The gaming PC days are NUMBERED!

  • Published on Dec 10, 2018
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Comments • 26 084

  • Master Chief 00117
    Master Chief 00117 6 hours ago

    Right... Lawrence Joseph Ellison said the same shit 30 years ago.. As he said people would not even buy a PC. All they would need is a terminal. You would rent the OS of your choice and all the software you wanted to use... Problem is. When the power goes out. Nobody is doing shit...
    So Subscription based models are not going anywhere. As people want local access to their stuff!

  • Tommy Two Tones
    Tommy Two Tones 7 hours ago


  • Bluestone Randomness
    Bluestone Randomness 7 hours ago

    **cough** Google Stadia **cough**

  • Mark Moros
    Mark Moros 13 hours ago

    Someone tell me i sub now need the box

  • Mark Moros
    Mark Moros 13 hours ago

    How do u get the box

  • Hitmanhitman21
    Hitmanhitman21 19 hours ago

    The only real problem I have w/these services, like what Google announced, is not ownin the actual games; they're borrowed from the company, then stripped away once you stop payin for the service

  • Moang Her
    Moang Her Day ago

    Hmmm doesnt Linus add advertisements to his videos?

  • Essam Kotb
    Essam Kotb 2 days ago

    I have no idea if this is the future .. but if it is .. They will kill hardware enthusiasts ..
    Personally, I prefer to own my hardware and data .. I wish future doesn't force me to subscribe to this ..
    I don't have the best hardware by any means .. I just like the idea of owning my stuff .. day by day we are turning to subscribing to stuff and spending all our money while in reality we own nothing ..

  • Liam Cooke
    Liam Cooke 2 days ago

    Jar Jar Minks 😎

  • NappyWayz
    NappyWayz 3 days ago

    So did Google buy them out yet, or is Google Stadia going to be a direct competition?

  • Baka Music
    Baka Music 4 days ago

    bruh that fucking pant sandal combo is........gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  • Meyim Agalot
    Meyim Agalot 6 days ago

    miners gonna mine

  • ITGadget
    ITGadget 8 days ago

    I am now on my 2nd Ghost from shadow hardware fault on the first replaced and the new one arrived yesterday. Now I have no Ethernet connection on the Ghost. Shame the Shadow platform works well on my Mac but the hardware just seems totally unreliable. Hopefully they can sort this problem out but I now have little faith in the Hardware.

  • John Anderson
    John Anderson 9 days ago

    Jar Jar Binks is a Sith lord. The evidence is irrefutable. Drunken Boxing style Sith lord. Prove me wrong..

  • gaminside
    gaminside 10 days ago

    HERE IS MY BIGGEST QUESTION: What if somebody downloads a worm virus that infect the entire system which could potentially destroy their entire setup (I mean it only has to happen once) and depending on how much of a target it gets or becomes it might not be easy to insure and even though they might have a anti virus software there might just be one virus that gets through... what do you guys think

  • Marchalis Van
    Marchalis Van 13 days ago

    Then add on Australia Tax... I mean Latency and.. Oh god I hope this won't take over lol.

  • Shaylah M.
    Shaylah M. 14 days ago

    Shut up and take my money!!! I need this for video editing!!! 🙌🙌🙌 Take my money NOW! 💰 💰 💰

  • Venatacia Moon
    Venatacia Moon 14 days ago

    So buy a pc or rent one. My pc cost me £1300 ten years ago. Wonder how much it would cost to rent for ten years. I bet it's over double that price.

  • barryschwarz
    barryschwarz 15 days ago

    If this was an infomercial, you made it better than an infomercial. Nicely done. I don't game on PC (easygoing console user), but I'm pretty good at sniffing out the line between info, marketing and tainment.

  • jake Ellken
    jake Ellken 15 days ago

    I tried Shadow on Linux. the app works but Decoding didn't work at all. when ever I tried to start up my shadow, video would always fail.
    I spent about 2 hours with support (by email) to try to resolve this.
    My experience with shadow on windows however worked very well.

    I hope linux version will work better in the future. if Not.. then I guess I just need to pony up for a better Rig.

  • ConradRulz
    ConradRulz 16 days ago

    Wait do u still have to pay for the membership if u have the ghosts

  • Adam Sicola
    Adam Sicola 16 days ago

    What is the controlled he has attached to his phone???

  • John King
    John King 17 days ago

    Yeah... I stopped at “Subscribe”.
    Should’ve stopped at “Cloud”.
    What’s the Long Run Cost?
    What’s the Security?
    Rather have my own computer.

  • FieldSweeper
    FieldSweeper 17 days ago

    Question is, how much if a difference is the latency? Like 91ms from inout to display? How much is a regular mouse and keyboard on natively run programs? Or a controller/wireless and or on console? Test that so we can compare. How about FPS like counter strike? A cinematic game is maybe ok but fast paced may not be?

  • BAN IT
    BAN IT 17 days ago


  • Matthew S
    Matthew S 18 days ago +2

    Just feel like sharing my experience
    /mini-review of Shadow.
    I've tried the different cloud gaming options like liquid sky, paper space (with parsec) etc but they had alot of hiccups or latency/compatibility issues and were just a pain to use.
    I was skeptical about Shadow, but recently subscribed & tested it with different types of games like Cs-Go, apex legends, doom, rocket league, Dota 2 and more (all on max settings) with both 2.4ghz and 5ghz Wi-Fi connections with speeds between 10-70 mbps,
    in all cases it was usable, looked great, and had a minimum of 60 fps. And any latency was barely noticeable with higher connections (30mbps+) even with games like CS. hiccups are rare too, maybe a few seconds of jittering every couple hours if your Wi-Fi connection is stable. Probably even less with Ethernet. And the included download speeds make Getting games or anything else incredibly fast and convenient
    All this while being about 900-miles away from the nearest Data-centre.
    If you're like me and either don't want to, or simply Can't spend $1300/2000 or more on a physical gaming pc just to have some fun. And have decent internet, Shadow seems to be a great option right now.
    As for the future of cloud gaming. Google Stadia looks like it's going to take the route of gaming only, like Geforce now. Instead of the full PC experience. Which offers much more freedom of use. Many will still prefer a physical machine. Each has their own pros and cons, I think Shadow has what it takes to compete but only time will tell.
    If you want to try it out you can use promo code MATGMRGX to get $10.00 off you're first month. To anyone who read this, thanks for listening and I hope the above helps.

  • IronZombie
    IronZombie 19 days ago +2

    Is it me or having personal property starting to be frowned apon. Everything is subscription or leasing...

  • John A
    John A 19 days ago

    Sounds great but where I live we still only have DSL.

  • Rickvian Aldi
    Rickvian Aldi 19 days ago

    i want that cookie pillow

  • Bane 616
    Bane 616 21 day ago +1

    Snake oil for peasants.

    GEO GEO 21 day ago

    we're destroying ourselves with this economics.... this ideas... jobs disapear ... etc.... economicys ar not good, money must be roted to produce more money... rotating less we produce less. crisis ..... wars.... death.... :) all produced by economy

  • Ghosthand
    Ghosthand 21 day ago +1

    Ok, I'm not savvy in the latest in tech but let me see if I get this straight.

    This operates just like your home computer, you can store your music, photos, games, ect on their servers just like a normal HD. It doesn't include games or a internet connection just a interface and their hardware. It will automatically keep your games/ programs updated. It uses high end hardware so you can play any game on high settings with good frame rates. Depending on your internet connection and distance from the servers your latency may vary.

    My questions.

    What happens if you fail to pay your subscription (didn't have enough money in the bank when it came due ect)? Do they wipe the drive and you lose everything? Can you hook an external HD up to the interface and back up your information? Do they keep a back up in case of hardware failure?

    What if you get a virus or one of the 100s of other things that can bog down or crash your software environment? Are you solely responsible for it or do they maintain it, and if so how?

    Does the gaming experience fluctuate depending on server load?

    Does it support all PC games? Does it have a DOS emulator for older games? Can you hook a CD drive to the interface and play old games on it?

    How does it handle sound? Is there speaker ports?

    How often will they be updating the hardware? This in one of the main reasons I would consider something like this is so every 3-5 years I wouldn't have to upgrade my computer. At 35$ a month that's 2100$ in 5 years which is what I would normally pay for a new computer. And that's usually not top of the line but decent for most games. If they don't keep their system updated then this isn't a really good deal.

    And most importantly, how secure is this?

    • Ghosthand
      Ghosthand 21 day ago

      Told the wife about this and she just ordered it. Her computer has been down for a few months now so I guess we will see how well this works.

  • KirinoK
    KirinoK 22 days ago

    How about this data centre setup for vr

    • Divyjot Minhas
      Divyjot Minhas 19 days ago

      You'll quite literally be throwing up around due to the shher latency and the motion sickness caused by it

  • roland cannon
    roland cannon 22 days ago +1

    while i see this being perfect for casual gamers, anything outside of that demographic would have serious issues/concerns. Having their information housed on 2nd party servers which could potentially be vulnerable to hackers to seize it with ease.

  • Keiny Lai
    Keiny Lai 23 days ago

    This isn't going to "kill" anything. At all. This isn't even going to tickle. This will die off in a matter of months and we will never hear from it again, just like all the other insignifcant cloud gaming services. The only thing this is "killing" is itself. Nice ad, though.

  • Pedro Miranda
    Pedro Miranda 23 days ago +1

    I'd rather have my own gaming PC thank you very much.

  • Violet Rose Gooden
    Violet Rose Gooden 23 days ago

    So WOW is $14.99 and this normally is $35.00 a month ad the two that's $50.00 a month ?? I can see WOW on a tablet or TV , phone . too many spells/action buttons.


    Hook up some Antminers to your server system and do your own in office gaming

  • Daniel Espinoza
    Daniel Espinoza 24 days ago

    Shame google will......"overshadow" them with Stadia.

  • Jon Johnson
    Jon Johnson 24 days ago

    Been using it for almost a month...I actually wanted to see what it was like on my underpowered laptop for AutoCAD and Revit works fine on my ethernet connected main machine, but then again my main PC doesn't have a problem with this either, the trouble comes when my laptop is connected, usually tethered via my phone, the latency is just too much. I know that's not really Shadow's fault, but yeah, I don't think I'll be keeping it past my trial month unfortunately...maybe when 5G is mainstream in the next 12 months then it might be viable for a mobile connection.

  • MelZak2day
    MelZak2day 24 days ago

    I am now a Happy Ghost owner I love it :)
    It's awesome, I can't wait to use it for streaming and, doing video/photo editing for work :D
    I use it right now for WOW and, The Sims 4 and, soon Skyrim .. I don't own a PC right now just Ghost :-D O and, you can use Shadow on many devices ... Wait until they get the tech worked on even more it's going to be amazing !!
    I really, love it !
    I have a referral code if anyone wants to save money .. ?
    Give it a shot at least your not limited what you want to do !

  • John Shadwick
    John Shadwick 25 days ago

    Ok Doomhammer? You still playing WOW? do a video about something wow related

  • Miklós Bremer
    Miklós Bremer 25 days ago

    you can't get around the length of a transatlantic cable, there is going to be latency

  • Glen Waldrop
    Glen Waldrop 26 days ago

    Even 802.11b doesn't add 20ms latency dude.
    Just doesn't happen.
    We've got 20 mile 802.11ac links that are 1-2ms under load.

  • Alex Johnson
    Alex Johnson 26 days ago +1

    Google just shit on this company

  • orçun
    orçun 27 days ago

    great project and gread product but really unlucky timing

  • Northern Soldier
    Northern Soldier 27 days ago

    Using Xfinity Internet in North Eastern U.S. with 1tb worth of download data. This streaming service Shadow Tech uses alot of data. Make sure you have a unlimited plan if you game all day.

    Second: my Shadow Tech Streaming cloud computer came with a PNY Quadro P5000 NOT a GTX 1080. And this card is not the best for gaming but it still does a decent enough job i guess. GTA V sometimes chops. But the games look real crisp I recommend to try it out.

    Please use this referral code to get $10 off. JOS3U7MR Thanks!

  • Nemesty
    Nemesty 28 days ago

    Promo code : FRDNXZBB

  • thestranger11
    thestranger11 28 days ago

    And privacy?

  • Money Gamer
    Money Gamer 28 days ago +7

    stadia stole this Idea from Shadow..

    • Badwolf
      Badwolf 11 days ago

      Problem is only certain games can be played with Stadia.

    • orçun
      orçun 27 days ago

      no not really. there was onlive and others. nothing new here. but google perfected it.
      google created new special hardware with amd for this job. also google using linux and virtualization.
      this allows them to easily assign hardware whoever needs. that lowers costs a lot.
      difference between shadow and stadia is like electric bicycle and modern car

  • Comfort Prince
    Comfort Prince 28 days ago

    That switching part from 8:10 onwards will be super addictive

  • Gsup7s
    Gsup7s 28 days ago

    Actually the service they provide is capable of performing everything in every way at the same latency as your desktop PC of the same spec. It is truly the way of the future. It functions so awesomely it's almost worth the price they charge. However it cost twice as much as it should in my opinion for continue to use. If you were only going to use it for a month or limit amount of time. Then their current price would be fine. But for people who realize it's benefits now. And wish to use it regularly. It cost way too much. Also and this is a pretty big problem. Probably should have led with this one but thought I would save it to the end. They're fucking liars. They say they support and work on Android. But this is false and completely inaccurate in reality. They do not officially support Android. They told me themselves. When I complained of the functionality on Android. You can get it to work on Android. You cannot get it to function properly at all on Android. I believe it's to force you to buy their little box. So the problem is not the service or the network. It's the COST and Accessibility for ALL Android devices. That is their big problem. Otherwise as far as I can tell. Google Stadia can't even come close to shadow In functionality or latency. Can't even touch it. Hope this information is helpful to anyone who reads it.

  • Gytis321 S
    Gytis321 S 28 days ago +10

    Any one here after Google Stadia ?

  • dario D
    dario D 28 days ago

    go ahead. pull out an optic cable! :))

  • dario D
    dario D 28 days ago

    Love the Model X on the background :)

  • dario D
    dario D 28 days ago

    The gaming PC days are NUMBERED! = DOUBT

  • Blei1986
    Blei1986 28 days ago

    More like: *The console days are NUMBERED!*
    Which gamer would be willing to play online against other people with an extra of 91ms ?
    Even with a plus of 30ms i wouldn't even think about it...but IF i was a console-only player...this would be interesting

  • ezeetrap68
    ezeetrap68 28 days ago

    You still gotta deal with excessive data usage when it comes to cloud based gaming. I'm not sure how it is in Canada but in the US most residential ISP plans cap you at a terabyte of data a months and exceeding this cap will either result in throttling or overage fees and when your talking about something that uses up to 20 Mbps is pretty easy to burn through that terabyte allowance rather quickly. Financing a $3000 gaming PC will still cost you less than monthly the internet requirement to run cloud based gaming and will likely result in better performance.

  • Deyvson Moutinho Caliman

    I live in a third world country, so I'm used to unreliable internet. Playing online when I didn't need to would give me anxiety, I prefer the game inside my trusted machine.

  • Nelson DaSilva
    Nelson DaSilva 29 days ago

    Stadia -> Game Over Man!

  • Joseph Beltran
    Joseph Beltran 29 days ago

    Can i play world of Warcraft deciding rn.

    • Joseph Beltran
      Joseph Beltran 26 days ago

      +Robert Arnaise thank you for replying is it easy to setup keyboard and mouse

    • Robert Arnaise
      Robert Arnaise 28 days ago +1

      yes easily lol

  • Joseph Beltran
    Joseph Beltran 29 days ago

    No more hub.😳😳😳😢

  • cuntstantin twat
    cuntstantin twat 29 days ago +1

    Ctrl+F "Sandals" 0 results
    So you guys gave up with the sandals comments huh

  • vintasalo
    vintasalo 29 days ago

    Google just sold this same banana

  • ItzDahMaroon
    ItzDahMaroon Month ago

    Every since I saw this video, I've been wanting this. I can finally say that I have purchased this and love it.

  • Dio Black
    Dio Black Month ago

    One big problem for gamers other than a bad internet connection, is all the mods, versions and extras one can do to change the game itself is now gone. Not to mention what was said here and the fact most gamers love doing a actual pc build themselves. If anything this would kill consoles off.

  • K
    K Month ago

    Click bait title.

  • DigThat32
    DigThat32 Month ago

    Now that solid competition is incoming, I can't wait to see where this goes.

  • Ali Alloush
    Ali Alloush Month ago +13

    Will they survive now after Google stadia release.

    • orçun
      orçun 27 days ago +1

      not a chance. i really feel sorry about them. they did great job but google perfected the technology and there is no way to compete

    • ItsClutchDizzy
      ItsClutchDizzy 28 days ago +1

      +Nelson DaSilva Isnt google stadia just netflix for games? As opposed to an entire desktop?

    • Nelson DaSilva
      Nelson DaSilva 29 days ago

      I doubt it

  • Klara Helene Nielsen

    But would this still be valuable when Google stadia exists?

  • Daniel Mace
    Daniel Mace Month ago

    "Grandpa keeps talking about building his OWN Shadow from parts he ordered off this thing called Newaig. He also says he had to go to a human doctor." -future kids, probably

    • Andrew Burns
      Andrew Burns 27 days ago

      Daniel Mace my grandpa said that they actually had to drive their own car!

  • AnotherTechChannel
    AnotherTechChannel Month ago

    Everytime I watch LTT I find myself saying, "fucking Linus"... Lmao.

  • Matt Ando
    Matt Ando Month ago +37

    Came back to watch this after hearing about Google’s Stadia

    • Lucas Koumasonas
      Lucas Koumasonas 9 days ago +2

      Shadow is cloud computing stadia is a cloud console its not the same thing

    • jomiran1000
      jomiran1000 16 days ago

      Only person to make a profit from Shadow was Linus for this paid advert.

  • Lxne Records
    Lxne Records Month ago +1

    Did Google copy this idea?

    • sl1ckk1ll3r
      sl1ckk1ll3r Month ago

      No they copied Geforce Now who made a better Onlive (The True Progenitor)

  • Ken Lewis
    Ken Lewis Month ago

    I think that Google bought them out and renamed it Google Stadia

    • Good Goy
      Good Goy Month ago

      Stadia only offers gaming, not a complete windows 10 pc.

  • Cory Bryant
    Cory Bryant Month ago

    spiderman dab 12:48

  • MrApplewine
    MrApplewine Month ago

    Latency ????

  • NoSleepRacing
    NoSleepRacing Month ago

    Not a vr solution......

  • Roberth Zelaya
    Roberth Zelaya Month ago


  • mark. keilys.
    mark. keilys. Month ago +1

    >ask a dozen people
    >get 13 different answers
    I found the time traveler.

  • Mike Litoris
    Mike Litoris Month ago

    God, linus is such a fag. Lol

  • Diego Farfan
    Diego Farfan Month ago

    They should concentrate on pure architecture-civilenginiering rendering.

  • Diego Farfan
    Diego Farfan Month ago

    Imagine a google rep on an interview accepting they found out about this company thanks to this video.

  • Diego Farfan
    Diego Farfan Month ago

    Out of decor Google should buy this company.
    To spare them from the obliteration coming ahead.

  • Oscar Simon Velasco
    Oscar Simon Velasco Month ago +14

    Yep, Google totally based Stadia here hahaha

    • DoggyPoo
      DoggyPoo 24 days ago +2

      Like Linus said, this idea is already 10 years old, it's just about who can first do it well enough to make it a viable option.

    • BuildLancer
      BuildLancer Month ago +2

      I came back here to say the same thing LOL

  • Paul Medel
    Paul Medel Month ago


  • Abhinav Bharadwaj
    Abhinav Bharadwaj Month ago +12

    Introducing Google Stadia!!

  • TheTekkiDerma
    TheTekkiDerma Month ago +11

    Then came GOOGLE STADIA.

  • tqatkins
    tqatkins Month ago +1


  • jordb_
    jordb_ Month ago +19

    I actually feel sorry for the shareholders of this company, they could have the best service ever, but you'll just never compete with the global reach of Google...

    • Musiken
      Musiken 13 days ago

      +Robert Arnaise uh, Google's latency will most likely be better. They have a shitton of experience on networking, streaming and compression. They've been working on those for longer than Shadow has existed. And they bypass the input latency from controller to PC by sending it directly through the network. And they have a shitton of money to throw at it to improve it. I'd be very surprised if they provide a worse latency.

    • orçun
      orçun 27 days ago

      nobody saw that coming that fast

    • Robert Arnaise
      Robert Arnaise 28 days ago +1

      they'll probably lower the prices. Also, you have to realize that what google is proposing is a cloud gaming experience where you can play any games for free as long as its in the library. It's different from shadow, who doesn't give you any games, only a remote desktop. That means it's probably cheaper and you have ownership over the games you play, since you bought them.

      Also their latency is probably better because they've been working on it since 2015, whereas google will soon realize their cloud to client latency is massive. That's why google is emphasizing their compute power throught their thousands of servers, and shadow, who has like 10 servers in total, is prioritizing latency over the total amount of concurrent users. Stadia will likely be able to handle tens of millions of concurrent users, whereas shadow struggles with 100k users at the same time, but their latency is better. So stadia and shadow aren't targeted at the same audience.

    • AnotherTechChannel
      AnotherTechChannel Month ago

      Yea stadia is coming. It's depressing. I would rather build PC.

  • N E
    N E Month ago +1

    What about privacy

  • Lukas Ess
    Lukas Ess Month ago

    Google entered the Chat

  • Owneador1337
    Owneador1337 Month ago +1

    Okay, Stavia is here. Talk about having a bad day.

  • ChristianTron102
    ChristianTron102 Month ago +1

    coming from stavia annoucement, i only can say: xd

  • James Reynolds
    James Reynolds Month ago +19

    Google: STADIA!
    Shadow: Am I a joke to you?

    • UltraViolet Xrays
      UltraViolet Xrays 7 hours ago

      +venu venu *OnLive cries in corner*

    • Everything Cool
      Everything Cool 28 days ago

      Shadow is closer to what Microsoft is going to do but they're using Xboxes instead of computers the problem with shadow is controller support Microsoft version will fix this as it is running the Xbox version of the game to match people's console experience

    • venu venu
      venu venu Month ago +2

      Came here after google stadia.

  • Nothing to see here

    Dude, one question: what da fuck are you wearing?..

  • sen.touji
    sen.touji Month ago

    if it would run on average internet connection (10-25k) with no need for external hardware to carry around and world wide available with the same subscription... I would pay ASAP $30/ month
    ... but right now we can't even stream what ever we like (movies/series, let alone games) with 1-2 streaming subs... :/ and it'll get worse over the next years b'cause everyone thinks they can charge $12/month for a few new series/movies a year :/

  • D3v1antldr
    D3v1antldr Month ago

    Lol, you guys are ridiculous. Complaining about him “advertising” this service and the subscription to the service.
    Hey!, here is a crazy thought kids! Maybe, just maybe, he is a RU-clip tech reviewer... reviewing tech on RU-clip!!!! I know amaze-balls. Huh? And also, it doesn’t matter how many times your mommy said that you are entitled to anything you ever want, just cause, you are mamas little darling boy. A for profit company that provides a service. It’s going to provide that service for a profit.

  • DarkCalibur
    DarkCalibur Month ago

    what happen when the community troll the company by massive access and broke the rig??

  • Stelard Actek
    Stelard Actek Month ago +1

    This will never be viable where I live in Tasmania. There's no way they'd build a data centre here, and the extra latency to the mainland would not be worth putting up with. Not to mention how often the internet goes down or under-performs.
    Which is kind of a shame, because it WOULD be nice to be able to game anywhere, on anything. Maybe if they ever invent ansible-based network interfaces.