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  • Published on Nov 10, 2017
  • The locations set in Disney•Pixar films are closer to home than you might realize.
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  • elpidio osornio
    elpidio osornio Day ago

    Don't forget that route 66 is real in cars

  • Ledesma Buns
    Ledesma Buns Year ago +2

    I live in San Francisco and whenever I go to shop at Emeryville IKEA (lol) I always like to pass by the campus. Even though I can’t really see it, I like to pass it. I also grew up in Monterey and I Loved the Aquarium. And I also loved the ocean feeling i have had my whole life. And if you saw my apartment, ITS COVERED IN LILO AND STITCH AND FINDING DORY AHHHHHH.

  • Andrea Ilavská
    Andrea Ilavská Year ago


  • toystorylover52
    toystorylover52 Year ago

    I love Pixar! #pixarisawesome

  • Honeybunnyハニーバニー


  • Honeybunnyハニーバニー

    It looks like New York

  • Honeybunnyハニーバニー

    How about wall-E it has a New York City style.

  • デグレーットヒロX

    huh... I haven't seen the incredibles in english, only the mexican dub, so I always assumed the San Pablo avenue was an easter egg inserted in the dub, as UAM, a huge mexican university, is on said avenue,.

  • Paradox 01
    Paradox 01 Year ago

    00:46 Movie?

  • h 35
    h 35 Year ago

    Up my top 1 favorite movie I have ever seen. ;) The parents used to watch it when I was born.they watch it till now.

  • Trigger_ed
    Trigger_ed Year ago +2

    This is why Pixar is the best

  • Gaming Syabil
    Gaming Syabil Year ago


  • ItsFunnyIris
    ItsFunnyIris Year ago


  • Jonas Daniel Ayala
    Jonas Daniel Ayala Year ago +4


  • Unknown
    Unknown Year ago

    O trabalho de vocês é incrível cara

  • Kaderp
    Kaderp Year ago

    It appears that as the years go on, Lightning McQueen shoves more and more cars out of the cover

  • tardis101010
    tardis101010 Year ago

    I want to know where A Bug's Life takes place. How close to the Mexican border is it that the grasshoppers go there for the rainy season?

  • Lucero McCartney
    Lucero McCartney Year ago +2

    Finally... COCO inspired in many mexican buildings! Thank you so much Pixar!

  • Jonathan Meddis
    Jonathan Meddis Year ago

    Love you Pixar :D

  • Rishabh Gupta
    Rishabh Gupta Year ago +10

    I wanna work at PIXAR!

    • the Borah bros.
      the Borah bros. 11 months ago

      Rishabh Gupta me too I want to work at Disney and Pixar and Mickey Mouse shorts also

  • Matt Shack
    Matt Shack Year ago +4

    So amazing work field trips! That's what I'm talking about the past couple of months we've done that to film shorts on location! It's a blast! LOVE IT! Pixar is amazing!

  • Manuel Orozco
    Manuel Orozco Year ago

    Awesome location trivia

  • Iaman AlRifay
    Iaman AlRifay Year ago +3

    i am from Venezuela

  • Iaman AlRifay
    Iaman AlRifay Year ago

    hola soy el unico que habla español aqui

  • Play Doh Kids Channel

    Great job. Thanks for sharing :)

  • RossLovesDisney/California

    As much as I loved all the Cars films, we do not need a Cars 4.

    • Everest Canyon
      Everest Canyon Year ago +1

      But need and want aren't the same thing, are they?

    BRUCE RIDLE Year ago

    MAGIC 📹♥🎪💮🗼

  • Johnathon Barker
    Johnathon Barker Year ago

    Whoah Man! :D

  • Sean V
    Sean V Year ago +3

    I have some sort of unconditional love for *Pixar.* Dunno why. Just do. Thank you all so much for being here and creating your content.

  • Celia Morales
    Celia Morales Year ago +2

    I love your channel and I hope I can work there when I grow up 🙂

  • Mr.MovieMan 9
    Mr.MovieMan 9 Year ago +2

    Didn’t know this! Thanks Pixar!!!!

  • jeff , s
    jeff , s Year ago +3

    cool Pixar

  • Dankrupt
    Dankrupt Year ago +7

    i love the animation style of pixar, it really is like a different [animated] universe that you can get lost in for a few hours

  • ctrlaltdelicate
    ctrlaltdelicate Year ago

    I gotta say; even these YT vids have remarkable production quality

  • G Alexis C. Arellanes
    G Alexis C. Arellanes Year ago +18

    And "Coco"? 😒😒😒 😂😂😂

    • Patroklos Alexander
      Patroklos Alexander Year ago

      HoneySucker It sure is!

    • sylley syll
      sylley syll Year ago

      Patroklos Alexander it is , It's the heart of mexico:)

    • Patroklos Alexander
      Patroklos Alexander Year ago

      HoneySucker And city too.

    • sylley syll
      sylley syll Year ago

      Patroklos Alexander guanajuato is a beautiful state

    • Patroklos Alexander
      Patroklos Alexander Year ago +3

      I definitely noticed Patzcuaro, Guanajuato, Ciudad de Mexico (Metropolitan Cathedral, Gran Hotel de la Ciudad de Mexico, Casino Español, Museo Nacional de Arte etc.), Cholula, and Morelia (mainly the aqueduct) appearances in the film. I watched it in Mexico. It's out already there. :)

  • Captain AL
    Captain AL Year ago +4

    1:48 he's wearing a Cars cap!

  • Captain AL
    Captain AL Year ago +2

    SOO COOL!!!

  • Reaper Gaming
    Reaper Gaming Year ago +16

    Alright pixar in 12 days i'm expecting to see an incredibles 2 trailer on your channel

    • EndersTenders
      EndersTenders Year ago

      This guy is good

    • Victor Diaz
      Victor Diaz Year ago +1

      Reaper Gaming rosted

    • TheUmbrellaCorpX7[エヴ]
      TheUmbrellaCorpX7[エヴ] Year ago +1

      it only took 8 days!!!

    • Big_Ouchy
      Big_Ouchy Year ago

      Reaper Gaming I actually saw the first Finding Dory teaser trailer and it was released exactly 2 years ago, I just don’t know what time it was released

  • Gennie Gonzalez
    Gennie Gonzalez Year ago +9

    Roblox The Lost City Trailer

    • Victor Diaz
      Victor Diaz Year ago +9

      Gennie Gonzalez what does that have to do with this video

  • Michael Dasanta
    Michael Dasanta Year ago +6

    Realy would love to see cars 4.

    • Manuel Orozco
      Manuel Orozco Year ago +1

      Michael Liu Sorry i said might twice

    • Manuel Orozco
      Manuel Orozco Year ago +1

      Michael Liu Cruz might take the slot next but as long as he equally gets involved is what's important. Lightnings racing career might be over after 11 years but life for him and the rest of the Radiator Springs gang is just getting started.

    • Michael Liu
      Michael Liu Year ago +1

      Manuel Orozco, agreed. Lightning overall had only 2 protagonist roles therefore we want a Cars 4.

    • Manuel Orozco
      Manuel Orozco Year ago

      Michael Dasanta Same here. I loved Cars 3 and this franchise shouldn't end here. Not after Lightnings makeover

    • Michael Liu
      Michael Liu Year ago

      RossLovesDisney Lol why not?

  • MrAveryBrown
    MrAveryBrown Year ago +75

    Wow... Pixar goes above and beyond (literally) to bring these animation films to life... I love it! 🙌🔥💛

    • InfiniWolf
      InfiniWolf Year ago +3

      MrAveryBrown they go infinity and beyond

  • juan vicente duarte
    juan vicente duarte Year ago +2

    Good video

  • Fun Kids Zone
    Fun Kids Zone Year ago +1

    Good nice!🎉👍🎉👍👍