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  • Patafoin
    Patafoin Year ago +250

    I also uploaded the same animation with a Toon shader and minor corrections : (for now it's private, it will be public in 3 hours)

  • Nahomi Huali
    Nahomi Huali 3 hours ago

    O que lindos

  • Steven Dungan
    Steven Dungan 22 hours ago

    I want a jolt there so cool looking

  • Ff L
    Ff L 2 days ago

    Sylveon: male
    Me: confused screaming

  • ノアゲーマー
    ノアゲーマー 2 days ago


    KURO YURI 3 days ago


  • Lenny Mian
    Lenny Mian 3 days ago


  • Eevee girl
    Eevee girl 4 days ago

    Ok ok I think everybody except for Umbreon Flareon and Jolteon should be a female

  • khoa nguyen
    khoa nguyen 5 days ago

    Soo cuteeee!!!!!!!

  • フォトトロピンフィトクロム


  • Caroline Soares
    Caroline Soares 7 days ago


  • XxSansTheWolfxX
    XxSansTheWolfxX 9 days ago

    1:93 friends when I'm showering but I left Minecraft on

  • Peridot Gacha
    Peridot Gacha 10 days ago

    Vaporeon is my favourite, eevee

  • Peridot Gacha
    Peridot Gacha 10 days ago

    Awww.... leafeon

  • ДОБРИЙ К0т
    ДОБРИЙ К0т 12 days ago

    Sylveon Gender:Male Normal!
    Umbreon Gender:Female Normal!!!!!!! OMG...

  • Enzo SGMX
    Enzo SGMX 13 days ago

    Jean should definetly screw team rocket and throw his job plus protect his pokemon with his life so they dont get captured lol XD btw i just found this here bc my sister watched this vid since she loves eevee and sylveon bc they are fucking cute xd

  • cobiansimports
    cobiansimports 16 days ago

    If that joltion was me from eeveelution sqaud that will be male umbreon.

  • Janja Hyena 2
    Janja Hyena 2 17 days ago

    I think Vaporeon killed Flareon

  • K videos
    K videos 20 days ago

    Oh and Espeon is female too

  • K videos
    K videos 20 days ago

    Not true Sylvion:Female Umbreon:male ,and Leafeon and glazeon:Females. You thought three were male they are female and Umbreon is male not female

  • Susan Perez
    Susan Perez 20 days ago

    When i saw umbreon hanging on with sylveon:
    Me:is it ded 😐😐

  • shashwat mishra
    shashwat mishra 21 day ago

    If I got to decide the genders:
    Eevee: M
    Vaporeon: F
    Jolteon: M
    Flareon: any(preferably M)
    Espeon: F
    Umbreon: M
    Glaceon: F
    Leafeon: any(preferably F)
    Sylveon: F(ofcourse)

  • Brigit Fosmire
    Brigit Fosmire 21 day ago

    Gender: female *HIS*

  • charla gumaya
    charla gumaya 21 day ago

    Everything is rong

  • Mona Liza Bilal
    Mona Liza Bilal 21 day ago

    Personally i like umbreon as anfemale and espeon as a male , sylveon can be any gender

  • Maggie's World
    Maggie's World 25 days ago

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww cute

  • Steven Tambunan
    Steven Tambunan 27 days ago

    Its so good

  • caramel channel
    caramel channel 28 days ago

    Espeon ( male )
    Sylveon ( male )
    Umbreon ( femalle )
    Leafeon and glaceon ( males )
    Me: '' die "

  • indoabbas 124
    indoabbas 124 29 days ago +1

    I like Jolteon Pokemon

  • alfredo martinez xd


  • Kalyn Miller
    Kalyn Miller Month ago +1

    OMG THEY ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL when Eevee took the camera.

  • Aliya Everything
    Aliya Everything Month ago +2

    Beautiful! I love it how everyone has their different eeveelution with different genders ! Their all different ! Like my eeveelution is :
    Sylveon : female
    Flareon : male
    Umbreon : male
    Espeon : female
    Leafeon : female
    Jolteon : male
    Glaceon : female
    Vaporeon : male
    Eevee : female
    Comment wich gender your eeveelutions have !

  • ColorPad The lonely chimera foxwolf

    Vaporeon! ❤️💖

  • WatermelonLikee
    WatermelonLikee Month ago

    Eevee is a youtuber they got the camera

  • Sl-Ender Man
    Sl-Ender Man Month ago +2

    1:32 Vaporeon: Flarey Wake Up...

  • Sl-Ender Man
    Sl-Ender Man Month ago +1

    Flareon And Vaporeon There Cute Together 1:30 But Flareon Fainted XwX

  • Sl-Ender Man
    Sl-Ender Man Month ago +1

    AAAAND HERE 1:22 ×_×

  • Sl-Ender Man
    Sl-Ender Man Month ago +1

    Flareon Is Cute In Thoose Parts

  • Oskari Huttunen
    Oskari Huttunen Month ago

    I s***ed my pants

    Also Sillis is a youtuber from finland 😂 Torille!!!!!

  • 特撮とアニメガンダムスパロボ好き人間


  • Yasmin GachaWolf
    Yasmin GachaWolf Month ago

    Umbreon e and espeon

  • Luisel Abalos
    Luisel Abalos Month ago

    Why is vaporeon shaking Carson's head?

  • Jan Schubert
    Jan Schubert Month ago

    enfach nur süs

  • Amber was here
    Amber was here Month ago +2

    I could imagine having a cute little eevee in your face, it is just too cute-

  • Bonnie Kitty
    Bonnie Kitty Month ago

    I see most people comment about why Umbreon is female while Sylveon is male. But i like it because You rarely see a female Umbreon and a male Sylveon in animations because of how they look.

  • Paulo Ronaldo Albuquerque

    But wait!!!where is Flareon???????????????????

  • BarnacleBot
    BarnacleBot Month ago +1

    0:40 that’s what I’m guessing sylveon would be like irl

  • GabrilmanX
    GabrilmanX Month ago +1

    Let me see... This is EEVEE!!

    How´s the Size? 970pts!
    All right! It´s very nice!

    How´s the Pose? 750pts!
    Hmm... It´s so-so.

    How´s the Technique?
    OK! The pokemon is right in the middle of the frame.
    I can double the score for you!

    there are all the family...
    what a reeveelation! 50000pts!

  • Moon Wolfet
    Moon Wolfet Month ago

    look at leafeon and glaceon lol

  • Jaysa’s Animations
    Jaysa’s Animations Month ago +1

    For me I like. The Males:Flareon Jolteon Umbreon and the Females for me. The Females:Sylveon Vaporeon Glaceon Leafeon Eevee Espeon

  • Jaysa’s Animations
    Jaysa’s Animations Month ago +3

    2:00 ‘’his favorite members are sylveon and umbreon’’ I thought eevee was a girl?

    • Aley Griffin
      Aley Griffin 22 days ago


    • Lil Rascol
      Lil Rascol Month ago

      Jaysa’s Animations Just a spelling/grammar mistake probably. There are a few more but you can still understand what the creator meant.

  • Kk Yeet
    Kk Yeet Month ago

    I love these 3D animations!

  • Марка Помарка

    Me: *_W H A T ! ?_*

  • 藍婕歆Rebecca 50634


  • bocheneQ
    bocheneQ 2 months ago

    Cute aww

  • Jaysa’s Animations
    Jaysa’s Animations 2 months ago +1

    Eevee=Girl leafeon=girl sylveon=girl umbreon=male vaproeon=male jolteon=male espeon=IDK glaceon=girl (my choice XD)

  • Umbreon 770
    Umbreon 770 2 months ago +1


  • Vehicle spotters 2020
    Vehicle spotters 2020 2 months ago +1

    1:58 eevee is a female, next, it says that his favourite members are umbreon and sylveon! Is eevee trans gender or something?

  • Hello There
    Hello There 2 months ago

    Trop mignon