 16 days ago

    My 6 still works great, BUT can't update the iOS, so I can't download most apps, including Google smart home for the Mini (or Alexa, or whatever smart home function you're using), can't cast to my smart TV, run Outlook, etc... almost every app requires 11.0 or at least 10.3, at a minimum (I'm on 10.0)
    Something to keep in mind if you choose an older iPhone. They're essentially good, but have limitations.

  • BunnY
    BunnY 16 days ago +2

    People are still happy with their 6 & 6s 🤣🤣🤣

  • Carlos Diaz
    Carlos Diaz 17 days ago

    bought iphone 6s with 95% battery health for 50$

  • esperCELL
    esperCELL 17 days ago +2

    *the best iphone to buy is iphone 11 pro max, buy it after iphone 12 is launched tho lol*

  • El clap0
    El clap0 17 days ago

    i got a refurbished iphone x 64gb for 411

  • Janet Gardner
    Janet Gardner 19 days ago

    Thank you Josh! Very helpful! New subscriber here. Your videos are knowledgeable without TALKING OVER the average Joe's head.

  • Jc
    Jc 20 days ago

    i’m waiting for my brother to buy his iphone 11 so i can get his iphone 8 plus. i’ll trade him this phone (iphone 6s) and it has 128GB so it can be storage for him. it’s a pretty good trade seeing as i’m giving him 2 old phones for a two year old phone

  • iDoT Cashew
    iDoT Cashew 22 days ago

    Im getting the XR

  • Intiqo
    Intiqo 22 days ago

    I’m getting the iPhone XS for $730 from a retailer as they sell it for cheaper than both the 11 and XR

  • Daniel Torres
    Daniel Torres 25 days ago +1

    Somebody please tell me if I should upgrade my iPhone 7 Plus 256gb to an iPhone 11 128gb?? Is it worth it???

      LIL_ KRILLIN 24 days ago


    • Elliott
      Elliott 25 days ago

      If you don’t need the storage then yes I would but if you use loads of storage don’t do it but I would personally do it man

  • Mozzarella_
    Mozzarella_ 25 days ago

    I just got an iPhone 6s yesterday the only thing I don’t like is the battery it goes from 100% to 85% in like 10 minutes
    Dream: iPhone XR or IPhone 11
    Can afford: a flip phone
    Budget: iPhone 8
    Useing: Samsung j3 and iPhone 6s

  • HarleysInHawaii
    HarleysInHawaii 25 days ago

    XS is more expensive than Xr or 11

  • HarleysInHawaii
    HarleysInHawaii 25 days ago

    Noone will be tell Me what is better for Me !!!!

  • Megan M
    Megan M 26 days ago

    Just got an iPhone 8 Plus on ebay auction for £410 and it’s genuine and brand new too so really chuffed 😁

  • Sweaty boi Connor
    Sweaty boi Connor 27 days ago

    What I phone is 50$ my guy

  • Automaniac 11
    Automaniac 11 27 days ago +3

    Watching this on my iPhone 11 (white)

  • Aiden Dutter
    Aiden Dutter 28 days ago

    Now on Amazon the 10 s is way cheaper than the xr so go for 10 s now better in every way exept battery life

  • Aiden Dutter
    Aiden Dutter 28 days ago

    The captions say the best of the best iphone 11 lineup is in the $10.99-$10.11 price range.


  • KoolaidDinkyTV
    KoolaidDinkyTV 29 days ago

    My Dream Phone I
    Iphone 11 pro max 512 Gb
    The one i will still be using because of low grades at school
    Iphone SE 32gb

  • Pickle
    Pickle 29 days ago

    Thinking of buying xs max 256gb of amazon for 650 dollars because where i live the iphone 11 64gb retail price is at 900 dollars

  • Michael Noland
    Michael Noland 29 days ago +1

    My Budget: iPhone SE
    What I bought: iPHONE 11. Sorry Starbucks, see you in a year!

  • fear
    fear Month ago

    is the x for 550€ a good deal?

  • Florian Ligthart
    Florian Ligthart Month ago

    Dream = iPhone 11 Pro
    Want to buy = Xr
    Budget = iPhone 6s
    Got = iPhone 8 rebrufished

  • Mads Førgaard Poulsen

    My dream: IPhone 11
    My budget: IPhone 8
    My phone: Huawei P10 (Chinese IPhone 7 Replica)

  • ArcticFox RBLX
    ArcticFox RBLX Month ago

    I'm getting a 6s and I'm so happy! I hate my android.

  • Jim
    Jim Month ago

    Had to get a new work phone issued to me, chose the Xs over the Xr mainly due to the screen quality. I loved it so much I traded in my personal Note 9 for a 11 Pro Max.
    I haven’t had an iPhone since the 3GS days, and it feels better than ever.

  • Manu de Carvalho Ferreira

    I just got an iPhone XR and it’s just the best! I had an iPhone 7 since 2016 and the screen was destroyed. It’s a huge upgrade, but it’s so expansive in Brazil. The iPhone 7 here is $1.500,00 and the XR is 4.299,00 if u buy it at an Apple Store, so it’s really expansive.
    The iPhone 11 here is literally over $5.000,00, so the XR is kind of the better option here

  • Horror Time
    Horror Time Month ago

    My dream:iphone 8
    My budget: iphone 5/6s
    Me rn: LG k30

  • Okboomer
    Okboomer Month ago

    Getting the iphone 8 on my bday rn i got the 6s but my bday is in 8 months but my mom said i might get it a little earlier. Cant wait 🤪

  • Amy Ablett
    Amy Ablett Month ago

    i’m getting a xr as my se battery is terrible and the xr has face ID which i prefer much more than the touch ID😊

  • Rumais MHD
    Rumais MHD Month ago

    iPhone 7 Plus gan

  • iShafraz.Original
    iShafraz.Original Month ago

    I brought a new iPhone 8 today but I found the battery shows 88% only ... :/

  • Doggone HD
    Doggone HD Month ago

    Iphone SE is just amazing. I got it on cyber monday and its phenomenonal.

  • Dajour Livingston22
    Dajour Livingston22 Month ago +2

    I'm ordering the Silver 8+ Friday morning! Can't till it arrives!

    NR VLOG Month ago +15

    My dream : iPhone 11 Pro
    My budget : iPhone 7+
    My phone rn : iPhone se

  • Pro Beast Hammer
    Pro Beast Hammer Month ago +1

    Had an iPhone 7 32 GB for 3 years now and Finally upgrading to an iPhone X 64 GB
    Amazing phone.

  • I_pooped_today
    I_pooped_today Month ago +1

    I have a red iphone xr lol

  • Parth Oomphy
    Parth Oomphy Month ago

    Those who r loving iPhone 11 here just make me go LOL. 😂🤣 RIP. TO THE USERS. Apple just slapped u that shitty 2$ screen for 700$. And for me, screen is the most important part of a cellphone as u have to look at it all day.
    Moreover, a 3 year old design with huge notch in 2019 is just criminal. I have iPhone X and it looks Like 2019 iPhone because of same design, specially the front. Apple just wants to milk the older design for 1 more year guys, better understand or its your money, your choice😅
    I'm a apple user myself with macbook pro, iPad pro and iPhone. So I love the ecosystem. But I seriously think next year's iPhones are worth waiting as when newer design will come, these models will feel old ASAP and everyone will want to get their hands on them.

  • Groser
    Groser Month ago

    I got an xs max brand new for 699.99

    • 91Tech
      91Tech  Month ago

      Awesome, that’s a great deal!

  • King jay
    King jay Month ago +3

    I just upgraded to the 6S and I honestly love it it’s just the battery life🤦🏾‍♂️

  • 3anwert
    3anwert Month ago +1

    I'm going from an Android to an 8 and I'm excited!

  • #Dom Vlogs
    #Dom Vlogs Month ago

    Your fat

  • Mel Bliss
    Mel Bliss Month ago

    I still believe iPhone 6s is the best iphone

  • Kylan Sebastiano
    Kylan Sebastiano Month ago

    got my x 256gb for 375, skip pass the 11 and 10s cause intel modem.

  • elohel Lol
    elohel Lol Month ago

    Hmmmm yeah ill wait for iphone 11 to drop the price next year

  • 100,000 Subs without a video

    Okay y’all aren’t going to believe me but one of my friends at my school have an iPhone 4

  • Abem D
    Abem D Month ago

    3:30 you are wrong. Apple still sells their iPhone X as a refurbished product. It starts at $679 (64 GB) and $809 (256 GB)

    • Aynmary
      Aynmary Month ago


    • Abem D
      Abem D Month ago

      Aynmary I know. I just wanted to state that he was wrong.

    • Aynmary
      Aynmary Month ago

      an unlocked X is $460 on Amazon

  • Trenell
    Trenell Month ago

    Pretty much which ever one's are still being sold and that you can afford and stay away from the refurbished phones

  • Assassin Hit
    Assassin Hit Month ago +1

    ok so i have the 7 plus and dont know wether i should either get the xs, 11 or 11 pro
    what do people recommend

    • Crims0nJack 38
      Crims0nJack 38 Month ago

      Assassin Hit yeah sound absolutely reasonable, it’s a good choice as well

    • Assassin Hit
      Assassin Hit Month ago

      @Crims0nJack 38 good advice but i settled on the 11 because i have never had oled so wont notice the difference and ill have a case as to not worry about the aluminium. It is still very fast and has great battery life etc
      i was seriously considering the xs and it was my second choice

    • Crims0nJack 38
      Crims0nJack 38 Month ago

      Assassin Hit I have 7 plus as well, going to go for the xs soon, it has a better display than the 11 and is made from stainless steel. It’s also much cheaper than the 11 pro. I think it’s a good deal