The gaming PC days are NUMBERED!

  • Опубликовано: 10 дек 2018
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  • TheDimka141
    TheDimka141 16 часов назад

    Save money folks! use the Code DMIYGLMS and have fun!!!!!

  • Orpheusftw
    Orpheusftw 18 часов назад

    Cloud gaming can fuck right off. It's hard enough as it is to feel like you actually "own" your games these days.

  • Roman Epishin
    Roman Epishin 19 часов назад

    Well, Shadow is not the only one. There is and, to name a few. But the core idea is correct, I think. Cloud gaming may become mainstream in future.

  • Christopher Hernandez
    Christopher Hernandez 22 часа назад

    Was really excited for this so I tried it out, but man, it looked pretty rough. As a graphics snob, it was hard to play, as it looked like the quality of a compressed youtube video, with the screen really fuzzy in game. (I have good bandwidth and a wired connection to my router) Obviously to be expected but that alone was enough for me to understand why this service won't take off.

  • Andrew Wilkey
    Andrew Wilkey День назад

    welcome to the cloud - gta5

  • Gernaldo Olson
    Gernaldo Olson День назад

    Remember People You Go here. It’s No Different than Psn Nintendo and Xbox . You accidentally or Purposely violate their TOS. Good Bye 👋 your account. I say No Sir No Thx. Power to the Gamers 👊.

  • muscletechnology
    muscletechnology День назад

    Whats the correct name for a tower is it pc are is it cpu ?

  • Jay Dag
    Jay Dag День назад

    I'm good, showcasing my PC to myself while I game brings me much joy. Especially being able to say, I BUILT THAT BITCH!

  • centaurianmudpig
    centaurianmudpig День назад

    No it's not. Too much lag on Shadow for a good gaming experience. Lag is even noticeable on RTS games.

  • EssArrBee
    EssArrBee День назад

    I can't believe they let you in the building wearing socks with sandals.

  • Oroh 'g
    Oroh 'g День назад

    In ny country 35 bucks is like 170 bucks rip pocket for me

  • Mateusz Kocowicz
    Mateusz Kocowicz День назад

    in my case works great Manchester UK . I was spending more for my electicity bill than shadow monthly cost.
    ☺☺☺ Thanks Linus

  • sfincione2000
    sfincione2000 День назад

    91ms is huge! Especially since he was running the sim from an almost colocated machine. The latency should be much lower than that. Try running it from across the city, actually, go 60m north, then 60 south, then 60 east and 60 west and watch the difference. There's way too much uncertainty in how the cables are set up by various providers to be sure of a decent latency. Just look at what happened in the HFT (High Frequency Trading) world. They eventually went with over the air line of sight micro-waves. I can't see this taking off. Nice idea, but I wouldn't invest my money in it.

  • Kartik Soni
    Kartik Soni День назад

    So it's Nvidia GeForce now....

  • Jeff Nardi
    Jeff Nardi День назад

    Canada Wins Again!

  • Laura Johnson
    Laura Johnson День назад

    Welcome to "Shadow Government" Data Center

  • Laura Johnson
    Laura Johnson День назад

    #1- Bad idea for kids who would then NOT learn to build their own computer. This could lead to more "dumbing down" of future generations who won't know what the inside of a computer looks like or what any of the parts do. #2 - if you use it for other things, such as developing your own software, your own games, or your own apps then your code needs to be on a PRIVATE computer. Cloud computing presents a problem for protection of Intellectual Property from potentially being stolen or hacked from a cloud server. Personally I dislike any product that comes with a "monthly fee" attached to it. I'd rather pay once and own it. This is $420 every year for the rest of your life and their prices could go up every year.

  • Nathaniel B.
    Nathaniel B. День назад

    Bro I saw this on Instagram and was like omg it is the solution to all my problems

  • Chris R
    Chris R День назад

    Can I game on my microwave?

  • Rolly Elizaga
    Rolly Elizaga День назад

    Stupid. Just like how AI is going to be the downfall of humanity as we know it, Cloud-Gaming will be the downfall of PC and even console gaming... This just takes away jobs from people who manufacture computers, less jobs, less money being put in to the economy. We create things that will "simplify" our lives yet, when we do things like this it's in the name of "technological advancements"... We always check whether or not we can do it, never IF we should. This is bad, don't let this become a reality.

  • Tito B. Yotoko Jr.
    Tito B. Yotoko Jr. День назад


  • Mirek
    Mirek День назад

    dem Sandals 4:18

  • Stormfire962 #IMASTARCITIZEN
    Stormfire962 #IMASTARCITIZEN День назад

    I have 2 friends using this service and they love it. Especially since one of them was forced to sell off his gaming rig because of personal reasons. But now is using a cheap old PC with and he can enjoy playing games like he did when he had his gaming rig.
    However, internet connection plays a big roll in this setup and if you have a weak or poor one then it will not work for you. But fortunately is constantly expanding and adding new centers as time goes on. So eventually one will be close to you and you should have no trouble when it's available provide it again did you have a good Internet connection.

  • Jeff Hong
    Jeff Hong День назад

    "bgp routers" are just typical routers that ISPs/companies use, i don't really get how it's some special shadow thing

  • monkmasta eq
    monkmasta eq День назад

    Dont know garbage like this shows up in my feed. Stop fucking lying to people to sell them fucking shit you losers

  • High Desert Exile
    High Desert Exile День назад

    The power of the cloud is limited by the speed of the the connection. In USA and I'd expect many other places speeds are nowhere near fast enough for this yet. Fiber moar peas

  • philip orr
    philip orr День назад

    im sure glad the Australian government turned out 1gb download speed maximum into a max of 120mb....

  • Michael Whitehead
    Michael Whitehead 2 дня назад

    Linus looking old with those dad jeans

  • Mahn Toaste
    Mahn Toaste 2 дня назад

    This would increase exponentially the amount of money PC gamers spend on games. It would certainly be a good thing for game studios as they could have a subscription to access games, and could brainwash consumers into thinking that "3 dollars for Tomb Raider access for 1 month is less than the cost of a whole gaming rig" and while that is certainly true, the number of games that are available to play/people want to have access to play would push the monthly cost up so much that in many cases, people will eclipse the amount of money for a budget gaming rig and the cost of outright purchase of the games in no time... Certainly within the lifespan of a budget gaming rig... Meaning it is bad for consumers... Which is the way the gaming world is trying to trend now because money is money.
    Not to mention... It is fun to build your own PC. It is fun to tinker. That is a part of PC gaming for many of us, the building/tinkering aspect. Cloud-based access to a bunch of powerhouse gaming rigs holds very little interest to me because of the potential for anti-consumerism and removal of tinkering-fun. They would have to shut down all the parts manufacturers and do away totally with BYOPC for this to go anywhere.

  • icervoid
    icervoid 2 дня назад

    So future is this:
    "WANNA PLAY ? PAY PER HOUR MOTHAFUCA !!!! " or something of this type
    They are sick.
    I have now a GF 2080RTX RAM32gigs i7 7700 SAMSUNG970pro 512 and it will last eons on a 1080p monitor

  • Craig Surbrook
    Craig Surbrook 2 дня назад

    No, they aren't. You aren't contending with why people buy stuff. One of the components is ego, and thus this doesn't have it. Overpriced iPhones? Why? False cache' and social importance among peers.
    This is why they aren't going to even remotely be able to succeed at what you say.

  • Eric Kelly
    Eric Kelly 2 дня назад

    This sounds like it would work for a rather large segment of the population but not for everybody of course.. On another note, Shadow seems like a pretty safe bet for investors. I bet it ends up being pretty damn lucrative.

  • Thomas Roel Moen
    Thomas Roel Moen 2 дня назад

    the beeping in the video. omg.

  • Mass Extinction
    Mass Extinction 2 дня назад

    Crapitalism = planned obsolescence

  • Mass Extinction
    Mass Extinction 2 дня назад

    Its called "Ephemeralization"
    🕵️‍♂️ I need a blunt GOD DAM IT!
    Myoptic people are killing me!

  • archonlith
    archonlith 2 дня назад

    So hey, I see lots of debate in the comments about how this is/isn't a win. However, for someone like me who needs access to a GPU occasionally from a remote location with either wired OR wifi for development and testing and not so much gaming... hey... it's actually a great way to go. I've been connecting remotely to things like spell and to my home rig through desktop sharing solutions... and this is just way more convenient. I'm sure there are other options out there that might be cheaper, but I run enough GPU time that services like SPELL are not always the best choice for my wallet. As well as this is a great way to have cloud access to just about any (non-mac) IDE platform.

  • Rob S
    Rob S 2 дня назад

    So $420 a year.
    Still have to have a keyboard, monitor and mouse but those last a long time so $700 of sunk cost there.
    Just build a Razen7/GTX2060 based system on PCPartsPicker for ~$1300 minus monitor.
    So build your own is about 3 years of subscription. At the end of three years of build your own I have:
    - A complete system that I can sell/give to someone with lower demands (I am currently gaming on a 2011 Dell with a 1050ti)
    - A complete system I can use for other things like retro gaming emulation or as a secondary system
    - A complete system I can refresh with a video card/processor
    - A PSU, case, RAM, HD, Cooler I can migrate to a new build (potentially motherboard too)
    At the end of three years of subscription I have......nothing. What I might have:
    - A higher subscription renewal (hellow Netflix)
    - No service at all (hello FilmStruck and DramaFever)

  • E71
    E71 2 дня назад

    NO! Software delivery networks & DRMs have already chipped away at our consumer rights -- we don't need some "games as a service" device to come in and make sure we have no rights left whatsoever, no access to the game files, etc.

  • Alvin Rhodes
    Alvin Rhodes 2 дня назад

    It does mean that you're screwed without an internet connection with offline games aswell though.

  • vanco
    vanco 2 дня назад +1

    This is how it starts ..... With improved internet connectivity and cloud computing , your entire gaming will be on subscription owned by some corporation . In case you happen to upset them in any flimsy way , your entire gaming is denied. Man .... i have a ps4 pro and game disks , bloody hell no one can stop me from gaming . I can game any time of the day ,week,month and year. Fuck cloud gaming !!

  • william SMITH
    william SMITH 2 дня назад

    I'll simply stop gaming before I'll cede control of my gaming laptop to a console and all that entails. Not interested.

  • david douglas
    david douglas 2 дня назад

    Use code DAV0OW02 FOR £10 OFF your first month subscription.

  • Barbalian
    Barbalian 2 дня назад

    Actually, most of us still want to see physical copies of the games. I want to feel that I have something on my hands. Personally, I don't like this kind of services.

  • Gabor Sores
    Gabor Sores 2 дня назад

    who benefits from this? what country they're targeting? what perant going to pay this for his kid? what happens if u connect to TS3 and Discord to? what is the min internet speed? and if u an ARK player how much more lag u can expect? u say awry person gets is own GPU so how many can sign up?

  • Jacob Dalton
    Jacob Dalton 2 дня назад

    You know- I dont often come around to watch Linus videos unless they come up in my feed; But I doubt I would have ever watched any of his videos if this was the first thing I saw.

  • Aadil Shah
    Aadil Shah 2 дня назад

    Not much use when I live in the bundu.

  • Calain
    Calain 3 дня назад

    This would work perfectly in fibre developed countries like here in Scandinavia where we have fibre everywhere.
    However i have a feeling this would fall short in the other (which are the majority) countries where it's not.

  • zeratron
    zeratron 3 дня назад

    Can't wait for them to release the premium subscription with lower latency.

  • cryptics1337
    cryptics1337 3 дня назад

    Soooo an important thing to remember is this: Most high speed connections have a data cap, i.e Comcast has a 1tb cap where I am (and most places with high speed). Some friends tried streaming a 1080p game from Google and were using ridiculous amounts of their bandwidth. You would reach a 1tb cap in something like 10-12 hours of gaming doing full 1080p >60fps ... There is just no way around this. In the long run unless you have a data cap or don't game very much every month, this option is not feasible.

  • Adam Jollimore
    Adam Jollimore 3 дня назад

    Fan less low powered arm Architecture

  • Kean Giledaks
    Kean Giledaks 3 дня назад

    Can't wait for Google to rip off and improve this concept with world wide data centre coverage

  • Kean Giledaks
    Kean Giledaks 3 дня назад

    The future is soon

  • Smokey ツ
    Smokey ツ 3 дня назад

    Another 14min ad. Nice

  • ilo nikolajevs
    ilo nikolajevs 3 дня назад


  • Kurutoshi☆Melody
    Kurutoshi☆Melody 3 дня назад

    Too bad cloud gaming won't work well for rural areas. I live in a tiny town, and we have DSL speed. I want Cloud Gaming to do the downloading for me from their servers so I don't have to wait a day to download a game, and the quality would be good no matter what the speed of the internet. Just a steady connection being required would of been genius, but in reality I need the mbps to stream it in good quality. Damn reality, and the constant updates for video games to download. I miss the MB, and KB download days.

  • BIGPoJo
    BIGPoJo 3 дня назад

    When quantum networking becomes mainstream these services will be the optimal thing to do.

  • BIGPoJo
    BIGPoJo 3 дня назад

    Equinix let you film in there? WOW.

    • BIGPoJo
      BIGPoJo 3 дня назад

      Oh, I see they put up some plastic sheeting to blur the server racks.

    LFT.FT.BRKN. 4 дня назад

    My man buy some proper flip flops. Please

  • Fatbardh Hysa
    Fatbardh Hysa 4 дня назад +1

    I would really want to see you conducting the same tests from the network at your studio. You wouldn't have the same results as you had in their data center. The so called BGP routers are a must for every ISP or data center. BGP protocol is used to exchange routing information with your peers, IP transit, advertising Public subnets, etc. BGP only finds the shortest path with the peers that you are connected to not the whole world. If a server is far away even to SSH into it sometimes can be slow and sluggish let alone playing games and having a full desktop experience. I am not saying that I am against it, but the way you talk about it its like its the ultimate solution. I love it that the technology is evolving and that new stuff is coming out everyday, but still i think that even though they sponsored your trip and whatever else your viewers deserve a real opinion not a sponsored one. I work on the tech industry myself and everything that we do at the company that I work is related to cloud like VMs, networking, firewalls, storage, etc, etc which i think that people that work on the same thing as me know pretty well and also understand what you are talking about. Again don't get me wrong about what I am saying here. I watch most of your content and I think that you do awesome stuff that I really enjoy watching, but when it comes to such a thing like "playing on clouds" I think that you should be more realistic. Anyways keep up the good work!

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith 4 дня назад

    This is stupid. It's like renting a gaming GPU and not flat out owning it. What a great Ponzi scheme.

  • grendelprime
    grendelprime 4 дня назад

    Oh snap! Currently Shadow is unavailable at your location. We’re working hard to provide you the best experience. Be the first to know when Shadow will be available in your area :

  • Dead Mike
    Dead Mike 4 дня назад

    Nah man I already bought a switch it's not that great.

  • Drew Sinclair
    Drew Sinclair 4 дня назад

    If they are 100 percent behind there idea.
    Why is there no free trial with there subscription.

  • badasspuppy
    badasspuppy 4 дня назад

    4:20 - WHAT ARE THOSE!?!?!?!

  • Garrett Moffitt
    Garrett Moffitt 4 дня назад

    LOL. PC Gaming has been 'about to be killed' for 30 years.

  • Nightwolf
    Nightwolf 4 дня назад

    jensen said "it just works"

  • AaHNErb XblOE
    AaHNErb XblOE 4 дня назад

    "cloud" gaming is "nebulous"

  • RaRe Barney
    RaRe Barney 4 дня назад

    not in my area yet
    also can someone compare how much building a pc cost vs buying shadow, for up from cost and cost per year. Also show the cost of maintain the pc and upgrading as well.

  • nyxzus
    nyxzus 4 дня назад

    Umm. No. Didn't watch the video - it's BS. plus, It's another sponsored vid. Thumbs down.

  • Matthew Lawton
    Matthew Lawton 4 дня назад

    Pure propaganda. PC gamers will not tolerate the latency, and latency is unavoidable with the US's massively outdated infrastructure that won't be upgraded anytime in our lifetimes. The gaming PC is VERY safe for the forseeable 15 years.

  • Ja
    Ja 4 дня назад

    Take my money!!!!!!!

  • Lee Moss
    Lee Moss 4 дня назад

    been using shadow for about 3 months now it really is epic all games are destroyed on there machine and its like using a normal everyday win 10 pc just super fast, the only problem I have seen is the 250gb storage which isn't a lot but is ssd storage ive built a few pcs in my time and found there is always a problem somewhere even with pre builts but nothing no probs with my shadow and I have never noticed any latency or lag with it. will say the only game that has any form of problem is tw Warhammer 2 but that's a pretty hefty game anyway, still plays it on max settings tho just wont hold 60fps constantly dips to the 45s every now and then, defo try it.

  • Charles Crowder
    Charles Crowder 4 дня назад

    10:16 - 11:00 wow!

  • Bradley Willcox
    Bradley Willcox 4 дня назад

    This is most interesting.

  • willkill1
    willkill1 4 дня назад

    4:18 SANDALS WITH SOCKS. NO. *unsubscribes*

  • Disent Design
    Disent Design 4 дня назад

    came for the aids, stayed for the jk I left after you started talking about their magic betty box bullshit.

  • Earl Cole
    Earl Cole 4 дня назад

    Input delay cannot be avoided. Some users will be more distant than others from data centers. PVP would never be balanced on a system like this. The fastest data can travel is lightspeed, even fiber is slower, and even that can take 250-350ms over 1,200 miles right one way? copper connections, much slower. This isn't possible in the near future or at all given the currently accepted laws of physics... right? lol

  • DickBurns
    DickBurns 4 дня назад

    The commercial about cloud gaming at the beginning of the video was VERY long.. 🤨

  • DickBurns
    DickBurns 4 дня назад

    The laws of physics make latency unavoidable.. So no thanks. Even in home steaming has more latency than i want for most games. Could be cool for productivity though

  • Marco Bernier
    Marco Bernier 4 дня назад

    Aren't you living in Canada Linus? This product is not offered in here, not even with your LTT invite code...

  • Adrian Stoness
    Adrian Stoness 4 дня назад

    so if i live somewhere where the internet is only capable of 1.2mbit at best of times im screwed in the future and im in canada

  • sam carl
    sam carl 4 дня назад

    This is a bad idea.. I am sick of the control these tech companies have..

  • Hoani Koria
    Hoani Koria 4 дня назад

    $35.00 a month or $420.00 a year and you would not own anything, just your game saves. I would rather have my own PC.

  • zahid fedial
    zahid fedial 4 дня назад

    This is fist punch to the virtual memory in the face ( awesomely crazy) 👊🤜💻🎆🎆🎉📺

  • maverickM249
    maverickM249 4 дня назад

    This just reinforces dumb consumers, and doesn't evolve them

  • Crypt Tonio
    Crypt Tonio 4 дня назад

    The future scares me

  • john marks
    john marks 4 дня назад

    what else were those monitors hooked up to? Wires don't match.

  • William K
    William K 5 дней назад

    sooo....... i can mine crypto with it too? :D

  • kevin chantona
    kevin chantona 5 дней назад

    I'm from Indonesia, and this service isnt available here. Anyone having the same problem ?

  • Jean-Louis Angevin
    Jean-Louis Angevin 5 дней назад

    I'd rather have internet access faster than 300 KB/s.

  • Kevin K
    Kevin K 5 дней назад

    So let me get this straight... you want me to pay $35 a month (that's $420 a year) to play on a streaming system? You know, I built my gaming rig in 2010, overclocked and did one GPU upgrade over the years. Total costs building it including GPU upgrade were probably about $1500. I despise subscription services, and my internet is more than occasionally flaky. In short, it adds latency and costs more. Not to mention eliminating the fun out of building your own rig. Oh, and the last time I tested a game streaming service it looked like the compressed garbage it is. I don't see why on earth I'd ever want this and I think most PC gamers out there would agree with me.

  • Christoforos Paphitis
    Christoforos Paphitis 5 дней назад

    in the beggining of the video you made me spit the wine in my mouth with laughter... by the end of the video you got me chainsmoking from stress (well chainvaping)

  • Dirk Strider
    Dirk Strider 5 дней назад

    but can it run crisis...

    On a smart fridge?

  • Republican Apocolypse 2018
    Republican Apocolypse 2018 5 дней назад

    Hmm, lots o functionality and interesting potential but that $35 per month subscription = $420 per 12 months, (the cost of a very decent GPU) and $840 per 24 months = a high end GPU that is bought and paid for and good for years.

  • Vik
    Vik 5 дней назад

    I don't think this will kill the PC market but for the mobile market it could actually be an attractive alternative.

  • d1zguy
    d1zguy 5 дней назад

    will check it out. Used your code linus

  • Shadi Ghayadh
    Shadi Ghayadh 5 дней назад

    far still the cloud subscriber have to buy a 144 fps monitor with g sync , and cloud is about mobility and there is no sane PC gamer will take his monitor with him every time he travels somewhere , the project is fail

  • MrCaptainkirk1984
    MrCaptainkirk1984 5 дней назад

    I think this is a great idea and I don't understand peoples' rejection of it.

  • GIGGI'
    GIGGI' 5 дней назад

    ahahah poor image quality and absurdly high input lag will surely kill gaming pc.

  • SIG Sinister
    SIG Sinister 5 дней назад

    I play on PC because I am not paying monthly to play online with my xbox or ps4. Good idea, but the subscription is a turn-off. If you want a quick solution to PC gaming while you save and get a real PC, I can see using this, but I do not think this will end PC gaming.