Cereal Bowl Made From Cereal | Dipit #21 Froot Loops Bowl!

  • Published on Dec 6, 2018
  • Dipit #21!! You folks have been asking for this project for 3 YEARS now. It's here. We did it. We have one now...
    Froot Loops Cereal Bowl! It's crazy colorful and I love the way it looks. Also got a chance to break in my new pressure pot!
    Pressure Pot Setup: ru-clip.com/video/ShSxUg4Yyws/video.html
    Want To Make this Project?
    Rubber Mat: amzn.to/2zqriW1
    Rubber Gloves: amzn.to/2tYVIRn
    Mixing Cups: amzn.to/2C0CGeh
    Mixing sticks: amzn.to/2wqtgaB
    RZMask: amzn.to/2zpt35S
    Rikon 70-100 Lathe: amzn.to/2OdK7nR
    Easy Wood Rougher: amzn.to/2A5hJBh
    Easy Wood Hollower: amzn.to/2JNYdsX
    Easy Wood Finisher: amzn.to/2Llt1qw
    Mico Mesh Foam Pads: amzn.to/2nyXZ2c
    Filming Gear:
    Canon T5i amzn.to/2GeNLuj
    Rode Mic: amzn.to/2DjlBLq
    Joby Tripod: amzn.to/2Djv5Gr
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    Facebook: kludge1977
    Twitter: kludge1977
    Instragram: peterbrownwastaken
    music by Jason Shaw@ audionautix.com
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  • Kaysler
    Kaysler Year ago +2110

    Peter! Right this instant - take a screenshot of your smirk at the end of the video and put it on a shirt with that quote! "I hardly taste resin at all" and let me purchase that shirt!!

  • Salman P Chase
    Salman P Chase 2 hours ago

    Maybe stabilize the cereal in the vacuum chamber first.

  • Azrael Rose
    Azrael Rose 8 days ago

    Feels like it would have worked better with resin-stabilised loops. Both the density/floating issue and the chipping out.

  • Mike Hostetler
    Mike Hostetler 11 days ago

    Some people: *I'm not sure if carbide tools can take catchy and rough surfaces for too long*
    Peter: *Hold my resin.*

  • Daniel Stanton
    Daniel Stanton 23 days ago

    I loved, "I can hardly taste resin at all." LOL Too funny. I just purchased my first lathe last week and I've been saturating my brain with dozens of videos from many artists and woodworkers. This was totally the funniest comment of all so far. I do have a question about food safety in general. What are the safest woods to use and the safest sealing and polishing products to use if my goal is to use my finished pieces for food serving. I'd like to be able to make a set of simple breakfast bowls for my grandkids. Also, what products are safe to use as wood dyes too. Thanks for your feed back. Please send me any suggestions or links if you would be so kind. Thank you. daniel.ray.stanton@gmail.com

  • Lirel Tamora
    Lirel Tamora 26 days ago

    Ohh you should make small bowls and put pudding in them and use it as a snack at a party

  • X on
    X on 27 days ago

    5:35 when NNN ends

  • CharacterOne
    CharacterOne 29 days ago

    A cereal bowl made of cereal
    What a loophole
    Hahahaha get it?

  • Lori Salmanowitz
    Lori Salmanowitz Month ago

    So cool, love mixed media. You’re quite cute, easy on the eyes. 😉

  • Sono
    Sono Month ago

    Why not make a full utensil set made out of different cereals?

  • snotty dawn
    snotty dawn Month ago

    that's a bowl of cereal

  • Taylor Industries
    Taylor Industries Month ago

    Argh he put the cereal in first

  • Tee Is me
    Tee Is me Month ago

    Sing a Christmas song

  • Lizardlava808
    Lizardlava808 Month ago

    Thanos: “I used the cereal to eat the cereal”

  • NightValeBunny
    NightValeBunny Month ago

    I can’t remember what it’s called, but I’d love to see you remake this using the stabilizer resin (the one you used for the bread pendant?) and see if that doesn’t make it better.

  • FattyMateo
    FattyMateo Month ago

    I'm going to ruin your day - ALL FRUIT LOOPS ARE THE SAME FLAVOR.

  • Young Rich Boio
    Young Rich Boio Month ago

    I am trying to...KEEP IT INTACT

  • The Enderman
    The Enderman Month ago +1


  • Cassi B.
    Cassi B. Month ago

    What if you stabilized the cereal then dipped it?

  • Killnot123
    Killnot123 Month ago +1

    No. You made a resin bowl with froot loops inside of it

  • NJP Made
    NJP Made Month ago

    Do you generally pressurize at the same psi for every casting/type of resin? Thanks. Just subscribed. Love your stuff!

  • Oddly Satisfying
    Oddly Satisfying Month ago

    Make a bowl out of Potato chips

  • Josh Franklin
    Josh Franklin Month ago

    So it isn't really 100% safe and you wasted some cereal making it?

  • Josh Franklin
    Josh Franklin Month ago

    Cereal killer!

    I'll see myself out.

  • ch3rrikiss
    ch3rrikiss Month ago

    If you used white resin, it would look like a cereal bowl made out of cereal and milk.... I think that would look pretty cool

  • RauKillz
    RauKillz Month ago

    Brøther, I want lööps

  • Lucas Salinas
    Lucas Salinas Month ago +2

    I used the LÖØPS to eat the LÖØPS

  • British Buffoons
    British Buffoons Month ago

    Now do cereal made out of a cereal bowl

  • Mics
    Mics Month ago +1

    wouldve been a lot easier with fruity pebbles, theyre the superior cereal anyway

  • YouTube Slayer
    YouTube Slayer Month ago +1

    Hmm, the floor is made out of *floor*

  • Studio Šrauf'n Cingr

    you should make a floor out of floor

  • Ali Adoul
    Ali Adoul Month ago

    being buried and drowned with your ancestors in a coffin made out of your dead and harvested ancestors

  • __Florida_Man__
    __Florida_Man__ Month ago


  • j Walster
    j Walster Month ago

    cereal out of bowl? *crunch crunch*

  • that one guy in class

    next, make a cereal bowl made of cereal bowls made of cereal

  • Moorhshroom Productions

    Make a Coca-Cola Bottle out of Coca-Cola.

  • Cameron Kohlmann
    Cameron Kohlmann Month ago

    "I used the cereal to eat the cereal"

  • JhonnyTheJeccer
    JhonnyTheJeccer Month ago

    Lööp would have been proud

  • jamm meister
    jamm meister Month ago

    What about a fruit bowl out of fruit peels?¿

  • 7ebn1
    7ebn1 Month ago

    Okay next put water and glass in it!

  • The Falkonett
    The Falkonett Month ago

    3:55 the irony of having to destroy a bowl to make a bowl

  • Rovercz
    Rovercz Month ago

    It feels like "I just did a thing" would do a video like this

  • RobotnipperII
    RobotnipperII Month ago

    ok now make cereal out of bowl

  • Parker Payne
    Parker Payne Month ago

    He looks like a hawk

  • alan smithee
    alan smithee Month ago

    Ffs even the froot loops are getting whitewashed...

  • alan smithee
    alan smithee Month ago

    We heard you like froot loops, so we put some froot loops... *in* your froot loops!

  • Widdekuu91
    Widdekuu91 Month ago

    This'd be great for obese people with portion-issues. They'd think they have a lot of cereal, but in real life, it's a small portion.

  • Yuuup
    Yuuup Month ago

    The part i couldn't believe was when you ate the fruit loops. Not because of your bowl. Because they are fruit loops. 🤮

  • Dab -i
    Dab -i Month ago

    Bröther, gïvë më thë lööps

  • Soup Time
    Soup Time Month ago

    I used the cereal to serve the cereal.

  • Crazy Phanimina
    Crazy Phanimina Month ago

    Halfway through i realised its a ~cereal bowl~
    ~cereal bowl ~

  • ben bundidsilp
    ben bundidsilp Month ago

    this is why you shouldn't ask the internet for anything

  • Itsxae
    Itsxae Month ago

    Yes the floor is made out of floor

  • Malachi Leblanc
    Malachi Leblanc Month ago

    Can you make this without a preasure pot?

  • David 4Ever
    David 4Ever Month ago

    Now when you finish your lööps you can eat the bowl too if you're not satisfied yet

  • madgaming666
    madgaming666 Month ago

    *may i have some fruit loops bowl brother?*

  • IronScrap _
    IronScrap _ Month ago

    How much money do you make out of RU-clip?

  • blutter wood
    blutter wood Month ago

    Omfg... I just love these kind of videos, I just find'em satisfying...

  • zain arabi
    zain arabi Month ago


  • Ashley Simko
    Ashley Simko Month ago

    I am legit OBSESSED with your channel. This is the second video I’ve watched and I can’t get enough. This is fantastic.