How To Make Sensitivity Your Superpower | Laura Karasinski | TEDxModulUniversity

  • Published on Dec 14, 2016
  • How To Make Sensitivity Your Superpower
    I am Laura Karasinski, Art Directrice, Designer & the Owner of Atelier Karasinski, a design agency based in Vienna, Austria. Atelier Karasinski creates visual identities, photos & films, printed matter, commercials, websites and interior design for clients worldwide. Our diverse roster of clients includes Yves Saint Laurent, Campari, Absolut Vodka, Sony & Warner Music Entertainment, Ströck Brot, André Heller, Red Bull, various shops, restaurants like Motto and clubs around Vienna, Left Boy & Shopikon. After 5 years actively in the business, our work got nominated for several awards and won a handful of competitions through clients. Besides Dr. Auma Obama, Katherine Schwarzenegger & many more outstandning individuals, I got awarded with the Viennese ,Woman Of The Year Award‘ for my ‚outstanding life­ and work ­achievements as a woman’ last year and belong to the FORBES 30 under 30 awardees of Austria, as one of the 30 most influential business leaders under the age of 30.
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • Aman Modanwal
    Aman Modanwal 15 days ago

    I thought you are telling my story..

  • Mkhuseli Zenande-the-Speculator

    Just discovered that I'm HSP.

  • Sara Naeemi
    Sara Naeemi 25 days ago

    Loving it and listening again and again and again

  • Sara Naeemi
    Sara Naeemi 27 days ago

    Love it

  • Emanuel H Polanco
    Emanuel H Polanco 28 days ago

    she feels like a long lost sister

  • Julia Calis
    Julia Calis Month ago

    I always saw it as a weakness

  • Samuel O'Dell
    Samuel O'Dell Month ago +4

    I really enjoyed her talk, it was insightful and I think she made some interesting points.

    Here's what I took away from it:

    - Being a HSP means things relating to emotions can be much harder for you to process.
    - HSP can be or is caused by a genetic trait which is inherited, and causes us to process sensory information differently.
    - HSPs during childhood are often regarded as: shy, cold, anxious, neurotic, dramatic etc. and often told to "toughen up"
    - Outside world feels overwhelming and we create our own bubbles to escape this sensory overload.
    - The key is to accept the way you are as it cannot be changed by force. Try not to expend energy running after something you cannot achieve.
    - We are affected by the moods of people around us, good or bad, but this eventually makes us exhausted, so remember to give yourself time to recharge.
    - Downtime is crucial. Accomplish this however you want. (sleep, go out, travel, explore etc.)
    - Care about your bubble (aka apartment or home) as much as you care about yourself as the energies you let in will come out and affect you, especially over time.
    - HSPs can make good leaders because they notice everything.
    - Have a room where you can withdraw.
    - Surround yourself with people that have good energies when possible.
    - Be careful trying to achieve something that just isn't mean to work out, as it can really break you inside as a HSP.
    - Not all HSPs are introverts, 30% are extroverts.

    Remember, "sensory processing sensitivity" can be your superpower if you take the time to understand it and embrace it.

    • Julia Calis
      Julia Calis Month ago

      Samuel O'Dell Yeah that’s very true! :)

    • Samuel O'Dell
      Samuel O'Dell Month ago

      @Julia Calis same. not anymore though, feels much better to be open about it.

    • Julia Calis
      Julia Calis Month ago

      Samuel O'Dell I used to see it as a weakness.

  • Meowlody
    Meowlody Month ago

    We are like cats we have to sleep a lot!

  • A A
    A A 2 months ago +2

    Anyone here experience depersonalization / derealization?

    • C F Joseph
      C F Joseph 2 months ago

      Can you explain the symptoms please? Is it connected with hyper sensitivity

    • Anonymous Blue
      Anonymous Blue 2 months ago

      Yes, quite often.

  • Kyoko Komatsu
    Kyoko Komatsu 3 months ago +1

    I’ve been feeling guilty when I treat myself. If I suffered from over work, somehow it’d made me relieved. I guess it was from my background too.
    I live in a country where people believe that effort is the first priority. It means you’ll gain people’s credit if you work hard whether it doesn’t result good or not. (That indicates working extra hours as you know...) When I took two week holiday, some coworkers got very offensive to me, they were saying ‘Everyone else is not taking holiday that long, why can’t you work like us?’. It was their choice and all the employees can get 21 days off per year, it’s a employee ‘s right. Well, I needed to rest from those kind of people too, lol. I wasn’t comfortable with a working environment where I hear people yelling, phone keeps ringing, and even I smell people sweating.
    I didn’t want to admit I was too sensitive, but I will take care of myself as HSP. Her speech gave me courage to live as HSP and making it an advantage. Thank you!

  • Lyra Frost
    Lyra Frost 3 months ago

    What does she mean she can hear the dust fall? Like she hears the microscopic dust particles fall all the time? Does anyone know?

  • Adel Noppert
    Adel Noppert 5 months ago +4

    thats quite a sweater

    • Heather Whittaker
      Heather Whittaker 2 months ago

      It's a protective shield....can't understand it any other way.

  • Phooperman
    Phooperman 7 months ago

    Absolutely brilliant!

  • Fritz Schnitzer
    Fritz Schnitzer 7 months ago

    Well done! :)

  • Ajmal M U
    Ajmal M U 8 months ago

    I also an hsp person i feel somtime i am like sensitive plant
    very sensitive to criticisam short temoered fear, anxiety is my best partners but i will tel now i Did a same speech on

  • Ajmal M U
    Ajmal M U 8 months ago +1

    I also hsp she did well but not looking audiance.

  • X Eris250 X
    X Eris250 X 8 months ago +1


  • Maria Makinen
    Maria Makinen 9 months ago +2

    A sensitive eccentric is not a negative thing. We just process everything at once. In a matter of moments./moment. Thanks🌷

  • Abdullah Almadhi
    Abdullah Almadhi 10 months ago +3

    I always told I'm highly sensitive person, but i ignored it till today the 19th of august 2018 age of 34
    Hope we (hsps) can cope well in this life, coz sometimes I really heart people's feelings with my attitude

    • Ajmal M U
      Ajmal M U 8 months ago

      Abdullah Almadhi
      I also hsp l

  • Anat Katz
    Anat Katz 11 months ago +1

    Lots of sleep... there's nothing better...

  • Happy Stuff
    Happy Stuff 11 months ago


  • joy smith
    joy smith Year ago +2

    i don't like to sleep much but i do take frequent mini - breaks....

  • Pooja Mankhedkar
    Pooja Mankhedkar Year ago

    Great talk!! Really helped. 😊

  • Serendipity7
    Serendipity7 Year ago

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  • Fenelina Geraldine Dsouza

    Thank You😇

  • high Hopes
    high Hopes Year ago +18

    can everybody who is HSP (highly sensitive person) tell the age at which they realised that they are HSP. Also please mention your gender in comment section. I hope other people also want to know, to give them relief that they are not the only one. Also hope that they will find someone who is late in this realisation:
    I am 28, M. I realised I am HSP just a month ago

    • Aman Modanwal
      Aman Modanwal 15 days ago

      @Ajmal M U nice to meet you.

    • Aman Modanwal
      Aman Modanwal 15 days ago

      18 , M

      SUMMER SUN 27 days ago

      I’m 25 .From China. And I really care about other people’s opinion or comment on me that makes me exhausted

    • Carpe Diem
      Carpe Diem 29 days ago

      I was 16

    • Mirjam Kooijker
      Mirjam Kooijker Month ago

      high Hopes i am 23 and heard from my doctor that i was high sensitive when i was 22

  • Tessa Canzona
    Tessa Canzona Year ago +2

    This was great, thank you.

  • Priyanka Jena
    Priyanka Jena Year ago +19

    I realized very lately that I was highly sensitivity . I have gone through a hard time all these years. My family calls me crazy .i was so tensed . And now I’m trying to put myself togather. And this video was amazingly helpful . Thank you . I needed this . :,)

    • Sylvia G
      Sylvia G Month ago

      38 F. Found out 3 months ago.

    • Dr.Vishal Patil
      Dr.Vishal Patil Month ago +1

      @Priyanka Jena Hi I m HSP. From india too. Need to talk with you

    • smile
      smile 8 months ago +1

      Priyanka Jena thank god I’m finding out abt my hsp at 15 lol

    • Priyanka Jena
      Priyanka Jena Year ago +2

      high Hopes I’m 19 . It’s hard to understand my own feeling towards another ! I mess up very bad! I always end up crying when somebody scolds me for a very simple reson. I end up looking like a kid if front of all and they mock at me . But I have learned from my mistakes . I’m glad that I atleast got to know that I’m HS. What’s your story?

  • Haohdah D
    Haohdah D Year ago +1

    Thank you for sharing this. So much

  • 人
     Year ago +26

    why am I crying!!!! Thank you for doing this TED Talk, it was really helpful!

  • Mohit Kothiyal
    Mohit Kothiyal Year ago +1

    thank you thank you thank You .

  • Idle Sun
    Idle Sun Year ago +12

    this was so accurate!, It is really hard for others to understand it, this video is a great reference

  • Jenna G.
    Jenna G. Year ago +61

    i've recently been going through a depressive phase and i sleep for at least 10 hours every night.
    it seems selfish but i'm just trying to listen to what my body needs me from me.
    sensitivity is misunderstood in so many ways.

    • Opaque z
      Opaque z Month ago

      I don't know if sleeping 10 hours is a long term solution or short term solution?

    • Ajmal M U
      Ajmal M U 8 months ago +1

      Yes you are right

    • Sheree Sims
      Sheree Sims 9 months ago +1

      Not selfish at all

  • notyour darling
    notyour darling Year ago +3

    So helpful and enjoyable! I could really relate to the things she said! Inspiring (:

  • Cashiel Minaya
    Cashiel Minaya Year ago +4

    Amazing and Wonderful message,I love it...Thanks for being kindness and share it with us...Receive a warm regard and many Blessings for you and your family! :)

  • Abby Koop
    Abby Koop Year ago +19

    How great that she has realized already to not work with certain people. I worked 2 years in my business before I realized I had to "dump" all my clients I really didn't want to work with. I don't make that much money because of it, but I'm not totally stressed out dealing with people that create anxiety in me. I was in my 50's before I even realized I WAS an HSP.

  • YvesyM
    YvesyM 2 years ago +52

    thank god she has put words to this..I feel like people in my life could learn from this if I showed them...because sometimes my words don't seem to have any effect. oh and I'm an extrovert...with videos on here even. I'm in that 30%

    • Ajmal M U
      Ajmal M U Month ago

      I am same like you

      DINESH ARYA 7 months ago

      me too

    • joy smith
      joy smith Year ago

      i would like for people in my life to learn from this too, because explaining and explaining and explaining has drained me too much and they think it's funny....

    • Ysobel Joaquin
      Ysobel Joaquin Year ago +3

      Yeaaahhh HSP ambivert here 😁

    • nc08638
      nc08638 Year ago +4

      Same! Nothing wrong with being sensitive, and it's about time we learned that as a society!

  • heman wumenhata
    heman wumenhata 2 years ago +13

    I enjoyed this thank you! I have thought to myself many times that it was my superpower as well. Thank you Laura.