Intermittent Fasting and Ketosis May Spike Your Least Temporarily

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
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    In this video, Dr. Berg talks about cholesterol spike on a ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting plan. The body makes 75% of cholesterol and only 25% of it comes from the diet. There is a huge feedback loop on how the body makes cholesterol and the cholesterol from the diet. In other words, when you eat more cholesterol foods, your body doesn’t make as much and when you don’t eat as much cholesterol foods, the body makes more.
    Two Purposes of Cholesterol
    1. For structural purposes - cholesterol is needed for every single cellular membrane in the body.
    2. It is needed to make vitamin D, bile and steroid hormones
    When you fast, the cholesterol will go up, you already tapped out your glycogen reserves, now you are tapping into the fat reserves. Fat has the major storage of triglycerides and it is the largest storage of free cholesterol.
    Remnant Cholesterol - It is what is left over from total cholesterol minus the HDL and LDL.
    • 17 or less: Optimum
    • 18 to 23: OKAY
    • 24 to 29: Concerning
    • 30 or greater: very concerning
    Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
    Dr. Berg, 53 years of age is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of The New Body Type Guide and other books published by KB Publishing. He has taught students nutrition as an adjunct professor at Howard University. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.
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  • Kyla Siler
    Kyla Siler 19 days ago

    You have NO IDEA how much this just HELPED me Dr! Especially the part at the end where you give us specifically how to calculate your "Remnant" cholesterol.
    I got an 18... However my test was FASTED.. so I'm definitely going to request another one
    Thank you Dr Berg.

  • shackssmc
    shackssmc Month ago

    Love this guy ❤️🔥🤘🏻

  • Gettin Mine
    Gettin Mine Month ago

    Hi. I'm confused with a statement you made about fasting and taking a cholesterol test. When will I ever be able to take the test if I'm always fasting? I'm doing the 16:8 IF.

  • Irina Schmidt
    Irina Schmidt Month ago +1

    Hi Dr. Berg, I am writing to you from Australia. My husband has overall Cholesterol 6.8.
    HDL 1.53, LDL 4.6, Triglyceride 1.5
    Is it still in a good range? Struggling to work it out. Thank you for your time!

  • doh B
    doh B Month ago

    Could you talk about hereditary Cholesterol?

  • lynneedavis
    lynneedavis Month ago

    So much good information, thank you Dr Berg

  • Myfavoritethings
    Myfavoritethings Month ago

    Remant Cholesterol is calculated by Total Cholesterol - (HDL+LDL) not HDL/LDL.

  • pe3er
    pe3er Month ago

    eh.. nidpicking,, you used > wrong.. it should've been <
    ive gotten into a really nice shape using keto for the last 5 months.. no workout.. and lost 30kg..
    10/10 diet..

  • 20alphabet
    20alphabet Month ago

    Should I be concerned?
    At my age, nothing much concerns me.

  • MaryAnn Chaisson
    MaryAnn Chaisson Month ago

    Please explain how the readins are different in Canada? I don’t understand your numbers for totals. Ours is total 10 or less. Please advise. I don’t want to go back on Statins, feel very good. Please reply. Thanks

  • mouna Driouch
    mouna Driouch Month ago

    Hi Dr Berg, how can I maintain my weight doing keto and intermittent fasting. I don’t want to lose weight.

  • J M
    J M Month ago +2

    Dr Berg your videos are thoroughly appreciated 🙌thank you. You look so good!!!!

  • Shel Thomas
    Shel Thomas Month ago

    My Dr just told me mine was high... total is 203: HDL- 73; LDL- 117 . Am I correct that my remnant is 13 ? Last year I was 174: 70/74 so it has gone up. She told me not to eat animal fat or butter 🤦‍♀️ I am 52 and very active. Bike, hike, run,...

  • David Sawyer
    David Sawyer Month ago

    How do you calculate Total Cholesterol? HDL + LDL + 20% Triglycerides? Interesting if US is different than Canada. Thanks!

  • Cross777
    Cross777 Month ago

    Thank you Dr. Berg! I’ve had these questions floating around my brain 🧠 for sometime. Been on a keto diet for 5months now only to find out my cholesterol level increased by 10points. It all makes sense now. I will figure out the calculations and see what I come up with 🤞

  • Nellie v.d. Berge
    Nellie v.d. Berge Month ago

    is it Total - HDL - LDL? because in the picture stands Total - HDL/LDL....

  • A human dream A human dream

    Big treasure you are doctor ☺, thank you so much 🙏🙏🙏.

  • Lakshmi Venkata Ramanan K L

    Thank you for your very informative video. What does VLDL denote. Do we need to subtract VLDL also from total Cholesterol to calculate

  • purple rain
    purple rain Month ago

    You are brilliant Dr👍🇦🇺 absolutely love your videos!! Thank you for committing your time and patience to help us

  • Ludwigvan
    Ludwigvan Month ago

    My cholesterol was measured some time ago before a keto diet. If I subtract the HDL and LDL from the total I get zero (4-2-2)mmol/l. Triglicerides were 0.51mmol/l
    I don't know how they compare to these standards.

  • Mich8bebe YT
    Mich8bebe YT Month ago

    Very well educated video.......God bless you Doctor...

  • Michael Purcell
    Michael Purcell Month ago

    Why can't I eat Kellogg's All Bran if it's very low on the insulin index?

  • Cheryl Taylor
    Cheryl Taylor Month ago

    Great explanation. Thanks!

  • Sourabh Babber
    Sourabh Babber Month ago

    Don't follow this idiot Dr Berg who make the people sick

  • Dyah Viona
    Dyah Viona Month ago +4

    Holy moly there's so much information just in 5 min length video! And most importantly dr. Berg explains it all in the most simple easiest way possible. Bless you dr. Berg!

  • Kathleen Fairbairn
    Kathleen Fairbairn Month ago

    Dave Feldman has tested this theory and found that his cholesterol ratio was lower when he loaded up on cholesterol prior to getting a blood test. Imo the pharmaceutical industry has created this blood test protocol of fasting prior to the blood test so as to skew your blood results which will result in being prescribed Statin drugs.

  • Danzabyron
    Danzabyron Month ago

    Very easy to understand Dr Berg , thank you 😊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • 小牛
    小牛 Month ago

    Though on Keto and IF, my Remnant Cholesterol is 32, the LDL/HDL ratio also is pretty bad. Seems like I'm in trouble.
    And don't tell me I'm doing it wrong. No. I am doing it right.

  • marcia ricksgers
    marcia ricksgers Month ago

    Thank you for this information. I have my first doctor appointment today after being on keto for nine weeks. I am down 26 pounds. I just figured out my remnant cholesterol, and it is 37. So naturally I’m very concerned. Can I expect this number to improve as I continue on keto? I am doing intermittent fasting also. Thank you for your very informative channel, I am learning so much!

  • Smooth Rider
    Smooth Rider Month ago

    My doctor needs to watch this...

  • Strike changed
    Strike changed Month ago

    I do omad + keto ... I m 18 year old.. is it bad for me?

  • Melissa Noelle
    Melissa Noelle Month ago +4

    Just when I think I want to reach out and ask you some questions, I realize you have already made a video for it. Your channel is an EXCELLENT resource for the keto community. Thank you so, SO much!

  • Noor lamssah
    Noor lamssah Month ago +1

    Great info

  • Pepper Conchobhar
    Pepper Conchobhar Month ago +1

    Cholesterol doesn't go up with an overnight fast. It takes about 12 hours to finish processing the cholesterol from the last meal. So if you eat dinner at 7PM, you should be good by 7AM to get your test. With that said, if you eat a very high cholesterol meal the night before it can take longer and give a false high test result.
    The cholesterol from fat burning doesn't go up until a person has used up their glycogen reserves and fat burning begins. That can take up to three days. IF can raise cholesterol because cholesterol will go up when a person maintains a calorie deficit (dieting to lose weight) and is burning fat.
    Incidentally, he's very right about cholesterol being cleared through the liver. This is why very low calorie diets are associated with gallstones. The body is releasing a lot of cholesterol and, with a fat deficient diet, the gallbladder doesn't get the stimulation to release the bile. This results in gallstones. A person needs at least one meal with sufficient fat to clear the gallbladder every day to prevent this. (If I recall correctly, I think it's about 15g in one meal)

    • Fabio Rodrigues da Silva
      Fabio Rodrigues da Silva Month ago

      I did my last test on a 4 day fast, my colestherol was 300 with 259 LDL, crazy! I was always around 200 total. I intend to to the fasting for more 2 to 3 months and then check again

  • MrTito324
    MrTito324 Month ago

    I lost 9 pounds in a week. is it bad? Im 442 pounds now.

  • David Benkendorf
    David Benkendorf Month ago

    If that formula is correct, my remnant cholesterol is at .33. Even if it were backwards, I'm at a 2.4.

  • lmwrt
    lmwrt Month ago

    Does fresh carrot juice with fresh squeezed lemon juice put me out of keto? Great video.

  • David Gill
    David Gill Month ago +1

    I wish you would explain this to my doctor. Despite all of my previously unhealthy numbers going down and normalizing including A1C and glucose and blood pressure high cholesterol is higher and that is because of the keto diet in the fasting state but my doctor seems to think I need cholesterol medication LOL

  • Lance Peters
    Lance Peters Month ago

    Just did my blood work after 65 days on Keto. My total in 2018 was 226 and now 205, my LDL was 123 now 141, my HDL was 36 now 40, my VLDL was 67 now 24 and my triglycerides were 336 and now 122. But I too fasted for over 16 hours prior to my test. My remnant number is 24 and concerning? All my numbers were much better with the exception to LDL, but if I hadn’t fasted maybe that number would be better also?

  • bloodguiltsolution
    bloodguiltsolution Month ago +1

    You look great Dr. Berg!!!

  • bob abraham
    bob abraham Month ago

    Ladies and Gentleman we have the new Dr. OZ!

  • Marcela Carmona Tobón

    Wow! The answer to all my questions related to cholesterol. Did not know about “ramnant” cholesterol.

  • Dr Mero
    Dr Mero Month ago +3

    Thanks a alot Dr. Berg for the amazing and precious information, I'm really appreciate it.

  • Fidelity Quester
    Fidelity Quester Month ago

    The formula for remnant is a little misleading the way you drew it. Total minus HDL divided by LDL. I had to review the lecture. My last two tests came up exactly 28 remnant. Hopefully the next test will be lower?

  • D 2row
    D 2row Month ago +1

    Why is my Dr. And my wife Dr only focused on the LDL number only? So frustrating!

  • Betty Cole
    Betty Cole Month ago


  • Market Analysis
    Market Analysis Month ago

    Dr Berg - Here's a video for you - A US Jury found that Bayer's Roundup weed killer causes cancer. It's about time.

  • hafssa boushaba
    hafssa boushaba Month ago

    Would keto wprk for water retention?

  • AnimeMusician52295
    AnimeMusician52295 Month ago

    Hey I wanted to know I saw that there was a small amount of trans fat in some grass-fed grass-finished beef for us Wellness Meats is this bad will it hurt me or is it safe

  • Maria Elena Giraldo

    Remnant cholesterol is 13!

  • julio alcantara
    julio alcantara Month ago

    Great video.

  • Chriz Tactik
    Chriz Tactik Month ago

    Went to the doctor this morning and told her about me having been on keto for over a month. She immediately insisted that i stop keto or that I'd die from heart disease. Thanks for the video

    • Chriz Tactik
      Chriz Tactik Month ago

      +Thin and Fit well if we're going to assume them as healthier than Americans then i feel like it would be safe to have evidence of such before running off with that type of conjecture. Explain how my thinking is "extreme"

    • Thin and Fit
      Thin and Fit Month ago

      +Chriz Tactik oh I don't know, Japan and Italy don't do keto. Aren't they healthier than Americans in general? You're too extreme in your thinking. I'm done with this conversation. Good day.

    • Chriz Tactik
      Chriz Tactik Month ago

      +Thin and Fit how do you know they were "healthy"? Having a good body doesnt mean you are healthy. And Owsley Stanley has been on Keto since the 60's

    • Thin and Fit
      Thin and Fit Month ago

      +Chriz Tactik Not arguing, but there have been people who weren't ever on keto that are healthy also. It goes both ways. I do agree with you about the obesity issue. And what people do you know that have been on keto 30-40 years?

  • America Gonzales
    America Gonzales Month ago +5

    My son and I took a challenge on the keto diet. He now lost 22 lbs. I lost 12 lbs. Since January, I have not stop watching your videos to learn the process of healing our bodies. Dr. Berg, you ROCK!!

  • Gibberish Jeff
    Gibberish Jeff Month ago

    Quick question, my cholesterol levels are expressed in mmol/L. What are the units that you are using to calculate the remnant cholesterol? and Can I convert what I have to those units?
    Perfect timing for this video : )

  • Susan M
    Susan M Month ago

    I'm going to report back on this video LOL

  • english Sandi
    english Sandi Month ago

    Thank you so much for this info Dr. berg. This gives me a better understanding on my numbers which I've had problems with. I have started making positive changes with my eating thanks to you and your videos.

  • Susan M
    Susan M Month ago

    I can't wait for my primary doctor appointment in a few weeks. She has no idea I'm even on keto LOL. She's been griping to me for many years about my cholesterol and why don't I take medicine. My dad always told me who I will add was born in 1923, your cholesterol is not a big deal. My whole life he told me you need to eat lots of fat.... So I'm anxious to see when she checks my cholesterol what it is. I'm dying to know LOL. She's not going to know who I am when I walk through the door 🤫

    • Susan M
      Susan M Month ago +1

      So when I see my doctor I should make sure I'm not fasting? I want to have an accurate reading of my cholesterol good, bad and overall

    • Susan M
      Susan M Month ago +1

      Even if it's high I'm not going to worry about it. I never have.

  • dan pagn
    dan pagn Month ago

    just checked my cholesterol last week.. wish i knew about remnant.. but he said i was okay..

  • Lina Adams
    Lina Adams Month ago

    I think the way you wrote that equation is, total minus HDL divided by LDL.
    So if I did it the way you said verbally, my husband's comes out to 102. That's beyond very concerning. Now what? I guess 2 years of keto isn't working. For both of us our numbers get worse every time we get tested.

    • Gloria Mary Haywood
      Gloria Mary Haywood Month ago

      +Lina Adams Wow. Now that is very perplexing and interesting! I hope one of the RU-clip Docs respond to Why this is happening with you guys, especially after being on Keto for 2 Frigging Years! Your bodies should be completely fat adapted and running at opitum throttle! I see sooo many others posting about their fantastic results. I wonder What's making the difference with YOUR results? Especially since you said your husband was experiencing the same?Hmmm?🤔

    • Lina Adams
      Lina Adams Month ago

      +Gloria Mary Haywood it's actually not working in terms of our blood work. All of our labs are coming back worse and getting worse each time we get tested for the past two years. None of these medical professional youtubers are giving any satisfying answers or solutions if there are any to be had. They just keep hypothesizing why it happens.

    • Gloria Mary Haywood
      Gloria Mary Haywood Month ago

      +Lina Adams 😁 Oh, Okay! I didn't want you thinking that 2 years of Keto, for some strange reason, Wasn't working!!😄

    • Lina Adams
      Lina Adams Month ago +1

      +Gloria Mary Haywood yes, I know. I was pointing out to Dr. Berg that he wrote it wrong. Thanks.

    • Gloria Mary Haywood
      Gloria Mary Haywood Month ago +1

      Hey Lina, I just did a Google search on it and the equation is simple and here it is: You simply subtract both your HDL and your LDL from your Total cholesterol. That's it! dividing at all!😉

  • J- Mo
    J- Mo Month ago +1

    GREAT VIDEO!!!!! please more on debunking the cholesterol-keto issue! I posted comment on your other video today regarding cholesterol (that my new doctor gave me a disappointing eyebrow point when I said I lost 60 lbs doing keto), plus I have my brother who is vegan (when he is in "diet mode") and tells my mom "yeah, I'm happy Jen lost all that weight...but i'm worried about all that cholesterol from eating meat and high fat". meanwhile, because he is still eating lots of carbs, he is struggling to stay in "diet mode".

  • Drake Santiago
    Drake Santiago Month ago +3

    The simple fact that cholesterol can vary wildly, depending on the time in which you have eaten, illustrates why it is a poor barometer to use when assessing long term vascular health.

  • Connie
    Connie Month ago +1

    By the way... last night, I purchased you new book for kindle. Normally, I have insomnia for no apparent reason. Last night, I couldn't sleep because I was so into reading your book, that it kept me up a good long while. This time, for a good reason! :)

  • Connie
    Connie Month ago

    Thank you for this video. It helped me to worry less about my total cholesterol that has gone up since I've changed my eating program. One month before I started, my remnant cholesterol was 22. Two months later, my total cholesterol went from 234 to 245. But, now my remnant cholesterol is 19. After your explanation in this video, I feel better about it.

  • Winsor Cooper
    Winsor Cooper Month ago +1

    Thanks for this looks like I am right at 17 on my last test which is great and a relief. My doctor was concerned with my LDL figures which are higher now since I started keto.

  • Daniela Vasileva
    Daniela Vasileva Month ago +1

    😊👍 remnant cholesterol below 10 , eat a lot of egg yolks !

  • Ankur Pandey
    Ankur Pandey Month ago

    Iam doing IF for past 2 weeks and have lost around 12 lbs. Is it harmful? Plz respond Dr. Berg

  • Jack Tripper
    Jack Tripper Month ago +3

    *Dr's will tell you to take Statin*

    • 20alphabet
      20alphabet Month ago +2

      And they'll tell you that, then take a drag on the cigarette in their hand.

  • fernando dimeo
    fernando dimeo Month ago

    He said something wrong. If you eat eggs the cholesterol that comes with them is taken apart and eventually reassembled.
    So really what comes in doesn't add up as he says.

  • fanclass0f76
    fanclass0f76 Month ago

    I think I had researched this from an earlier video. The blood work from my doctor shows something called VLDL and I think this may be the remnant reading. If I take my total Cholesterol and subtract the HDL and LDL reading I get the same number that shows for the VLDL value. The range however on my chart show 5-40. Higher than 30.
    Mine was a little too high from Dec but I'm still working on that. ;)

  • About36GREEKS
    About36GREEKS Month ago

    I just started Keto 3 days ago and I’m going to the bathroom like 6-7 times a day 😶🤔

    • Andrew Strakele
      Andrew Strakele Month ago

      About36GREEKS - Increased Urination is Common, as your Body stores Glycogen in a Hydrated form that is 3-4 parts Water. Your initial Weight Loss will be from this Water Weight until your Body’s Glycogen Store gets more Depleted. Note that Cheating with High Carb Foods will quickly Add Back this Water as Hydrated Glycogen is replenished. But Don’t Worry, It will come back off just as easily when you resume the Ketogenic/Intermittent Fasting Diet.
      The frequent Urination will also deplete your Body of Sodium. Consider adding a Dash of Himalayan Salt to your Water to replace it as well as some Lemon or Lime Juice to keep your Stomach Acid at proper pH.

  • dana102083
    dana102083 Month ago

    What arethe units for remnant cholesterol? From memory I thought less than 1 is in canada so maybe its units..? I also think its from dave feldman. Cheers!

  • Karla Hartson
    Karla Hartson Month ago

    I just had my blood work done 3-15-19 and I was fasting from the night before so at least 14 hours. My questions is I have the blood work but I'm not sure which one is the one I are my levels Cholesterol 219 HDL 48 Non HDL 171 LDL 168 Tr glyceride 122. If I do the 219 and subtract 48 and 168 I get a 3 level....did I do that correct?

  • Patty Diaz
    Patty Diaz Month ago

    Thank you Dr Berg for sharing this
    I think I should be concerned because my final number after I subtracted the ldl and hdl is 30!! And you said that is very concerning!! I have Hashimotos and I’m in the pre diabetic range so I don’t consume refined carbs/processed food/refined sugars I don’t know if keto and if will help me to control all this!! I’m only about 25lbs above my healthy weight .!! Don’t know what to do!!

    • Patty Diaz
      Patty Diaz Month ago

      Trish Schild well I’ve been increasing the amount of good fats but I am not doing 100% keto diet.!

    • Trish Schild
      Trish Schild Month ago

      Just curious - are you doing keto?

  • Nour Kbar
    Nour Kbar Month ago +1

    Thanks doc for every info. My hausband's sister has very high cholesterol and i was trying to convince her to stop the carbs and go ketp but it sounds like carbs are taking over her head. Even though my whole family saw the results I achieved with keto, none of them is really willing to give it a try. Bad for them. Thanks again.

    • Andrew Strakele
      Andrew Strakele Month ago +2

      Nour Kbar - Hi Nour! Unfortunately the ONLY Person you can TRULY Change is YOURSELF! 😬
      I always email my Family Members the Latest Ketogenic/Intermittent Fasting Links to Videos and Articles with my Takeaways. I always dicuss or email Search Results on Berg’s Natural Solutions to ANY Health Issues they bring up and Hope they will take Heed. Your own Results are probably the BEST Display of Keto’s Benefits. You can Lead a Family Member to Keto, but you CAN’T make Them Eat (or Fast Intermittently)! 😸

  • Mrm Trgt
    Mrm Trgt Month ago +1

    I didn't get it, now should we get tested while not fasting?? or this remnant fasting cholesterol number?

  • brat tack Biodeutscher

    Okay i am doing omad with keto 600 kcal. Is this dangerous for me?

    • JJason406
      JJason406 Month ago

      why would it be dangerous?

  • Alan W
    Alan W 2 months ago

    Been keto 8 months. Some intermittent fasting. Remnant cholesterol 60. Triglycerides 391. I don't understand why.

  • Sameh Sattar
    Sameh Sattar 2 months ago +9

    Total cholesterol before keto and IF : 300
    Total cholesterol after 2 months keto and IF : 179
    Age 37
    Weight 80 kg
    Thanks 🙏 dr berg

    • Hector Lalalala
      Hector Lalalala Month ago +2

      Sameh Sattar im gonna listen to you guys. Im vegan but i quit last week. I doing keto and IF. I hope this lowers my cholesterol. It is 300

    • Sameh Sattar
      Sameh Sattar Month ago +2

      After 5 years suffering from high cholesterol and statins , only keto,IF and eating healthy fats lowered my cholesterol.
      For those who take statins please stop them.
      Statins destroying your liver.
      Again thanks 🙏 dr berg

  • charisse filteau
    charisse filteau 2 months ago

    Fasting is no longer required when checking cholesterol. There are citations published about this on pub med.

  • JJ R
    JJ R 2 months ago +2

    I’m at 16 remnant cholesterol. Thanks doc I feel better now about my blood test results.

  • Nathan Niyazov
    Nathan Niyazov 2 months ago +3

    No one on a healthy keto and intermittent fasting plan should be worried about their cholesterol levels. As long as you’re not consuming oxidized fats like canola and corn oil and not consuming inflammatory foods then the amount of cholesterol in the blood shouldn’t concern you. Atherosclerosis only occurs due to inflammation and weakening of the endothelium and causes cholesterol to attach to the walls to pad the walls from further damage

  • Amy
    Amy 2 months ago +3

    I feel like we all just took a huge informational jump with this one. And I like it. ; )

  • Dave Porter
    Dave Porter 2 months ago +3

    Great and valuable information. Thank you! I am religiously on 6/18 in the weekends and mostly OMAD during the week for a year by now. I do prolong fasting one a month (more than 24 hours).
    Eggs, fats, sardines, salmon, legumes, magnesium, potassium, Omega 3, Vitamin D3 (loaded at max), K2, Bs (nutritional yeast), turmeric, ginger, fermented cabbage, nuts, seeds are my friends.
    I see refined sugars as poison. I do filter the water I drink at 0.5 microns. I do a deparazitation procedure once a year. I feel better when I do OMAD than when I eat 6/18. My BMI is hovering around 19. I have more energy and stamina. More power of concentration in the morning. I can stay with no food for 24 easy, with no much effort. I did not had any cold in last 5 years.
    I don't do much sports even I have lots of endurance. I did changed the mentality of some friends, they feel better as well on just IF. I am 50 years old. I wish I had this information 30 years ago.
    Keep up the good work Mr. Berg.

  • Trench
    Trench 2 months ago +1

    I think I'll stop keto fasting since I am losing weight while being underweight. Can't eat 2 or 3 times a day since i need more food and calories. What you say sounds good in theory.

  • Bob Hoelle
    Bob Hoelle 2 months ago +7

    One thing that is not noted by doctors is that the myelin part of the brain is mostly made of cholesterol and welcome to dementia and alzheimers when you reduce too much cholesterol.

  • Reza Rasooli
    Reza Rasooli 2 months ago

    Thanks Dr. Still waiting for your video on linking between eggs and prostate cancer.

  • Iriene Samual
    Iriene Samual 2 months ago

    Hi Dr Berg, could you please explain for me what is the normal number of remnant cholesterol if it is by mmol/L?

  • Magic Bus
    Magic Bus 2 months ago +3

    Bookmarked this one!

  • Ryan Martinez
    Ryan Martinez 2 months ago

    Will a low carb or keto diet ..inhibit my ability to break down carbs efficiently ? Or am I just realizing now that my body can't break down carbs well.. because I always ate carbs and never really had a problem digesting it till now.. jw if y'all are having the same problem

    • Ryan Martinez
      Ryan Martinez Month ago

      +Andrew Strakele I never really been in ketosis thanks for the info this really helps and isn't talked about enough . Soo maybe I do need to eat more carbs now and then.. I wonder if my low carb diet will make it Soo I can break down carbs efficiently. I would not want the ability to digest carbs just go away

    • Ryan Martinez
      Ryan Martinez Month ago

      +Andrew Strakele it's best to make potatoes startch resistant ? I heard cooking then cooling is best

    • Andrew Strakele
      Andrew Strakele Month ago

      Ryan Martinez - Hi Ryan! Berg’s Healthy Ketogenic/Intermittent Fasting Diet does include 7-10 Cups of Low Carbohydrate Veggies to Feed your Gut Bacteria with Fiber. It’s also okay to INFREQUENTLY change up your Diet, maybe with a Nutrient-Dense Loaded Baked Potato w/Skin, just to help keep your Body from Adapting to ONLY Low Carb Foods UNLESS you are having Serious Chronic Disease Issues.
      As you get older, your ability to Digest and Absorb Nutrients DOES Decrease. In addition to incorporating more Nutrient-Dense WHOLE Foods into your Diet, you may even require Supplements to get sufficient amounts of certain Vitamins and Minerals.
      Lastly, Berg’s Healthy Ketogenic/Intermittent Fasting Diet LIFESTYLE is the BEST way to Reduce Inflammation AND Control the Damaging Oxidative Stress of spiking Blood Insulin.

  • JayR Canzana
    JayR Canzana 2 months ago +3

    Hi Dr Berg is vLDL same as the one you’re calling remnant cholesterol? Or do I have to subtract it as well (TC-HDL-LDL-vLDL?)

  • Tanya Go
    Tanya Go 2 months ago

    Hi Dr. Berg. My cholesterol is 385.6, HDL is 113.68 and LDL is 259.96. Trig 59.79. I have been doing IF with Keto for more than half a year. My remnant cholesterol is low. Is this ok? Before doing keto and IF I already had a high total cholesterol of around almost 300. Now that I am doing Keto and IF, it went even higher. Is this ok?

  • Kendallwo
    Kendallwo 2 months ago

    Ok cholesterol 205, HDL is 80, LDL is 117 giving me remnant cholesterol is 8. Did I do this correctly. Been keto for a few months and my overall numbers have changed for the better tremendously.

    • Kendallwo
      Kendallwo Month ago +1

      Gloria Mary Haywood good luck!!!!

    • Kendallwo
      Kendallwo Month ago +1

      Amy Thank you! I have so many naysayers around me so I was scared my bloodwork was going to be crazy. I’m a type 2 diabetic but my last A1C was 5.2...all blood results from last week. Diet controlled, no more Metformin! Keto is life, literally & figuratively!

    • Gloria Mary Haywood
      Gloria Mary Haywood 2 months ago +1

      WOW. Doing blood work tomorrow. Hope I have great results like that!😉

    • Amy
      Amy 2 months ago +1

      You did.

  • chowceo
    chowceo 2 months ago

    Best cholesterol video yet ❣️next Dr visit I may use Dave Feldman's protocol and see how my levels are 💙

    JMP LOVE 2 months ago

    Thank you for all that you do dr. Berg

  • kjmalone17
    kjmalone17 2 months ago +1

    This explains a lot. 6 months into fasting and relatively low carb my trigs, VLDL we’re still high. 6 months later they both crashed to normal. It takes time as long as you’re still burning up body fat

  • Teana
    Teana 2 months ago +1

    So is there a way to reverse the clogging of arteries like shown in the visual when you were talking about remnant cholesterol?

    • Trish Schild
      Trish Schild Month ago

      My sister's # is 31. She can't beat the processed foods and carbs. I'd like to know the best way for her to turn this around before going on a statin.

  • kjmalone17
    kjmalone17 2 months ago +3

    Is remnant and VLDL the same thing?

  • anurein 0506
    anurein 0506 2 months ago +5

    Wow Dr Berg !! You nailed it 💖💖 I understand so well on remnant cholesterol now . Thank you Dr 🤗🤗🤗

  • Keto Tiger
    Keto Tiger 2 months ago +14

    My cholesterol is high however my TG/HDL ratio is perfect 😊 my doctor is confused

  • Adam King
    Adam King 2 months ago +1

    My Australian measurement total cholesterol is 10. The HDL plus LDL is 9.6 so 10-9.6 equals .4. Is that correct Dr Berg?

    • Leo Cheng
      Leo Cheng Month ago +1

      The Australian system is mmol/L. To convert to mg/dL multiple by 38.67.