Flybe/Stobart Air Full Flight: London Southend to Manchester - ATR72-600

  • Published on Nov 2, 2018
  • A full length, full flight video onboard Flybe/Stobart Air ATR72-600 EI-FMJ, operating flight BE6230 from Southend to Manchester on July 31 2018.
    Every moment of the flight included. ATC and moving map for entire flight.
    FACEBOOK: inflightvideo
    Airline: Flybe
    Flight: BE6230
    Aircraft: ATR ATR72-600 EI-FMJ
    From: Southend (SEN)
    To: Manchester (MAN)
    Departure: 07:04
    Arrival: 07:56
    Flight Time: 0:52
    Seat: 4A

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  • Thomas Beasley
    Thomas Beasley 6 days ago

    1:20:56 my village!

  • Ronald Bird
    Ronald Bird 3 months ago

    I legit fell asleep thought the whole flight and woke up when everyone was boarding off

  • Avation geek 13 christie

    Boy don't I love ATR plane windows

  • gman1501
    gman1501 7 months ago +1

    Just in case you didn’t know please step in from the aisle when stowing your cabin baggage😀

  • xnited
    xnited 10 months ago

    how do you get the ATC?

  • Anthony Kernich
    Anthony Kernich 11 months ago

    how cheap is it compared to the train

  • Edi Santoso
    Edi Santoso Year ago +1

    I'd never fly with ATR. Yet. Just wondering how it feels.

  • Distant Light Productions

    Great video. I gather this wasn’t filmed with GoPro hero 7 black as its very unstable?

  • PowerFR2
    PowerFR2 Year ago

    Great flight ! :)

  • Dave
    Dave Year ago

    Its Very Rare That You Ever Include A Moving Map, Will You Do It For Every Video Now?

    • Noel Philips
      Noel Philips  Year ago

      Yes, all of our full flights now include the full moving map as in this video.

  • AvGeek NZ
    AvGeek NZ Year ago

    Oh yes baby another ATR video 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Rafael Santana
    Rafael Santana Year ago +2

    What was the purpose of flying that circle?

    • Aviation Channel
      Aviation Channel 10 months ago

      RS KITES it’s called holding let’s use Heathrow for example most planes do fly in circles until they are cleared to land as its a busy airport

    • lucymalak90 Rod
      lucymalak90 Rod Year ago

      I want to know too!!! It's weird...

  • Bret Hammett
    Bret Hammett Year ago +2

    InFlight Video hello I know you will have a schedule Flight. Can you try want to more Fly Boeing 747-400 or 777 your seat 38J or 38 K
    Window to wing from Manchester Uk To Houston IAH TX to United States USA. That will start record GoPro Hero 7 to Full Flight is 14 Hours
    45,Minutes Done. Thank you :).

  • LakeshoreYT
    LakeshoreYT Year ago

    What even is an ATR72-600? Pretty sure that is actually a Dash 8.

    • Da Turtle
      Da Turtle Year ago

      SOSOwner [NO LONGER ACTIVE] that’s a atr72-600 dash 8 landing gear is on the engine

  • Kevin Facey
    Kevin Facey Year ago

    I would kind of interested in flying in those propeller type of planes.

  • Christopher Teasdale

    Its stopping Southend to Manchester

  • jelmerpilotHD
    jelmerpilotHD Year ago +1

    Fantastic video mate! Liked!

  • Антон К
    Антон К Year ago

    it's always raining on your english videos.

  • Terry Christensen

    Please make a video of an American Airlines airbus A319 from Omaha to Phoenix.

  • babysdoc
    babysdoc Year ago +2

    Very interesting but seems long to me. I am an impatient guy !

    • Hoopy
      Hoopy Year ago

      obviously. He is flying across London. If you want a short flight, watch DFW to Love Field or something.

  • MrGriser
    MrGriser Year ago +4

    Is that the longest walk you have ever done from gate to aircraft at Southend?

  • Tom Jardine
    Tom Jardine Year ago +5

    How safe is Flybe ?

  • Steve Beedell
    Steve Beedell Year ago +1

    Love your videos! Was great to hear you on the BBC world service the other night! :)

  • RoequavicPlanes
    RoequavicPlanes Year ago +5

    FlyBe will cancel their routes from Southend to Manchester and Glasgow with the ATR72 from January

    • AvGeek NZ
      AvGeek NZ Year ago

      @Hussain Sumra highly doubt they will retire the 600 its quite a new airframe I'll say the 500s yes will be retired soon

    • Hussain Sumra
      Hussain Sumra Year ago

      Will they retire their ATR72-600

  • Britt Unculus
    Britt Unculus Year ago

    Genius! You even got the captain to do a couple of extra twirls for extra views!

  • Trone Hunter
    Trone Hunter Year ago +3

    New video in your channel *-* thank you so much . Have a great weeked Noel !!!


    Cool flight 😎nice video

  • DrummerFF 01
    DrummerFF 01 Year ago +3

    OMG you uploaded a video thats great that your back. I hope they don't close down your channel again and RU-clip allows this.

  • Minja Aviation
    Minja Aviation Year ago +12

    How long the check-in and the security took?

  • RAHAT KHAN official

    Gd video

  • Yien Guo
    Yien Guo Year ago


  • Minja Aviation
    Minja Aviation Year ago

    Nice video!

  • Volsmoke 101
    Volsmoke 101 Year ago

    👍🏻 good job mate