He Hid from his Boss All Day (You'll Never Guess How) • Hidden in Plain Sight #2

  • Published on Apr 13, 2019
  • Danny's goal is to hide from Jamie for the entire day while remaining in plain sight. Can he do it?
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    Danny and Jamie go head to head in another epic hide and seek game. Danny gets to hide at work for the entire day so long as Jamie does not discover him. Find out just how long Danny lasts.
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Comments • 4 961

  • Vat19
    Vat19  Month ago +114

    The latest episode (#8) is out! ru-clip.com/video/U3rWIwVcNio/video.html

    • amy's youtube
      amy's youtube 28 days ago


      TRANSOM Month ago

      Hey guys, love the series but you might update your playlist to have the oldest videos first. Makes it easier to just pop on the series and watch it from start to finish.

    • WhiteRu55ian
      WhiteRu55ian Month ago

      One of these days you’re going accidentally kill Danny just by whacking random things with blunt objects.

    • Waffle box
      Waffle box Month ago

      I watched it and it was hilarious

    • DogeNugget
      DogeNugget Month ago

      @Adam Kerns lol how big

  • sebastian point
    sebastian point 7 hours ago

    Ya yeet

  • Black TapL
    Black TapL Day ago

    Jamie : Thinks Danny is under a couch or something
    instead of just lifting that up and if Danny's not under it then just put it down , he kicks it


    This is awesome if you think about it’s just a giant game of hide n seek

  • Super M's
    Super M's 8 days ago

    I new it

  • puffer_ games
    puffer_ games 15 days ago

    do jamie like own the entire company?

  • Vanessa Aquino
    Vanessa Aquino 16 days ago

    Jamie has a bald spot

    JLC_BIG_BOOM21 16 days ago

    i knew he was in the bathroom

  • Theaddekalk
    Theaddekalk 17 days ago

    lol, knew it.

  • Gachacuber
    Gachacuber 20 days ago

    I saw that happening after like 5-7 mins in

  • yooshi
    yooshi 20 days ago

    I haven't watched the whole video but I think Danny was in the bathroom but he just sprayed a fart spray

    Edit:I was right

  • Divita Joshi
    Divita Joshi 20 days ago

    i absolutely love this series
    when bored pls watch this

  • Kelsie Dempsey
    Kelsie Dempsey 22 days ago +1

    That guy looked like he was going to cry over that speaker 1:50

  • Lu Zhang
    Lu Zhang 22 days ago +1

    Grab white shoes and shoot liquid ass

  • Hempsu Playz
    Hempsu Playz 23 days ago +1

    jamie: its all coming together

  • Chubby Bunny
    Chubby Bunny 26 days ago

    He is in the bathroom

  • Lavender Letter
    Lavender Letter 27 days ago +1

    I just love how Danny implements his bosses theory for his next Red Herrings. Like honestly, that is so clever.

  • exotic cucumber
    exotic cucumber 27 days ago +1

    Jamie: “what the H”
    Also Jamie: “Liquid Ass”

  • bagheera thelion
    bagheera thelion 27 days ago

    who else knew right away but would be scared to ask if it was Danny in real life 😂

  • Elisabeth Mason
    Elisabeth Mason 28 days ago

    i actually think i could hide from u the whole work day

  • GawkyOrpheus510
    GawkyOrpheus510 28 days ago

    i want someone to make a super cut of these but its just the shots where danny is visible and maybe the shots around it for context

  • Cam Noseworthy
    Cam Noseworthy 28 days ago

    wow i love these vids pls make more!

  • Paul Reilly
    Paul Reilly 28 days ago

    Sometimes I wish I was Danny

  • Josant Feliz
    Josant Feliz 28 days ago +1

    white people be like: 5:49

  • Chawkolate
    Chawkolate 28 days ago

    "I know that smell"
    "It's liquid ass"

  • Ryan Schmitt
    Ryan Schmitt 28 days ago

    6:03 He mite have motable pairs of shoes

  • Olivia Edmundson
    Olivia Edmundson 29 days ago

    0:57 damn he was fully prepared to break danny’s nose

  • music gal 101
    music gal 101 29 days ago

    When jamie realizes where danny is .....

  • Dillwill Playsgames
    Dillwill Playsgames 29 days ago

    It would be funny if Danny was the camera guy

  • Kai Ranie
    Kai Ranie Month ago +2

    Did anyone else notice the spare parts under the stairs

  • Aynt Freaxx
    Aynt Freaxx Month ago +3

    I feel like his wife knows or gives him unfair hints to find danny everytime

  • Michael Benoit
    Michael Benoit Month ago

    I think I could hide from Danny’s boss all day. 100%

  • Stranger Things DUD

    this was filmed on my b day

  • Chloe Owens
    Chloe Owens Month ago

    I am 4 minutes in and I already know where he is, he is in the bathroom

  • Grace Fandrich
    Grace Fandrich Month ago +1

    Whose bling watching this series???

  • Savannah Neil
    Savannah Neil Month ago

    He’s in the bathroom

  • Ruth Soeun
    Ruth Soeun Month ago


  • Ruth Soeun
    Ruth Soeun Month ago


  • Michelle_Tanner Fan


  • Kaylee
    Kaylee Month ago

    Such a smart idea 😂

  • Soccer_girl
    Soccer_girl Month ago +1

    Is it just me or has anyone else wondered what the 19 in Vat means

  • Amanda Walker
    Amanda Walker Month ago


  • David Aberant
    David Aberant Month ago

    4:45 queue rimshot

  • Polar bear on ice
    Polar bear on ice Month ago


  • Xx_night Owl_xX
    Xx_night Owl_xX Month ago

    I mean ummm I’m tiny enough to fit in a small bookshelf so I think I could hide from him all day

  • Ricardo Rodriguez
    Ricardo Rodriguez Month ago

    Danny will never be furniture out of fear of being bashed in with whatever Jamie finds. If he does, he's going to the fucking hospital

  • Luminous YT
    Luminous YT Month ago

    Hehe 😜 it’s me again yep I watched episode three before this one so I found hints again and yeah?

  • GamingWith_ Kay
    GamingWith_ Kay Month ago

    These videos make me feel so calm to the point where I fall asleep

  • Azeezalsmn.
    Azeezalsmn. Month ago +1

    Can you make it, "Find me or i'll fire you" ??? 😂
    Just thinking bout Jamie's version tho

  • Sophia Askins
    Sophia Askins Month ago

    Out of context, this is just schizophrenic jamie looking for the little gnome who keeps taunting him.

  • 《the school trash bin》

    1920: talks about flying cars
    2019: *talks about why theres an extra cushion*

  • Nathan Zich
    Nathan Zich Month ago

    Danny is secretly the camera man

  • elli6410 elli6410
    elli6410 elli6410 Month ago


  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith Month ago

    This is my favorite video series

  • EvilHiart Midnight
    EvilHiart Midnight Month ago +1

    I can hide from him for a day I'm tiny

  • Asta Maree
    Asta Maree Month ago +2

    Who else gets so exited when a new hidden in plain sight comes out

  • jill8041
    jill8041 Month ago

    Do you like doing this or not ,I would literally die

  • jill8041
    jill8041 Month ago

    This is my favorite video ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  • April Kirby
    April Kirby Month ago

    Der boss ist so dumm

  • Ashley — And Maybe Friends Too

    I reckon he is in the toilet, has about four different pairs of shoes and played the speaker in that stall
    Update: I KNEW IT!!!!!