• Published on Nov 29, 2018
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  • Sham Idrees VLOGS
    Sham Idrees VLOGS  Year ago +1855

    Hey guys its froggy here! Please keep sham in your prayers. Look at yesterdays vlog. He was so happy and fine. This is why his disease is unpredictable. Keep him in your prayers

  • Hacker 91
    Hacker 91 7 months ago

    Frooggy kuttiya

  • Shazia Syed
    Shazia Syed 7 months ago

    there is so much make up on your face

  • syed saad
    syed saad 11 months ago

    I will surely pray for sham

  • Asim King
    Asim King 11 months ago +1

    Sham get well soon

  • Ayeesha
    Ayeesha 11 months ago


  • Pilot Aviator Adam khan Afridi

    He will get good inshallah

  • Sana Seno
    Sana Seno 11 months ago

    Plesz sham plesz i want i phone x mass😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Hamza Taimur
    Hamza Taimur Year ago

    inshallah he will feel better and i will pray for him

  • Xtylish B
    Xtylish B Year ago

    Kitne dhit hain ye

  • Milka Abebe
    Milka Abebe Year ago

    I will pray beautiful🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Nisha Shokey
    Nisha Shokey Year ago

    I was so busy that's why not available to watch your video I just saw your video now get well soon sham God bless 🙏

  • 5 Mints Fun
    5 Mints Fun Year ago


  • 5 Mints Fun
    5 Mints Fun Year ago


  • 5 Mints Fun
    5 Mints Fun Year ago


  • 5 Mints Fun
    5 Mints Fun Year ago


  • 5 Mints Fun
    5 Mints Fun Year ago


  • Sam D
    Sam D Year ago

    May Allah taala grant Sham the very best of Shifa Ameen xx

  • Muzammil Jawad
    Muzammil Jawad Year ago


  • jinan ali
    jinan ali Year ago

    everyone is praying for sham and inshallah, Allah will cure his disease.i hope sham feels better.

  • Noob Player
    Noob Player Year ago

    Soo sad praying for him

  • Zainab Nazir
    Zainab Nazir Year ago

    I will alway support hime

  • Musabbiha Shahid Siddiqui

    So sad

  • Queen Mehreen
    Queen Mehreen Year ago

    I’m really sad about sham but I hope he gets better soon

  • Sarmad Adil
    Sarmad Adil Year ago

    I am praying

  • Heyba
    Heyba Year ago

    ❤❤😢👐I will pray for him

  • Alisha Arif
    Alisha Arif Year ago

    I hope he get’s well soon inshaallah😊

  • Imy khan
    Imy khan Year ago

    May Allah S.W.T grant sham health and all happiness in this world 🌎 and you my sister.
    In Sha Allah

  • Danish zehen
    Danish zehen Year ago

    Get well soon sham

  • Talha Qassim
    Talha Qassim Year ago

    Inshallah he will get fine❤

  • Harry Kaler
    Harry Kaler Year ago

    LOL lokan da fuddu kt de si rabb ne ohda e fuddu kt ta...

  • Miss Bhatti
    Miss Bhatti Year ago

    May Allah bless him nd grant him shiffa

  • Umme Rabab
    Umme Rabab Year ago

    Kiya bagairti hay kxmay kabhi accident kabhi kuxh Mara nahi bx abhi

  • Mian Fahad
    Mian Fahad Year ago

    Nothing happens with good peoples in their life
    We all will pray for him

  • Sumayya Mohamed
    Sumayya Mohamed Year ago

    May Allah give him shifaaa in sha Allah 😘👌

  • Ammarah Shahid
    Ammarah Shahid Year ago

    Inshallah he will get better

  • Shivani Sanchit
    Shivani Sanchit Year ago

    I love you❤️😘

  • Fatxia Said
    Fatxia Said Year ago

    Quick recovery sham, our prayers r with u

  • Murtaza Hussain
    Murtaza Hussain Year ago

    phir se hogya kuch madarchod ko

  • Moiz Khan
    Moiz Khan Year ago

    Inshallah he will be fine I will be making duaa🤞🤲

  • Rayyan Maryam9
    Rayyan Maryam9 Year ago

    I iove you sham and lovo you alos froggy

  • Rayyan Maryam9
    Rayyan Maryam9 Year ago

    Allah please make sham allright

  • Sidrah Tariq
    Sidrah Tariq Year ago

    May ALLAH Subhana Wata ALLAH give him Shifaa and help you guys through this difficult time In Shaa ALLAH

  • Strange Love
    Strange Love Year ago

    God bless him

  • Shiza Qazi
    Shiza Qazi Year ago

    Seriously you are still on vlogs

  • Mohammed Abdul Muqtader

    May Allah SWT bless sham Idrees and dissolve his ulcer and give him Shifa.Aameen

  • Azeem Khan
    Azeem Khan Year ago


  • Saliha Ahmad
    Saliha Ahmad Year ago

    Plz try to consume 16 oz celery juice empty stomach in the morning

  • EmmBee _
    EmmBee _ Year ago +2

    heyta bouss enpeu to liki taa! timama to pe malad timama li pe kaV tw fr RU-clip vin clinic! apres pa apel vlogs sa bn zafr ki zot fr laa man...!xd

  • Sadaqat Khan
    Sadaqat Khan Year ago

    May allah give u health nd stay blessed

  • Sarah Aslam
    Sarah Aslam Year ago

    May Allah swt give him with shifa ameen

  • saira jabbar
    saira jabbar Year ago

    I thought u had migraines ans were going to docs afywr ue accident. Feel better.

  • WmD Wolvez
    WmD Wolvez Year ago

    I hope you feel better sham 😢

  • Zameer Miyan
    Zameer Miyan Year ago

    Insha allah everything will be fine..... Ameeen..

  • Saira Aftab
    Saira Aftab Year ago

    Get well soon sham.

  • Awais Video
    Awais Video Year ago

    Please don’t stop making daily vlogs

  • Linnet Moses
    Linnet Moses Year ago

    Sick all the time 😒😒

  • Kari Mubarak
    Kari Mubarak Year ago +1

    My son has Ulcerative Colitis and he has had it since the of 8, he is now 18.. as long as he takes his meds and watches his diet, he will fine! This disease is very painful on the ones who have it and those around them.. I had no idea what was going on with my son. Taking him from one doctor to another and finally found a doctor At UH . He saved my son! Again, find the right doctor that specializes in Ulcerative Colitis/Chrons! Inshallah Allah help all those who are ill..

  • Rehana Ali
    Rehana Ali Year ago

    May Allah grant him with great health

  • Saima K
    Saima K Year ago

    Wallah your fan base is so gullible you both chat more tatti then what comes out my arse