8 YouTubers Cooking BBQ at T-ROY's

  • Published on Mar 7, 2019
  • I had 8 RU-clip creators cooking 8 different BBQ meats from the region where they grew up. A huge thanks to all of my RU-clip friends for making this video possible!

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    Special guest: Harry Soo with "Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ"
    Bessy Dressy (Taste Tester Extraordinaire):
    Aim'em and Claim'em Smokers (Rib King):
    Texas Style BBQ and Cuisine (Chef Johnny the teacher):
    The Dawgfatha's BBQ (Join his Dawg Pound today!!!): ru-clip.com/channel/UCahPQX699ZQPXVwb1bhSNaQvideos
    What's New BBQ (Cheers to ya Kenneth!):
    Special thanks to Ryan from Whiskey and BBQ for the Whiskey:
    Justin "Jason" couldn't make it, but he was here in spirit:
    Baby Back Maniac (See ya soon brother!!!)
    Big thanks to Scott Fiebig of Texas Sausage Company (Sausage King): texashotsausage.com/
    Also, honorable mention to our taste tester doggies:
    Belle, Lucy, and Fifi (Fifi loves ribs!!!)
    Items used in this video:
    Lone Star Grillz:
    Gabby's Grills:
    Heaven Made Products:
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    Pork Belly Wood Works (Cutting Boards)
    A Cajun Life rubs:
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Comments • 156

  • Brad W
    Brad W 5 months ago

    Hey, brother Troy! So i spy one of those nugget ice makers in the background around the 5:10 mark? If so, how do you like it and is it really like sonic ice. If its not, just ignore me. haha

  • Midnight Cravings
    Midnight Cravings 6 months ago +1

    *Did somebody say Baton Rouge, LA...lol* ....225 here :)

  • Robert Kohut
    Robert Kohut 6 months ago

    Fun times... :-)

  • Wisdom SP
    Wisdom SP 7 months ago +1

    This looks like a lot of fun and good eats too!

  • Mike j
    Mike j 7 months ago

    Looks like a lot of fun, good food and good people! Shout out from up in New Hampshire!!!

  • Baseball and BBQ
    Baseball and BBQ 7 months ago +1

    Loved this video. Great idea.

  • TohaToni
    TohaToni 8 months ago

    At the end of vid you see whisky kicked in 😀
    Great friendship!

  • z_german
    z_german 8 months ago

    Nothing really taught here, more like promo for their respective channels.

  • PAPA Texas
    PAPA Texas 8 months ago

    Way cool to see Kenneth with all you awesome people. I judged a BBQ contest that Kenneth was competing in a few weeks back. A lot of awesome food created right there at your house! I know most of them RU-cliprs!

  • aderline johnson
    aderline johnson 8 months ago

    Cleaness is next to godliness . Always keep your cooking area clean at all time's.
    1st mistake @2:57 guy takes bite of food over the skillet
    2nd mistake feeding a dog in the cooking area

  • robert brant
    robert brant 8 months ago

    be real. did you know all the cameras were going to be there or were you hoping for a barbeque with youtube friends and beer and stories ?

  • BushiBato
    BushiBato 8 months ago

    This is what BBQ is all about and my mission in it,bringing us all together again.Thanks to all of you and greetings from the Inland Empire,Southern California.

  • wildcat5845
    wildcat5845 8 months ago

    This where austin would be perfect place to add a youtube studio to continue great videos like this!

  • Samantha Melendez
    Samantha Melendez 8 months ago

    Idk if you will see this but my Omegle skipped you when I was typing a thank you message

      T-ROY COOKS  8 months ago

      Thanks Samantha, I appreciate you watching!

  • The Rolling Grill
    The Rolling Grill 8 months ago

    Man this looks like sooo much fun! I'll have to make the next one.

  • Michael Flores
    Michael Flores 9 months ago

    Great video of a good time! Wow that meat loaf looked awesome, will have to make n smoke! Enjoyed the whisky tasting too!

  • Sharky Belgard
    Sharky Belgard 9 months ago +2

    My favorite Video having everyone over...
    I Subscribed to Everyone!!!

  • Mel's Simple Meals
    Mel's Simple Meals 9 months ago

    Wow looks like great food and great people :) yummy and so much fun !

  • Keith Kamps
    Keith Kamps 9 months ago

    Great Video brother T-Roy

  • b x
    b x 9 months ago

    Fantastic! Took a lot away for cookin tips. Harry was great too!

  • Just8Ate
    Just8Ate 9 months ago

    T-roy had a youtube cooking party...and all 8 youtubers which meals 8 different bbq wow .... this looks like plenty fun... amazing gathering for all youtube friends to cook together... that is what i love about food... food makes people get together .. so cool to see how every one ATE everyone recipes... great collab for sure 8)

  • Pamela Homesteading My Ulcerative Colitis Journey

    Awesome collaboration with all keep on cooking. 😍😍😍😍

  • Hickory Smoked Tuna - The Professor

    TROY! Awesome group of people, I hope you all had a wonderful time! The only issue that I can see from this video is that "The Professor" didn't get an invite :(.
    I hope you have a great day, hope to chat with you again soon, and I hope all is well with you and the family.

  • Chicken Fried BBQ
    Chicken Fried BBQ 9 months ago

    looks like a fantastic time!! lots of great food and wonderful people!! cheers to ya brother!!

  • wippdriver1
    wippdriver1 9 months ago

    Loved the video! I'm on the fence about buying a Lonestarz grill and would very much appreciate it if you could give me an honest opinion of your experience with it. I trust your opinion and that will help me to decide whether to invest in one. By the way that pit looks fantastic!

  • Soul Food Cooking
    Soul Food Cooking 9 months ago

    Great to see all 8 in one place :-)

  • Buckeye Backyard BBQ
    Buckeye Backyard BBQ 9 months ago

    My goal is to come to one of these one day

  • Wilfredo Ramos Jr.
    Wilfredo Ramos Jr. 9 months ago

    I would like to see this again but everyone should focus on one meat such as brisket, just imagine how amazing that brisket would be if 8 pros got together to cook 1 brisket. Or maybe everyone can make a brisket the way they usually make it and see which one is better, we would be able to get some really good tips on what methods work best when making brisket.

    MOOSEDOWNUNDER 9 months ago

    Great times with all your mate. nice one T'Roy, cheers Moose

  • banshee330
    banshee330 9 months ago

    Any chance we can get that pork slider recipe! sauce and all! That slider looked amazing!

  • Easy Money
    Easy Money 9 months ago

    Two thumbs up m

  • Victor Bitter
    Victor Bitter 9 months ago

    Wow , what a day eh. Rising stomach acid at 4 am would be so worth it to have tasted all that. I might be in love with Bessy. Cheers T-Roy.

  • tomm3232
    tomm3232 9 months ago

    Hi, I'm new to smoking meat. I'm from N.Ireland and it's not a popular way to BBQ here.
    I have question. Is there any reason not to separate the two parts of the brisket?
    And what is the best rib to cook?
    Btw try bushmills 21yr old single malt. I did security for u2 at Slane castle too.

  • Miguel Aldiva
    Miguel Aldiva 9 months ago

    Wow A All Star Cast. All that food looks delicious. I love how you all helped each other and it’s the most fun watching. Especially when you all busted out laughing on the meatloaf part, it shows how much you guys care for each other keep up them videos and Cheers to all

  • The Guy Show
    The Guy Show 9 months ago

    Wow! That looked like so much fun! Grreat Video T Roy!

  • Robert Holley
    Robert Holley 9 months ago

    Awesome vid...learned lots thanks folks!

  • Ron Ethridge
    Ron Ethridge 9 months ago

    I always wondered what it would look like to use all those cookers at once... fun video for sure

  • David Dover
    David Dover 9 months ago +5

    Well T-Roy... You have another hit on your hands... I loved watching everyone enjoy the food and man what a bunch of great cooks they are... I especially like it when it gets long in the day and T-Roy has pulled a cork or two... He is funny and very entertaining... Drink up my friend and enjoy every bite...

  • Chandler Lyles
    Chandler Lyles 9 months ago

    What a power house. Great to see you putting other youtubers on!

  • Steve Mitchell
    Steve Mitchell 9 months ago

    Now that was awesome! Loved seeing my favorite RU-cliprs and a few new ones too.

  • Mark McCaleb
    Mark McCaleb 9 months ago

    Troy, that was awesome. Lots of good friends makes it extra special

  • Anthony Denowski
    Anthony Denowski 9 months ago

    That looked like a fun fantastic time T-Roy. Cheers!!

  • peace4102
    peace4102 9 months ago

    Great guys!!! Your the bomb T-Roy!!

  • Ballistic BBQ
    Ballistic BBQ 9 months ago +7

    What a great time! I would’ve loved to of been there with you guys! All of the food looked fantastic, but I’ll bet you the conversation was unbelievable. Cheers Troy!

  • Kevin Staggs
    Kevin Staggs 9 months ago +1

    That was a powerhouse lineup of BBQ'ers. Thanks for hosting it.

  • Robert Gonzalez
    Robert Gonzalez 9 months ago

    Good stuff!

  • Louis at R shack BBQ
    Louis at R shack BBQ 9 months ago

    Looks like you all had a great time eating and drinking even in the the cold. Thank you for sharing

  • Berber's BBQ
    Berber's BBQ 9 months ago

    fan freaking tastic!!

  • Steve Litteral
    Steve Litteral 9 months ago

    😎👍❤ this group

  • Home-Grill Advantage
    Home-Grill Advantage 9 months ago

    Wait...whats the backstory on the Roux?? Why did it take so long? Lol

  • First Bite Burgers
    First Bite Burgers 9 months ago +3

    Good food good drinks good friends good times! Thank you and keep up the good work. Most people dont realize how powerful food can be and how it can join people together. 😁👍🏼

  • carlton reed jr
    carlton reed jr 9 months ago

    T-ROY COOKS Every video with Harry Soo is AWESOME BUDDY.
    I Enjoy all your vids though 😁 too bad Babby back couldn't make it.

  • Elton's BBQ-pit
    Elton's BBQ-pit 9 months ago

    Looks like you guys had a blast!
    Cheers brother!

  • Tango Joe
    Tango Joe 9 months ago

    This was super Troy, one grand gathering of YT greats!
    You may need a larger kitchen for the next one!

  • Ryan Z
    Ryan Z 9 months ago +1

    Great video Troy!

  • Grumpus On Fire
    Grumpus On Fire 9 months ago

    A good weekend in Texas... Good BBQ, good drink, good friends. Cheers to ya T-Roy!

  • Willows Garden
    Willows Garden 9 months ago

    Oh man, that looks like y'all had a blast and a BBQ comma with good whiskey, can't get any better....yum!!!

  • Tom's Food Factory
    Tom's Food Factory 9 months ago

    T-Roy is like the Mecca of BBQ! My ultimate goal is to get to his house! I love this video! Sorry that Justin couldn't make it. 👍👍

  • Scott Thomas
    Scott Thomas 9 months ago

    Awesome video T-roy! Thanks for all the hard work. I have a little Facebook bbq show so I kinda understand what it takes to put something like this together. All the food looked amazing! If I had been there I woulda made you my jalapeno popper stuffed bacon wrapped smoked chicken breasts. As we say here at my little company STAY SMOKEY!

  • Bill Stevenson
    Bill Stevenson 9 months ago

    Brotha Troy looks like everybody had a great time eating some good BBQ. Cheers to ya and Karen.