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Ryan Reynolds - Funniest Bloopers

  • Published on Mar 13, 2018
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  • mörkö fantti
    mörkö fantti 9 hours ago +1

    4:45 I’m pretty sure he was gonna say Michael Spinks against Mike Tyson

  • nes04
    nes04 13 hours ago

    7:23 - 8:00 had me bustin up 😂😂😂

  • g I
    g I 23 hours ago

    Betty gets it

  • DumbDuck44
    DumbDuck44 Day ago

    It was made from over 9000 individually wrapped Jewish... whats?

  • Rash Vin
    Rash Vin 2 days ago

    interested to know all the movies in here

  • luke warm
    luke warm 3 days ago

    Can anyone name all the movies in this video?

  • Myrin
    Myrin 4 days ago

    he makes me proud to be canadian

  • Pratyush Kumar
    Pratyush Kumar 4 days ago

    Could somebody tell the name of the movie at 5:08 in the video?

  • OU812
    OU812 5 days ago

    This is stolen content. You took the exact same content from another channel and mirrored the image to try and hide that fact from the RU-clip algorithm.

  • Emmanuel Ofori-Kuragu

    Can anyone list all the movies

  • Akuza Gaming
    Akuza Gaming 6 days ago +1

    Should have with the "hey you guys" Haha

  • Kris A
    Kris A 6 days ago +1

    His best role was in blade trinity

  • rockerchair
    rockerchair 7 days ago +1

    Ryan in Blade 3 just played an early version of deadpool

  • Bianco
    Bianco 7 days ago

    He called me a Haitian?!?

  • Jose Herrera
    Jose Herrera 7 days ago

    "My stunt man is gonna fuck you up" Bruh 😂

  • David Bolha
    David Bolha 7 days ago

    @ 05:04
    Oh look it's Sophie Lynx. 😉

  • David Bolha
    David Bolha 7 days ago

    Like a young Kirk Cameron. 😂

  • Reva Dixit
    Reva Dixit 8 days ago

    4:14 foreshadowing

  • TryHardSneepur
    TryHardSneepur 8 days ago

    Literally just the horizontally flipped version of another video. Pathetic

  • Joe Sciolinator
    Joe Sciolinator 9 days ago

    dislike por la mierda de cancion de scooby doo papa

  • caveman Versace
    caveman Versace 9 days ago

    There's always one sure fire way to get away with saying whatever you want and not getting hit. That is to inform them that punching or slapping me only arouses me.

  • Onyx
    Onyx 9 days ago

    Would it be amaing to have 90's Jim Carey and Ryan reynolds star in a comedie movie?

  • Soumya Lahiri
    Soumya Lahiri 10 days ago

    What's the movie at 1:31?

  • kaushik thomas
    kaushik thomas 10 days ago

    If they club all the deadpool bloopers and made a movie out of it . I would definitely go and watch it

  • Da40kOrks
    Da40kOrks 10 days ago

    Brianna's ability to hold character in the face of Ryan's antics should be applauded.

  • Mallisetti Rajendra babu

    Ryan reynolds does copy Jim Carrey

  • Magare Govedo
    Magare Govedo 11 days ago

    So overrated.

  • Teo Todica
    Teo Todica 11 days ago

    He was born to make me laugh at 3am 😂😂😂

  • Alexander C. M
    Alexander C. M 11 days ago

    “You can watch the Matthew McConaughey Lincoln commercials later you commy fcuk!” 🤣🤣🤣👌🏾

  • CrieDescrie
    CrieDescrie 12 days ago

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  • Jahidul Islam
    Jahidul Islam 12 days ago

    1:48 what movie was that?

  • Yougant S
    Yougant S 12 days ago

    Beautiful man 😍

  • Connor Haines
    Connor Haines 12 days ago

    1:40 😂😂😂

    TRINA LE 14 days ago

    Wait what movie was 10:56 ?!

  • Piss Kakk
    Piss Kakk 15 days ago


  • Aaron
    Aaron 18 days ago

    My Stuntmans gonna fuck you up 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Fucking golden

  • S S
    S S 28 days ago

    No bloopers from Van Wilder or Green Lantern, I'm surprised. I always had the hots for Blake Lively but Ryan up and fucking married her. How is that for gratitude.

  • Snigdha Bhattacharya

    Love the communist fuck part

  • Steve Mclean
    Steve Mclean Month ago

    Why have all the clips been mirrored? Is it to make it look less taken from other uploads?

  • Jeanette Combs
    Jeanette Combs Month ago

    Sexy and funny....what more could a girl want?

  • Kerri Bear
    Kerri Bear Month ago

    Ryan Reynolds, always cracks me up.😄

  • RogueGamer907
    RogueGamer907 Month ago

    Ryan Reynolds would be the perfect comical murderer

  • gbuddy
    gbuddy Month ago

    This is the reason everyone has such potty mouths. Hollyweird and the filth they pass off as movies like Deadfool.

  • Ok Man
    Ok Man Month ago

    I know golden child

  • Jaydo Fett
    Jaydo Fett Month ago


  • Valentin
    Valentin Month ago same video added a year ago, you just download it and add your "logo" 190K subs for a crappy channel

  • the big Cartel
    the big Cartel Month ago

    so unfunny

  • Erald Soriano
    Erald Soriano Month ago

    Wat movie was 4:39

  • B K
    B K Month ago

    9:37 holy shit

  • D T
    D T Month ago

    These aren't even bloopers

  • gbxgbxgbx
    gbxgbxgbx Month ago

    whos ryan reynolds?

  • princess fae dela cruz

    I love watching Sandra Bullock's bloopers..the way she laugh is very contagious...

  • Wahwahmels
    Wahwahmels Month ago +2

    3:15 clean me in the fountain lol ahahah

  • johnny81archer
    johnny81archer Month ago

    Sputnik lets fucking go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Seth Parekatz
    Seth Parekatz Month ago

    These are not bloopers

  • Cody Harper
    Cody Harper Month ago

    Baby bump fuck😂😂

  • Richard Conner
    Richard Conner 2 months ago


  • stenbak88
    stenbak88 2 months ago

    He seems like the coolest dude ever

  • shannon P
    shannon P 2 months ago

    I just realized I saw all his movies :O

  • EctoBuzz
    EctoBuzz 2 months ago

    Ryan Reynolds is also sort of a Canadian treasure... and a damn hot one too.

  • Vidal Valerio
    Vidal Valerio 2 months ago

    What song in 3:28??

  • Elizabeth Vogt
    Elizabeth Vogt 2 months ago

    Sorry but, Betty white owned it lol

  • Punch A Dragon
    Punch A Dragon 2 months ago

    5:04 ouch

  • Fino Menezes
    Fino Menezes 2 months ago

    He gets it from his dad, Burt

  • Samuraisahsah
    Samuraisahsah 2 months ago

    Fucking dammit, that “Chris Angel mind freak” line got me good..

  • Caleb Bains
    Caleb Bains 2 months ago

    Bro ur editing skills are shit

  • Sidney Fein
    Sidney Fein 2 months ago

    Hey cool intro clip

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  • John Here
    John Here 2 months ago +1

    Which guy doesn't want to be him?? 😂

  • NLR 1996
    NLR 1996 2 months ago +2

    Man I love him

  • Susie Colfer
    Susie Colfer 2 months ago +1

    He should seriously have Betty White in his next Deadpool movie.

  • oh look a falafel
    oh look a falafel 3 months ago

    "My stuntman's about to fuck you up!" - that one's really good, it should've been in the movie.

  • Josh Gearhart
    Josh Gearhart 3 months ago +1

    The hey you guys part got me😂

  • wharmon
    wharmon 3 months ago

    leave me all alone here with "hey you guyyyyys" is an all timer. how was that not in the final cut

  • marked150
    marked150 3 months ago

    never seen such shitty bloopers,0 laughs

  • TheSaviorOfSouls
    TheSaviorOfSouls 3 months ago +1

    He's really enjoying what he does.

  • LunaticEnigma66
    LunaticEnigma66 3 months ago +3

    6:25 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • D Jones
    D Jones 3 months ago

    Th e
    The guy reminds me so much of young Chevy Chase. Even his mannerisms and his manner of comedy.

  • leo ruiz
    leo ruiz 3 months ago

    Ryan is funny af without even trying 😂😂

  • Wendy M. Williamson
    Wendy M. Williamson 3 months ago +1

    What bonehead uploaded the video backwards?

  • Michael Rivers
    Michael Rivers 3 months ago

    Deleted scenes are not bloopers... The bloopers are great, though.

  • D-E-A 33
    D-E-A 33 3 months ago +9

    he was born in this universe as Ryan Reynolds but in another life he was born wade Wilson

  • Lats Niebling
    Lats Niebling 3 months ago

    That Clay Aitken gag had me on the floor. He missed his calling in life being an actor, he could be a legit comedian if he wanted too. "Don Johnson recorded an album, a lot of people don't know that'' ah Im dying.

  • Juan Alexander
    Juan Alexander 3 months ago

    Jessica as sportacus wtf?

  • Mica Magdua
    Mica Magdua 3 months ago

    "My stuntman is about to f*ck you up!" 😂😂😂😂

  • Kassidy Kirpluk
    Kassidy Kirpluk 3 months ago +1

    Man, he is so perfect

  • ACOG Pig
    ACOG Pig 3 months ago

    up until the outro was enjoyable

  • Isaac Cuenca
    Isaac Cuenca 4 months ago +4

    Mrs Bullock still's hot.

  • Pogsit Pogapo
    Pogsit Pogapo 4 months ago +1

    *_"You tampon chewing glistening communist fuck."_*

  • Adam zoabi
    Adam zoabi 4 months ago

    Seriously, halfway in I didn't laugh once
    This guy is not that funny

  • Jesus Gonzalez
    Jesus Gonzalez 4 months ago

    This guy a level b actor like Paul Walker cant see him doing a serious role .. hes just a bad actor so was PauL

  • Kariana Leija
    Kariana Leija 4 months ago

    My stuntman is about to fuck you up 😂

  • Zeal's Parchments
    Zeal's Parchments 4 months ago

    Why'd you flip the perspective? A bit unnecessary. And you cut the video clips too soon. :p

  • Jeffrey Perales
    Jeffrey Perales 4 months ago

    Clickbaited with Olivia Wilde. She only had a 3 sec clip in a red dress and it wasss Soooo worth it.

  • catherine sipapate
    catherine sipapate 4 months ago

    Can someone list all the movies 😭😭 seriously want to watch all of them 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Lovepreet Singh Dhaliwal

    what movie is at 5:08

  • Mike Ryan
    Mike Ryan 4 months ago

    The Celine Dion line is hilarious considering she ended up recording the official song for Deadpool 2 😂😂

  • beenoid
    beenoid 4 months ago +1

    Dies when he started singing the gambler

  • Meraki Otaku
    Meraki Otaku 4 months ago

    Who was cuter? The puppy? Or Ryan?