This Is How You Make A Light Saber, an RC Car, and a Custom Robot! | A.T. #153

  • Published on Nov 16, 2018
  • Jamie tests out the Makeblock Neuron Explorer Kit and builds a High Five robot programmed on his iPad! Join the contest to win one of 10 Explorer Kits:
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Comments • 547

  • Vat19
    Vat19  5 months ago +3

    We think Star Wars needs to be redone with rainbow light sabers ASAP! What do you think?
    Find even more awesomeness here:

  • Amir M
    Amir M Month ago

    You just watched a 12 minute ad

  • Layla Isherwood
    Layla Isherwood 2 months ago


  • Layla Isherwood
    Layla Isherwood 2 months ago

    Ĺabo: >:(

  • comenisia
    comenisia 4 months ago

    Nintendo labo 2.0

  • TurtleLord 1
    TurtleLord 1 5 months ago

    Nintendo Labo copy!

  • Psycokiller338
    Psycokiller338 5 months ago


  • Drake is a Cake
    Drake is a Cake 6 months ago

    Nintendo but apple

  • •Mythical Aura•
    •Mythical Aura• 7 months ago +3

    S: *Sponsorships*
    O: *outstanding*
    R: *reviews*
    R: *recommendations*
    Y: *YEAH*

  • Sappora
    Sappora 8 months ago

    nintendo labo doesnt let u code tho...

  • Rude Onion
    Rude Onion 8 months ago

    this is just a shady knock-off of the labo

  • Michael Fernandez
    Michael Fernandez 9 months ago

    Nintendo labo anybody?

  • BIG Yoshi
    BIG Yoshi 9 months ago

    Nintendo labo 2.0

  • Malicay S
    Malicay S 9 months ago

    You can tell Jamie likes controlling things

  • Patos SMP
    Patos SMP 9 months ago

    6:04 lol

  • Wong Cheng Jian
    Wong Cheng Jian 9 months ago +1

    Oh look its nintendo labos brother

  • peter windsor
    peter windsor 9 months ago

    it is just labo but a little different

  • Tristan Awesome
    Tristan Awesome 10 months ago


  • Normal Human
    Normal Human 10 months ago

    Me : *wow*

  • S3G4 G3N3S1S
    S3G4 G3N3S1S 10 months ago

    that is a very V E R Y awesome contraption. its cool jamie

  • Rayhan Mahtab
    Rayhan Mahtab 10 months ago

    Learning Swift is hard. I’ve been trying to learn it for some time and it’s hard

  • The Asianstation
    The Asianstation 11 months ago

    Why does this look like Nintendo labo

  • Dhillon Matharu
    Dhillon Matharu 11 months ago

    Introducing Labo apple

  • atika hassan
    atika hassan 11 months ago

    n you mack a canndy that is A piloe

  • Alisha Harries
    Alisha Harries 11 months ago

    Wow it sounds so amazing 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Petrichor
    Petrichor 11 months ago

    He looks different from when I used to watch :/ Vat19 dropped

  • DMC 234
    DMC 234 11 months ago

    China *sweats nervuosly*

  • Amilcar Cuevas
    Amilcar Cuevas 11 months ago

    The coding kit is a *COPYCAT!*

  • PotatoBro36
    PotatoBro36 11 months ago

    Im usiing a vexiq

  • Faceless yt
    Faceless yt 11 months ago

    Hey Vat 19 you should do stupid science with your slushy maker and see if your saliva can be a slushy

  • Rameen Fayyaz
    Rameen Fayyaz 11 months ago

    Can we use this with Android devices ?!?

  • Joeymabobber
    Joeymabobber 11 months ago

    Apple LABO
    *When Apple gets jealous of Nintendo*

  • Logan Brandel
    Logan Brandel 11 months ago

    Hyyy, yaaaww, oh sorry I was using my LED sword

  • Mauricio Becerra
    Mauricio Becerra 11 months ago

    Makey Makey?

  • Olly Likes Reviewing Stuff

    It is a cheaper Nintendo labo

  • NintenJoab !
    NintenJoab ! 11 months ago

    Nintendo labo? Huh you guilty

  • Hương Lê
    Hương Lê 11 months ago


  • its_Wolfdy
    its_Wolfdy 11 months ago


  • Marx
    Marx 11 months ago

    *pitches up yeah and turns up the volume* YEAHHHHHH *thump thump*

  • Force Dev
    Force Dev 11 months ago

    sorry vat19 but this is just a fake nintendo labo

  • Scientist Doggo
    Scientist Doggo 11 months ago

    Nintendo Labo 2

  • shoe man
    shoe man 11 months ago

    I’m too lazy

  • Winnie Boo
    Winnie Boo 11 months ago

    Oh My God tis is so cool ,,

  • KudosK
    KudosK 11 months ago

    If MakeyMakey and Nintendo Labo had a baby.

  • Kakashi Hatake
    Kakashi Hatake 11 months ago

    cool a kock off nintendo labo

  • Angel smile
    Angel smile 11 months ago

    I wan it how much is it?

  • Lucina Orly?
    Lucina Orly? 11 months ago

    The evil boss

  • Evandro Santos
    Evandro Santos 11 months ago

    Its crazy!

  • Shameer 12
    Shameer 12 11 months ago

    Where's the bottle opener

    RTV_7AMMOD14DE C 11 months ago

    I had one in my summer camp (not neuron)

  • FernandoLikesToastsWithCinnamon

    Cheap Nintendo LABO ??

  • Peach Girl95
    Peach Girl95 11 months ago

    We have 35 m boots at our school

  • Ruby Gem
    Ruby Gem 11 months ago

    only one can win??

  • GamerGodYT
    GamerGodYT 11 months ago

    *watching this on my iPad*

  • Marvis Chan
    Marvis Chan 11 months ago

    0:29 it supposed to be sound like st-am.

  • hab eang
    hab eang 11 months ago

    I will go crazy if i got this as a kid

  • Angela Pan
    Angela Pan 11 months ago

    Cooooool, I would love to program things! Unlike the Nintendo Labo people. You can’t really program on Nintendo

  • Alessandro Cussino
    Alessandro Cussino 11 months ago

    Now is Apple copyng Nintendo Labo ??
    I want an Android version of this.

    xXFOXGAMERXx Year ago

    Nintendo labo un a budget

  • SmokeyPineapple Le

    *remember Makey Makey*