Malec (Matt and Harry) Go Up Against a Shadowhunters Stan | Beat Your Superfan

  • Published on Mar 28, 2019
  • Shadowhunters stars Matthew Daddario and Harry Shum Jr., aka Malec, face off against their biggest superfan! Matthew and Harry may have the upper hand when it comes to all things Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood, but this Shumdario stan seriously knows her stuff.
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Comments • 455

  • Alyssa Sullivan
    Alyssa Sullivan Month ago +2029

    This was so much fun! Thank you Cosmo for having me!

    • Doggy Doodles
      Doggy Doodles Month ago

      Can we do BILLIE EILISH and how do you become the battling superfan?

    • Sylphadora
      Sylphadora Month ago +5

      They were two against one, they cheated and you still won 😂 Also, I don’t know if Matt knew when he was allowed to press his button 🤣

    • Kinga Budzyn
      Kinga Budzyn Month ago +4

      You were amazing, sweetie!

    • Izzy Tyga
      Izzy Tyga Month ago +3

      YES ALYSSA!!!!

    • 내baneᅢᄀ
      내baneᅢᄀ Month ago +5

      L U C K Y !!

  • Dr. Ratchet / Jenna Allen

    4:52 🤣🎊🎉

  • Jessica Fenlon
    Jessica Fenlon 14 hours ago

    Oh my god the ending Harry’s scream 😂😂

  • swiftdeath
    swiftdeath 3 days ago

    I would faint if I would ever meet them in real life.

  • Gabby G
    Gabby G 7 days ago

    I miss rizzy😭

  • Miriam
    Miriam 10 days ago

    Shes dressed just like clary

  • bleedingred
    bleedingred 10 days ago

    That's not a superfan. Superfan's have meltdowns when they meet them.

  • Gowri Prashanth
    Gowri Prashanth 11 days ago

    To be honest, Mace makes more sense than Jaia, because Jaia could also mean Jordan and Maia, while Mace doesn’t have any other major implications unless you count Maryse (no one will, because she’s practically his mother), Max (no because incest), or Magnus (no sane person ever would because MALEC.)

  • Jojo K
    Jojo K 13 days ago

    Oh my god I just got a big fat spoiler from this WHY ???

  • This_username _is_taken

    Where can I sign up for this?

  • cali hennessey
    cali hennessey 14 days ago

    Mathew and Harry's ship name: Marry (coincidence? I think not!😂)

  • Paulina Martins
    Paulina Martins 14 days ago

    Ownttttttt,i Love it,i want more hahaha,so amazing😍😍😍😍

  • Sarah Dayton
    Sarah Dayton 15 days ago

    I need to play this

  • CemoooTurk
    CemoooTurk 18 days ago +3

    I watched this video after season 3B ends and I cried the end killed me and then I saw something heartbreaking in the news no season 4 !! I don’t know what to do anymore help

  • Camila Prates
    Camila Prates 19 days ago


  • Lenzzie
    Lenzzie 20 days ago

    Matt+ Harry= MARRY

  • lilicamifan
    lilicamifan 21 day ago

    should do one with riverdale!! and me lol

  • car •
    car • 23 days ago +1

    Why did it take her so long to answer these? like no hate but i could answer these in like .1 seconds

  • Shadow. wings
    Shadow. wings 23 days ago

    I would win againt everyone 😂👍

  • Ara2002
    Ara2002 27 days ago

    She was so calmed wth...!

  • Tae Tae
    Tae Tae 29 days ago

    How did she not freak out oml I would’ve fainted, gotten up again, look at them, and then have a heart attack

  • xxFandom Girlxx
    xxFandom Girlxx Month ago

    WAIT the last time they played against Clary and the super fans name was also Alyssa

  • xxFandom Girlxx
    xxFandom Girlxx Month ago +2

    4:53 the most amazing sound from Harry

  • Lisa Sellmeier
    Lisa Sellmeier Month ago

    i can answer all the questions😂😂
    Thats so funny

  • Jayce Padilla
    Jayce Padilla Month ago


  • Hannah Bergman
    Hannah Bergman Month ago

    I like how they can never remember their own characters ship name they stutter a lot before saying it on several occasions. #Malec

  • Carolyn Hu
    Carolyn Hu Month ago

    “why did Alec kill Jocelyn?”
    me, an intellectual(who has only read the books) : he....didn’t :)

    • laerry1
      laerry1 Month ago

      Soooooo why are you watching this video? A lot of things are different in the show, so it must be confusing for you.

  • Lolo Rakha
    Lolo Rakha Month ago

    Is it weird if I said I love Harry's's like a dancer body ..he is the epitome of the perfectionism

  • Freedom Wanderer
    Freedom Wanderer Month ago +1

    *IM BEING COY* (/-\ . /-\)

  • Eileen Pizarro
    Eileen Pizarro Month ago

    That was cute. Good job.

  • Trinity Dillonwilliams

    Hi I'm Trinity and I'm a big fan shumdario is the best could u please follow me on Instagram please at under_stars123 please ☺️😎

  • gossipgirllove 13
    gossipgirllove 13 Month ago

    Wow, there is a contest made for me

  • Dawn Wesson
    Dawn Wesson Month ago +1

    Love how she dressed like a shadowhunter straight from the main collection of characters of the show ~ love her clothes !

  • Melina Fischer
    Melina Fischer Month ago +1

    If you want to continue with "beat your superfan" how about Dom from the shadowhunters cast?

  • Monika Kašparová
    Monika Kašparová Month ago

    He messed Up his own ship name😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Monika Kašparová
    Monika Kašparová Month ago +1

    Matt is do dedecated to shadow world 😂 he is a real Shadowhunter

  • Agostina Aguilera
    Agostina Aguilera Month ago

    necesito que alguien lo subtítule a español porfaa

  • Jen_ GreatGuys
    Jen_ GreatGuys Month ago +1

    When you read the book but haven’t catch up with the show yet

  • Anya Reid
    Anya Reid Month ago

    So I won....

  • 妃玖镜
    妃玖镜 Month ago

    My god.I love them.

  • WoollyWolf
    WoollyWolf Month ago +1


  • WoollyWolf
    WoollyWolf Month ago

    man this girl be hecka lucky and shes also hecka lucky to be alive because i would have fainted the moment i saw matthew XD

  • inSherlock
    inSherlock Month ago

    How did they not do Simon and Raphael?!

  • inSherlock
    inSherlock Month ago +1

    Fake news, where is AbnormallyAdam?

  • AvrilGlobal
    AvrilGlobal Month ago

    You should invite Avril Lavigne! She released a new album this year, the first one after getting Lyme disease, Head Above Water! I know the fans would love that!

  • wut
    wut Month ago

    please please please do this with Avril!

  • wut
    wut Month ago

    AVRIL LAVIGNE! It would be so amazing if you did this with her !!!! I'd love to be the fan, I run a site dedicated to her and I've been a fan for years but even if it can't be me you should invite her!! She just released a new album, Head Above Water

  • Izzy Yaknow
    Izzy Yaknow Month ago

    I honestly think it's funny that in the show Harry's the one with the beard (sort of) and in real life it's Matt

  • VickyV
    VickyV Month ago

    what do you mean you thought the first kiss question is a trick question Matt............. do explain

  • Jane Taurus
    Jane Taurus Month ago

    Do DOM (Dominic Sherwood) vs fan!!!!!

  • vada haglund
    vada haglund Month ago

    i love how freaked out harry was by the confetti at the end

  • Claire Smith
    Claire Smith Month ago

    She's not human. No human would be that calm meeting them.

  • i love andy mientus

    Why is everyone who plays this called Alyssa lol

  • Sneha Elizabeth Manoj

    God....there are spoilers😱😱😱

  • Claire Szustakiewicz

    omfg I had like all the answers I think its wrong to be such a fan... seriously, I knew all the fracking quotes !!!! love this show so so so much !!!

  • Alessia Mariani
    Alessia Mariani Month ago

    Is Matt Alexandra Daddario’s brother?

    • laerry1
      laerry1 Month ago

      Yes, he is her younger brother.

  • Karan Chhasatia
    Karan Chhasatia Month ago

    they're so lovely ✨

  • sunny skies
    sunny skies Month ago

    He was gonna say clizzy omg

  • Jade Luu
    Jade Luu Month ago

    She's actually very good I'm impressed. And also, just realised Matt is the super competitive type lol.

    KUMI YUKI Month ago

    But no one said “Shadowhunters” in the pictures...

  • Ari L
    Ari L Month ago

    when you read all the books and didn't watch the show so you're confused

  • Shadow Penguin
    Shadow Penguin Month ago +1

    How did she not fangirl to death?????? What are those superpowers??

  • Anmol Udeshi
    Anmol Udeshi Month ago

    I would literally faint bruh she’s calm

  • Kiwi Fabulous
    Kiwi Fabulous Month ago

    “Bane of Magnus’ existence” How clever

  • Tina Ams
    Tina Ams Month ago

    Does ANYONE know from where she got this beautiful necklace?❤

  • Niyonikativity
    Niyonikativity Month ago

    I would have been able to win the lighting round because of the ship names, because of how much fan-fiction i read...

  • Annakay Brown
    Annakay Brown Month ago +1

    I want a selfie with you guys too

  • Jaanavi Anand
    Jaanavi Anand Month ago

    Who else is a book fan here who was screaming CLARY DOES NOT KILL VALENTINE, RAZIEL DOES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Neha Upadhyay
    Neha Upadhyay Month ago

    3:59 😂

  • Ana MFB
    Ana MFB Month ago

    To be honest this is so cute and it looks to me like they let her win, because at some questiones they literally pressed the button immediately after she had done it. It just looks like they were waiting for her to do it first I love them so much

    • Alyssa Sullivan
      Alyssa Sullivan Month ago

      No, they really didn't. We had to re-shoot some takes because we cut each other off and you couldn't hear us. We were very competitive, there really wasn't anyone letting anyone win...on either side. LOL

  • Katrin Cartwright
    Katrin Cartwright Month ago

    That was pure gold 😍

  • jsw 2525
    jsw 2525 Month ago

    She doesnt look like a superfan.. you are SUPPOSED to die if u met malec smh

  • Shazz Shaikh
    Shazz Shaikh Month ago +2

    The fact 2 whole grown ass men got scared of the confetti blast but the girl didn't sends

  • Agus Reyna
    Agus Reyna Month ago

    She killed it! Genie 🧞‍♀️ I don’t know how she can breathe with those man around her

  • Sydney Nelson
    Sydney Nelson Month ago +1

    I was watching this after a test and I laughed when Harry was scared by the confetti and everyone still taking the test just stared at me like I was crazy. 😆

  • Tia Wats
    Tia Wats Month ago +2

    I don't watch this show nor do I have a clue what any of them are talking about but I saw two cute guys in the thumbnail so I clicked.

  • Aya Ismail
    Aya Ismail Month ago +1

    I’m cringing at the can I get a selfie with you guys?😂

  • Zoe Etherington
    Zoe Etherington Month ago

    *Casually plays along and gets most of the answers right before the people in the video*
    Also, if that were me I'd be too busy fangirling.

    • Alyssa Sullivan
      Alyssa Sullivan Month ago

      No worries! They don't tip that off to anyone at all lol it was a lot of fun! I feel very lucky!

    • Zoe Etherington
      Zoe Etherington Month ago

      +Alyssa Sullivan I didn't realise, my apologies! You're so lucky to have met them both!

    • Alyssa Sullivan
      Alyssa Sullivan Month ago

      We actually replied mid-question but it's muted out to give people at home a chance to read. :)

  • hiccuphealy
    hiccuphealy Month ago

    At 4:01 it says finish the line, but she does whose line it is, sooooo???

  • Zara Hoffman
    Zara Hoffman Month ago

    I love that Matt and Harry are each other’s life lines when they don’t answer.

  • Anna Müller
    Anna Müller Month ago

    Wait wasn't the other girls name, that played against Kat also Alyssa?

  • srayj
    srayj Month ago +1

    Matt is so competitive and adorable! I love how much he loves this show.

  • lexusfifan
    lexusfifan Month ago +2

    There’s no line after “I’ll do you pro bono” as far as I know. The question should be ‘Whose line?’
    Anyway, Matt’s cute as always.

  • Nika Marefatpour
    Nika Marefatpour Month ago

    At first I thought it was off the books😂 I was so confused😂

  • Lucas Fachin
    Lucas Fachin Month ago +1


  • sunflower in the dark
    sunflower in the dark Month ago +1

    Ok but can we just talk about how adorable and cute it was how Harry just hugged her? I hope I can meet them too one day...

  • vialeta forsch
    vialeta forsch Month ago +4

    " I thought it was a trick question " 👀👀👀👀👀👀

  • Luna Liberi
    Luna Liberi Month ago

    Did she read the books though?

    • Luna Liberi
      Luna Liberi Month ago

      +Alyssa Sullivan Where I live, most teenager don't do much reading, because it's (and I quote): "nerdy and makes you stupid". ;^;

    • Alyssa Sullivan
      Alyssa Sullivan Month ago

      +Luna Liberi Wow! That's so weird! Everyone I know read them! :)

    • Luna Liberi
      Luna Liberi Month ago

      +Alyssa Sullivan I'm aware. I'm just looking for fans of the show who read the books as well. Almost every fan of the show that I know didn't read the books. So thank you for the answer. :)

    • Alyssa Sullivan
      Alyssa Sullivan Month ago

      Yes, I did read them, but this is about the show. Not the books.

  • Nicholas Johnson
    Nicholas Johnson Month ago +1

    I thought they were actually gonna fight 😂

  • shivangi kandpal
    shivangi kandpal Month ago +4

    Oh god the whispering killed me😂♥️

  • D. L.
    D. L. Month ago +1

    Why did Alec kill Jocelyn? He was mad at Jocelyn for giving birth to someone as annoying as Clary. . .the whole demon thing was just a cover.

  • Rachel Chrystene
    Rachel Chrystene Month ago +2

    Matthews face of disbelief when she presses the button faster than him 😂

  • Kate Austin
    Kate Austin Month ago +1

    if it was glee trivia i would win

    • D. L.
      D. L. Month ago

      Same here!

  • Zinnia Lorant-Pryor

    The moment when you randomly remember that Harry was in glee haha

  • Leo T
    Leo T Month ago +1

    I can't believe it's ending what are we gonna do without Malec? 😭

  • halooya -
    halooya - Month ago +2

    my heart beats shumdario

  • Alice Rose
    Alice Rose Month ago +3

    love harry's 'wHOA OH god' when the streamer popped

  • Lora ZENTA Brown
    Lora ZENTA Brown Month ago

    Not gonna lie. If I went in to do this, I'd be like" Well, this was a mistake " and leave.

  • Melody Alyssa
    Melody Alyssa Month ago +19

    Matthew: "you're not gonna win I know everything about this show" *doesn't even remember his own line*

  • Maduarmys2 madu
    Maduarmys2 madu Month ago +1

    pѳxɑ pѳʀ quɛ ɳɑѳ tɛɱ ɛɱ ɓʀ ?😔