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  • Published on Nov 30, 2016
  • This is a Fully Charged exclusive! Not something that has ever happened before.
    We present the prototype Schaeffler Bio-Hybrid personal transport system. A pedal assist car? A four wheeled bike?
    So easy to move along and just enormous fun to drive/ride. Let's hope they develop this into a fully fledged product.
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  • Daniel Falk
    Daniel Falk 2 days ago

    Could you make a review please

  • Debadatta Parida
    Debadatta Parida 4 days ago +1

    Want to buy it
    Where it's available
    Please inform me

  • Samir Damardji
    Samir Damardji 6 days ago

    Merveilleux, spéculaire, beau bref à quand sur le marché ?
    Sam 💚

  • ReCycle Spinning
    ReCycle Spinning 7 days ago

    Over engineered and not very welk thought out. It looks like if you have big boots or your foot slip off the pedal you are going to jam it in the wheels. Also what about it is better than a good touring bike? The roof would not keep rain out nor keep you warm. Very stupid engineering. Very impractical. Sorry Germans , 👎👎

  • Steve Sedlmayr
    Steve Sedlmayr 8 days ago

    So... it's an e-bike. Don't get me wrong, I love e-bikes and this is a cool one, but... bio-hybrid? Don't fall for the marketing hype, it's just a quad-wheel e-bike. That said, check this out:

    They have a bike truck! It's funny because a lot of cargo e-bike owners refer to their bike as a 'bike truck', but this one actually looks the part. One down side, the range is a little disappointing, probably due to the added weight (it weighs 220 lbs!). The cargo version does about 62 miles with two batteries and a 250W motor - a typical two-wheeled e-bike will do twice that. It does have 200 kg of cargo capacity though. Unfortunately looking at the website this appears to just be a concept. The company in question seems to mostly make automotive parts, so I'm not sure what their play is here. Maybe they think more people will be riding e-bikes so they want to produce a more car-like e-bike that appeals to people afraid of e-bikes so they can produce components for them? Not sure.

  • Anil Sharma
    Anil Sharma 10 days ago

    In this 4:Wheeler all people can be physically fit + pollution less kindly how we can purchase in India in this 4 wheel Buycycle

  • Anil Sharma
    Anil Sharma 10 days ago

    I want to buy this 4wheel Cycle

  • no further west
    no further west 10 days ago

    How can I buy this??

  • Gabor Mark
    Gabor Mark 12 days ago

    No test in rain?

  • SiSiSiUSA
    SiSiSiUSA 15 days ago

    Is it available to buy?

  • Tyler Williams
    Tyler Williams 17 days ago +1

    Love this.

  • Pierre Louis
    Pierre Louis 17 days ago


  • DIKIY TATARIN . R.Gumerov


  • M W
    M W 22 days ago


  • Thomas Lewis
    Thomas Lewis 23 days ago

    This would make driving fun again, cities should ban cars in the shopping district and use a mix of electric transport and small electric vehicles, skateboards, bicycles, roller skates, scooters, etc, Get people moving again, smiling. As much as I like cars and racing. When I'm shopping, hanging out I don't need to use a car or big truck. Young kids would love the freedom to use skateboards, bicycles, etc without someone telling them, "hey kid you can't skate here"

    RIKAAR 26 days ago and looks also very nice :)

    RIKAAR 26 days ago

    The German Schaeffler Group, however, does not want to put it on the street?! Such a nice concept!,4,2978470484-amp.html hope for the cities

  • Robson m molina santos

    seria bueno que las ruedas delantras tubieran armotiguacion por rueda

  • CB BC
    CB BC Month ago

    What is with all these people "inventing" bikes with too many wheels and cars with too few windows?

  • Jason Garner
    Jason Garner Month ago

    I'd rather have an electric bike

  • Darling Harth
    Darling Harth Month ago

    Very very nice best to walk

  • Mark Morris
    Mark Morris Month ago

    Open to elements not very practical also through puddles , you get wet from arse to head

  • Kuslar Candir
    Kuslar Candir Month ago

    Very nice 🇹🇷🕋😎😎😎😎❤️

  • Charles Rablin
    Charles Rablin Month ago

    The roof is very clever.

  • Silvano Mendes da Silva

    Só imaginando o valor aqui no Brasil mais que um carro popular kkkkkk

  • Pablo Pablo
    Pablo Pablo Month ago

    The flinstones car😁😁

  • horizon
    horizon Month ago

    i wish i could use a 4 wheeled ebike in canada, they cant be more than 3 wheels for some stupid reason.

  • Ritu Pradeep
    Ritu Pradeep Month ago

    Hi , from where can I get this pretty vehicle

  • Денис Садыков

    Super turbo mega!!! Классный аппарат!

  • Arkadi 2354
    Arkadi 2354 Month ago +1


  • HardWarUK
    HardWarUK Month ago +1

    You need something like this combined with a pushchair design, so it can be folded (relatively) small, so that 100's parked at a railway station wouldn't take a lot of space.

  • Michael V
    Michael V Month ago

    I've just seen on a German web page that Schaeffler will start serial production of Bio-Hybrid in 2020.,4,2978470484-amp.html

  • Judy S
    Judy S Month ago

    Perfect for getting around a retirement community.

  • Ironfurnaceroom
    Ironfurnaceroom Month ago

    I enjoyed the man and his British accent and humor just as much as this cool bike:) (Proper cyclist, 4:26 ) Just gotta love the British way of talking;)

  • tom black
    tom black Month ago

    Hey would u do scooters ?

  • arbimd2
    arbimd2 Month ago

    The roof is useless in rain but for sun it's ok

  • Willem Gr
    Willem Gr Month ago

    Nothing different as a EV bike

  • Maria Agosto
    Maria Agosto Month ago +1

    Also, anyone know if these are available in the yet? If yes, in the US under what name? Many thanks :)

  • Maria Agosto
    Maria Agosto Month ago

    I had more fun watching him than the vehicle, and the vehicle is awesome!

  • Mansoor Ahmad
    Mansoor Ahmad Month ago

    Great peace of work. I really like this.

  • The Duckling Homestead and Gardens

    I think instead of placing a rack on the rear for groceries or shopping of any kind, things for picnicking, they should instead extend the same framing etc. As the driver's seat is placed on, back over the rack area, and add in a second seat which would also double as the carrying rack!!!

  • Mario Cheremos
    Mario Cheremos Month ago

    buen dia, me puede indicar cual es el nombre de ese tipo de motor electrico?. pues no parece que sea igual a otros motores electricos que funcionan con acelerador?. gracias

  • _М_И_К_Р_О_Б_ _М_И_К_Р_О_Б_

    Ну ничё так сделано.
    Но моя девятка лучше.

  • Gerrit Scharke
    Gerrit Scharke 2 months ago

    Now we have April 2019. Is it for sale or was it a prototype?

  • Danielle Britton
    Danielle Britton 2 months ago +6

    This video made me so happy. I really enjoyed seeing how much fun Robert had. The roof stowing is ace too!

  • Michael V
    Michael V 2 months ago

    German engineering. Now have to wait for China to market it.

  • billy yuen
    billy yuen 2 months ago

    looking forward in asia

    JB deCABOURG 2 months ago +3

    AND NOW 3 years later ? one more thing dispeare lol it s was too early it s now to sale ;-)

  • Me Me
    Me Me 2 months ago

    I LOVE this design

    LOURIVAL BOMFIM 2 months ago

    Manda um para eu uzar

    LOURIVAL BOMFIM 2 months ago

    Eu quero um 👍

  • vonalina cake
    vonalina cake 2 months ago

    erhmergherd that roof though!

  • kumbassa1
    kumbassa1 2 months ago


  • M Javaid Awan
    M Javaid Awan 2 months ago

    Give me what rs

  • M Javaid Awan
    M Javaid Awan 2 months ago


  • SamRiseSet
    SamRiseSet 2 months ago

    I would love some doors on that

  • Only1xxx Kingxxx
    Only1xxx Kingxxx 2 months ago

    It would be great if there's 2 more seats !

  • Tom Libby
    Tom Libby 3 months ago +1

    What's the price for a USAR vet living on SS?

  • dabgun
    dabgun 3 months ago

    This is not a car... this is a bike! Whats even the Point of this? it uses more space than a bike its not as agile as a bike u can only fit 1 Person and it looks horrible!

  • QE oo
    QE oo 3 months ago +3

    Im confused about electric vehicle batteries. Doesn't it harm the environment when it is mined. And can it be recycled?

    • QE oo
      QE oo 2 months ago

      @J Anything what will cars run on? New way of electric batteries will have to be created

    • J Anything
      J Anything 2 months ago

      @QE oo Nuclear is a much better option. Probably wouldn't be safe for cars though.

    • QE oo
      QE oo 2 months ago

      @J Anything surely nuclear is the way to go?.
      Wind and solar need coal to be produced and aren't 24/7 useable
      France i believe are run on nuclear

    • J Anything
      J Anything 2 months ago

      Yes, there is a limited amount of lithium and it's running out. If every vehicle was converted to electric, we wouldn't have any lithium left.

  • Amar Birajdar
    Amar Birajdar 3 months ago

    What about reverse

  • john smith
    john smith 3 months ago

    No doubt with an exclusive price

  • Benjamin Dorr
    Benjamin Dorr 3 months ago +2

    Bio Hybrid ;)
    Its simply an ebike with another design...

  • Kapil Vaja
    Kapil Vaja 3 months ago

    Can i try this

  • Kapil Vaja
    Kapil Vaja 3 months ago


  • Yani Carmelo
    Yani Carmelo 3 months ago

    Genial tu bicicleta muy buena maquina te pasaste saludos desde ARGENTINA

    • JRUM
      JRUM 2 months ago

      Argentinian is bad country. You sure are a bad people

  • Quanchy Plimp
    Quanchy Plimp 3 months ago

    and if you need to back up / reverse?

  • Harris Avan
    Harris Avan 3 months ago

    Trump would want this at his golf course now.

  • Dean Trivitt
    Dean Trivitt 3 months ago


  • Nilesh Joshi
    Nilesh Joshi 3 months ago

    I have a concept of car which can run unlimited kilometres in one charge with the help of air and electric motor, peddling. But, I need financial support upto 3 lakh rupees ( indian ) to execute it.
    Regarding this Can you help me.
    I look forward to your swift reply.
    Thank you
    Nilesh Joshi.

  • Mark Atkin
    Mark Atkin 3 months ago

    I have ignored this video for two years. I saw the term "Bio-Hybrid" and assumed it was some sort of hybrid running partially on bio fuels.

  • Sabra Sultana
    Sabra Sultana 3 months ago

    One day past

  • Alexander Doan
    Alexander Doan 3 months ago

    there is no temper proof when you park in public. Not really good

  • copy paste
    copy paste 3 months ago

    Great Product. Funny Guy. I wish I would have learned something though.

    SCORPION FIRE 3 months ago

    They need to make a van version with a shitload of solar across the top

  • Ted Ehioghae
    Ted Ehioghae 3 months ago

    I want a Schaeffler eBike! It's so cool!

  • TvTURK
    TvTURK 3 months ago


  • walter byrd
    walter byrd 4 months ago

    Is this considered a bicycle? Can you ride it in a bike line?

  • Olimart
    Olimart 4 months ago

    And I think it will get into mass production soon enough.
    From the middle of the year onwards the field tests will start.
    So... I remain optimistic ;-)

  • Christopher Viray
    Christopher Viray 4 months ago


  • Оригами из бумаги

    Крыша просто огонь!!!

  • Egalitarian Ethos
    Egalitarian Ethos 4 months ago

    what is top speed ?

  • Ello Oku
    Ello Oku 4 months ago

    Hahahah! Lolz to 2:20

  • obadel
    obadel 4 months ago

    I keep saying with half of the price of this I get a used Prius and all electric kit and the small solar panel on top of car and it will better and safer ride and no has expenses

    • Satoru
      Satoru 3 months ago +1

      Agreed, the insistence of EV purity disregards their consumer target for the vehicle segment. If a Honda 125cc PXC hybrid scooter is $4K then a partially enclosed one for $4,200 - $4,500 isn't unreasonable.

  • calkinsb0713
    calkinsb0713 4 months ago

    how much?

    • Satoru
      Satoru 3 months ago

      Most vehicles of this size and power capabilities are around $8K - $10K. They could most likely drop the price if they went hybrid using a cheap 49CC motor with electric assist at a $6K target price. Durham, NC based company named Organic Transit produces one you can buy starting at $8.9K - 10K with a 750 watt motor, 750 watt hour battery, and 100 watt solar panel.

  • Benny Bluee
    Benny Bluee 4 months ago


  • Kleber Peres
    Kleber Peres 4 months ago


  • JP jay
    JP jay 4 months ago

    this bike will cost around 9000€
    (the problem atm is to get it road-legal in different countries)

  • oscarino00
    oscarino00 4 months ago

    Where possible ask for information for purchase

  • Dmcc Mac
    Dmcc Mac 4 months ago

    Too much like a mobility scooter

  • memefan1 memefan1
    memefan1 memefan1 4 months ago

    this would be be great for the japanese

    NICKOLAY MILTENOV 4 months ago

    The narrator looks like a man who visits Thailand in order to fuck 10 years old boys. 04:20 "very german, very well made". Really? It sounds likeb if he is praising Scheißela Merkel's policy. Idiot.

  • Lew Myschkin
    Lew Myschkin 4 months ago

    I think this is something created for humans or a society, which never will exist on earth.

  • Sazid Hossain
    Sazid Hossain 4 months ago

    Scooby got waves

  • Daniellovesdogs22 《 DLD22 》

    This will be good to use on Delivery services (UberEats, DoorDash, GrubHub)

  • insimplebeing
    insimplebeing 4 months ago

    Best review ever.

  • 2001 Suzuki Bandit 600cc

    Hey FullyCharged, maybe you could take a look at the Speedped from Switzerland. It's a great electric bike. One even went from France to China with Solarpanels.

  • Karadi Aniko
    Karadi Aniko 4 months ago

    Fantastic idea, but you need more protection from the elements. It needs to be fully enclosed for rain, snow, etc...

  • roadpanzir
    roadpanzir 4 months ago

    You are a happy nut! kind of a mix of Kelsey Grammar & Mr. Bean...

  • Raul Ramirez
    Raul Ramirez 4 months ago

    hello friend can you sell me the construction plans