BMW 8 Series Convertible M850i REVIEW POV Test Drive on AUTOBAHN & ROAD by AutoTopNL

  • Published on Aug 2, 2019
  • BMW 8 Series Convertible M850i REVIEW POV Test Drive on AUTOBAHN & ROAD by AutoTopNL
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Comments • 171

  • AutoTopNL
    AutoTopNL  Month ago +6

    BMW M5 Competition review

  • pvnbg
    pvnbg 10 days ago

    Dude, I’m getting sick every time I watch your video. Would you please try to get rid of the idea to position the camera on your head ? Highly appreciated! :)

  • V8 Power
    V8 Power 25 days ago

    Great car seen few in poland convertible too they look very good in person much better than on pictures.

  • Leroy Brown
    Leroy Brown 25 days ago

    Max, you're right about the dashboard, it looks dated already. The interior color is nice though.
    Good job keeping it on the road.

  • Paul Michael
    Paul Michael Month ago

    shopping cart loooool 😂😂😂

  • Durban Online TV TMP Creatives

    How are you max, I would like to know if you will ever take a bugatti or koenigsegg on the German autobahn?

  • Alexander Ibarra
    Alexander Ibarra Month ago +1

    he forgot the magnet outside:^

  • Quinten v
    Quinten v Month ago +1

    It does 0-100 like an Lamborghini Gallardo! And the new m8 does 0-100 like an Bugatti eb110!

  • 60TP Lewandowskiego
    60TP Lewandowskiego Month ago +1

    Rip magnet

  • SRM Solar radiation management Geoengineering

    European superiority motherfuckers.

  • 莉小狗
    莉小狗 Month ago


  • Aiizak
    Aiizak Month ago +4

    This kind of videos motivates me to study more.

  • andy khor
    andy khor Month ago

    what phone mount is that?

  • 17 76
    17 76 Month ago +1

    V8 or nothing 💪

  • Lord Gaming
    Lord Gaming Month ago

    Test Bmw M8 Competition please🙏

  • mannne tul
    mannne tul Month ago


  • Vlad Șindilă
    Vlad Șindilă Month ago

    Drive Tesla Roadster 0-100 1.9 seconds

    • Axorb
      Axorb Month ago

      It's not even out yet.

  • at8k
    at8k Month ago

    I'm in awe at how respectable German highway driving is... People getting out of the left lane to make way for higher speed traffic is something I'd never see in my country.

  • Lukundo kaps
    Lukundo kaps Month ago

    Plz ford explorer 2019 model

  • Toni Di Giove
    Toni Di Giove Month ago

    Ich verstehe die Bedeutung nicht.
    für einen sportwagen zu schwer. für eine limousine zu klein.
    Für den Preis kaufe ich mir 3 auto.

  • Braun Bär
    Braun Bär Month ago

    the trunk lid and cover are made of plastic

  • Steven Pugliese
    Steven Pugliese Month ago

    This sounds good as

  • Mario Meißner
    Mario Meißner Month ago +1

    driving 240 and talking chilled with one hand off the steering wheel.. like a pro :p

  • Brave gamer
    Brave gamer Month ago

    If one day ever I will get to drive this car no matter how many obstacles come in my way I will not slow down rather I will prefer death.. But I will drive it till it's power 🔋

  • C A M O
    C A M O Month ago

    Jammer van dat nep geluid dat bmw erin stopt. Bij de i8 snap ik t wel maar bij deze....

  • Een Google-Gebruiker

    Waardeloze articulatie...

  • 3llo0H
    3llo0H Month ago

    you really nead to drive the new Aston Martin DBS guys

  • Natan Yondaime
    Natan Yondaime Month ago

    gostava dos videos deles quando ele n falava, pq só de escutar o barulho do carro fazia eu dormir quando eu tinha insonia

  • 36 Freeze
    36 Freeze Month ago +1

    Gr8 M8 M8 R8 8/8 👍

  • Franz Franz
    Franz Franz Month ago +1

    how much is this car?

  • Ben Chesterman
    Ben Chesterman Month ago

    Review the integra type r , you tested 0- 100km time

  • Patrick Break
    Patrick Break Month ago

    I don't like the videos in which you appear. You have crap intro music and ask your audience for subscription. That is just lame... All the videos from the rest of your crew are good.

  • Zwiox
    Zwiox Month ago +1

    7:27 wanneer je vergeet Engels te praten😅

    • King YTS
      King YTS Month ago

      Ranger YT hahahaha ja

  • Αποστόλης Μανιάτης

    Its a shame that we probably won't see a next gen of the 8er... such a great car

  • yo mama
    yo mama Month ago +2

    Nah, I keep my M4 yellow Austin metallic hard top convertible 👍

    • jo dd
      jo dd Month ago

      I have got a white m4 competition, but stop flexing with it
      It isn't a 8 series
      It's "just" a m4

    • Kan Singh
      Kan Singh Month ago +6

      Okay, then you can't have the dragon orange metallic BMW 8 Series soft top M850i xdrive abs-included v8 sports vehicle sold at participating BMW dealers internationally

  • sp skd
    sp skd Month ago

    Can you share us the purchase link of your mobile holder? Or brand name?

  • Damn Lildamn
    Damn Lildamn Month ago

    Point that goddamn camera upwards ffs

  • Bllexy
    Bllexy Month ago

    What would you say was the best car you have driven so far? In terms of it being your daily driver? I'm really curious.

  • Christopher Tame
    Christopher Tame Month ago

    S 63 Cabriolet in Canada is $90,000 more so there has to be some difference in luxury.

    • Fran Aguilera
      Fran Aguilera Month ago

      I read about both and they don't. It's better to buy the 8 Series

  • Christopher Tame
    Christopher Tame Month ago +1

    Really dont like it on your head like the angle but like to see the road as well

    SHANIA BTS Month ago

    Pleas try Range Rover

  • bimmer325cic lee
    bimmer325cic lee Month ago

    This guy needs to learn from beginning how to hold and aim camera. Trash

  • Nguyen Duong
    Nguyen Duong Month ago

    bruh you're scratching the car ...

  • zakelwe
    zakelwe Month ago

    Nothing wrong with the old PS3 Michelins for this sort of car. They were far more rounded than Supersports in their day, the supersports being poor when it got cold and wet. It does make you wonder why they did not put new Michelin 4's on there though.
    However that is not as amazing as the weight of this elephant ... 2100kg. That is just stupid.
    The rise in car weights is quite sad. They are getting so heavy they have to add bigger wheels, tyres, brakes etc and that adds to the weight also.
    2100kg and the draggy only sticks to some of it !!!!
    I wonder how accurate a draggy is to a racelogic, as an aside.

  • Stiven Lugo
    Stiven Lugo Month ago

    Good video Man, i love this class of videos
    But please bring the new bmw M8 competition 🙏🏻❤️

  • مصطفى الشويلي

    This is v8 or v6

    • Axorb
      Axorb Month ago

      4 Liter V8.

  • Bobby Bärlin
    Bobby Bärlin Month ago

    fuck the limiter^^

  • Jaundre Anderson
    Jaundre Anderson Month ago

    The m850i is not the fastest the m8 is

  • ezz pzz
    ezz pzz Month ago

    Autobahn 812 superfast!

  • Богдан Веркалец

    nice car but 260 is tooooooo sloooow

  • Rodrigo
    Rodrigo Month ago +1

    I don't understand
    . Why there are these seats that do not fit even a dwarf, they could leave only with the 2 front seats and exclude the rear ones.

  • G Rodriguez
    G Rodriguez Month ago +2

    Arghhhh stop taking BOTH your hands off the wheel at high speed you're freaking me out lol

  • Hobby by myself
    Hobby by myself Month ago +1

    Nice one Max! I like this engine, car it's just ok, i don't really know what is the target for this model, but i would choose just M5 and, that's is same pleasure, just a little bit more practice :) Well done, keep going!

    • RSfandude
      RSfandude Month ago +1

      The target is clearly dentists and plastic surgeons

  • ZERO
    ZERO Month ago +1

    Please Test the Audi a3 8l ! :)

  • Blazian
    Blazian Month ago +5

    AutoTopNL is making such great videos, in terms of content and also in the montage

  • KozakTV
    KozakTV Month ago

    i mean 360 camera will be nice.

  • KozakTV
    KozakTV Month ago

    camera is must be more upwards.

  • BRCC
    BRCC Month ago +4

    Can you try to shoot a review of the Peugeot 208 30th edition? Can't find any decent ones anywhere

  • Christoffer Vang-Jensen

    Hi AutoTopNL!
    I was wondering if you will review one of the new volvo models in the near future? Fantastic cars and the t8 versions are pretty fast as well!
    Thanks for the great content

  • Amjath Khan
    Amjath Khan Month ago +2

    Can someone tell me the name of the GPS mobile app he's using? Thanks!