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Foods You'll NEVER Eat Again Once You Know How They're Made

  • Published on Nov 2, 2017
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    We’ll be the first to admit that not all of our favourite foods are the healthiest. We all love snacking on chips or chocolate as much as the next person, and pretty much nothing we hear will make us change our minds. But today, we might just have changed our minds after all, now we’ve learnt exactly what goes into some of our go-to snack foods. Today, we’re showing you 10 Foods You'll NEVER Eat Again Once You Know How They're Made.

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  • TheHUB
    TheHUB  Year ago +33

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    • Sim Captain
      Sim Captain Year ago

      BONELESS PIZZA 'WIT A TWO LITER COKE just watching the video corresponding with your link and that video is trust worthy. This video is bull shit.

    • Sophie Ferns
      Sophie Ferns Year ago

      Is this true?

    • Pupcake The Smol Doggo
      Pupcake The Smol Doggo Year ago



      TheHUB, hey fucking liars this is how Pringles are made bitches

    • It's Just a Scratch
      It's Just a Scratch Year ago +1

      you are so fake

  • Duchess
    Duchess 2 months ago +1

    Me: Eww that's nasty 😷😷😫
    Me: Takes a bite of my marshmallow

  • Alice Glasgow
    Alice Glasgow 3 months ago

    Dude come at me trust me I will eat anything

  • TriviaBot
    TriviaBot 3 months ago

    I love using canned mushrooms in my cooking and the knowledge that there might be some extra protein in there (that I can't even see) isn't going to stop me. Pringles are actually made of sawdust btw.

  • Johnman
    Johnman 4 months ago

    People should know that "escargot" is allowed to contain SNAILS. Gross! Who knew?

  • Kaw Moo
    Kaw Moo 4 months ago

    I'll never eat it? Liar 😜
    Im fucking eating anything even if its made out of something weird 😧

  • Teresa Wright
    Teresa Wright 4 months ago

    Somehow this video just managed to make me hungry.

  • hulk smash!
    hulk smash! 4 months ago +1

    That's alot better than my wife's cooking!

  • bruce watson
    bruce watson 4 months ago

    I love pringles

  • ŇĄBź ÅĽÎ
    ŇĄBź ÅĽÎ 4 months ago

    In England all the food is chemicalised an shit back home in pakistan its all fresh grow it n eat it

  • Fire Lasting gamer
    Fire Lasting gamer 4 months ago

    Vid: can this video make you think twice?
    Me: NOOOOO

  • Miss Cadets
    Miss Cadets 4 months ago

    I think I died a little inside

  • blah blah
    blah blah 4 months ago

    Is this. True

  • Maddy loves Jake the dog :3

    4:20 I couldn't watch any longer

  • Jesse Ortega
    Jesse Ortega 5 months ago


  • Rob Diaz
    Rob Diaz 5 months ago

    I don't care. I'm still gonna eat whatever I want until I'm dead

  • pearlgirl011
    pearlgirl011 5 months ago

    The music was extremely annoying!

  • Keri E. Krieglmeier
    Keri E. Krieglmeier 5 months ago

    These little tid-bits just pissed me off! 😩😡😧😳😝😠😤😠😝😵😖😫

  • Chris29909
    Chris29909 5 months ago

    Im going to get a case of mushrooms to eat ever day

  • Jose Ventura
    Jose Ventura 5 months ago

    Once they pop they can't stop pop'n.

  • Kt Pearl
    Kt Pearl 6 months ago +1

    I don’t wanna eat ever again now thanks ☹️😑

  • Dylan Tulsidas
    Dylan Tulsidas 6 months ago

    I’m still eating everything!!!! Don’t care

  • zakiya craig
    zakiya craig 6 months ago

    I was legit eating Pringles right before I saw dis video😂😂

  • JSG ll. . . God, Guns & Liberty

    Well lets see the evidence not just hear it...another one of those videos

  • SDB Nitelyn
    SDB Nitelyn 6 months ago

    Bruh the color in gummy worms is food coloring

  • SDB Nitelyn
    SDB Nitelyn 6 months ago

    I w a n t p r i n g l e s n o w

  • Kekistan Shitlord
    Kekistan Shitlord 6 months ago

    Toughen up you pussies, our ancestors ate raw meat n shit, this is nothing

  • BeauRoc Mane
    BeauRoc Mane 6 months ago long to the rest of those snacks I used to eat last year in this video 😩 I never in my life wanna picture any bacteria in my mouth or body ever again.

  • Ty Eikmeier
    Ty Eikmeier 6 months ago

    stop with the fach news

  • Bethany
    Bethany 6 months ago +1

    The stuff in these foods don’t even bother me lmao. And I’ll still eat the ones that I like.

    HELDANA WUBIE1 GETE 6 months ago

    if you are a child and you want to be vegan but you already eat meat. Does it still count to be a vegetarian when you grow up and not eat meat?

  • Joseph
    Joseph 6 months ago

    Almost all of these are not true

  • Mâx Šçî-fí Ťøŕêñţ

    Making toast with melted cheese got me. I Don't like sweets or chocolate, and wasn't surprised about ground beef.

  • Lisa Walter
    Lisa Walter 6 months ago

    all this ur talking about about food ect is not true

  • Lisa Walter
    Lisa Walter 6 months ago

    Yo buddy maggots r not made or in the can of mushrooms

  • Lisa Walter
    Lisa Walter 6 months ago

    Its all lies

  • Lisa Walter
    Lisa Walter 6 months ago

    You know i really don't believe any of this your so wrong about how foods are made of and from

  • Low life 1233214
    Low life 1233214 6 months ago

    I don’t care I ate it before I’ll eat it again u can’t stop me from eating my favourite food

  • Loadinghaterz09
    Loadinghaterz09 6 months ago +1

    When I heard you say gummi worms I yelled SHUT THE F*CK UP and I got in trouble

  • Loadinghaterz09
    Loadinghaterz09 6 months ago

    When I heard you say gummi worms I yelled SHUT THE F*CK UP and I got in trouble

  • Turkey Man
    Turkey Man 6 months ago

    Hold my beer!

  • Turkey Man
    Turkey Man 6 months ago

    I love Pringle’s!

  • Assanouan G’bado
    Assanouan G’bado 6 months ago

    Pringles! You’re FIRED! 😄

  • Anthony Gay
    Anthony Gay 6 months ago

    Its actually quite amazing that the food industry doesnt have more bugs and rodent hairs in them. Amazing that they are able to get any of them out of food in the first place.

  • Casey G
    Casey G 6 months ago

    This video is full of bs

  • john g
    john g 6 months ago

    Well you have covered about 25% of my total diet, what's the chances the other 75% is bad?

  • Themainhoe !
    Themainhoe ! 7 months ago

    Me and my fat ass would still it all of the food 😂

    JAD GAMING 7 months ago

    i dont eat anything unless the bread who doesnt actually this is the 2nd year i didnt eat chocalat and cakes and chips

  • Jeff Thomas
    Jeff Thomas 7 months ago

    Re title this video to "Foods that taste so good I don't give a fuck how they're made"

  • Demonic Dragon
    Demonic Dragon 7 months ago

    You get all kinds of weird shit in food that we all know is there. You won't hardly find any processed foods that dont have a bug or something in it. Fact is we all eat these foods anyway. The breads, candies, chips,...everything we consume that's processed, or baked or whatever. Who cares. There's always something in food. But we still eat it. And we know it's there.

  • Zaxes ._.
    Zaxes ._. 7 months ago

    *Do you think i care? Cuz I don’t*

  • the mean or nice one
    the mean or nice one 7 months ago

    Who cares if anything happens to me I got free healthcare bitches unlike u Americans

  • Passport DIY
    Passport DIY 7 months ago

    This video has killed American Chinese food for me. It's dead to me! They use canned mushrooms in their food. However nice it might taste, and do wonders for my skin, I will refuse to eat some of their dishes ever again! YUCK!

  • Tonya Tko Show
    Tonya Tko Show 7 months ago

    Oh YUCCCKKKKKK!!!!!!

  • yesinfinity
    yesinfinity 7 months ago

    Bottom line: Its all in the GREED of CAPITALISM!

  • Kurt Cobain
    Kurt Cobain 7 months ago

    I’m literally eating a jawbreaker and he said the thing about yellow #5 and red #40 and turns out the jawbreaker has both lol

  • JF Music
    JF Music 7 months ago

    The FDA needs to get more strict rules on their "Sweets"

  • Sense Fire
    Sense Fire 7 months ago

    RU-clip channels ill never watch again knowing how they make their content

  • oh man mom
    oh man mom 7 months ago

    What a load of horse sh1t ! Most red food colouring is beetroot

  • Nicholas Even
    Nicholas Even 7 months ago

    He tried so hard to make the chips sound bad but ima still eat a while bad in one sitting