Noname - Staying Independent and Creating Noname’s Book Club | The Daily Show

  • Published on Nov 5, 2019
  • Rapper Noname discusses the story behind her name, why it’s important for her to be independent from a record label and what inspired her to create her own book club. #TheDailyShow #Noname #NonamesBookClub
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Comments • 367

    MR EGBUSON 5 days ago

    I love her

  • DJ B-1 Planet Funksville

    Shes dope glad I'm just finding out about her

  • KonsciousKoonKiller 22


  • stylecollective
    stylecollective 28 days ago

    I LOVE this kid, I first became familiar with her via NPR's Tiny Desk concert series, she's truly a poet who elevates the CRAFT of rapping with actual lyrical substance. and is a gift to thinking people who love music.

  • The Death Twitch
    The Death Twitch 28 days ago +3

    So this is that racist i heard about?

  • Kpop0223
    Kpop0223 Month ago

    There are Noname and Her...There should be a female artist named Everybody come out and confuse everyone lol. And she should cover Mitski's Nobody lol.

  • TopoChico
    TopoChico Month ago +2

    She's a racist that hides behind the black card, check out her tweets.

  • Adelle Lunga
    Adelle Lunga Month ago

    Do y'all remember when she used to go as Noname Gypsy

  • Mckee Ward IV
    Mckee Ward IV Month ago

    The Queen, Noname

  • Chaun Lee
    Chaun Lee Month ago +1

    I love how she brought up #CointelPro and yet literally NO ONE has made a comment about it in the comment section 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Allthebest1010
    Allthebest1010 Month ago +2

    Check out No name's album too. It's got a De La Soul, Common, Diggable Planets, ATCQ kind of vibe to it.

  • The420pres
    The420pres Month ago +3

    What a piece of racist garbage, nomoney is too dumb to understand the performer/ audience relationship.

  • Mesgana jackson
    Mesgana jackson Month ago +3

    I am so madly in love with this woman

  • Anthony White
    Anthony White Month ago +2

    This Bitch is so stupid

    EBO BY NATURE Month ago

    🤎🤎🤎 it’s noname GYPSY

  • Lady R21
    Lady R21 Month ago

    She has such beautiful hair.

  • Tasheya Gora
    Tasheya Gora Month ago

    She’s gorgeous omg 😳

  • Geechian Doll
    Geechian Doll Month ago +1

    dope interview; she’s beautiful ❤️

  • snji zak
    snji zak Month ago +4


  • The Infamous Poke In RichmondCA 94804

    Noname has the best skin ever. She is a Queen. I love her.

  • Aneese Hamudi
    Aneese Hamudi Month ago +3

    Shes a cute lil thing

  • Alim Kinte
    Alim Kinte Month ago

    My favorite female rapper. Sans cap.

  • FLux
    FLux Month ago

    She's 1/3 of Ghetto Sage.

  • FLux
    FLux Month ago


  • FLux
    FLux Month ago


  • The Captain
    The Captain Month ago +3

    This racist piece of shit can kick rocks. Her "music" is trash

  • ohqae
    ohqae Month ago

  • djevangelene
    djevangelene Month ago +21

    Wow so refreshing to see a fully dressed female rapper.

    • rainbow kid
      rainbow kid 18 days ago +4

      Why is people so obsessed with the idea of women being a certain way. You always like to say shit like: "Finally a rapper who doesn't show her ass and tits", like, okay? The fact that an artist decides to portrait a sexy image doesn't mean they don't respect themselves or don't have talent. Let women do what they want, if they want to show skin, great! If they don't, great! It's THEIR business and it has nothing to do with their talent.

    • R a q u e l
      R a q u e l Month ago


  • Kang of Wakanda
    Kang of Wakanda Month ago +5

    Cant believe youd have such a piece of shit on your show Trevor. You disgrace jon stewart.

  • Rolling Stone
    Rolling Stone Month ago +1

    Black excellence right here✨✊🏻

  • Jules D
    Jules D Month ago +1

    triple kek

  • Laneisha Francis
    Laneisha Francis Month ago

    The breakfast club was first a book series 🤣

  • Laneisha Francis
    Laneisha Francis Month ago +1

    You should be on the breakfast club.

  • O faithful
    O faithful Month ago +2

    She's not nervous!! It's her vibe!! She's chill and unique!! I guess the racists will be negative and say she's nervous!!

  • O faithful
    O faithful Month ago +1

    Looooooooooove NONAME!! She is Brilliant!!!

  • Edwin Torres
    Edwin Torres Month ago +7

    Eloho just put me on to Noname and I'm completely obsessed with her now! I'm disgusted she said she's quitting music, the girl is insanely talented ❤🖤💚👸🏿!


    I am fully invested in Noname as of this day, i shall follow, buy her music and try to be apart of her online bookclub 😍

    • 1234 •
      1234 • Month ago +1

      blue robot what she said about white people was very fucking racist

    • blue robot
      blue robot Month ago

      @1234 • she's not a racist.

    • 1234 •
      1234 • Month ago +1

      JUST ACES she a racist bish

  • Michael Montgomery
    Michael Montgomery Month ago +4

    Dont like playing for white people she just said, me being black i think that is dumb take there money... Theres only 17% of us..

  • Jesse Barnes
    Jesse Barnes Month ago +3

    Literally azalea banks 2.0 racists as shit and disrespectful to her fans check twitter lol she a fucking disrespectful joke g 🚫🧢

  • ᴢʜᴇдɴɪ !
    ᴢʜᴇдɴɪ ! Month ago +1

    Stupid fat black bich wtf even is she

  • Bayle Johnson
    Bayle Johnson Month ago +1

    It looks like her hair would go up in flames instantly lmao

  • Christian Simon
    Christian Simon Month ago +4

    Racist bitch !

    • Christian Simon
      Christian Simon Month ago +3

      @Rain yeah delete your comment you don’t even know what you’re talking ab

    • Christian Simon
      Christian Simon Month ago +3

      My opinion if you don’t like it don’t comment 🤡 even thou she clearly said in an interview she was done making music/performing because her fans/crowd were mainly white. She mad racist, if a white person said that black people would have a strike over it. So as I said RACIST BITCH

  • guy on a gravitron machine standing sideways

    Ofc Daily Show would invite a racist black girl on their show. It fits their character.

    • guy on a gravitron machine standing sideways
      guy on a gravitron machine standing sideways Month ago +1

      @Eric Kariuki Lemme guess, not wanting to hang out with black people because they're black, that's racist, but not wanting to hang out with white people because they're white is common sense.

    • Eric Kariuki
      Eric Kariuki Month ago

      @guy on a gravitron machine standing sideways is common sense*

    • guy on a gravitron machine standing sideways
      guy on a gravitron machine standing sideways Month ago +1

      @blue robot last time I checked, racist means being prejudiced towards another race. And last time I checked, not wanting to associate with white people, because they're white, is racist my dude.

    • blue robot
      blue robot Month ago

      @guy on a gravitron machine standing sideways she's not even racist. Google racist for once my dude

    • guy on a gravitron machine standing sideways
      guy on a gravitron machine standing sideways Month ago +2

      @Peter Greene Ok boomer

  • Sé Wilo
    Sé Wilo Month ago +1

    notice how he positions his hand for a handshake. it is underneath her hand. he shows a lot of respect, not only with his words. the last book i read was "was man von hier aus sehen kann". very well written, a bit too romantic but worth the time. also "das haus der treppen" "ein schatten wie ein leopard" and "es geschah im nachbarhaus" .. ahh and "andorra" were some books that had an impact on me. don't know the english titles.

  • Kana Beats
    Kana Beats 2 months ago +2

    she a super talented rapper so I'm def gonna check out her books

    • wmcroy3306
      wmcroy3306 Month ago

      @vetle12 Oh well lol

    • blue robot
      blue robot Month ago

      @vetle12 she's also not comfortable with performing for mostly white people so yea... You should hate someone for feeling uncomfortable in certain crowds/circumstances.

    • vetle12
      vetle12 Month ago

      yeah shes a super racist too, so you should also considering hating on a race

  • Veronica Cobb
    Veronica Cobb 2 months ago

    Love it!

  • Afua Owusu
    Afua Owusu 2 months ago +24

    Her quirkiness reminds me of Issa Rae!

    • Cecilia W
      Cecilia W 26 days ago

      Yeah I heard a lot of Issa Rae too😂😂

  • Arise Awake
    Arise Awake 2 months ago

    intelligent people are always nervous

  • момёптz
    момёптz 2 months ago +1


  • Maya Bz
    Maya Bz 2 months ago


  • Bright Star
    Bright Star 2 months ago

    I've never heard of Noname before. She looks adorable. I've never heard of her music as well.

    • blue robot
      blue robot Month ago +1

      @Arizona Hot Pocket _ she has music mainly talking about/to the black community.... Of course she would much rather have more black people as her audience...

    • Arizona Hot Pocket _
      Arizona Hot Pocket _ Month ago

      Bright Star She’s actually a terrible person because she’s openly racist and said there’s to much white people attending her shows.

    • Teena Red
      Teena Red 2 months ago +1

      NPR Tiny Desk Noname. She is great!

  • farrah saint
    farrah saint 2 months ago +5

    Her posture makes my back hurt . But s/o to this beautiful black queen

  • Dominique Sweeney
    Dominique Sweeney 2 months ago +1

    I was listening to her and she was so smart, funny, and easy going. I want to join her bookclub. Listening to her raps on SoundCloud used to give me some of thee best vibes

  • Lawrence Smith
    Lawrence Smith 2 months ago +2

    Her hair is gorgeous. I wonder if it’s all hers lol

    • Yajo 89
      Yajo 89 Month ago

      Its fake yaki weave. Like the majority of 'real' black women wear weave

    • Lawrence Smith
      Lawrence Smith 2 months ago

      Dominique Sweeney I was just wondering because it looks so full.

    • Dominique Sweeney
      Dominique Sweeney 2 months ago +1

      The answer to that is no. Not that that's important at all

  • Sino M
    Sino M 2 months ago +13

    Wow ok, I read it as No-Nah-May, the Zulu in me jumped out I guess.. wow..

  • Red Black
    Red Black 2 months ago

    uh... booktube.....reading, books, etc exist

  • Maria Miranda
    Maria Miranda 2 months ago

    WTF I don't undertint this interview

    STLOTLE KGOSIENG 2 months ago

    So a girl really is no one? Wonder if she knows what to say to ddeath..

  • Maryann Appiagyei
    Maryann Appiagyei 2 months ago +1

    Noname dope music music book club wow

  • Lion Luks 2499
    Lion Luks 2499 2 months ago +11

    I've never seen her face, she's veeeery pretty.. Everything is everything 🔥🔥