⚡ MASS Neo-Nazi Marches in Ukraine today to honour Stepan Bandera

  • Published on Jan 1, 2019
  • See my documentary about Stepan Bandera (Hero or Nazi) here - ru-clip.com/video/jacKwoEHpaw/video.html
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  • xFuuw
    xFuuw Month ago

    Funny how on this video you didnt had the balls to i sult bandera you pussy.

  • Sanja A.
    Sanja A. Month ago

    This is crazy! Ukrainians, British ambassador said no EU for at least 20 years but this is the good way to go. Every single state that recently got in EU had some deal with nazis. Ukrainians , look at Montenegro, they are robbed from western puppet politicians, bankrupted. Croatia is also doing really bad, they are in deep debt and their politicians are in jail. Look at South America, they all hate Americans. You are going to end up really badly because you turned against your brothers. This is so sad to see. :(

  • Ryan Barclay
    Ryan Barclay 2 months ago

    fucking hate those nazi scumbags

  • CCN AL
    CCN AL 2 months ago

    fuck russiaaa big love 4 ukraina

  • Jacek 4
    Jacek 4 2 months ago

    Bandera to ścierwo, zbrodniarz.

  • Martin Z
    Martin Z 2 months ago

    ja bym im zabronil wjazdu do Polski i niech sie tam dusza we wlasnym sosie. Wciaz czekam az rosyjskie czolgi zaczna im po brzuchach jezdzic jak pewnej pamietnej nocy kilka lat temu.

  • Aaron Harford
    Aaron Harford 2 months ago

    Nobody was paid; we refuse money.

  • Aaron Harford
    Aaron Harford 2 months ago

    Sorry Russia, the smear campaign won't work.

  • Укроп Майданович Кастрюленко

    «Ложись бандера!»

  • No stress Just relax
    No stress Just relax 2 months ago

    Hail from France ! White world people solidarity ! Stop génocide

  • Олег Шабанов


  • Holzmann
    Holzmann 2 months ago

    I feel like you're not telling us the full story here, Graham Philipstein.

  • Mr. AMP
    Mr. AMP 3 months ago

    Это детка Украинские фашисты ..сброд конченный !

  • Lesnoy Mushchina
    Lesnoy Mushchina 3 months ago

    Their great use of drums demonstrates their paleolithic culture and psychology.

  • Vitsuji Aura
    Vitsuji Aura 3 months ago

    You uncultivated fool. Do some research for once instead of calling all Ukrainians Neo-Nazis. Truly obnoxious.

  • Kevin Finnerty
    Kevin Finnerty 3 months ago

    Better a nazi then a commie jew... or worse.. a traitor to your own people

  • Adam Scott
    Adam Scott 3 months ago +1

    Jews are still fucking every country in the world about

  • петя пяткин
    петя пяткин 3 months ago

    тыц тыц опа опа опа па

  • Roman H
    Roman H 3 months ago

    Graham Phillips is a son of russian hooker. He had to watch his mom getting boned, then give her kisses goodnight.
    Now he has bs videos on youtube and sucks cock on the side just like his mom.

  • Europa Demokratie
    Europa Demokratie 3 months ago

    А где здесь нацизм?! Вот так нужно любить свою страну.Слава Україні

  • Владимир Мергасов

    Кто спонсор?Надо флаги,факела купить, да и людей кормить надо!

  • ReTeVol
    ReTeVol 3 months ago

    This is why Ukraine shouldn't be part of EU.

    YUSKHAN 3 months ago

    You still got to remember, that bolsheviks jews and thier collaborator murdered 30 million people in Russia from 1917-41, mostly Russian and Ukrainian Orthodox Christians

  • yan dex
    yan dex 3 months ago +1

    Выродки идут,а дома перекрашенные родители сидят мову учат.

  • Пётр Рыбаков
    Пётр Рыбаков 3 months ago +1

    Да это херня всё. Было это уже в Молдавии. Я скажу что будет дальше. 90% этих "патриотов" свалят в Европу а те у кого нет денег даже на билет - люмпенизируются (сопьются) Если не закрыть безвиз и не кормить эту падаль исскуственно то лет через 5 никого из них уже не будет.

  • V S
    V S 3 months ago +3

    Glory to Novorossya!
    Thx Graham😍 for your support

  • Фридрих Шнапс

    Почему теракт там никто не догадается устроить? Пару фугасов и поржать как эти ... хм недолюди без конечностей ползают)

    MbI ECTb JIEGUOH 4 months ago

    Ни чего. Живьём сук нацистских закапывать будем.КАЖДОГО, КТО ТАМ ШАГАЛ! СЛАВА НКВД!

  • Sebastian P
    Sebastian P 4 months ago +2

    Nazis sons of bitches. history condemns them .viva rusia

  • Александ Ковалев

    Вот, что ждёт Европу... Жилеты, да это мелочь.... Сахар, сахар, сахар,а горечь сильная. Все ваши рожи записаны!!!!! Вот за вас наши деды давили фашистов.... Стыдоба...

  • Сергей Клещев

    Бандера - нацист. Жил как крыса и сдох как крыса от яда.

  • piąchopiryna
    piąchopiryna 4 months ago

    Death for enemies of Poland-neo-nazi ukraine

  • Scythian
    Scythian 4 months ago

    Слава Україні!!! Як мені шкода, що не зміг цього року приїхати і пройти з вами брати.

  • Bill Dingee
    Bill Dingee 4 months ago +1

    In 2014, the American government and like-minded allies opened in Ukraine, Pandora's Box.

  • Rose Morgan
    Rose Morgan 4 months ago

    Makes me sick to my stomach that the UK government supports this to the extent that they want these animals to join NATO all because of their eagerness to start some sort of war with Russia.

  • Vasia Pupkin
    Vasia Pupkin 4 months ago

    Why to do propaganda in english if it is, judging by comments, being seen by retarded russian bots only? Hmmmm.

  • Marek K
    Marek K 4 months ago

    This is your Bandera - ru-clip.com/video/4vLh0PaqfIE/video.html

  • Brandon Moore
    Brandon Moore 4 months ago

    Hitler freed Ukraine from soviet oppression. After the Ukrainians learned that the Nazis were going to take the country, they didn't even wait for them to arrive before they started murdering the secret police and spies that had taken their rights and freedom away and caused the deaths of their loved ones. After the Reds took back Ukraine, Ukrainians literally fled with Hitler out of fear of the Bolshevik regime. At the time, many Ukrainians saw Hitler as a savior and a liberator. Croatia actually has a monument to Adolf Hitler because he helped them with the British crushing them underneath an Iron boot of imperialism, this monument stands to this day. Hitler launched operation Barbarossa because he knew the soviets were building their military up for OFFENSIVE INVASION, not for DEFENSIVE ACTION. They were planning to attack a war torn, and extremely weak Europe with a fighting force that nobody could possibly hope to defeat. There were literally books published and spread around Russia at the time stating all the evidence for this. Hitler invaded the Bolsheviks first, throwing the war with the west away in doing so, and fought them all the way to Stalingrad, the strength of their advance as well as their lighting speed of dominating Russian battlefields convinced Stalin that he would lose. In the soviet Unions darkest hour, Stalin pussied out and went into hiding. If the US had not given them monetary support through war bonds, the soviets most likely would have lost. The Nazis would have barely scraped out a victory at the battle for Stalingrad, unfortunately, the Nazis lost. Hitler will never gain the initiative in the war again. Because of Adolf Hitler, the Europeans don't live under a communist regime. Many see him as a savior, and in a way he was, and in a way he was the most hated man in history for doing something every other powerful nation that fought in WW2 had done before, Genocide. America with the native Americans, British with all the countries they invaded (they were very large and imperialistic at the time), Russia's gulags. Just some fun history from a side of the story that is rarely told.

    • Brandon Moore
      Brandon Moore 4 months ago

      1 more fun fact, for every 8 soviets killed, one German died.
      Also I'd like to point out that after WW2, Stalin DID take eastern Europe, but he would have taken it all if it wasn't for the Manhattan project (development of nuclear bombs) and operation Barbarossa.

  • Panakin123 A
    Panakin123 A 4 months ago

    Znajdzie się kij na banderowski ryj

  • Alek Shukhevych
    Alek Shukhevych 4 months ago

    Graham, first off. Our hero Stepan Bandera could not have been responsible for the murders of Poles and Jews, For he was on a German concentration camp at the time, where 3 of his brothers died. 2nd, the modern Russian flag, was the official flag of the Nazi Russian collaborator army, Vlasovs army..3rdt, Slava Ukrajini is a slogan that has been used since the times of the Ukrainian Peoples Republic in 1918-1920..4th, the people that took part in the Sloviansk procession were mostly locals, where is ur proof of " bus loads'? 5th, there were no Nazi symbols or flags in the Kievan procession. Ur a joke and a tool, every single thing u wrote here can be easily discredited for the bullshit it is.. SLAVA UKRAJINI. Happy birthday Stepan Andrijovich...

  • Alek Shukhevych
    Alek Shukhevych 4 months ago

    Slava Ukrajini, Bandera nash gheroj!!

  • Minja Dedic
    Minja Dedic 4 months ago +1

    What's up with Nazis and tiki torches?

  • Богдан Федас

    Привет тебе от Нео нациста блят

    • Фридрих Шнапс
      Фридрих Шнапс 4 months ago

      Вы биомусор тупая ты шлюха. И шлюха тебя родила.

  • Богдан Федас

    Гриша ти гавно

  • Богдан Федас

    Грекхем Філіпс ти кусок прогандистьського гавна

  • Bulgarian English Property Translation

    its a cult. pure and simple. none of them are thinking independently, and have simply given up their own ego for that of the group. they are like zombies, WE ARE UKRAINE THEY RUSSIA MUST DIE.. Now this is a problem for Russia as it borders Ukraine, so what is to stop these zombies walking across border and to start trouble? nothing exactly, which is what is going to happen as this cult grows in its energy and eventually and finds the next step to take is go across the border and star attacking. its simply like the stone age with tribes attacking one another for no reason.

  • Deer Drone
    Deer Drone 4 months ago

    4:43 ok u have to place "???" at the end? like u whant to blame west for that? or anything that u could use for your propoganda, fucking got payed from Russia to make bs like that and i bet he never been a jornalist before Ukraine conflict. someone get payed alot of blood money for these kind of shit " news". More like a tool in big shit machine. Now the west is responcible for ukraine, and what happens there. cmon shithead ask your self what are u doing.

  • Alexander The Great
    Alexander The Great 4 months ago

    Bandera was anti communist leader that was aided by Nazis after 1933 when Bolsheviks killed 6 million Ukrainians in Holodomor. Glory to Ukraine!

  • Русский Ответ

    Это эпидемия !!!

  • Samuel Cleife
    Samuel Cleife 4 months ago +2

    Western journalists endlessly searching for white neo nazis absolutely everywhere....... see this fucking march! and decide not to report it. JOURNALISM IS DEAD.

  • Dusan Svacho
    Dusan Svacho 4 months ago

    skurwieli katolicki...

  • American Skeptic
    American Skeptic 4 months ago +1

    Glory to Ukraine and it's heroes death to it's illegal invaders

    • Bartek Nieistotne
      Bartek Nieistotne 3 months ago

      Fuck you murrican idiot from Poland !!! F*** UPA!

    • Ralph London
      Ralph London 4 months ago +1

      'death to it's illegal invaders' - You talking about the EVIL USG, including joe biden??? And WHAT 'glory' are you talking about, SHITface? Death to ukrainians DYING on behalf of jew poroSHITko, as he gets richer, and for the mass-murdering USG invader, using ukrainians? 'glory' in POVERTY too, forced upon them by the yanks???

  • Ash
    Ash 4 months ago +1

    So sad to see so many brainwashed idiots in Ukraine who not learn a thing from history. Europe and US don't even know what the dangerous creature they released by financing Maidan and brain washing Ukraine, seed the hate for Russia.

  • Михаил Кокарев

    Это фашизм... Люди откройте глаза...

  • ProVision3187
    ProVision3187 4 months ago


  • Mona Matrona
    Mona Matrona 4 months ago +3

    My Mom as a child was hiding from people like this and ask for 🍞 while on the run. Horrible people. Evil!!!

  • Boby Berry
    Boby Berry 4 months ago

    Russians also calibrated with Nazies before the invasion

  • Реймский
    Реймский 4 months ago

    Пускай кричат чё хотят, разнообразим бдущую гео-политическую карту мира так сказатб

  • Александр Кляхин

    Свидетельские показания о зверствах боевиков украинской повстанческой армии изданы в полном объеме, но почему-то не в России и на Украине, а в Польше. Там считают, что их преступления не имеют срока давности и удивляются, что «кровавый сталинский режим» позволил тысячам бывших полицаев спокойно дожить до пенсии и получать от нынешнего правительства Украины льготы наравне с участниками войны, освободителями их земли от фашистов.

  • Михан
    Михан 4 months ago

    Товарищи, фашистам можно противопоставить только КОММУНИЗМ, поскольку фашизм есть ОТКРЫТАЯ диктатура самых шовинистических, самых реакционных кругов ФИНАНСОВОГО КАПИТАЛА.

  • Krzysztof Sawczuk
    Krzysztof Sawczuk 4 months ago +2

    More civilians than terrorists have died from Russian bombs and rockets in Syria !! !!!!!!!!!

    • Ralph London
      Ralph London 4 months ago +1

      You're talking about the USA, you moron.

  • Fuck Communism
    Fuck Communism 4 months ago

    looks great! against the red plague! slava ukraina fuck putin and eu. Nato will beat your ass

  • Roman Makarov
    Roman Makarov 4 months ago

    Какие герои такой и народ.

    DROP DEAD 4 months ago +2

    Nazi of ukraine

  • Liu Xiangcheng
    Liu Xiangcheng 4 months ago

    Фу мля ! Срань всякая повылезала,а на передовую никто не хоче

  • Михаил Зубарев

    В 30-е годы 20 века на американских поставках, британских кредитах и французском попустительстве вырос Адольф Гитлер.
    В наши дни на место гитлеровского "рейха" наследники Чемберлена и Даладье выращивают его нелицензионную копию - так называемую "Украину".

  • nikola jokic
    nikola jokic 4 months ago

    mes meilleurs vœux de bonne année

  • Piwożłop
    Piwożłop 4 months ago +1

    Monument of nazist stepan bandera pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marianna_Doli%C5%84ska#/media/File:Dzieci_Dolinskiej_-_wersja1.jpg

  • Андрей Aндреев

    Спокойно это ООО "Майдан" все проплачено,исполняют договор.
    За бесплатно там и жопу никто не почешит.

  • The other cracker
    The other cracker 4 months ago +2

    Why do they gotta be nazis man?

  • Эдуард Электроник

    Извиняюсь за мат ,но эти е6ландеи с факелами не понятно что вообще хотят доказать . Вот спрашивается ну вышли они с факелами в честь Бандеры,ну а дальше то что ,ладно Россия считает Бандеру врагом народа ,но так и Европа куда они так ломятся тоже считает его врагом . С такими желаниями они не то что в ЕС не войдут они вообще одни останутся , а если сейчас поменяется кардинально власть в той же Европе и за этого Бандеру и прочие преступления наложит на них санкции ,по закрывает свободный въезд в ЕС,и Россия также прикроет границы и что тогда они будут делать куда поедут работать ? Еще раз повторюсь стоит только России и ЕС перекрыть границы и запретить ввоз их продукции и все ,через год от страны останется только воспоминание ,появится еще одна Северная Корея ,вот только одно НО ,КНДР с Китаем и Россией не ссорилась ,она враждовала только с Южной Кореей и США .

  • Mario Zagarakis
    Mario Zagarakis 4 months ago

    Вячеслав Украине 🤦🏼‍♂️ДБ

  • visannet
    visannet 4 months ago

    Попа гасить это ФИКАЛЬНОЕ шествие.

  • Polak Katolik
    Polak Katolik 4 months ago

    Putin will take Yours Bandera to Moscow. Very soon))swołocz

  • Andreuy Ivanov
    Andreuy Ivanov 4 months ago

    европа думает что мы чтоли опять побеждать этовсе будем а они отсюдяц в тылу оккупации как при гитлере.. гниль и гной весь в европе собирается..

  • Per Andersson
    Per Andersson 4 months ago +1

    This is really sick in many ways. If they are ukrainian patriots, of course patriots have same rights as other to demonstrate, but here wee can see their patriots who demonstrate some year now, for what, to have isismembers in the azov, to let EU rule, with USA,EU, Israel and terrorstates like saudiarabia who pay for all this. This people cant understand anything else than Money, and soon they are drowning with EUimmigrants! Most stupid i ever see

  • Alex Fit
    Alex Fit 4 months ago

    Спасибо за ролик!

  • Eduardo Villegas
    Eduardo Villegas 4 months ago +3

    Our US taxes at work resurrecting this demonic ideology only to create more enemies around Russia. The US invested more than 5 Billions of dollars to overthrow a government and install a puppet neo-nazi regime. Way yo go!

    • Ralph London
      Ralph London 4 months ago +1

      As the american jew nuland admitted.

  • Ivan SU
    Ivan SU 4 months ago +1

    Dear Graham Happy New Year and thank you for your work. Respect for you, comrade!

  • ASAR Happi
    ASAR Happi 4 months ago +1

    Нет мозгов бей в барабан, конченные блять!

  • Andrii Karaman
    Andrii Karaman 4 months ago

    Кто то может мне объяснить где в данном видео присутствует что ни будь нацыстское? Посмотрел два раза. Ни символов ни ни жестов. Ноль.

  • liamo4
    liamo4 4 months ago +1

    Thanks Graham. Be safe first of all. Some journalists that may be murdered will not miraculously reappear unharmed as one illegal regime hack did, much to the embarrassment of Western leaders and media talking heads after they had jumped on it prematurely to criticise Russia.

  • ASAR Happi
    ASAR Happi 4 months ago

    Гутен так блять очнулись ёпта!

  • Fighter S Ratrak
    Fighter S Ratrak 4 months ago +2


  • Сергей
    Сергей 4 months ago +4

    Европа пособница фашизма

  • Федор Морозов
    Федор Морозов 4 months ago +3

    Молодец что показал фашистов !!!!

  • Linky US
    Linky US 4 months ago

    Правильно Украинцы делают, героев надо чтить. И детей учите, что надо делать с врагами с красной звездой.
    Франция с вами!

  • Leszek stój
    Leszek stój 4 months ago


  • Deep Space
    Deep Space 4 months ago

    These FAR RIGHT people are NOT Representing UKRAINE !!

  • Dima Yakut
    Dima Yakut 4 months ago +4

    Грэм, с Новым Годом дружище!

  • Big G Haywood
    Big G Haywood 4 months ago +3

    If you read Naomi Klein's book "The Shock Doctrine," you'll see what the US, through the CIA, IMF, World Bank and other groups, did all throughout Latin America in the 1960's through the 1980's. They would orchestrate a coup, install a Right WIng strongman and have the new regime implement harsh and decisive Neo-Liberal economic measures that the mass of people would usually resist, but through 'shock therapy' they would sometimes accept anarcho-capitalist policies that would be vigorously rebutted under normal circumstance. I don't wish to go through the whole narrative, but 'shock therapy' is exactly what has taken place in Ukraine, with Poroshenko acting out the same role that Pinochet played in Chile. The People of Donbass likely saw what was taking place and refused to live under the oppressive boot of Fascism. The Novo-Russian citizens would rather die on their feet than live on their knees. God bless them.

  • Виталий Опекунов

    Nazism, like the plague, can spread throughout Europe. And then the war is inevitable.

  • Братюня Гида

    Сала нации , смерть творогу )))

  • Братюня Гида

    С дшк бы дунуть по этим сукам

  • Сергей Каримов

    Гриша с НГ тебя дорогой!!! Лучше бы матери этих "выродков-нацистов" сделали аборт или они засохли мутной каплей на членах своих отцов !!! Всем мира и добра, привет с Донецка!!!

  • Valentīna Kalēja
    Valentīna Kalēja 4 months ago +5

    Ужас! Люди - как зомби...

  • Verdadeiro Nacionalismo

    That's why we still have hope

  • Константин Терентьев

    А это точно Европа?
    Григорий с Новым Годом тебя!!!

  • Нервный
    Нервный 4 months ago

    На самом деле этих идейных чуханов очень мало в Украине.Просто сейчас они нужны правящей верхушке.Потом обратно с жопе будут сидеть,до следующего свиста спонсоров.Это просто тунеядцы-провокаторы.Обычному народу некогда по шествиям ходить-работать надо,чтоб хоть как-то выжить в этом тупом государстве.Страна то прекрасная,а вот государство - говно собачее.

  • frits van braekel
    frits van braekel 4 months ago +1

    they are the real enemies for freedom and humanity as a whole. a disgrace for all decent people ! and the western world is protecting and nursing this scum of the earth !!