GTA Online Is Arena Wars Now Dead Because Double Money Has Ended?

  • Published on Jan 17, 2019
  • Me doing a commentary on the arena wars dlc and what the result of ending the double money has been. The DLC while not completely dead is starting to die because of how expensive it is and the fact that the payouts are just so bad.
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  • TheProfessional
    TheProfessional  4 months ago +236

    I did not even mention how bad the ranking system is and how unbalanced it is with trade prices. Hopefully rockstar learns from this and the next dlc is a new business not based on an adversary mode. Im not saying that adversary modes are bad but the way it was implemented here was. It was too expensive and the pay was very bad. There was no coop and everything was behind a trade price. Why would anyone invest millions of dollars into something that is not going to ever get them their money back? I can see people playing this for fun but when the pay is just so bad its going to make alot of players stop playing it.

    • Da Baum
      Da Baum 18 days ago

      You should work for rockstar and fix the game

    • Dub Dno
      Dub Dno 3 months ago

      Takes longer to play to unlock what you want then just doing normal grind and paying for buy it now price

    • Dyodoleu
      Dyodoleu 3 months ago

      And this was why I completely ignored arena wars lol. I maybe played once but I didn't invest any money bc gta is at own fault for pushing players to only bother with money methods that are most profitable/time efficient.

    • Dub Dno
      Dub Dno 3 months ago

      I already knew once x2 money was over arena would die. By the time you unlocked the trade price for something you wanted not only would it probably take longer then if you just grinded for the buy it now price but you would not even make enough to buy it.
      And why the absolute fuck does rockstar think they need to make it to where we can't pick what we unlock (like the bunker research) or even see what the fuck we unlocked in the first place?

    • Randall Kostense
      Randall Kostense 3 months ago

      A good way to fix this would be making spcail co-op raids against AI arena wars cars and bikes. This could get played out like Crossout from gjian, where u can do raids for maby a little low payment (sharkcard reasons) but very high arena wars points for the ranking system. make it like the ceo a freemode missions or just the old standaard mission slection. this could save the dlc update, unlike the dripfeed dlc cars with horrible handeling.

  • Charnese Smith
    Charnese Smith 2 days ago

    Not on xbox

  • Christopher Labedzski

    The only reason I buy the arena wars is just for more garage space. Nothing more

  • lopezrobert2012
    lopezrobert2012 14 days ago

    I honestly think the professional should run Rockstar Games😍

  • y0ungunz
    y0ungunz 16 days ago +1

    Since I can't get people to join when I host Carnage in Arena War (LITERALLY ZERO people join the lobby) So I just go in freemode with my Deathbike and hunt down players with it and kill them like its Twisted Metal.
    Since no one plays Arena Wars anymore I have to get my fun somehow...RIP Arena Wars Dec2018-Dec2018 😞

  • CoolDerp202
    CoolDerp202 17 days ago

    I'm starting to think they will never add more profitable stuff in the game because it will effect shark card sales

  • LT .Kermit
    LT .Kermit 20 days ago

    Joined a game then I waited about 10 minutes then went for dinner and no one joined in like 30 minutes

  • M0neY M0ns3R
    M0neY M0ns3R 28 days ago

    You talk so much about slasher and how much you like ut

  • Victor A.
    Victor A. Month ago

    I think giving money and exp kind of kills the game, because people play to get paid, not to have fun. And if you play to get money then you find ways to cheat (like going afk and dying early, letting the others do the dirty work), and you end up being a bad sport. Arena could have been a nice alternative to Carmageddon but it's not as enjoyable.

  • Anthony King
    Anthony King Month ago

    Arena Wars is the most regretful DLC I ever purchase I wish sometimes that I can sell it and all of everything that I paid for because I've spent a lot of money for this DLC but I have not worn one dime so thanks professional I keep up the good work

  • Bob Vaillancourt
    Bob Vaillancourt Month ago

    i want to create an arena league (on XBoxONE) for fun to play arena with full lobby just a friendly mess around . . . also i would like to find someone who dont really want to play arena (or could use an alt account/toon) to help me with the wins and unlock the ranking 20 (i can help back if needed with an alt) for those who dont know your rank increase when you win but get down if you lose DONT help with your main account if you plan/want to lvl up your rank . . . im actually rank 7 . . . i believe it take 120 wins (i readed it somewhere but not sure if i have the right amount) from rank 1 to 20 (121 from rank 0) you can lose and go down to rank 1 but you will never get pushed back to 0

  • Runny Szanboti
    Runny Szanboti Month ago

    Watching the gameplay of it. . . Never touched the mode. I suddenly realize why I ignored it entirely since it came out. :|

  • Elliot Shreman
    Elliot Shreman Month ago +1

    It’s been two months since this video upload and I randomly today decided to try to play a match of arena war. I invited a lot of people and kept everything open and I only got 3 people in the lobby.

  • NatureXwars
    NatureXwars 2 months ago

    No more businesses, I wish for new jobs/missions that involve npc characters & cutscenes, like contact missions or heist level of story telling.

  • Neglectance MC
    Neglectance MC 2 months ago

    I agree with you I spent over 15 mil on the arena war cars and found the actual mode is boring and I never use the cars

  • Moojooman
    Moojooman 2 months ago

    wow this game changed a lot.

  • Phil Collins
    Phil Collins 2 months ago

    This gay ass update was d.o.a, you know.

  • Ugwembum WemOssas
    Ugwembum WemOssas 2 months ago

    Leta get some gang dlcs. Where did grove street go its still san andreas. We wany mafia gang updates not this

  • Brad Adult
    Brad Adult 2 months ago

    If you wanted to actually get the space docker, its too late i guess.

  • Toby Grey
    Toby Grey 2 months ago

    I haven’t even bothered buying anything from this DLC 😂

  • Martynas Dereškevičius

    Arena war should be 25k when double 50k

  • Ice Coffey
    Ice Coffey 2 months ago

    Let's hope all the money they make from sharkcards is being put towards GTA 6.

  • EusseLDS524
    EusseLDS524 2 months ago

    Yes it is

  • MadIIMike
    MadIIMike 3 months ago

    Honestly, unless they make it about 10x money and add the option to play against AI, I'm not even going to bother with it.

  • Linda
    Linda 3 months ago

    i wanted to start up a TDM once, it kept putting me in arena war stuff, that was annoying.

  • Cyber Boltz
    Cyber Boltz 3 months ago

    The only thing holding up this DLC is everything you can get in free mode like the workshop and the vehicles

  • Swavey
    Swavey 3 months ago

    The double money should’ve been the default payout I mean even with double money the pay is still bad. Without the double money it’s ridiculously low, of course no one gonna bother playing it then. Personally I thought Arena Wars was really fun and a good way to take a break from grinding, it had a lot of potential imo.

  • Mario Lopez
    Mario Lopez 3 months ago

    Double money should be the default payout

  • FcoSeven
    FcoSeven 3 months ago

    Just had this gut feeling not to buy this and glad I didn't, saves me a ton of money till the next update.

  • Jonathan Stoos
    Jonathan Stoos 3 months ago

    Short answer: yeah, kinda

    ITZ YO BOI IVAN :P 3 months ago +1

    They should do double money and XP on all dispatch missions. Beacuse their quick and easy

  • Hood Nation
    Hood Nation 3 months ago

    I was hoping we get a heist dlc
    Rockstar need to listen to players ideas just like the after hours they listened to us and gave us nightclubs. I was hoping another heist update would come out but no rockstar decided to make a arena dlc the vehicles are good though but the payouts are straight up bs they have to update the payouts

  • Hood Nation
    Hood Nation 3 months ago +3

    Players: we want another heist dlc
    Rockstar: ok how about a arena dlc
    Players: NOOOOOOOO!!

    ÇHÏŁŁ ÖÜŤ 3 months ago +1

    That's shit has been dead. After the second week it came out no one like it because it's to expensive

  • Not Coming
    Not Coming 3 months ago +1

    here’s a DLC idea
    1. Have the ability to buy NPC businesses and make a small constant amount of money (5k every 30 minutes or so ) without doing anything.
    Like story mode with the taxi and the car place thing.
    Actual Mansions not cliff houses but REAL MANSIONS.
    Pets or animals implemented into online.
    A real reason to own a yacht.
    A tuner update.
    Be able to hire npcs as bodyguards. That follow you around and drive you around and such.
    Like pc on consoles they should have role play servers. So we can play as cops like on director mode but with friends, or at least the option to disable the cops in a private session because it’s really annoying when you try to do a role play and you randomly get police.

  • Not Coming
    Not Coming 3 months ago +1

    I regret spending my hard earned money on a arena .

  • ViiciouzZ
    ViiciouzZ 3 months ago +1

    I hate when I see your channel it’s fuckin trash you a cry baby ever time I see ur channel

    • KGLA 021
      KGLA 021 2 months ago

      Then don't watch and say you're not interested. Then, tell RU-clip why.

  • samuel salazar
    samuel salazar 3 months ago +3

    Seriously updates Rockstar should have in my opinion
    Mafia update
    Naval update
    new location update
    quality of life update
    Customizing houses Apartments

  • Richard Aiden
    Richard Aiden 3 months ago

    I didn't bother wasting money on this.

  • waterb0lt
    waterb0lt 3 months ago +1

    I disagree with the part where you said we shouldn't have to rely on other players in the end. It's a multiplayer game, you're supposed to rely on other players. The problem is that people don't want to because there are so many tryhards and griefers that instead of working together, players want to avoid each other. This is all Rockstar's fault, since they designed the game this way. Arena War was dead before it even came out.

  • B DAB
    B DAB 3 months ago +1

    It was dead after the firsts week despite double money

  • Matt Lang
    Matt Lang 3 months ago

    The pay out was barely worth the time as double money I thought I wasn't getting double money it was so low

  • Omar Rivas
    Omar Rivas 3 months ago

    Yeah every dlc for gta is progressively terrible after the bunker.

  • Alan Moore jr
    Alan Moore jr 3 months ago

    Between how bad red dead 2 is and how rockstar dont care about anything but shark cards.... Gta, red dead are dieing for me. One of the most successful games world wide.... And they chose to be micro transaction whores.....

  • Anthony Stark
    Anthony Stark 3 months ago +1

    Double cash/rp is the only reason why game modes even thrive. Remember stunt races? No one plays that. Remember the transform series? No one. The other game modes like TDM no one. It’s double money that makes game modes playable.

  • Terry Daniels
    Terry Daniels 3 months ago +1

    My friends and I discovered that during the x2 money if you played the car soccer one you could take turns letting one team score all of the goals, and trade each time to maximise profit. You could make around $150,000 in 20 minutes. The problem was that it was the most boring 20 minutes of my life.

  • Noah Bannister
    Noah Bannister 3 months ago

    Adversary modes always flop

  • courtney sharp
    courtney sharp 3 months ago

    Arena wars was a waste of space update

  • Dyodoleu
    Dyodoleu 3 months ago

    The only good thing about the dlc are the LED sole shoes, I bought all colors lol

  • bubblesoapbob wingsofredemtions cosuin

    I feel like I wasted my money on a warehouse i just bought more garage space.

  • Kaitlyn Taylor
    Kaitlyn Taylor 3 months ago

    On pc gta is almost dead.

  • Grant Smith
    Grant Smith 3 months ago

    Hey The professional, I totally agree with you, arena wars is dead. It was bad idea to make DLC this way. I want GIRLFRIEND DLC in the game, so we could drive her around in our useless cars and keep her safe.

  • Freshly Laced
    Freshly Laced 3 months ago

    The whole game is dying fast I have to lobby hop like 15 to 20 times just to find a populated lobby. They mostly only have like maybe 10 people.

  • Vintage News Network
    Vintage News Network 3 months ago

    At this point RS should look over all the suggestion made on how to turn the ocean into a business opportunity and release a marine based DLC.

  • Darren533
    Darren533 3 months ago

    I am currently trying to reach rank 20 in arena wars and it is so difficult after hours of waiting when someone finally does join they leave when the match starts causing my rank to be stripped from me its so unfair

  • Ruthless Cardigan
    Ruthless Cardigan 3 months ago

    I'm one of the solo players that gets got by these money grab... this is the one that finally taught me.
    these game companies don't give two shits about why I game, and is just another in the long list of examples proving that people suck at the core

  • Wesley Miller
    Wesley Miller 3 months ago

    Even with double money, it was hardly worth it. The best game type was Carnage (I think that was the name), it was similar to Twisted Metal. This game mode should've: 1. Had permanent double money, or more; 2. More like Twisted Metal. Some of the game modes, like Bomb Ball, were just dumb. I also feel second-hand buyer's remorse for those who DUMPED a million or more into the workshops and custom vehicles. Would've been better-spent upgrading the nightclub's storage or buying a large warehouse.

  • The Blackwidow
    The Blackwidow 3 months ago

    Trade prices are so stupid. I hate them because the trade prices are the original prices rockstar was gonna make the vehicle but then they came up with this idea on how they’ll make it more expensive if you don’t buy all this shit like the terrorbyte so you can do five client jobs to get the oppressor mk2 cheaper. In the end you’re spending more money but you need the terrorbyte to customize it too. It’s just all about money and greed anymore and it’s sad.

  • The True Upgrade
    The True Upgrade 3 months ago

    I kinda want a cop dlc. I know it's been thrown around a crap ton. But i'd love to be like a dirty cop. Owning my own police station. And then accepting jobs to 'arrest' people.
    Imagine if they also made it that you could arrest people for owning illegal guns or drugs, but then take the guns and drugs for your own businesses.

  • Jiri Van der voort
    Jiri Van der voort 3 months ago

    This is what we asked for😑

  • Pequeño Perezoso
    Pequeño Perezoso 3 months ago

    Dude, when I tried to invite ransoms I got no one to join me. While it was x2.

  • Mysterious Titan
    Mysterious Titan 3 months ago

    GTA feels boring now. Nothing interesting but grinders who feel like zombies to play with.

  • Aiden Peirce
    Aiden Peirce 3 months ago

    Arena wars was was shit anyway

  • Ghoffman91
    Ghoffman91 3 months ago

    As I told people from the get go, its just a glorified adversary mode with some vehicles made specifically for it, and just like all other adversary modes before it, its gonna be a ghost town when the double money rewards ends. I personally wanted to do it to reach rank 500, which gives you the Space Docker as an award. Course I knew I had no way in hell of reaching that rank before the double money bonus expired so I did not bother.

  • HPGamer
    HPGamer 3 months ago

    Never tested whole thing yet.

  • yo momma
    yo momma 3 months ago

    I won a lot of money with no custom vehicle

  • Jelly Juice
    Jelly Juice 3 months ago

    The past couple dlc’s have been pointless

  • MPRF12345
    MPRF12345 3 months ago

    Arena's not to make money, but rather to joke around and unlock arena stuff

  • The Rev
    The Rev 3 months ago

    Then there’s me ho haven’t even played it yet

  • Julian Ramirez
    Julian Ramirez 3 months ago

    Never liked it should of came out when the game came out

  • CountessRoadkill
    CountessRoadkill 3 months ago

    Arena War died due to Rockstars inept game balance. I recently returned to GTAV for this update after a couple of years away. I thought this update was gonna be awesome, but it has all the same problems GTAs have always had. Vehicles are either OP or useless. None of the vehicles really have specialised roles, The majority of modes favour the same vehicles. Flag War is broken.

  • Playboy Domo
    Playboy Domo 3 months ago

    Its trash!

  • haydn scales
    haydn scales 3 months ago

    i did not spend a single penny on this dlc because i think is a big waste of money

  • Full Send
    Full Send 3 months ago

    I did not even play it when it was double money

  • Mr Meme
    Mr Meme 4 months ago

    I stopped playing the arena wars when they took of the ×2

  • GuardianXwolf
    GuardianXwolf 4 months ago

    I mean it was fun just I wish they'd pay more , it says I earn 80.000$ but after game over I only get 24.000$

  • Mark Taylor
    Mark Taylor 4 months ago

    I agree and also it's a wast of deta running Thu the GTA servers I mean it sounded like a sweet dlc and I thought the same witch is why I never got it. For the next GTA business they should have buildings that pay you rent or a black market where you get sale and buy with stocks that always going up and down. What You think?

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe 4 months ago

    Gta is dead PERIOD online at least anyway shit is just way too EXPENSIVE and not worth the money you put in it cars in real life are way less expensive what a joke

  • Wickedmountain
    Wickedmountain 4 months ago

    I tried it thought it was boring so back to my break from the game I go for awhile.

  • Nemo Mazwai
    Nemo Mazwai 4 months ago

    I'm really bummed beacouse I'm only rank 65 I grind to get a work shop and cars but now there just freemode toys.

  • Xterraforce
    Xterraforce 4 months ago

    I probably put more thought into this DLC than any other. I watched some videos on day one and several people brought up the point of adversary modes not lasting long so I was pretty cautious. I wanted the extra garage space so I played enough to buy the arena workshop but no unnecessary upgrades. How many places do I need to upgrade weapons after all and why do I care how it's decorated? I continued playing an hour or two a day and won enough for the two arena vehicles I wanted since it was getting hard to win because a lot of others had custom vehicles by then. With those I kept playing and made about $8 million more before double money ended. Near the end of double money it was already getting hard to find a full lobby and the writing was on the wall. So now I have extra garage space, a deathbike I may never use again but made pretty good money with it while I could and a Scarab without all the armor and rust just because I wanted it and have fun driving it. I'll buy the Bandito when it's released even though the price is pretty ridiculous because I like RC trucks and it's a blast to drive. I hope Rockstar never makes another adversary based DLC again. If you didn't get in on it from the start and play a lot when it was double money there's really not much reason to even try it now.

  • HetNe$$
    HetNe$$ 4 months ago

    Expectable. Kinda. The introduction into arena business was the most enjoyable of them all. The only reason to mess with that update - is to get custom headlights, available from the start. That's all

  • perinaldo69
    perinaldo69 4 months ago

    Hi professional thanks for your video. I told before several times in your videos and others that I hated this dlc, because is very expensive and unfair in so many ways. I am level 17 gladiator and still working to become skill level 20 to unlock the go go monkey car.. then I will never play this crap ever! I have all contenders vehicles unlocked and must have wasted over 50 millions on this update.. it was a disaster! All because Rockstar doesn’t want anyone to be happy with your friends and making money in a fun way.. we need Heist heist heists heist heist do you understand Rockstar heist please heist thanks enough of adversary 🐮💩 and business when we have to be attacked by tryhards and cancers.. I am fedup.. enough please

  • William MacRoberts
    William MacRoberts 4 months ago

    adversary modes aren't fun and there are only 3 races and they're not that good. only an arena war race creator with high payouts could save this shit.

  • Street Rc'ing
    Street Rc'ing 4 months ago

    It was dead the day it was released imo.. a fucking waste of time update . i tried it for 20 minutes and thats it, crap money and that fucking guy on the mic repeating the same shit got realy anoying

  • Skinned, fried and cut up potatoes

    The way I originally thought the trade price would work was the same as bunker but you could also do it for free just by playing arena wars. Would have been a much better system

  • Skinned, fried and cut up potatoes

    You know how rockstar can make jobs 3x cash and rp? The only thing I’ve every seen them affect is premium races and I bet your thinking wow thats great 300k for winning? But no just 3x on rp -_-

  • Skinned, fried and cut up potatoes

    I stoped playing half way through double money :/ gets repetitive very quickly
    Also got sick of the bike being the best option so everyone would use that in most game modes :/

  • Duwop Nowitzki
    Duwop Nowitzki 4 months ago

    they tried it lol..knowing adv. modes dont make it past that 2x money/rp period

  • Keytron Quabius
    Keytron Quabius 4 months ago

    They're banking on the fact that kids are stupid asf

  • Cauê Ribeiro
    Cauê Ribeiro 4 months ago

    Actually you can get cool cars,,like a táxi,the space docker,stuff like that

  • ElectroPlays
    ElectroPlays 4 months ago

    I agree about the solo business in the next dlc

  • Newgaming K
    Newgaming K 4 months ago

    arena wars was fun to begin with but now a tragedy Why not just give us a new update for the original heists and make the highest 2 to 4 players optional and a rank system and a d rank system so if a player mess it up and leaves they will get d rank and why not make it so the more heist you try you get rewarded properly not with silly Pegasus vehicles but at least money off vehicles and houses and offices and businesses even if it was only 5% off and a 5% booster cash for every time you complete set ups and heists until the last one so that way you can't feel rewarded 4 actually playing through it and maybe 5 or 10% cash for the person who set it up as they don't get any money for the setups just an idea

  • Marc VdS
    Marc VdS 4 months ago

    could not agree more.
    This is the first DLC of which i did not buy a single item, based on my own presumption that the investment in this DLC would be a total bust. And so it is, only after couple of weeks.
    Not to mention the totally overpricing of the garage, elements thereof and the vehicles and their upgrade options.
    Admittingly the loioks are nice, but not in comparison to the money one needs to spend in regard to the money one can grind ingame, disgarding sharkcard ...

  • Dark Souls
    Dark Souls 4 months ago

    I fully upgraded 2 cars now there useless and ima sell them so I lost about 2 million dollars great

  • Misteryx5
    Misteryx5 4 months ago

    its same with all the races, none of them pay off properly, its a shame but at least races are fun...

  • Theodore Francis
    Theodore Francis 4 months ago

    Was hoping to be able to join a gang/mafia/triad of my choice; I felt robbed when I got this.

  • Lance Uppercut
    Lance Uppercut 4 months ago

    It was dead when it started bought all the crap played three games never went back it’s not gta

  • LabeledNotOrIouS
    LabeledNotOrIouS 4 months ago

    When I would play the mission Rooftop rumble I would get 30,000$+ now it’s only 9,000$ A lot has changed over the years.

  • Stanislav Dymik
    Stanislav Dymik 4 months ago

    Arena wars is terrible! Makes no sense, it's a major waste of time!