Level1 News February 27 2019: Swiss Voting Has More Holes Than Its Cheese

  • Published on Feb 27, 2019
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    1:18 - FCC Says Gutting ISP Oversight Was Great For Broadband
    3:00 - Britain managing Huawei risks, has no evidence of spying: official
    4:35 - 5G networks: Trump says US shouldn't block technology
    5:45 - Privacy advocate sues over license plate reader error
    7:48 - Disturbing Bill Would Force Arizonans to Pay $250 to Have Their DNA Added to a Database
    9:23 - NY governor orders probe into Facebook access to data from other apps
    10:28 - Verizon asks the FCC to let it lock new smartphones for 60 days
    12:25 - Unearthed emails could be smoking gun in epic GDPR battle: Google, adtech giants 'know they break Euro privacy law'
    13:25 - European governments approve controversial new copyright law
    14:09 - Experts Find Serious Problems With Switzerland's Online Voting System
    16:39 - Right to Repair Legislation Is Officially Being Considered In Canada
    18:21 - China Abandons Cybersecurity Truce With U.S., Report Says
    18:41 - House bill requires pornography filter on all phones, computers purchased in Kansas
    21:38 - Once hailed as unhackable, blockchains are now getting hacked
    23:17 - RU-clip will have its Cambridge Analytica moment
    26:06 - Linux users are unable to manage their Apple ID on apple․com
    27:10 - A third of all Chrome extensions request access to user data on any site
    28:14 - Some American Airlines In-Flight TVs Have Cameras In Them
    29:10 - Google researchers say software alone can’t mitigate Spectre chip flaws
    30:54 - Severe vulnerabilities uncovered in popular password managers
    32:42 - Microsoft Edge lets Facebook run Flash code behind users' backs
    34:00 - Google says Nest microphone was 'never supposed to be a secret'
    35:19 - Huawei's Efforts to Steal Apple Trade Secrets Include Employee Bonus Program and Other Dubious Tactics
    37:03 - Hacker puts up for sale third round of hacked databases on the Dark Web
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Comments • 170

    DAVID GREGORY KERR 2 months ago

    What about an extended version of DES128 using a 32x 112bit keys,
    I would accept a CAM adapter that slot into my computer which take a CAM module with subscription card inserted and a browser plugin that is controlled be the subscription card so if you don't have the subscription card inserted then you cannot view any RU-clip videos.

  • Zachary Wooten
    Zachary Wooten 2 months ago

    Fiji water ftw

    DR. DRAGON 2 months ago +1

    Police officer is the 4 safest job in the Country. Not Dangerous !!

  • xantochroi
    xantochroi 2 months ago

    should give wendel a rubix cube to solve while doing the news

  • Brandon Hoffman
    Brandon Hoffman 2 months ago

    12:30 then google should go out of business. Or perhaps once people start arming themselves they will listen.
    Edit: Nestle water = Pepsi water, just as shitty as taco bell and pizza hut (both owned by pepsi and both driven into the ground quality wise by them). If they can make water cheaper by making it worse the will.
    Edit 2: 25:58 "your never going to get rid of that small creepy part of the world" followed by a small creepy amount of silence! you guys rock.

    • Southeastern777
      Southeastern777 2 months ago

      The last I knew, Nestle water is pumped out of the ground in Canada.

  • drakensberg
    drakensberg 2 months ago

    I don't get it. If not gun in hand, how do you guys think a cop should approach a reported stolen vehicle?

  • fr0ek
    fr0ek 2 months ago

    girl; Techdledum; Techdledee

  • Frosty.
    Frosty. 2 months ago

    heyo! they equalized the intro sound :D

  • RhyxMormarteno
    RhyxMormarteno 2 months ago

    Hey L1 i think we got problem on some of your videos ( this included i dont have sound while on others and adds before video i get sound) video isnt muted any tip to make it easier than using captions ?

  • Dom
    Dom 2 months ago

    alex jones on rogan podcast, please listen to his thoughts about 5G cell towers plus much more ..he scares me if half of what i heard is true we as a species are done haha

  • Jagger Ryder
    Jagger Ryder 2 months ago

    Liked for the tip of the berg joke

  • Zoomzabba
    Zoomzabba 2 months ago


  • Ishiku_542561_aka_xchoibitschibi hil

    @ 18:46 is distopian

  • Vince I
    Vince I 2 months ago

    So Ajit Pie is full of shit? Who knew. I mean he is a Lawyer after all.

  • Vince I
    Vince I 2 months ago

    What does the groundhog have to say about winter ?

  • Seïfane Idouchach
    Seïfane Idouchach 2 months ago

    - Voting system
    - Not using blockchain

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell 2 months ago

    Ryan wants Nestle to patent water.

  • Unedited Gamer
    Unedited Gamer 2 months ago

    I do not understand why this channel and this channel alone is always glitched when I try to watch a video.
    Every time there is no audio but only on these videos any other video works perfectly......

  • M D
    M D 2 months ago +1

    Cat, I'm a kitty cat, and I meow meow meow and I meow meow meow

  • Nick
    Nick 2 months ago

    Nestle makes the finest water and Hot Pockets.

  • GuitarFestival2000
    GuitarFestival2000 2 months ago

    31:58 Is this a reference to TEEs such as Intel SGX?

  • vege petteri
    vege petteri 2 months ago


  • amistat6000
    amistat6000 2 months ago

    love software hacking, because every piece of software can be reverse engineered, some harder than others, but all given enough time FAIL

  • Greggulus
    Greggulus 2 months ago +1

    19:00 Because Porn is more harmful for public safety than Guns...

  • Brandon Renfro
    Brandon Renfro 2 months ago

    Wendell let me me down with his GIF pronunciation

  • Victor Uribe
    Victor Uribe 2 months ago

    Update to the Arizona DNA Database story, they scaled it back to only include anyone "who is required by law to submit fingerprints and "provides direct care" in a nursing care facility for individuals with intellectual disabilities"

  • DoctorWho8675309
    DoctorWho8675309 2 months ago

    Its not pronounced JIF, thats a damned peanut butter, GIVE ME MUH PEANUT BUTTAH

  • N.E.S. Merrill
    N.E.S. Merrill 2 months ago

    Don't click on peanut butter! :O (JIF vs GIF)

  • minj4ever
    minj4ever 2 months ago +1

    Zucker means sugar btw

  • N.E.S. Merrill
    N.E.S. Merrill 2 months ago

    I feel like, maybe there should be a placard with the date on it, sitting next to the camera ;p just to prevent the early morning mishaps.

  • Garrett P.
    Garrett P. 2 months ago +1

    Keypass? does anyone else see a problem with this name? lol

  • Brandon Burton
    Brandon Burton 2 months ago

    Tune in next week to find out Ryan got the cat!

  • S______V___
    S______V___ 2 months ago +1

    "Best water on the market" - I'll take "Things I don't want to hear before the great nuclear apocalypse " for 500...

  • Jackie Harris
    Jackie Harris 2 months ago

    linux v4.20..12 avalible

  • Nihilist
    Nihilist 2 months ago

    transfer $1,000,000,000 in btc to a million accounts
    convert double spent coins into monero
    transfer out of exchange
    max hold time would be ~24h which would be about $4-10m which isn't bad for taking off with $1b

  • Adam949
    Adam949 2 months ago

    Now i know why businesses keep Bitcoin around. So much easier to spy on people when you can just buy thing on the dark web with Bitcoin.

  • A M
    A M 2 months ago

    I'm an Arizonan...I can't believe it's a law now and here I've been paying $250 to have my DNA taken way before this bill was presented. 🙄

  • Jonathan Gibson
    Jonathan Gibson 2 months ago

    It’s in the big media interest to devalue RU-clip and transparently self-serving

  • Ronnie Bak
    Ronnie Bak 2 months ago

    Where`s is the Radeon VII reveiw level1?

  • T19R0N
    T19R0N 2 months ago


  • Solder Joe
    Solder Joe 2 months ago

    I wish I could get Chrome to work in W10. Half the page will not load. On YT only the video loads. Everything else is a grey box. I've tried for months since upgrading my PC to an 8600K . Every once and a while it will load a page. Even while streaming a video Windows says I'm off line. Which means I can't use windows services like the store or email links and a few other things. Windows acts like I'm off line but Firefox is online and working. Tried a dozen things to try and fix it but W10 is busted garbage

  • LogicEngineer
    LogicEngineer 2 months ago


  • WolvenSpectre
    WolvenSpectre 2 months ago

    Right in one, its Kajiji, and the way we drop stuff covered in maple syrup is we lick our fingers because it tastes soooooooo good.

  • Doccks71
    Doccks71 2 months ago

    Whats wrong with Wendell, does he has a lisp or something?

  • Solder Joe
    Solder Joe 2 months ago

    Stolen water always taste the best.

  • OverUnity7734
    OverUnity7734 2 months ago

    At least not until Elon Musks direct to brain information transfer is available.
    Then anyone applying for a valid photo ID will be required to wear one for three months.
    People found with mental disorders will be able to choose to be treated or put to death.

  • Lum
    Lum 2 months ago +1

    Put kreesta in the middle, it looks akward...

    • Tim Sievers
      Tim Sievers 2 months ago

      Lum, she was late, so she slipped in on the side

  • Noah Schmitz
    Noah Schmitz 2 months ago +3

    Verizon is not allowed to lock phones because of an agreement they made with the government after winning some spectrum the government auctioned off.
    The fraud prevention reasoning is just an excuse. People routinely commit fraud on other carriers, and then just sell the phones to a sucker. Verizon simply wants to control their customers.

  • lostinthefogofwar
    lostinthefogofwar 2 months ago

    kijiji is full of iphones, seems like Canadians don't want them.

  • ingusmant
    ingusmant 2 months ago +1

    What's funny about the pedo thing on yt is that at the same time clueless/useless UN bureaucrats were pushing for Japan to ban their pervy hentai porn. Like they have problems with that but not actual child porn made with actual kids forced into it, the hell is wrong with them? But then I remembered UNICEF staff has been involved in child prostitution scandals and nothing happened. So abusing real kids is kosher but drawn kids? Very bad, you're making Walt Disney cry you weebs!

  • OverUnity7734
    OverUnity7734 2 months ago

    Wind, now for cats.

  • Holographic Sol
    Holographic Sol 2 months ago

    utilize chaos theory to generate random numbers. im mutilated by big pharma so there, take it and run

  • Seasinator Sead
    Seasinator Sead 2 months ago +3

    20:51 Just look at Kristas reaction! Its pure gold!

  • zeveroare R
    zeveroare R 2 months ago +1

    LOL GG, so you hate "evil corporations" but then you don't hate the most evil of them all... Nestle... You know, they bottle your city drinking water and then sell it for 10 times the price...

  • ShamanKish
    ShamanKish 2 months ago

    Presidents are enemies.

  • Oxford Electronics
    Oxford Electronics 2 months ago +2

    Canadian checking in a. Thanks for your comments about our maple syrup a. Heading back into my igloo for a beer a.

  • Martin Nicholls
    Martin Nicholls 2 months ago

    Huawei thing GCHQ has source code, is making them produce reproducible binaries to go on network equipment. There's only so deep you can go with this without any evidence. I've seen photos of the NSA's involvement with Cisco OTOH.. EU copyright law it's dropped out the back of a trialogue meaning the 3 main parties agree so it is going to be law, the parliament vote is basically a formality because parliament has already agreed changes they're happy with and it is bad bad bad law - I just hope we get out the EU fast enough so it doesn't have to be UK law.

  • The Lions Kiln
    The Lions Kiln 2 months ago

    Nestle pumps a majority of their Nestle Pure Life water just 30 minutes from my home in Aberfoyle Ontario, and another spring in Erin which is only 45 minutes in the other direction. They pay literally nothing for the water they extract, about 500.00/Million litres extracted. Just another reason not to buy Nestle on top of those you mentioned.

  • louis sebert III
    louis sebert III 2 months ago

    Umm can not spectre be beaten with proper coding for system as well as intercepters???
    Amd and intel both have guides teaching speculative processing as well as intercepting micro op cycles

    • Nocturnal 007
      Nocturnal 007 2 months ago

      There will always be that one guy, is what they are saying.

  • TheGranitePerson
    TheGranitePerson 2 months ago

    I have a fever and the only cure is another drunk Level1 News.

  • moofree
    moofree 2 months ago

    22:50 Dogecoin has merged mining with Litecoin, so it's one of the harder targets to pull a 51% attack off.

  • diogenes of indy
    diogenes of indy 2 months ago

    20:15 indiana represent!

  • The Lions Kiln
    The Lions Kiln 2 months ago

    I understand law enforcement, people who teach and work with children, even volunteers for certain organizations requiring background checks, but food? Just asking for a friend (Ontario)?

  • Steven M
    Steven M 2 months ago +2

    Jif is peanut butter
    Gif is a gift
    Say it however you want
    Let’s just heal the rift

  • Dominic Davis-Foster
    Dominic Davis-Foster 2 months ago

    Languishing with 2G in parts of the UK. Would be quicker to send tweets with a carrier pigeon

  • Steven M
    Steven M 2 months ago +1

    You mentioned “Slugworth” and I immediately thought “Slugworth worked for Wonka”. I was wrong though. The guy they told us was Slugworth wasn’t him.
    I’m referring to the Gene Wilder film.
    I don’t know about the Johnny Depp one.

  • Bagdadsky_Hornik
    Bagdadsky_Hornik 2 months ago +1

    can somebody explain to me "the story" those things on table repesent, please?

    • Tim Sievers
      Tim Sievers 2 months ago

      The water bottle is a water bottle.
      The blue thing is a 3D printed vase with what appears to be a microphone foam on top.
      The penguin is the Linux mascot, and it looks like they blindfolded him (possible criticism)
      The graphics card is a 660 ti, which is a play on the new 1660 ti.

  • Xyxox
    Xyxox 2 months ago

    I.E. 11 is dead. It just hasn't been buried yet. Microsoft Edge has its uses. I use it every time I want to visit any Microsoft site, but not for much else.

  • Matthew Garcia
    Matthew Garcia 2 months ago +12

    Level 1: canadians never drop anything.
    Linus: hold my mic.

    • Makis Equinox
      Makis Equinox 2 months ago

      Too bad he already dropped it before the handoff

  • Mess The Moose
    Mess The Moose 2 months ago

    You don’t have to be Canadian to love a moose.😀

  • MPflugga
    MPflugga 2 months ago

    12:00 Linux v4.20.12 available!

  • Orion Rodriguez
    Orion Rodriguez 2 months ago

    Update your version of Linux version 4.2.0 is available.

    Im high

  • BERN Rudolph
    BERN Rudolph 2 months ago +3

    FireFox and uBlock work great together.

  • BERN Rudolph
    BERN Rudolph 2 months ago +1

    Krista and Ryan really hates us Moose Lovers, eh?

  • Yvan da Silva
    Yvan da Silva 2 months ago +2

    Fun fact :
    Most of our cheeses don't have holes. :/ Just saying...
    And contrary to french people belief. Emental is the one with Holes, not Gruyère.

    • Yvan da Silva
      Yvan da Silva 2 months ago

      +Nocturnal 007 yes !!! Love all the cheese

    • Nocturnal 007
      Nocturnal 007 2 months ago +1

      Love the cheese, with or without holes. 👍

  • SysPowerTools
    SysPowerTools 2 months ago

    what do you think of firefox and opera browsers. What about de-google-ing chrome? I recently switched to firefox because i caught chrome sending data while closed... after I thought it was de-googled. Petty soon I'm just gonna go full linux. If it weren't for games, I would be now.

    • Nocturnal 007
      Nocturnal 007 2 months ago

      I use opera personally. You could try chromium too.
      Also, don't trust Linux to much, take it with a grain of salt. Most are better, but not perfect.
      Edit: Linux 4.20.12 was/is a disaster.

  • STS Tech
    STS Tech 2 months ago

    Verizon is the best wireless carrier out there to be honest.
    T-Mobile is also really good. Sprint and ATT sucks but Sprint does because of poor Network coverage not because they're evil.
    The cellular game has come a very long way. Having real competition is so much better for the customers.

    • Mark Gast
      Mark Gast 2 months ago

      If you use Ting you can use all the carriers (depending on your hardware). It is sort of like a Non-Google Fi if you use GSM phones.

    • Todd Metzger
      Todd Metzger 2 months ago

      Depending on where you live. Coverage can still vary wildly. I will say, after living in Riga, Latvia for about a month now we have so much we take for granted... However my unlimited cellphone coverage is costing about €13 a month.

  • STS Tech
    STS Tech 2 months ago

    That sounds like the cutest 🐈 ever! Just saying! I love my orange kitty.
    Ryan go get your kitty while there is still time then stop because anymore you become the male cat lady!

  • sirius4k
    sirius4k 2 months ago

    Update the damned Linux, damn it! Damn; No matter who you are, if you're coming between me and porn, you're automatically the enemy of the state; Edge FTW!

  • Eric Maher
    Eric Maher 2 months ago +1

    Ryan should install a heap of 800-1000W wind turbines from aliexpress and a half decent battery bank and run a heap of bitcoin miners powered by nothing but wind

  • Matt Hellforge
    Matt Hellforge 2 months ago

    5:00 pope compares sex abuse to human sacrifice

  • RowdyDemon70
    RowdyDemon70 2 months ago +1

    Quick guys, update your kernel! Also love the background image (robo-doggie)!

  • dj Royal Tee
    dj Royal Tee 2 months ago

    Continually Press >@ 33:47

  • jon b
    jon b 2 months ago

    legalizing all forms of sex work unlike drugs wouldn't decrease trafficking and associated crime and may even increase it. This is because drugs can be made in large quantities easily. Drugs autonomous individuals with agency, who live in a world where their family , friends and selves usually will do everything to stay away from sex work, with some exceptions.
    On top of that a lot of sex trafficking is done with children, or minors in their teens. obviously, that will not be legalized. Even if it were family, parents and community not the government and law are the reason why minors are usually kept from that and would be if it were legalized. Legalizing sex work, in general, would just increase the demand. the demand likely already exceeds the supply of willing participants of sound mind. otherwise why traffic?

  • Rohan Nayar
    Rohan Nayar 2 months ago +1

    just write down encrypted passwords. Like old times

  • Rohan Nayar
    Rohan Nayar 2 months ago

    just write down encrypted passwords. Like old times

  • Vlad Didenko
    Vlad Didenko 2 months ago +2

    Dead people are AWESOME donors of DNA data. Their relatives have a questionable standing to sue. The deceased have a very discoverable graph of blood relationships. And they tell the collector an immense amount of DMA info about the living relatives. Who do not have legal standing, remember? A person submitting to 23&me not only discloses their data, they also betray the rest of the family.

  • Christina Kirschner
    Christina Kirschner 2 months ago +12

    Computerphile made an excellent RU-clip video on how electronic voting is insecure.... like ALLLLL electronic voting.

    • Nocturnal 007
      Nocturnal 007 2 months ago +1

      +STS Tech No, the democrats just gave it up. Trump, won by an electoral landslide. Popular vote is not how you win the presidential election in the US.

    • Thomaster шлепанцы
      Thomaster шлепанцы 2 months ago +4

      The reason Trump got elected is that the Democrats forgot about the existence of roughly half of the people living in America.
      (I assume you're American)

    • STS Tech
      STS Tech 2 months ago +2

      Oh yeah no doubt. It's how we ended up with our current President.

    • tin2001
      tin2001 2 months ago +6

      All voting altogether is insecure. Its handled by people, and people are terrible.

  • 10100rsn
    10100rsn 2 months ago +1

    Lots of registration bots attempting to register accounts on several websites from hacked email accounts. It started last week and is still continuing from various emails. The only reason I noticed is because a lot of the email accounts being used have already been removed from service so the servers are dumping a lot of email delivery errors. Seems that a lot of them are .ru and gmail.com accounts. Why would someone use a bot to register many accounts like this?

  • jwdickieson
    jwdickieson 2 months ago +1

    So you clicked on peanut butter and everything was hacked?

  • Adrian Gonzalez
    Adrian Gonzalez 2 months ago +45

    As it related to drug trafficking Krista is 100% wrong. Switzerland is a great example and provides hard data on the way they dealt with their opined crisis. They legalized treatment for addicts where they provide the drug free under supervision indefinitely with remarkable results. In addition prohibition in general has proven over and over that it gives organized crime a means of revenue. Taxing drugs and providing treatment for addicts is way cheaper and more effective then criminalizing drug use... facts

    • Southeastern777
      Southeastern777 2 months ago

      Adrian Gonzalez...Just say "I like drugs". It saves time. By the way, the decades old tax on beer and other booze proves "Taxing drugs" is a racket and never works.

    • Skull
      Skull 2 months ago +1

      I like drugs too

  • GilgameshEthics
    GilgameshEthics 2 months ago

    Prostitution is LEGAL in parts of AUSTRALIA. And it has PROVEN to help alleviate trafficking. And creates a SAFER environment for both the GIRLS AND THE GUYS.
    It's a win win. PLUS THE GOVERNMENT GETS PAID. SO it's a win win win

  • jwdickieson
    jwdickieson 2 months ago

    Flaw or feature those on the edge only know.

  • Zelen Dizajn
    Zelen Dizajn 2 months ago +2

    Nestle? the best water?? Do your research please.. You obviously do not know what good water is..

  • TexasTimelapse
    TexasTimelapse 2 months ago +1

    Hey Ajit Pai!
    Eat a bowl of glass shavings and take 6 aspirin!

    • Mark Gast
      Mark Gast 2 months ago +1

      Send him some candy covered neodymium magnets and then send him a GIANT neodymium magnet the next day. Mu ha ha!

    • STS Tech
      STS Tech 2 months ago

      Damn son! Wooh

  • supernpstr
    supernpstr 2 months ago +1

    A slice of Pai - LOL

  • Bobcat665
    Bobcat665 2 months ago +14

    I love Krista's braid. ^_^

  • Arakox
    Arakox 2 months ago

    KRISTA IS BACK! what a special treat

  • Nova Prosperidade
    Nova Prosperidade 2 months ago +2

    Hello from Portugal 😊🔅🔅🔅

  • Meatbyproducts
    Meatbyproducts 2 months ago +6

    Disney is so hypocritical. Their movies and TV shows have been that favorite of pedos for ages

    • Meatbyproducts
      Meatbyproducts 2 months ago +1

      +Nocturnal 007 Sadly it is true though

    • Nocturnal 007
      Nocturnal 007 2 months ago +2

      I laughed way harder than I should have.