Learn the Bible in 24 Hours - Hour 2 - Small Groups - Chuck Missler

  • Published on Sep 11, 2016
  • Join us with Session 2 of our updated and fully remastered version of 'Learn the Bible in 24 Hours' with Dr Chuck Missler
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Comments • 188

  • George Taylor
    George Taylor 2 days ago

    Thank you for sharing

  • csummers0
    csummers0 8 days ago

    Love this series but I’m gonna pick because things stand out. Non important but it’s funny how the mind latches on. Australia is east of Jerusalem and they write left to right. Ok I said it, it’s done.

    • csummers0
      csummers0 3 days ago

      Seana Hon actually I was just being a little silly. English obviously developed to the west of Jerusalem an went to Australia as it was colonized.

    • Seana Hon
      Seana Hon 3 days ago

      Are you speaking of the primary current language or of the indigenous language? From what I can find, the indigenous languages were not written languages.

  • PIER
    PIER 12 days ago

    Dzieki za jez..polski dodany!

  • Derrick Flyr
    Derrick Flyr 19 days ago +1

    Fantastic. The reality created for us by the Lord is truly fantastic.

  • Christopher Matthews
    Christopher Matthews Month ago +2

    I hope to see you again.
    I cant thank you enough, words do no justice.

  • Joel Matthew Moore
    Joel Matthew Moore Month ago

    I need the slides for my Bible Study group. Please. Thank you.

  • alonso 05-06
    alonso 05-06 2 months ago +2

    RIP Dr. Missler, God bless you, still pushing students even beyond the grave with your 1st Colossians....46:35

  • Jack Emanuel
    Jack Emanuel 2 months ago

    the right to left left to write thing is complete bulshit

  • Friend Of David
    Friend Of David 3 months ago +9

    Chuck did this in 2000, and it fits perfectly into today's messed up world!

  • Narniagirl
    Narniagirl 3 months ago

    Like C. S. Lewis delivering hope and insight to England in the days of Hitler's bombing of London, Chuck gives us insights into the interfacing of science with scripture. What a servant of God! How blessed we are that his teachings remain, helping us who contend on the earth in these "last of the last days" before Christ returns. Thank you Yeshua!

  • Minnie Moore
    Minnie Moore 3 months ago

    Can you please pin the date this was recorded? Thank you

  • Rusty Davis
    Rusty Davis 4 months ago

    36:55 Lol, not touching that!

  • Michael Radford
    Michael Radford 4 months ago

    Love you Chuck!!! Can't wait to see you in heaven brother!!!

  • lininomartino
    lininomartino 4 months ago

    Were Adam and Eve on earth? How did they get here from Eden, which I think was in heaven?

    • Jeffrey Emrick
      Jeffrey Emrick 25 days ago

      God made the Garden of Eden on earth, made Adam and Eve, then God placed them in the garden.

  • stroncal
    stroncal 4 months ago

    This man was very bad at annunciating

    • fishouttawtr
      fishouttawtr Month ago

      BWAHAHAHA!!!! And you can't spell, the word is enunciating

  • Michelle michelle
    Michelle michelle 5 months ago +3

    Thank you for these videos...please don't ever take them down!

  • jwill88
    jwill88 6 months ago

    words do not even begin to express my gratitude for the expansion of Biblical teaching that has been bestowed here....i am indebted and hope to illuminate others with Gods truth!!!!

  • georgeringopauljohn
    georgeringopauljohn 6 months ago +6

    He will go down in history as one of the greatest. Rip sir .

  • Mattie Diesel
    Mattie Diesel 7 months ago

    r.i.p. Dr. Missler, I gain much from your work

  • Garry Cosey
    Garry Cosey 7 months ago +3

    Thank you Chuck Missler even while you rest I still hear from The Holy Spirit though your teaching.
    Hope to see you again after all prophecy fulfilled.

  • Paul of England
    Paul of England 7 months ago +1

    This is gold.

  • stuart west
    stuart west 8 months ago

    What nonsense is this??.........Most people would be hard pressed to learn the names of the 66 books of the Bible in 24 hours let alone the broad Theology of Scripture......I'm suprised tha Koinonia have stooped to saing this....

  • Stuart Taylor
    Stuart Taylor 8 months ago

    Great Biblical teacher but the Bible I study saying we live in motionless & our sun moon and stars move while we don't. God bless!!

    • G R
      G R 6 months ago +1

      The earth is round and spherical.

  • Martini7771981
    Martini7771981 9 months ago +1

    Great man

  • Death Strike Gaming
    Death Strike Gaming 10 months ago

    The only issue I have is the fact hes reading from a book other than KJV

    • Jeffrey Emrick
      Jeffrey Emrick 25 days ago

      Death Strike Gaming. If you are concerned about that, you might be more concerned when you realize the KJV is a translation of a translation. He goes to the original to compare.

  • ••Jesus Christ Our Saviour••

    May he rest in peace, God willing.

  • Ingrid S27EC
    Ingrid S27EC 11 months ago +2

    I am in awe of the Bible in a whole new way. I am also so grateful for Dr Missler's insights and biblical knowledge. How lucky am I to discover these videos this year.

  • Marco Fausto
    Marco Fausto 11 months ago +1

    The moon being the Lesser light and the sun being the greater... Two lights and the stars.... Earth is Flat.

    • Jeffrey Emrick
      Jeffrey Emrick 25 days ago

      Hi Marco Fausto Someone told me it was round, like a globe or a sphere, is this wrong? I've never seen any real pictures of a flat earth. You should look at some of the youtube videos of SpaceX flights, they have good views of the earth and it's round. Here's a live view from space. ru-clip.com/video/4993sBLAzGA/video.html

  • NothingNew UnderTheSun
    NothingNew UnderTheSun 11 months ago +1

    Chuck is a beautiful instrument of our teacher Jesus Christ Yeshua Hamashiach Anointed by our precious Redeemer

  • Ashok Pareek
    Ashok Pareek Year ago

    Sanskrit doesn't flow from right to left nor does Hindi. So the claim that languages flow towards Jerusalem is baseless.

    • mnm34ever
      mnm34ever 6 months ago

      Wow i just checked and your right.....

  • Aj Indian
    Aj Indian Year ago +4

    I.3 billion Indians need this in the local Hindi language... This is very profound teachings, it is the confluence of many disciplines, giving a wider perspective

    • Aj Indian
      Aj Indian Year ago +1

      @MikeyD503 hi, I am right now conducting sessions in our home church, and also personally verifying the teaching before we can work out with the owners of these videos for dubbing in Hindi....

    • MikeyD503
      MikeyD503 Year ago

      Aj Indian how can we make this happen!!

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith Year ago

    The word Elohim is not ALWAYS used in scripture as a singular noun. See PS 82:1 as an example of how it is used as a singular and a plural in the same verse.

    • Brian Smith
      Brian Smith Year ago

      What is further interesting is that in Ps 82 God/singular Elohim is judging other divine beings/plural elohim and proclaims they will die like men. What did these elohim plural do to be so harshly judged?

    • MikeyD503
      MikeyD503 Year ago

      Brian Smith after reading the Hebrew Bible it clearly speaks of God, working with “Elohim” Gods/angels and giving them specific jobs during creations. Quite interesting for sure compared to the English KJV which is translated very well still

    • Brian Smith
      Brian Smith Year ago

      'Divine beings' would be the best understanding. But, the point being, that 'elohim' is not always used as a singular noun and name of 'God'.

    • Paul Redinger
      Paul Redinger Year ago

      Brian Smith in the KJV only one God that is judging among the gods. The gods are angels or divine beings.

  • Geraint Pierce
    Geraint Pierce Year ago

    what a nerd

  • Skidd Wister
    Skidd Wister Year ago

    There WAY more than 2 worldviews, Chuck Missler..

  • Tom Long
    Tom Long Year ago +41

    RIP Dr. Chuck Missler!
    Words alone cannot begin to cover the gratitude you are owed by so many...
    God Bless

  • Don Castor
    Don Castor Year ago

    So glad to have these to watch over and over. Going to miss Dr Missler but know he's going to be in a better place. RIP Dr Missler you have been a real blessing

  • Michaelatky
    Michaelatky Year ago

    The reason God took 6 days was to give man an example work six days and take one for rest! You can just work work work 7 days a week if you want horrible health issues of course but you should take a day off to allow your body to recover!

  • K Mcy
    K Mcy Year ago +7

    Some people are just so smart it amazes me

    • Mama Marianovits
      Mama Marianovits 10 months ago +1

      Kristine McKenney
      Agreed.!! I am also struck with awe when listening to Dr. Misslers lectures. I still find his knowledge astounding and his presentation style was superb. He was truly a brilliant man and we are so blessed to have these many recordings.

    • mandy g
      mandy g 11 months ago

      I know, he's just amazing!

    • MikeyD503
      MikeyD503 Year ago

      Kristine McKenney it’s not that people are “smart” it’s that they take time to study and develop strong reading and writing skills! Anyone can! The Bible really helps make a person “wise” it’s expands your vocabulary when you see a word you don’t exactly know... if you read the KJV, LOOK IT UP!
      Don’t be afraid to expand your knowledge and continue to grow and gain skills of decrement of truths and lies...
      God bless you! Don’t be afraid to be as wise as this man! It is achievable with faith and perseverance and hard work! :)

  • Michael L
    Michael L Year ago

    Please drink some water its distracting

  • JesusChristIsLord

    John 3:16 always said "should not perish," not "shall not perish," is that correct?

    • JesusChristIsLord
      JesusChristIsLord Year ago

      Thanks for the link. I will check it out. The "should not perish" is used in all KJV now, paper, online, audio, video formats, etc. Just an FYI. Look at you own KJV. Even KJV going back to the 17th century. You cannot find "shall not perish" in _any_ of the KJV.

    • Michaelatky
      Michaelatky Year ago

      JesusChristIsLord shall not perish but have everlasting life. Also ru-clip.com/video/KK3eh4Z5Ko4/video.html

  • isabellabellisima
    isabellabellisima Year ago +23

    Thank you Chuck so much. I have no words to express my immense gratitude for providing this series to all and removing all excuses as it is free. You are empowering the Saints for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is an amazing study of holy scriptures. I love every minute of it. May God bless you and all your descendants for ever.

  • fake_Future
    fake_Future Year ago +1

    Problem is have never moved on from 'the beginning'.
    Forever 'in the beginning' and 'falling'.
    No progress because god doesn't allow us to have faith to move on.
    One step forward 2 steps back.
    Tower of Babel is where society is.
    Multiculturalism is god's curse.
    Everything in modern civilization is anti-god anti-bible. No point in being hypocritical to deny this.
    All governments all bureaucracies all schools are anti-bible anti-god.
    How am I to make sense of this world with totally opposed views.
    Hypocrisy sin death is the essence of humanity because satan lives in our thoughts.

    • John Francis Cody
      John Francis Cody 4 months ago

      In this world we have troubles, but take heart, as CHRIST has overcome this world. Certainly the whole cosmos is groaning, awaiting the the BLESSED HOPE. Set your sights on occupying and enduring, forgiving the offensive, giving mercy to the hurting, helping when needed. Loving as you were LOVED.

    • Travis Allyn
      Travis Allyn 6 months ago

      fake_Future Sounds Gnostic- let Jesus’ light guide you out if this “Beast Matrix”.

  • Anjith Mathew
    Anjith Mathew Year ago +2

    Thank you for ur incredible teaching .

  • MrPreliminary
    MrPreliminary Year ago +3

    Good teaching!

    • Michaelatky
      Michaelatky Year ago

      MrPreliminary hmm pretty good I agree kent hovind is good as well. ru-clip.com/video/KK3eh4Z5Ko4/video.html

  • berg6964
    berg6964 Year ago +1

    Flat Earth explains the Firmament. Its not empty space. He assumes a lot of what ‘science ‘ says as to be true. I appreciate this course and Pastor Missler but he trust known liars (aka NASA/Gov.) a little to much. God Bless

    • Michaelatky
      Michaelatky Year ago +2

      berg6964 ugh no not another flat earther. Go away or prove it's flat. Or just shut up.

  • beauty for ashes
    beauty for ashes 2 years ago

    does anybody know (perhaps Dr. Missler mentioned it and i missed it) but do you know which transcript is used when they find these cryptic messages, every 70th letter, and so forth... is it the Alexandrian manuscripts or the Textus Receptus? in other words, is it the KJV or the other versions, such as NIV, ESV, RSV, NKJV, etc?

    • Kate Coady
      Kate Coady 3 months ago

      kimberly this was the Torah.

  • Monica Cliver
    Monica Cliver 2 years ago +5

    Love you Chuck Missler!What a heart and mind for GOD and HIS HOLY WORD!

  • Debra Krook
    Debra Krook 2 years ago +2

    Thank you again and God bless you!

    • Michaelatky
      Michaelatky Year ago

      Debra Krook ru-clip.com/video/KK3eh4Z5Ko4/video.html

  • basicenglish.tk
    basicenglish.tk 2 years ago

    Chuck, a hypothetical...if you teach a false god, different than the Bible, and preach this false god's name and gender along with a false name for Their son, what would happen to you and your followers and KH? God's name is Elohim, Gen 1:1. God is male and female Gen 1:27 (not 3 males). The name of the female 1/2 is Ruach Elohim Gen 1:2 and the male's name is YHWH Elohim Gen 2:4. Thus, Elohim is a THEY and not a HE. However, if you are addressing the male 1/2, YHWH, of course it is "He". You fluctuate back and forth from the son of Elohim's name. Sometimes you say Yahshua (which is correct) and other times you say Jesus. You know the name Jesus did not exist until after 1500 AD because the letter "J" did not exist until then. Also, you know he was Hebrew and had a Hebrew name, Yahshua, not a Greek Iesous. In your Trinity you have a creation of God....namely the SON of God, and make him God...which is a physical impossibility. Luke 22:70 Yahshua swore he was the "Son of God". YOU make him to be God thereby calling Yahshua a liar. If you were my father I could not be "Chuck, the son" but, I would be the "son of Chuck". Please, teach the BIBLE, and salvation in the name of Yahshua, the son of Elohim....people will still follow you. Stop following mainstream churches and take a chance with the truth versus tickling ears....which probably makes more money. Salvation is so one dimensional and not so exciting but, you must get the name right, Acts 4:12...or is any name good?

    • steve k
      steve k 10 months ago

      You're@Moe 1

    • Moe 1
      Moe 1 Year ago

      Your an idiot

    • Michaelatky
      Michaelatky Year ago

      basicenglish.tk oh no not another nit picking idiot. First off God's name isn't YHWH! It's actually yhvh. But we all know who Jesus is! Only snobby hypocrites try to use his Hebrew name which no one knows how the characters sounded in ancient times. Lol and so go away. Further more God is a single being there is no female part and a male part. So stop with that nonsense you say mesler is worshipping a false God but you don't even worship The God of the Bible. Also .ruach is the holy spirit nit wit. Lol

    • ForRealSun 77
      ForRealSun 77 2 years ago +2

      you know that ruach is the holy spirit?

  • margarida nowheretobefound

    Excellent Class! Sir, I appreciate you. ❤️

  • Wes
    Wes 2 years ago

    Where in the Bible is a Palestinian covenant mentioned? There is a land covenant but that is Israel the land God gives the Jews.

  • SavageHenry777
    SavageHenry777 2 years ago +1

    oh wow you people are idiots.

  • william ziemer
    william ziemer 2 years ago +11

    Had to go check....... Yep... Mayan language was written from left to right.... Weird stuff.

  • Barbara Romanoff
    Barbara Romanoff 2 years ago +33

    please pray for my son, Nick, and daughter, Chtistina, and their spouses that they will be saved !!!! In Jesus name!!!!!!!

    • MyImaginationsUK
      MyImaginationsUK 28 days ago

      @lininomartino I love your heart in how you responded. My heart for you is to see one day that it was not God who put you through that. The bible says it is what comes out of a mans heart that defiles him, God can't do evil because it is not His nature. To stop a person from doing evil removes their free will, and as there is no one good but God, He would have to take it from us all. I have found tremendous healing in learning that I can make choices and actions out of free will, something I was never permitted to do as a child and I a grateful to my Father that He has allowed us freewill even though I know I mess it up. Sometimes we can be drawn into thinking that things happened to us to teach us a lesson, or to punish us. Quite rightly as adults we look back and think how unfair it is for a child to be mistreated, but still carry the thought that it is our fault, because that is what the abuser wanted us to believe. But one thing I know is that what pierced me, pierced Him first and every time I grieve and hurt, He hurts with me.

    • lininomartino
      lininomartino 4 months ago

      @Michaelatky I understand. I have always been depresses (since age 15), major depressive disorder. My first suicide attempt was at age 15. I also had a very cruel and abusive family. I don't know why God put me through that, I don't know. But, I don't believe he enjoys watching his children suffer (like my parents did). We were never promised not to have troubles in life, even horrible troubles. I'm so sorry you were molested, I know it is still affecting you negatively. But now that we are older, we can learn about God, His love for us, and pray to him for a calm mind, and ask him or your holy spirit to comfort and guide you. It's up to you, though. And...church? I'm not into churches at all (bad experiences every time). However, I am looking for a small group in my area, where I can ask questions and get answers, and maybe even contribute. I'm 67 and my childhood abuse still affects me, but much, much less. Good luck to you and I hope you will maybe try praying (try not to be too angry at God when you do, but if you must, let it out to Him--He can take it).

    • acarleneamil
      acarleneamil 6 months ago

      @Michaelatky God please hear your cry.

    • therese nakitende
      therese nakitende 9 months ago

      @Michaelatky God gave us free will, this person who molested you had a choice and chose to be lead by evil than to do the right thing, so u ended up suffering because of a wrong choice another person made. Hope you're still alive God bless you

    • MikeyD503
      MikeyD503 Year ago +1

      Michaelatky please respond to me if you are here. I can help you understand what is going on!!!! Please do not take this as a joke please respond to this comment!! And I will answer your needs the best I can!! Please know I am sorry for what is happening in your life and there is hope... there really is! I can provide sources that you don’t realize are available.
      God hears your cries!! Please let me help you. I hope you respond to this message, in Jesus name!!
      God bless

  • Mark
    Mark 2 years ago +4

    I sometimes wonder if the "coats of skin" were actually covering an otherwise spiritual body? Food for thought.

    • Kate Coady
      Kate Coady 3 months ago

      Mark I just seen this thought....but it’s an amazing thought.

  • Family and friends
    Family and friends 2 years ago

    I enjoy learning from Chuck Missler. I too agree with the dimensions being more than 4. Building on that thought and the belief that Adam and Eve existed in a dimensional world of more than 4, I contemplate the skins the Father put on them. Not disagreeing with Chuck on the Messiah needing to cover us ultimately but I believe the skin he put on us was our mortal skin. Which would then see death as foretold? Moving us from the other dimensions. I do not read anywhere that an animal was killed for a skin to be put on Adam and Eve. Any thoughts on that?

    • MikeyD503
      MikeyD503 Year ago

      Family and friends God is clear on the creation of man.
      Let us make Man in our image.
      God then took dirt, and formed man, and breathed his SPIRIT into us...
      Now if God is eternal and breathe eternal life. That is now how we are spiritual beings beyond the physical.
      But with the act of Sin, our perfect bodies with a perfect spirit were now separated from the connection of God and the garden.
      That’s why he kicked them out of the garden and is now guarded by flaming swords. That is where the tree of life flows. We now are mortal to sin=death. But there is no such thing as “death” because our spirit is still eternal as God crested...
      It’s very complicated but the Bible translates itself in most circumstance

  • Michel Michaeljohn
    Michel Michaeljohn 2 years ago

    Excellent series but, please - "turn up the volume."

  • Paul Morris
    Paul Morris 2 years ago

    I would add Chuck, to those named (G H Pember er al) who supported the idea of a gap between v1 and v2 of Gen 1, wherein Satan as covering cherub and chief administrator of heaven under YHVH, also managed galaxy(ies?) which contained a pre Adamic civilisation, had tohu and bohu visited upon them and ended up in total darkness / under water, Derek Prince. I have his 25 CD set on Spiritual Conflict and he covers this at length.

    • Jacob Thomas
      Jacob Thomas 2 years ago +2

      No where in the bible does it talk about a pre-adamic civilization. It's interesting to think about Adam's time in the garden, and how long he may have been there before sin or whatnot, but it's a slippery slope when you start drifting away and believing in non-biblical theology.

  • R C
    R C 2 years ago +36

    Chuck's way of presenting and explaining the Bible is unlike anything I've ever seen. He makes it so interesting and real which is something not enough pastors do. He truly does make the Bible come to life for me at least... God bless you Chuck

    • Michaelatky
      Michaelatky Year ago

      R C try Kent hovind. He is very good as well. Athiest hate him and even lie about him constantly. He even went to prison on trumped up charges.

  • WatchWait
    WatchWait 2 years ago +1

    This "All languages flow toward Jerusalem" thing does not hold up. Phoenician is west of Jerusalem and goes right to left. Also Etruscan. Armenian is east of Jerusalem and goes left to right. Sanskrit is left to right. Writing systems south of Jerusalem do not go bottom to top!!!