TROLL ALERT: CNN's Fake Journalist Jim Acosta Shouts at Trump

  • Published on Jun 29, 2018
  • Another lowlight in the disastrous career of pseudojournalist Jim Acosta.

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  • Greg Johnson
    Greg Johnson 10 months ago

    Ha this is so pathetic.

  • Comeindian
    Comeindian 10 months ago

    Take a shit on ur forehead

    DEFCONZERO 11 months ago


  • RonPaulgirls
    RonPaulgirls 11 months ago


  • spongetvful
    spongetvful 11 months ago +1

    His face looks so desperate.

  • SandCrabNews
    SandCrabNews 11 months ago

    Legacy media is in a death spiral.

  • Surreal Sculptures
    Surreal Sculptures 11 months ago

    LOL! That’s great! That’s just about as sweet as it gets, Acosta! Screaming like that! That’s like throwing baby kittens at Trump and screaming “You shouldn’t hurt little kittens, Mr. President”! Yeah…you’re the enemy, no gray area there. Nobody can be as dumb, obvious and vulgar as you, Acosta! But I see they stuck you in the back of the press congregation! That’s just pure gold! I’m going to start a petition to see IF we can get your press pass revoked, Acosta. You’re not funny, classy, sophisticated or clever. Just a nitwit! My face is hurting, laughing at you screaming at Trump!

  • Metal Head 420
    Metal Head 420 11 months ago +3

    CNN is the enemy of the state and should be held accountable for inciting violence!!!....

    • Muhammad was a pedophile caravan robber
      Muhammad was a pedophile caravan robber 10 months ago

      That is true. But let them keep on doing what they do and then keep on exposing their lies.
      They will not be successful in what they do. People in general are waking up. And they do not like the fake news of CNN.

  • 天照
    天照 11 months ago

    Far left activist