Dairy: 6 Reasons You Should Avoid It at all Costs

  • Published on Jan 13, 2010
  • Got milk? Plenty of people think its perfectly healthy to drink, and advertisements would have you eating dairy all the time. But it may not be as healthy as you think. In this weeks UltraWellness blog Dr. Mark Hyman gives six reasons you should avoid milk and explains why it may be at the very root of your health problems.
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  • Judy Berends
    Judy Berends 3 days ago

    I drink almond, and coconut milk instead of milk. I do eat cheese .

  • Antoinette Parry
    Antoinette Parry 5 days ago

    This guy is so out of date it's and full of MAYBE"S. Yes it's Full of saturated fat which is really good for you and everyone know that now. It's the crappy oils that are bad for you. Eat all the butter and cheese you like. Yes some people are alergic to lactic acid but it isn't in cheese and butter and people who are alergic to it can figure it out by leaving milk alone for a few days to see if they feel better without it. Good luck everyone.

  • Jacole Weaver
    Jacole Weaver 8 days ago

    I am 9 years too late. Thank you for this video Sir

  • You F'coffee
    You F'coffee 8 days ago

    If you are lactose intolerant then drink Kefir milk

  • Falcon one
    Falcon one 9 days ago

    Milk does a body good?

  • surfinmuso
    surfinmuso 12 days ago

    We believe that we "need" dairy because we have been infected with this notion all our lives via marketing. This belief is false. Humans are the only species that consume infant food after infancy and we suffer many more diseases than other species because of that. Nature is our only true teacher, so we are dumber than other species in this respect. There are vast numbers of people that have been taking dairy for life but have calcium deficiency/osteoporosis/dental problems etc

  • Judgment Proof
    Judgment Proof 12 days ago +1

    No, it’s not wise to avoid dairy, take it from someone who’s broken bones because of it. Bones in my case become more brittle, but when I resume dairy, especially whole milk is when I have no more problems and my bones are stronger

  • G.E. Boroush
    G.E. Boroush 15 days ago

    Thank you Mark Hyman - finally someone is sharing the SCIENCE about cows milk. Milk is highly correlated with both prostate and breast cancer. Don't drink it! The Dairy Industry has an excellent marketing strategy and they don't care if it's harmful to you. Listen to Dr. Hyman!!

  • G.E. Boroush
    G.E. Boroush 15 days ago

    Mammal milks are VERY species specific! Protein in human Mother's milk is 0.8-0.9%, fat 3-5%. Protein in cows milk is 12%, in rats milk it's 49%. fat in whales (yes, whales are mammals - they give birth to live babies) is 40%. Milks are specific to the species and are NOT interchangeable. One should never be consuming the milk of cows. Cows hormones (and all milks are loaded with species specific hormones) are very different from human hormones. Do not consume them. Dr. Human is correct, do not consume any milk of another species. Would you suckle a pig? deer? cat? dog? bear? elephant? Of course not - because it's not meant for humans.

  • Stu Pedaso
    Stu Pedaso 15 days ago

    This Jewish guy is telling you white people a lie. The fact is, 90% of the people who have no problem with digesting milk are European people. Basically, the anti milk movement is an anti white and pro communist agenda. Just one more thing to destroy Western civilization. Look at this dudes name; Hyman. That's as Jew as you can get. Does a black man have to tell you white ppl to stop being so gullible and stupid? Does a black man have to tell you to drink 4 glasses a day and get out of your house so that your fat asses can burn off the nutrients in the milk? Well, I just did. Wake up whitey. They're shittin all over you. They're takin your fuckin rights too, little by little...and you're letting them. lol But what do I know? I'm just another dumb negro that doesn't fit in the progressive Federal Communist Jew agenda.

  • trickles of Smiles
    trickles of Smiles 15 days ago +1

    Great but aren't grains bad for health? Attack the immune system, weaken gut health, cause allergies, genetically modified and grown with pesticides? There's alot of research around grains now that show all grains are bad for our health.
    Peace to you 😇

  • Lise Taylor
    Lise Taylor 17 days ago

    What he’s describing is like Ital diet of Rastafari and Rasta don’t take any notice of no food pyramid made by Babylon anyway

  • enkadu007
    enkadu007 18 days ago

    Jew liar

  • Dr Huge RelationshipStartsTomorrow

    Although I don’t dislike milk I dislike the massive amount of false information the milk lobby forced on us. The milk industry is very corrupt. I would drink more milk if they were honest but u have to worry that after thousands of lies told by the milk lobby im worried what else they aren’t disclosing.

  • ioana mih
    ioana mih 19 days ago

    I agree with but can tell it s huge difference by dairy how you eat in America and that in Europe...it s a lot easy eat dairy fresh products...real products by grandparents yard...I have a shock with american food

  • anne dama
    anne dama 19 days ago

    I used to have stomach ache after I drunk milk an I found out it was acid from the milk so I stop drinking for 5 years now. I feel great no more pain

  • WillSon
    WillSon 20 days ago

    Whole grains and wheat are bad for your teeth

  • T Mox
    T Mox 20 days ago

    Fuck off - soon we’re going to only be able to eat leaves and sand.

  • Mountain Bike Addict
    Mountain Bike Addict 20 days ago

    So what do you eat? Rocks?

  • Gandhi-Wuz-KooKoo
    Gandhi-Wuz-KooKoo 21 day ago +1

    Whenever I eat a lot of cheese, I can't go poopoo. And when I drink a lot of milk, my peepee itches. Dairy is detrimental to my physical well being.

  • Thankgod Wilson
    Thankgod Wilson 21 day ago

    thank you

  • adam james
    adam james 21 day ago +1

    ive lost alot of weight following dr hymans advice. i stopped dairy and have never felt better

  • Foxtrot Nation
    Foxtrot Nation 21 day ago

    I have a friend of mine who should watch this. He thinks that it’s odd that I don’t drink milk but I have a good reason why I don’t drink it and this video sums it up.

  • joe cohan
    joe cohan 22 days ago

    Was the research based on pasterized milk or raw milk?

  • joe cohan
    joe cohan 22 days ago

    Dairy talking about cows A! or A2 cows milk. Goats milk?

  • joe cohan
    joe cohan 22 days ago

    Is honey okay that is food for bees...not humans

  • L. McCormack
    L. McCormack 23 days ago

    with all due respect: tomato is a fruit, not a vegetable.
    Troubles with cow's milk: it is difficult for us to digest. it contains vitamin D3. some people are allergic to it. I know, I'm one. Try and find milk without it, though.
    The food pyramid is the same diet farmers use to fatten animals for market. I grew up farming country, I saw thatright away. I grew up using 4-4-3-2. Do you find this sound?

    • L. McCormack
      L. McCormack 23 days ago

      Apologies. I put in the image but it didn't resolve. 4-4-3-2- is 4 fruit and veg, 4 bread and cereal, 3 milk ( which can be cheese, yoghurt or even goat's milk ) and 2 meat.

  • Dennis
    Dennis 24 days ago

    I love how he just keeps yapping on about "Milk is bad"
    First off, pseudo doc, milk in its NATURAL state is everything but bad. It is the healthiest thing you can drink.
    What the industry does to the milk is what makes the milk poisonous.
    Pasteurization pretty much kills off anything that was good in the milk. All that's left is the fat. But if that's not enough, they homopgenize it, altering it even further and shrinking the lipoprotein and fat globules, making them small enough to bypass digestion and cause hormonal (and much more) damage.
    So again, "doctor", milk is not bad, what the INDUSTRY DOES TO THE MILK, is bad. BIG BIG difference. If I poison your lunch, did you die because of...?? Bingo! The poison, not the lunch.

  • Tk
    Tk 25 days ago

    Raw organic milk from pastured raised cows is GREAT.
    Drink one glass a day, feel great, not lactose intolerant, it doesnt bloat me,
    but of course l dont eat crap and am not fat.

    • Dennis
      Dennis 24 days ago

      This guy just says "milk". He probably doesn't even know about how pasteurization and homogenization pretty much turn milk into an undrinkable poison.

  • Joel Toet
    Joel Toet 27 days ago

    I hear alot of may... may.... may. Im not saying he completely of base but he asks where is the proof, just switch the question around.

  • ari ali
    ari ali 27 days ago

    This guy is the only unbias man has a modern American seeing save hime and listen to him now

  • Michael Henderson
    Michael Henderson 28 days ago

    You are right Dairy is far from ideal however I disagree about the eating of grains

    • Dennis
      Dennis 24 days ago

      Pasteurized homogenized dairy is poison.
      Raw milk on the otherhand is the best thing you can drink.

  • Anthony Jones
    Anthony Jones 28 days ago

    Stop shaking your finger at me.

  • T M F
    T M F 29 days ago +1

    I drink my wife's milk regularly 😆

  • José Geraldo
    José Geraldo 29 days ago

    what about natural yogurt?

  • Salim Gangji
    Salim Gangji Month ago

    all those books!! no wonder he's so smart!!

    • Dennis
      Dennis 24 days ago

      Smart? He doesn't even mention pasteurization or homogenization and has absoluetly no clue about raw milk. A bunch of bs

  • Dee Davis
    Dee Davis Month ago

    When I eliminated dairy, the cysts I had in my breasts disappeared!

  • Goldena Medina
    Goldena Medina Month ago

    Raw milk.

  • St Marquise
    St Marquise Month ago +1

    I was never a fan of milk. My oldest sister grew up drinking milk and loved it. By her mid 20s she was diagnosed with osteoporosis.

    • Dennis
      Dennis 24 days ago

      It's not the milk that is bad, is what the industry does to the milk, pasteurizing and homogenizing, which turns it toxic

  • Abby Hamp
    Abby Hamp Month ago

    Great job u.s.a has been forcing milk down our throats for years .I knew it only makes u fat and bloated

  • Madhu Gupta
    Madhu Gupta Month ago

    Then what should we have oooh wait we can have beer, weed, beef, meat like america does and we should have a slogans like
    "Stop milk Start weed"

  • loonypics
    loonypics Month ago

    *Vitamin K2 - 7 NATTO* directs calcium where it needs to go : To bones and teeth. Failure to take this VITAL vitamin WILL result in calcium being stored in soft tissue and arteries, not good.

  • nakedBison69
    nakedBison69 Month ago +2

    what about whole milk plain kefir and yogurt?

  • BethyKable
    BethyKable Month ago

    Food pyramid is a big joke. Pushing milk is totally false because adults don't have enzymes to digest it and it makes you sick (lactose intolerance) and causes allergies. Nowhere in the world do adults drink cow milk except the brain washed USA. It makes you fat and upsets your stomach too. Stop drinking milk people !

  • Fat Git
    Fat Git Month ago

    wagwan my main man uve elped me with my dairy issues when i drank dairy my ass dripped the sloppiest shit u ever seen tell u wot but thx g ur the real one u know free my don u get me uk and that wagwan and that u kno free tay k and that

  • Yqti
    Yqti Month ago

    I listened and still dgaf, thank you for the video 👍

  • Bobby Lee
    Bobby Lee Month ago

    What about buttermilk?

  • Tomoko in 4k
    Tomoko in 4k Month ago

    Milk and dairy cause acne

  • trucker wrecker
    trucker wrecker Month ago +1

    If you quit dairy youll lose weight

  • Datt Nigga
    Datt Nigga Month ago

    tomato is a fruit. this guy is an idiot

  • Bunny Paws
    Bunny Paws Month ago

    Noo I thought milk was good for me but it is not I’m in a battle with my dad and he won should I tell him? 🥺

  • Theresa Andrews
    Theresa Andrews Month ago

    Great video. A light bulb came on in my head today and realized my son may be lactose intolerant. My son and I will give these tips a try together. Thanks.

  • Sheri Din
    Sheri Din Month ago

    Its God's gift. “We give you drink from what is in their bellies - between excretion and blood - pure milk, palatable to drinkers.” (Quran 16:66) I would look for raw milk rather than avoid milk.

  • Paul Trotter
    Paul Trotter Month ago

    How about eggs?

  • Saira A
    Saira A Month ago

    What about organic heavy cream, if you ferment it aswell?

  • Doctor Amelioration

    Wait, is this the same guy who says butter is healthy?

  • Ewa Werynska-Kitrys

    Yap this video is 9 years ago and now you look 20 years older

  • Ewa Werynska-Kitrys

    Omg I can not believed how young you look here just few years back ,now you are a old man ,man, maybe it was mistake to quit all the dairy ,loos milk but eat chese or cream or butter do something yours newest videos scated ppl away

  • msmontana1961
    msmontana1961 Month ago

    Didn't the nomads of the Desert, travel thousands of years eating just goat milk that they would put in a leather pouch and shake to ferment along with some form of grain bread like Pita coo ked over an open fire pit, with their flock of Goats?

  • mikey mike
    mikey mike Month ago

    Start at 5:15....you're welcome. 😉

  • B815SX
    B815SX 2 months ago +3

    ***Unsubscribed after this nonsense.***
    The dairy industry doesn't even have the slightest fraction of a percent of the money that the drug companies do to lobby the government. Give me a break.
    Aside from people who have a sensitivity, dairy products are useful in preventing heart disease, diabetes, and many types of cancer. Fermented dairy, particularly hard cheeses, are very high in all strands of vitamin K2 which facilitates the use of calcium to build bones instead of calcifying arteries. K2 also plays a huge role in cancer prevention.
    This video is total nonsense.

    • Andrew Chan
      Andrew Chan 26 days ago

      This video is only for people who want to hear the truth which confirms their suspicion about cow's milk who have finally "weaned" and cured their sinusitis, joint aches, IBS, inflammation etc.

  • Kellybean 1
    Kellybean 1 2 months ago

    I can’t stand milk but every now and then I get a craving for it and have to guzzle it then I’m fine for months, unless it’s in cereal or recipes...

  • Kegeshook
    Kegeshook 2 months ago

    Saturated fat does not cause heart disease.

  • Kegeshook
    Kegeshook 2 months ago +1

    Meh. I don't drink milk but I have whipping cream and cheddar cheese every day. I'm not about to stop.

  • Thriving Star Health
    Thriving Star Health 2 months ago

    Great video / explaination ! Thank you Dr. Hayman . It is often a problem for babies/young children causing colic and sleep disorders. An
    entire chapter in this book is dedicated to that interrelationship: ru-clip.com/video/VBoScM_P0L8/video.html.
    Interested people can get that particular chapter related to baby sleep and problems because of dairy for FREE for a limited time. Just message here , or contact at thrivingstarhealth.com ( enter "Baby Colic" in the headline, please ), or message on facebook: ://m.facebook.com/thrivingstarhealth/.

  • Linda J Gaeta
    Linda J Gaeta 2 months ago

    tomato is a fruit, not a vegetable! credibility went down ...

  • NoName Available
    NoName Available 2 months ago +1

    Whatever you say doc... Earth may as well be flat for all that I know... Amazing how many retards here probably smoke 2 packs a day, drink alkohol and basically eat shit the whole day but yet cutting down milk and dairy was the salvation lol

  • Harry O
    Harry O 2 months ago



  • John Irby
    John Irby 2 months ago +1

    I like milk! Wtf is this crap? Milk helps to ease an upset stomach! Where is he getting this crap from? If you're fat that's because you drive to the grocery store that's less than a mile away...seriously...you don't know why you're fat?! Don't bring milk into this crap....if my stomach is upset I drink a glass of milk and go to sleep and feel better...

  • Thomas Schellberg
    Thomas Schellberg 2 months ago +2

    Being northern European in extraction, I do fine with milk, as I have inherited the lactose tolerance mutation. It is irrelevant that 75% of the world cannot tolerate it. Moreover,being alkali, it helps my acid reflux. I cannot tolerate the spicy foods that people in the tropics. I suspect that the ideal foods for a person depend to a great degree on their biological heritage, something for which more research needs to be done..

    • Thomas Schellberg
      Thomas Schellberg 22 days ago

      +L. McCormack I got tested for that years ago. That is well established medical practice now. I have a hiatal hernia.

    • L. McCormack
      L. McCormack 23 days ago

      acid reflux? a fancy term for H. pylori infection. get tested.

  • 4 Fake
    4 Fake 2 months ago +3

    Milk is dairy but dairy is not exactly milk. Dairy is perfectly healthy. This video is fake news.

  • PhyZeik
    PhyZeik 2 months ago

    The USDA is a joke. The reason they want you to drink 3 glasses of milk a day is so that you buy their processed milk. You are right about industry interests...

  • basick
    basick 2 months ago

    I like meat

  • Jerry Farocanag
    Jerry Farocanag 2 months ago

    Is lactose the same or as dangerous as dairy?

  • Gerald's Videos
    Gerald's Videos 2 months ago +1

    Wifey and I dropped sugar and bovine milk a year ago. Unsweetened almond milk was the easiest transition we've ever made. Stop n shop has it for $3 per container.

  • Narresh Gabriel
    Narresh Gabriel 2 months ago

    How about kefir? I make and drink milk kefir daily. And I make it sour

  • G Salazar
    G Salazar 2 months ago

    Why salmon with the bones in it?

  • gsotoaz
    gsotoaz 2 months ago

    Omg this guy is a medical doctor?!? Come on dude, milk is so good for you

  • Brendan J.T.
    Brendan J.T. 2 months ago +1

    Just had a physical yesterday and my doctor told me to drink three glasses of milk a day after I told her I avoided dairy. I'm dedicating time to extensive research when presented ridiculous suggestions such as hers.

  • Nine Inch Nail
    Nine Inch Nail 3 months ago

    He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  • B MAT
    B MAT 3 months ago

    Look up Richard Overton after watching this. Butter pecan ice cream 🍨 he lived over 110

  • Sopresa
    Sopresa 3 months ago

    I don't care about milk but what about cheese I can't live without cheese

  • TiOZÃO
    TiOZÃO 3 months ago

    The con man in the video doesn't provide *ANY* evidence at all that milk is bad for you! None, zip, ziltch, zero, NADA!

  • Jessie Van Morrison
    Jessie Van Morrison 3 months ago

    I toss salad with my mouth

  • Gary Meroff
    Gary Meroff 3 months ago

    Thanks for the great informative video. You are right on the money : )

  • John Cronin
    John Cronin 3 months ago

    What about good butter Dr.?

  • antihoney fan
    antihoney fan 3 months ago

    Hmph i feel just fine when i eat cheese but something is up with milk. If i drink it i get a stomach ache but i can eat lots of cheese and i love it ^~^ cheese is gods food on earth!! Butter too i really love eating butter :P I get tons of energy without eating so much food and so frequently..

  • Lawrence Hawkins
    Lawrence Hawkins 3 months ago

    What about a splash of 2% Milk for making eggs? Or in a bowl over granola with fruit?

  • Shirish Desai
    Shirish Desai 3 months ago

    No to alcohol Causes cancer

  • R. Soles
    R. Soles 3 months ago

    Typical doctor, a fucken idiot spreading fear amongst the masses who are dumb enough to believe your bullshit.

  • Edwina Hatcher
    Edwina Hatcher 3 months ago

    What is your take on Silk Almond milk. Or coconut milks

  • Simon Long
    Simon Long 3 months ago

    Lots of long lived societies are heavy on dairy, but usually soured to lower lactose, rather than as heavily processed ice cream.
    Dairy industry is wonderful because it can turn inedible vegetation into nutrient dense whole food.

  • siddharth tanwar
    siddharth tanwar 3 months ago

    Who has hymen as a last name..lolol

  • Saba Yousaf
    Saba Yousaf 3 months ago +1

    "Everybody's happy, right? Well im not" This guy is hilarious LOL...and he stating straight FACTS. Even as a kid, i remember thinking the pyramid was stupid. The FDA is so shady. I'm done with dairy.

  • Saba Yousaf
    Saba Yousaf 3 months ago +1

    LOL i luv this

  • motto sierra
    motto sierra 3 months ago

    Bullshit you will die anyways i lnoe people that exercise and eat "right" and are sick and people who dont do nothing and are good , everybody is different no ones knows what will gonna happen

  • Ron Weeks
    Ron Weeks 3 months ago

    Quitting dairy actually cured my lifelong (severe) asthma lol.

  • BOB DH
    BOB DH 3 months ago

    Dairy industry is going to die

  • BOB DH
    BOB DH 3 months ago

    All you gyus have bugged up the whole world by your insane and Useless experiments and inventions science couldn't give a reliable food to human being ever. Every food has been converted into hybrid form nothing is leff natural. You guys are really not well educated but half minded and less knowledgeable than our ancient people. And American have put the whole world in tension with their rascal inventions and experiments and innocent people and animals are suffering from his wrong actions. They are doing wrong dids and innocents are being punished by their actions. Human species have been surviving since millions of years nad never faced any catastrophic food relation problems so far but suddenly in 100 years of now we have been facing a lot problems of food relating because thease guys have intervened into the nature a lot.

  • vicente eichler
    vicente eichler 3 months ago

    What's W. W.? 5:12