BEST All You Can Eat BUFFET in Hong Kong!

  • Published on Jul 30, 2016
  • This all you can eat buffet was such a GREAT find here in Hong Kong. If you are ever in the area, you've gotta go try it out.
    My durian reaction video:
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  • Nada Says
    Nada Says 4 days ago

    Laska?? It’s laksa.....

  • Syeda Gilani
    Syeda Gilani 5 days ago

    When I'm eating protein, I don't expect the head of the animal looking back at me hacking at its body. That's not right. Don't they know why heads and tails are on the opposite side of the coin? Its so they don't have to see each other!! I hope that I never have to eat food that has a head in my life.

  • ルシィーラ山根

    How much it cost there and drink included.Our company here in japan will visit there.We're planning to book there.

  • Google Bot
    Google Bot 10 days ago


  • Brigid Ruberson
    Brigid Ruberson 20 days ago

    Give me $20 and I'll retype the English captions for this video so they are correct. Really enjoy your videos, but these captions were WAY off.

  • ticci toby
    ticci toby Month ago


  • Nilo Baranda
    Nilo Baranda Month ago

    Hey Mikey, how come you've never explored Macau? What's to eat there? Nothing much I guess except GRAND BUFFETS at Casino hotels and endemic Chinese-Portuguese restaurants is all.

  • Lolo Mo
    Lolo Mo Month ago

    How much is it though im going to hongkong in 3 days i please need to know.

  • Steph H.
    Steph H. Month ago

    He said "Laska" haha its Laksa Mike. still got love for you.

  • Cocokitty98
    Cocokitty98 Month ago

    he keeps confusing me when he calls it hot oil. lol I think the oil is fresh and hot not like..chili oil? xD
    also it pains me to see him eat durian like that..who raised him? lolol haha

  • Viksha Chaudhury
    Viksha Chaudhury Month ago

    Drinks water.... 'it's not going away' 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Shonita Garcia
    Shonita Garcia Month ago

    Omg, so brave of you to go through the torture of Durian desserts. Lol. Funny to see you make the faces. Great share. Love your videos.

  • Dope Aquariums
    Dope Aquariums Month ago

    It’s like a king fu movie where the sound comes in later..... or is it my fone

  • sad duck
    sad duck 2 months ago

    for anyone out there who's curious, there's a rough outer layer of the chicken's feet. that's like their socks. remove that and you're left with slightly soft and good to eat chicken feet. so not totally gross.

  • gawis 2016
    gawis 2016 2 months ago

    At 6 minutes His Gf already slowed down eating and just enjoyed watching him eat :) Good find sir :) Happy for you... :)

  • Lisa Compton
    Lisa Compton 3 months ago

    Mikey....Mikey...Mikey... That was a scallop shell not a clam shell. Lol

  • Teresa Chueh
    Teresa Chueh 3 months ago

    Why I feel like Mike is a bit rushing and not telling how the food is properly xD

  • Dinnerdash2
    Dinnerdash2 3 months ago

    mike u rlly ate all the durian items like a true warrior props to you

  • TheYlro
    TheYlro 3 months ago

    Durian is disgusting.

  • Shabnam Fysel
    Shabnam Fysel 3 months ago

    I love buffet

  • Manjungcaster Channel
    Manjungcaster Channel 3 months ago

    Chicken feet is yummy

  • ffeellix is fine
    ffeellix is fine 4 months ago

    3:26 that's a scallop shell, not a clamshell, right? Mike should know better

  • James Hughes
    James Hughes 4 months ago

    hmmm, even temple street spicy crab looks better than there ! That is not even close to what HK has to offer !!!!!!!

  • Sam Redfeild
    Sam Redfeild 4 months ago

    She's so pretty. I guess everyone here is distracted by her. But not Mike. He's a man of steel I guess.

  • ozzypresident
    ozzypresident 4 months ago

    ox tongue in peanut sesame sauce

  • Josh Chin
    Josh Chin 4 months ago


  • Justin ODonnell
    Justin ODonnell 4 months ago

    There's no way you can marry an American woman unless they are Chinese America because of the way you like your strange foods you need a Chinese woman to cook you these things LOL or you mean an American woman that you can teach these things to LOL and from this video I see the woman in the back is very beautiful and not to sound to stereotypical but she looks like she enjoys the same type of food.

  • NZXEagle
    NZXEagle 5 months ago

    I cant stop watching that mirror
    My senses are tingling

  • Tierra Moore
    Tierra Moore 5 months ago

    😳💞Omg the ending of this literally had me dying laughing 😂😂😂😂

  • BapBop
    BapBop 5 months ago

    How does mike always Always have beautiful girls around him??? What a fuckboi 😂 😉

  • movinghornet
    movinghornet 5 months ago

    Go see mark weins

  • movinghornet
    movinghornet 5 months ago

    Mark weins

  • movinghornet
    movinghornet 5 months ago

    Mark weins is the king

  • movinghornet
    movinghornet 5 months ago

    Mark weins

  • movinghornet
    movinghornet 5 months ago

    Mark weins

  • movinghornet
    movinghornet 5 months ago

    Mark weins

  • movinghornet
    movinghornet 5 months ago

    Mark weins go check him out he's way better

  • movinghornet
    movinghornet 5 months ago

    I'm gay so gay

  • movinghornet
    movinghornet 5 months ago

    Your so gayvand pathetic mark weins is soooooooooo much beter

  • Elvis FunKidsLife
    Elvis FunKidsLife 5 months ago

    i was so luckily to have dinner at The Market 2016 and 2017 during Christmas gathering, absolutely and awesomely good buffet i couldn't find in HK. BTW, mike never shows that girl in camera???

  • organicgrains
    organicgrains 5 months ago

    It makes me sad that you dislike durian so much. IT'S THE KING OF FRUIT!

  • Elena Cleary-Schnaible
    Elena Cleary-Schnaible 6 months ago

    Pretty could have included her oppinion on the food as well..i find you being a bit rude doing this video ignoring her. JMO.

  • Abbee Gee
    Abbee Gee 6 months ago

    He ate Gary......

  • Jyrell Kew
    Jyrell Kew 7 months ago

    Not laska laksa

  • Chass Brown
    Chass Brown 7 months ago

    That lady in front of you has some food eating skills lol she ignores you all through it and never slows down.

  • Adela Plancarte
    Adela Plancarte 7 months ago

    Seriously loved watching your friends reactions in the mirror!

  • Daniel Lonergan
    Daniel Lonergan 7 months ago

    NEXT TIME, Spend Some TIME Showing …... " SEAFOOD " !!! Not the SINKY FRUIT that , People ( And MANY ASIAs ) Will NEVER EAT !!!!!

  • Chelle B
    Chelle B 8 months ago

    I loved finally seeing the spice get to you by making your eyes red. I laughed so hard at the durian part, lol. If I win the lottery, I'm definitely going on a food tour with your videos as a guide.

  • Victor Chang
    Victor Chang 8 months ago


  • Victor Chang
    Victor Chang 8 months ago


  • Victor Chang
    Victor Chang 8 months ago

    -H- Just teeasting

  • Milca Maquillao
    Milca Maquillao 9 months ago

    Are on a date becost thers a cute girl in fron of you

  • Natalie Bennett
    Natalie Bennett 9 months ago

    Am I the only one curious as to how many boxes of Imodium Mike goes through on each trip?! - Asking for a friend with ibs 😆

  • Dede Dinah
    Dede Dinah 9 months ago

    I have so much fun watching you eat, it's like I'm there with you. 😀

  • Tabitha Newton
    Tabitha Newton 9 months ago

    Come to Nz to try our amazing lamb and seafood!!!

  • Xepa777
    Xepa777 9 months ago

    everyone who saw the video bee-lined straight to the comment section to comment on the girl hahaha

  • DrgnMage2536
    DrgnMage2536 9 months ago

    I love how you describe you. "That thing knows kung fu." LOL

  • Fazz Liew
    Fazz Liew 9 months ago

    hey mike im a malaysian and i hate durians too 😭 they’re nasty

  • laiden25
    laiden25 9 months ago

    The only durian that's good for me is the durian candy from the Philippines

  • hui qi
    hui qi 9 months ago

    First time seeing mike eating something with just small bite lol

  • Roxanne Williams
    Roxanne Williams 9 months ago

    Hi you should come to Trinidad and Tobago. Try out foods especially chicken foot souse

  • ItsNancyy Nart
    ItsNancyy Nart 9 months ago

    Hopefully that is your girlfriend. She’s pretty!

  • Deanna Lopez
    Deanna Lopez 10 months ago

    Seeing the other person eat makes me comfortable cuz I always wondered if they ate or not

  • Simone Bucolo
    Simone Bucolo 10 months ago

    Just had the dinner buffet at the Market in the Icon Hotel here and it is amazing!!! We are stayin here and their breakfast is quite good. After watching this video I was keen to try their durian desserts....nope nope and nope... its still durian!

  • furuyawn
    furuyawn 10 months ago

    5:40 SHRIMP! HEAVEN! NOW!!!

  • Unfitproduct Airborne
    Unfitproduct Airborne 10 months ago

    Been to Hong Kong, can confirm AWESOME food.

  • Youcef Toun
    Youcef Toun 10 months ago

    IS laksa not laska 😂😂😂

  • corn dawgz
    corn dawgz 10 months ago

    he looks like a pug

    a chinese pug

  • K Nana
    K Nana 10 months ago

    70 dollars !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Meghan B
    Meghan B 10 months ago

    It cut right before the girl in the mirror tasted the durian dessert, I wanted to see her reaction lol

  • Habhabhab Habhabhab
    Habhabhab Habhabhab 10 months ago

    there's mike eating 6 plates in a buffet and still hungry then theres me eating my one plate and dying of fullness but when i arrive at home i'm hungry again xD

  • watchdealer11
    watchdealer11 10 months ago +2

    Their dinner buffet is awesome.

  • Colin Davis
    Colin Davis 11 months ago

    My family (pacific islander) has always eaten the deep fried prawns shell and all. It adds a nice texture and isnt hard to chew/digest at all! Basically more of what you already get in the head and legs

  • DebbieeeCo
    DebbieeeCo 11 months ago

    Did you ever get to try their dinner buffet yet?!

  • April Anonymous
    April Anonymous 11 months ago

    His shirt says Try Harder. It should say Try Everything. Or
    Try Durian

  • 抹小西
    抹小西 11 months ago

    Am I a Loser for getting hyped on Mikey's Buffey Vids

  • Heather Wacker
    Heather Wacker Year ago

    Lol I love fried chicken feet with chilies and vinager

  • Anita Boddie
    Anita Boddie Year ago

    Okay everyone, when you see people eating with him is usually his crew, or sometimes guides whom have shown him places to try.

  • vondora jordan
    vondora jordan Year ago +2

    i grew up on cow tongue and chicken feet,,heck pig feet, ears, tail, intestines, beef tripe alot

  • Tom Leong
    Tom Leong Year ago

    Mike we went to the ICON Buffet 2 years after your review. I must say it was not the experience you had. We are not blaming you of course. The food quality & service was really below 5 Star Hotel standards! Let people know Buyers Be Aware.
    Not worth the grief and costs. Other hotels have better Buffets to offer .

  • Jim J
    Jim J Year ago

    Thank u mike, I went there today and ur recommendation never disappointed!! I always followed your footsteps lol

  • W.frances Mecke
    W.frances Mecke Year ago

    "That thing knows Kong-fu!" Hysterical!

  • Shubhi Sharma
    Shubhi Sharma Year ago

    Indian buffet vedio is more good .that buffet is way far better than this

  • Heather
    Heather Year ago

    If that’s your gf sat opposite you she looks board as f... she most prob only stays with u for money 💰

  • Ohno
    Ohno Year ago

    This buffet is not worth the money. For around $115 I would not recommend going here.

  • jlee1522
    jlee1522 Year ago

    she is cute

  • Dioscoro Joel Urian

    How much is the price?

    MIZ TUMUCH Year ago

    New sub in 2108! Great channel! Yes I'm late!

  • Howard Young
    Howard Young Year ago +1

    I love chicken feet, pig knuckles, pig ear... I know, I’m weird lol

    • Anita Boddie
      Anita Boddie Year ago

      Howard Young Shoot I grew up on all that and mustard greens, squirrel, four legged chicken rattlesnake etc. It's more common to eat those foods in the U.S. than people think.

  • gorpalm1
    gorpalm1 Year ago

    I'm staying at the Icon right now! Tempted, but I'd have to break my own rule on resisting HK buffets.

  • yogesh akoijam
    yogesh akoijam Year ago

    how did i miss this video

  • momonohomo150
    momonohomo150 Year ago

    Hi Mike its me Ly Tran

  • WarHammerPH
    WarHammerPH Year ago

    People who have fear with odd parts of chicken should let it go mates! Honestly, they are so damn good and delicious when cooked really well! Im telling you guys! Like the one with a spicy sauce and smoking hot, you gotta try it mates!

  • Audreyonna Dozier

    Yeah its to funny how happy he gets

  • Mindy Artherton
    Mindy Artherton Year ago

    The subtitle makes me laugh haha

  • God’s child -
    God’s child - Year ago

    Can u make a sushi on all you can eat sushi

  • God’s child -
    God’s child - Year ago +1

    Chickens don’t have shoes😹😹

  • Alma Villar
    Alma Villar Year ago

    How come your camera ? not pointing on your food it’s only halfway

  • Mark Plott
    Mark Plott Year ago

    never had Chicken soup with coconut milk ? you never tried Tom Yum Gai ?????

  • Janine McGuire
    Janine McGuire Year ago

    beef tongue jelly the jelly is gelatin made from the hooves and bones. In US some times call head cheese and souse love it