My Family Thought I Was Crazy…

  • Published on Oct 15, 2018
  • From bad weather to bad nerves, watch what happened in the hours leading up to the biggest stunt of Will's career. SUBSCRIBE:
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  • hrabb3
    hrabb3 Hour ago

    This is beautiful. Always wanted to go to the grand canyon with my pops. He passed last year before we could go together. in some small way this feels like I went there with him. Thanks for posting this!

  • Anila Rattan
    Anila Rattan 4 hours ago +1

    Oh thank god 😮😶😯😔

  • sami obamaa
    sami obamaa 12 hours ago

    Hey will, I have campaign running called, I wish for @WillSmith to share Jebena Genie,
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    Hope you can help make my wish come true by sharing this teaser trailer. It will change the Australia film industry and bring opportunity to people diverse background.

  • Kim Haynesworth
    Kim Haynesworth 22 hours ago

    I'm next!!!!!!!! I'm SO SERIOUS

  • MCEBISI Biyela
    MCEBISI Biyela 23 hours ago

    Lool Willow be so spooked while dad Will was in the air. Jada be the shortest with that tiny squeaky voice "you're a mama's boy how do u feel momma" 😄. I love them so much 🤞♥️💯

  • RadioGalaxia
    RadioGalaxia Day ago

    crazy like a scienstist

  • LDW 3131
    LDW 3131 Day ago

    You are a strong spiritual being here on this planet earth will I hope u know that and ur power and impact u have on people in this world 🙏🙌🏽❤️💯

  • Joshua Joaquin
    Joshua Joaquin Day ago

    dont worry guys , he is hancock remember ? hahahahah

  • Remy Kaaihili
    Remy Kaaihili Day ago

    I love that you are sharing amazing events in your life and being transparent as well. I’m turning the big Hawaii 5.0. In November. I am a retired Professional Polynesian entertainer and traveled all over the world sharing my culture and teaching. Unfortunately my back just snapped since 2007 March 1st. I enjoy seeing everyone living their best life but you have always set the bar higher, having your family especially with your amazingly intelligent, brilliant children. Continue to complete your journey with your family living your best life! I know one day I will be able to take my children and friends who never left Hawaii to see the world and embrace knew cultures, food and making new friends sharing, intriguing stories,cultures and most of all making new memories! Your children are actually so brilliant, I bet they have the hardest time relating to most people cause their intellect is so far advanced and I can see them challenging their own minds with the support from you and your still hot and supportive wife, Ms. Jada. God bless all of you and continued success in all your future opportunities and endeavors! Looking forward to see all of your challenges and bucket lists! You make 50 or Hawaii 5.0. Look very cool and relevant! Lmao 😂 Aloha from Hawaii!🤙🏽🏝🥥🌋🔥👣🙌🌅✨💫🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺

  • Wangpai Konyak
    Wangpai Konyak Day ago

    That rope tied to a chopper kept you alive, So also the invisible power of God kept us alive all the time.
    Glory to Jesus

  • Maurice Lynch
    Maurice Lynch 2 days ago

    Will Smith is awesome. Really knows how to have fun.

  • Eddie Enigma074
    Eddie Enigma074 2 days ago

    Will is a good father... I aspire to be as good a father as he is...

  • DIVTAN Music
    DIVTAN Music 2 days ago

    3:32 Wait that Avengers' Headquarters ???

  • Roicey Poicey
    Roicey Poicey 2 days ago +2

    Depressed man: I'm gonna jump off this bridge
    Will Smith: Jump and be free

  • Xmxb23
    Xmxb23 2 days ago

    13:30 u can see his fear but trying to hide it for his children

  • Este Mastermynds
    Este Mastermynds 2 days ago

    You look like you got poopoo in yo pants before you jumped and I'm sure you had some after. LOL!!

  • Este Mastermynds
    Este Mastermynds 2 days ago

    Family hugs we have those! Initiated by my 7 year old when he was like 4.

  • Este Mastermynds
    Este Mastermynds 2 days ago

    La Queen!

  • thotiana 333
    thotiana 333 3 days ago

    He said "thats a dumb motherfucker" lol

  • Ranjini R
    Ranjini R 3 days ago

    Will 😲 👉🏽you really awesome and myself one of your biggest fan from India 🇮🇳 I love you Will 🙂

  • Dee Ca.
    Dee Ca. 4 days ago

    I came here from when he was telling Ellen about this. And he was right the dude was telling him all this stuff and Will's like 😨

  • Logesh Murugan
    Logesh Murugan 4 days ago

    My inspiration dog

  • Cocoa D
    Cocoa D 4 days ago

    Wow wow wow wow mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Deep Dimples
    Deep Dimples 4 days ago

    That was awesomely inspiring!

  • Tina Lynch
    Tina Lynch 4 days ago +1

    I really love these guys i hope i can meet them one day what a dream!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Bryce Ray
    Bryce Ray 4 days ago

    12:33 why dude wearing that orange prison beenie ahhh hell nah

  • Justin Herman
    Justin Herman 4 days ago

    All I kept thinking about was that episode on fresh prince when Trevor was asking Hillary to marry him LOL

  • EimosFILMS
    EimosFILMS 4 days ago

    Where is Dj jazzy jeff?

  • Carla Williams
    Carla Williams 5 days ago

    17:13. Jaden just woke up

  • MrDholloway2
    MrDholloway2 5 days ago

    All I can think of is....
    Hillary will you marry... Trevor goes splat! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Betsy Thomas
    Betsy Thomas 5 days ago

    I am so blessed to have found your Channel you are such a inspirational teacher you have not missed your calling in life everything is meant to be and you are meant to be God bless you and your family what are inspirational family that you are and they are so lucky to have you they are bless

  • Gloria Mwai
    Gloria Mwai 5 days ago

    That was one heck of an en devour! Will Smith is that rare human being who's full of love, spirituality, gifts and awesomeness but then he tries to be goofy and comedic to come across as a joker when he's actually covering up what an intelligent, smart, gorgeous, brave, cool, compassionate and extremely serious kind of person that he is cause if showed his real self upfront all the time as the first look or presence, a lot of us would not be able to handle it cause we would be too intimidated by his Wakanda strength and sheer mighty presence! May our God Almighty continue to bless him and his whole wonderful family plus friends in Jesus's name.

  • Betsy Thomas
    Betsy Thomas 5 days ago

    I only got one word awesome how awesome your level of confidence is even to overcome all fear that's the journey I'm on right now

  • Natali Cortez
    Natali Cortez 5 days ago

    I really like this message ❤️ god bless you will

  • Torok Akos
    Torok Akos 5 days ago

    Is it not a sexually distorted family? I mean, this is true or not?

  • Moira Fatiaki
    Moira Fatiaki 6 days ago

    Willow's reaction was priceless

  • Halima Alshy
    Halima Alshy 6 days ago

    OH MY GOD, I feel like I lived the moment with WILL and I can't express my tears. He Jumped out of Helicopter and I was shaking 😂😂😂😂

  • TheBlogger 7
    TheBlogger 7 7 days ago

    Trey is hot

  • Ecto Tech Industries.

    I want the fresh prince in my video.

  • Nasra Ali
    Nasra Ali 7 days ago

    Wait I thought your Birthday was September?????

  • Fyndy Merios
    Fyndy Merios 7 days ago +1

    You can tell willow was concerned

  • Marquez Jeffers
    Marquez Jeffers 7 days ago

    That speech at the end was beautiful and empowering

  • Edie Mcfarlane
    Edie Mcfarlane 7 days ago

    Start watching at 16:24

  • Mahali Selepe
    Mahali Selepe 7 days ago +2

    “Life is dangerous. The only way to enjoy it is to jump and be free!!!!”

  • Dee Girl
    Dee Girl 8 days ago

    Aww willow is so cute. She was petrified for him!. 🥰💝

  • love
    love 8 days ago

    that speech made me cry at the end, wise words

  • love
    love 8 days ago

    Will’s 50??? wtf??

  • daniel king
    daniel king 8 days ago +1

    Willow looked like she was about to have a heart attack when jumped🤣🤣🤣🤣. Which is totally normal cause I think I would have died if I saw my dad jumping from a helicopter 💀💀💀.

  • Tangela Bedford
    Tangela Bedford 8 days ago +5

    I think Wills life goal is to inspire! Well done, Will! I am truly inspired!

  • Rossclairborne
    Rossclairborne 8 days ago +2

    Will Smith has lived and is living the life I wish I could have had. Thats why I love him!

  • Tru Wyldewood
    Tru Wyldewood 9 days ago


    ANUP KUMAR 9 days ago

    i wish one day i too will be doing all this crazy thing with you will smith # love your daring challenges

  • manohar rao
    manohar rao 9 days ago

    Will you are brave love from india. You can do anything.

  • chrisdya houston
    chrisdya houston 9 days ago +5

    Will Smith is like a national treasure! This, I am sure, was an amazing experience! Love y'all 🧡 And how Jada and Sheree, and all the family prayed for Will and supported him in this experience! Such humor and love through it all!

  • The Hardweares TV
    The Hardweares TV 9 days ago

    Inspirational message, “get out of the middle”.

  • Farah Nasr
    Farah Nasr 9 days ago

    Yeah rich people can afford to celebrate that way , I m just thinking how I m gonna pay my bills, hard to find a job in a 3rd world country 😔

  • Oscar Galvan
    Oscar Galvan 9 days ago

    Great speech there at the end of the video...

  • THE king YT
    THE king YT 9 days ago

    Will is the man.but please stop doin these crazy things.go fishing or something.

  • meicy10
    meicy10 10 days ago

    The ending speech was deeeeeep! Love Will!

  • Seeker
    Seeker 10 days ago +2

    OMG my heart was in my mouth, and the look on the kid's faces, was PRICELESS !!!

  • real_don
    real_don 10 days ago +1

    willow's face was all gold

  • Samira Sheikh
    Samira Sheikh 10 days ago

    Oml I just realised that Will's wife is from Gotham!?!?!?😱

  • jhaiystar 13
    jhaiystar 13 10 days ago +2

    Nice to see Prince of Bel'air and Carlton(alfonso) together 😊

  • Victor Cebotari
    Victor Cebotari 10 days ago

    and thats 300 million $ flying in the air

  • Tiffany Cruse
    Tiffany Cruse 10 days ago


  • Marlina Lina
    Marlina Lina 10 days ago

    Wew, seruuuu ❤❤❤ INDONESIA HADIR 💖💖💖

  • deamaharani
    deamaharani 10 days ago

    this is a birthday video. so why am cryin?

  • Diana Gal
    Diana Gal 11 days ago +3

    OMG I got nervous as they flight above.... 🥰😍 Wow absolutely wowww

  • Ray Minewiser
    Ray Minewiser 11 days ago +1

    When will smith is a better vlogger than anyone in our generation.... and were the ones that started it.....

  • Laura Douglass
    Laura Douglass 12 days ago +1

    16:24 Willow looked like she was about to cry

  • Sandra Messer
    Sandra Messer 12 days ago +1

    I felt the terror inside me. His speech at the end... wow!

    KIM JAY 12 days ago

    When will said “The hesitation is the thing that really messes up the chance.” I felt that.

  • Exca Libur
    Exca Libur 12 days ago

    i already confront it when i got dengue and a motor accident

  • Lavonne Begay
    Lavonne Begay 13 days ago

    WOW...i wish i could meet them in person one day

  • Katten i ̈Slakten
    Katten i ̈Slakten 13 days ago

    Its such a white boy thing to do

  • zayuri Brito
    zayuri Brito 13 days ago

    A good beautiful men

  • junior subero
    junior subero 13 days ago

    Will Feliz cumpleaños jajaja tarde pero seguro

  • 360 Gamer
    360 Gamer 13 days ago

    my hero 😎🥰😘

  • sema comedy
    sema comedy 13 days ago

    Hey jaden will u marry me. Love from india

  • sema comedy
    sema comedy 13 days ago

    Is this real will smith own u tube channel

    G83ANDONE 13 days ago +1

    I swear, I felt the jump😂 You the man Will

  • Dominique McQueen
    Dominique McQueen 14 days ago

    Hillary! Wiiiilll yoOou MarreeeeY M-

  • Faiz Alfiansyah
    Faiz Alfiansyah 14 days ago

    Family goals...

  • Abdul Baghdadi
    Abdul Baghdadi 14 days ago

    I'm not sure when this was released but I wanted to tell you everyone did such a great job being the roles of what they were in Aladdin except the villains

  • Audra Folkes
    Audra Folkes 14 days ago +5

    The look 👀 on Willow & Jayden..#priceless

  • xx illegirl
    xx illegirl 14 days ago

    "the hesitation is the thing that really messes up your dream" -W.Smith

  • Traci Williams
    Traci Williams 14 days ago +3

    Wow! You are crazy Will😅so glad you were able to accomplish this feat. I guess you feel like Superman ! God bless you and your family🙏🏽

  • Truth Forever
    Truth Forever 14 days ago

    Willow seriously looks worried!

  • Bubbles
    Bubbles 14 days ago

    Will looked very very scared when he was on the helicopter

  • Gabriel Knox
    Gabriel Knox 15 days ago

    I wanna date Willow SO MUCH

  • me sh
    me sh 15 days ago

    What’s The music name at 21:20 pleaseeeeee 😭😭😭

  • Kory gama
    Kory gama 15 days ago +1


  • Lulu Priedkalns
    Lulu Priedkalns 15 days ago

    This reminds me of when in fresh prince Trevor dies, this triggered in my brain he said live coz Trevor died live 😂

  • guccibandhana
    guccibandhana 15 days ago


  • Rohan Charlton
    Rohan Charlton 15 days ago +2

    that speech, i needed that...thank you

  • tania fangidae
    tania fangidae 15 days ago

    I lovee y'all

  • Peloni Khum
    Peloni Khum 16 days ago +1

    I love both wife’s
    Strong n lovely wife

  • Peloni Khum
    Peloni Khum 16 days ago +2

    Wonderful family
    Soo inspiring family
    I learned lots good lession from this family. God bless u

  • Paul The true believer!!

    I wonder if will is selling his clothes I see the logo anywhere I can find his clothing line

  • Karina Bedonia
    Karina Bedonia 16 days ago

    I love this guy...