Having a Crab Rave in Beat Saber

  • Published on Jan 31, 2019
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    Mapped by baa baa black goat
    Get the chart here: beatsaver.com/browse/detail/4291-3534
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    Music provided by Monstercat:
    Noisestorm - Crab Rave
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  • Tempex
    Tempex  5 months ago +1108

    Keep in mind this is a custom map made by "baa baa black goat" and it was made long before the official map was added to the game, which is way different to what you're seeing now!

  • Lulu Cthulhu
    Lulu Cthulhu Hour ago

    Don’t take this lmao

  • Eat cookies Like me
    Eat cookies Like me 21 hour ago

    You are a legend

  • セキ
    セキ Day ago


  • Sauce Boss
    Sauce Boss Day ago

    This is what shows up on the white board when the teacher opens up the wrong tab

  • Ruined
    Ruined 2 days ago


  • An Drew
    An Drew 2 days ago +1

    Me: I would f*** that up

  • DK 500
    DK 500 3 days ago

    *Hears crab rave*


  • Patrícia Barcellos
    Patrícia Barcellos 4 days ago

    Bem legal a música

  • Advanced GD
    Advanced GD 5 days ago

    0:53 0:53 0:53 selling replay buttons
    Costs a like

  • Kawaii Kitten
    Kawaii Kitten 5 days ago

    *she took the kids she took the kids she took the kids away from me*

  • David Martinez
    David Martinez 5 days ago

    Fbi wants to know your location

  • Mac Cheez
    Mac Cheez 6 days ago

    1 ^ : 1 candy bar that was thrown threw your window by Jesus

  • Kristina Grove
    Kristina Grove 7 days ago


  • Mikołaj Migryt
    Mikołaj Migryt 7 days ago

    Wow lol

  • Keira Kellogg
    Keira Kellogg 8 days ago

    Idk why but i despise crab rave and i think crab rave should off its self with a gun

  • Karina Duran
    Karina Duran 8 days ago

    I like crabs

  • Samuele Marcolongo
    Samuele Marcolongo 8 days ago

    you know he's going to master it when he dances durin pause moments

  • Алёна Царёва


  • O Cara Que Quer Leon
    O Cara Que Quer Leon 10 days ago


  • MyHairFlewToChina
    MyHairFlewToChina 12 days ago

    Wait you’re tall

  • ShadowLethal
    ShadowLethal 12 days ago

    I am doing a crap and begin a crab on the tollite lol

  • Nyanico YT
    Nyanico YT 12 days ago

    Beat Rave in Crab Saber

  • the crab empire
    the crab empire 12 days ago

    the crab empire approves of this rendition of our national anthem

  • Kelly Pillsbury
    Kelly Pillsbury 13 days ago

    😳 wow

  • Kaigaming YT
    Kaigaming YT 13 days ago

    My life is...


  • Eva Vasquez
    Eva Vasquez 13 days ago

    0:06 I love this song already

  • Filin
    Filin 13 days ago +1

    Never thought, eating crabs would be that hard

    DOMINIC RAPE 14 days ago

    Crab Rave mmmmm

  • Jack Fabian
    Jack Fabian 16 days ago


  • TheMemeMachine :v
    TheMemeMachine :v 16 days ago +1

    The perfect remix doesn't exi-

  • Alessandro 496
    Alessandro 496 17 days ago


  • Sharon Page
    Sharon Page 17 days ago


  • TheZ
    TheZ 18 days ago

    what am i doing with my life

  • Adele Keavney
    Adele Keavney 18 days ago

    Let’s *GOOOOOOOOO* wellllll this added a million years to my lifespan

    Please help meh

  • Mystery Micro Gamer
    Mystery Micro Gamer 19 days ago

    Tempex:easy does it in 2 mins
    Me:hard does it in 3 hours

  • Ditate Asimi
    Ditate Asimi 19 days ago

    so what i

  • Fish Off!
    Fish Off! 19 days ago

    Imagine being this guy’s neighbor and looking through the window and seeing him doing this to a tv

  • tears .-.
    tears .-. 20 days ago +1

    bruh i look on my recommended and i see crab rave

    i click it :))

  • Gary Esch
    Gary Esch 20 days ago

    Yes This Is AMAZING

  • Get NOOB
    Get NOOB 20 days ago

    I honestly think doing beat saber is like going to the gym and working out for your arms since your basically working a lot to perfectly hit the boxes 🤔

  • Eli game play Gue
    Eli game play Gue 20 days ago

    WOW your sooo good😁😁

    CRAB FANS 22 days ago +1


  • AR and Adam Yael Jiao II

    Epic Games:

  • trevor lovell
    trevor lovell 22 days ago

    this was awesome i loved it it was amazing

  • Dee Jay Iloreta
    Dee Jay Iloreta 23 days ago


  • Summer Prejean
    Summer Prejean 25 days ago

    Yea boi

  • Summer Prejean
    Summer Prejean 25 days ago

    Yea bouillon

  • Derby And Daisy
    Derby And Daisy 25 days ago

    What console is beat saver on

  • Ed Does Everything
    Ed Does Everything 26 days ago

    We did it bois
    *Lightsaber,Roblox,RU-clip, And Lets Invade Minecraft Now*

  • Seagull Sama
    Seagull Sama 26 days ago

    *”Are you feelin it now Mr. Krabs?”*

  • Mason Shelsky
    Mason Shelsky 26 days ago

    Alright boos we’ve done it

  • None Of your business
    None Of your business 26 days ago

    You are a good


  • chonk man
    chonk man 26 days ago

    how the fuck did i go from watching
    r/askreddit to this

  • Abdul Rahman Jaani
    Abdul Rahman Jaani 26 days ago

    Idk how u guys do this
    This must be take so long to practice right but we'll done try more harder next time luv ur vids

  • Miguel De Santiago
    Miguel De Santiago 26 days ago

    0:53 when you beat a hard level in beat saber

  • Wisgarus
    Wisgarus 27 days ago

    These bombs are there to keep you crouching like a crab

  • Chad’s Thinkcube
    Chad’s Thinkcube 27 days ago

    obama is gone

  • JJTheProducer
    JJTheProducer 27 days ago

    Such Grace PepeHands

  • Jim Bob
    Jim Bob 27 days ago +1